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Archive-name: Working/4lena1.txt

Archive-author: P.B.

Archive-title: A Story Just For Lena - Part I

    Visiting VIP's and other dignitaries are common at our offices, and we

usually aren't bothered by them.  Now I was groaning as my boss told me that for the

next two days I would be helping our Marketing department show a large group

of people about our facilities.

    "Hell, John.  I'm a senior analyst," I complained, "not a marketing type."

    "That's why I've volunteered you." my boss said. "You know what we can and

can't do with the software.  Your job is to get ideas of what our customers

are looking for and see if we can design something for them.  Consider it as

an 'intellegence-gathering' mission."

    I went back to my office, grumbling to myself and wondering if this was

going to be a dull two days of lost work.  Looking at the calendar, I

consoled myself with the thought "at least it's on Thursday and Friday, a

nice break just before the weekend".

    Thursday morning as I pulled into the parking lot, I was thinking about

the various features of our systems that would impress our visitors, and I

leaned the big Honda over too far, grinding the floorboards against the

asphalt.  "C'mon stupid," I remarked to myself silently, "keep your mind on

what you're doing."  Little did I know that this would be a problem for the

next two days.

    Jeanie, our marketing guru, made the introductions and began to talk about

the services we provide, cost savings, benifits, et cetera, ad nausem.  I

took the time to look over our guests, noting that most seemed to be the

corporate professional types, dull and uninteresting.  There were several

women cut from that same mold in the group.  All but two that is.  One gal

was an attractive brunette, late twenties, with a pleasant but not too dark

tan.  Her eyes were pale blue, a stark contrast to her dark features.  She

also wore a wedding ring that looked like it belonged in the J.Paul Getty

family.  The other woman, also looked like she was in her middle to late

twenties, very attractive, tall, blonde and fair.  I couldn't see her as

well since she was sitting on my side of the table, my view blocked by a

fiftyish woman with a prudish look and a gold cross fixed to her Saks Fifth

Avenue jacket.

    Most of the morning wasted away with other department personnel speaking

before I got up and talked about our computerized tracking system.  Standing

in front of the room, I could see the blonde quite well, and several times

I was almost distracted from my presentation.  She sat well down the table

from me, taking notes, and the absence of a wedding ring was duly noted.

But something else kept drawing my eyes back to her each time I looked at

the group.  Something.  Something...familiar?

    Later in the day, as we toured the facilities, I found myself waiting

near the door as the group filtered into the room.  The blonde came up and

looked like she was going to say something to me when another guest asked

her to hold his coffee cup while he fumbled with his briefcase.  They passed

through the portal, the moment for us lost.  What was it about her, I won-

dered, that stirred something inside me?  Should I know who she is?  Like

groping for a name that wouldn't come, I searched my mind for a clue.

    Further opportunites to speak to the her failed to appear until late in

the day, when we adjorned outside to a display of our equipment.  After a

long promotional speech by one of our vice-presidents, our guests began to

mill about, talking with one another.  I spotted my mysterious blonde and

headed over to talk to her.  The crowd shifted and moved, and as we met,

we found ourselves on the edge of the throng, staring into each other's


    "Hi" I said cheerfully, "Anything I can do for you?"

    "As a matter of fact," She replied, showing me a smile that turned my

legs into something akin to Jello, "you can.  I've been wondering about

this all day -- have we met?"

    My heart skipped a beat.  Then another.  My the ground seemed to have

aquired a tilt.  I took a deep breath, intending to make a smooth reply,

not to let her see how shocked I was.

    I giggled.

    "I don't think so." I chuckled in spite of myself. "In fact, I've been

wondering the same thing about you all day."

    Now it was her turn to giggle.

    We introduced ourselves (again) and the names didn't register.  We

tried other companies we'd worked for, clubs and organizations, but nothing

seemed to work.  I stood, looking deeply into her grey eyes, lost inside of

her.  Her presence seemed to ignite a flutter deep inside my being.  Stir-

ring a feeling of warmth and closeness, making me want to reach my arms

around her and hold her.  She too seemed to stare into my eyes, searching

them for some clue, some means to identify the feeling we both had.

    As we walked back inside, side by side, I watched the grace with which

she moved.  She seemed to flow rather than walk, her movements as graceful

as a cat. I held the door for her as she entered, returning her smile as she

passed by.  Her perfume was faint, almost a whisper, and it left me wanting

to find and kiss the places she had applied it.  We sat together in the

conference room this time, and I felt elated that the day was coming to a


    As people began leaving, some talking with other department reps, I

asked her if she was coming back tomorrow for the second half of the tour.

    "Yes," She smiled, "my plane doesn't leave until tomorrow night."

    "Oh, you're from out of town?" I queried. "You didn't mention that


    "Colorado, the Denver area." She said as we walked toward the door.

    "Denver?" I stopped dead in my tracks, holding the door part way open.

    She looked at me questioningly, then seeing something in my eyes, her

expression changed, one of -- aprehension?

    As we walked outside, I whispered quietly, not sure, "Lena?"

    She stopped, searching my face, looking for some sign of how she should

reply.  I gestured to the big blue Honda, and asked her if she'd like to go

for a ride.

    Her head turned to me, eyes wide, "The Barber?" she asked.

    Smiling, I took her hand, gazing into her eyes as I said, "P.Barber, at

your service" and bent to gently kiss her delicate hand.

    "I don't believe this!" She exclaimed.

    "Where are you staying?  Or should I be so bold as to ask you to dinner


    We both laughed and agreed that dinner was a good idea.  There were only

several million questions we had for each other, not the least of which was

one that would likely never be asked.

===================================  II =================================

    I followed her to her hotel, allowing her plenty of time to freshen and

change into clothes appropriate for motorcycling.  We left the hotel and

headed south along the coast highway to Carmel.  We had dinner in a candle-

lit restaurant on the bay, sitting at a small table for two against the

large plate-glass windows, watching the sun sink against the Pacific ocean,

lighting the skies with a pink and orange sunset.  As we talked, I felt

drawn to her, wanting to touch her and just gaze into her beautiful grey

eyes.  I felt, too, the desire to wrap myself in her laugh, her smile,

her very presence giving me a high.

    We strolled out into the warm evening air, feeling as though we'd just

met again after many years.  I took her arm in mine, as we strolled a few

blocks to the Hog's Breath Inn, Clint Eastwood's cozy place, looking into

the shop windows that lined the quiet streets.  We talked more, about our

writings to each other, and to others on the BBS system.  About fantasies

and dreams.

    I could feel my desire for her building up inside.  I could feel other

things too and I tried to keep my mind on her words.  As we left Carmel,

riding back to her hotel, she reached forward and caressed my back, making

goose-bumps rise on my arms.  I reached back and caressed her leg,

squeezing her knee softly.  She replied by wrapping her arms low around

me and hugging me gently.

    As we pulled in to the hotel parking lot, I knew I didn't want this to

end with a "thank-you-it's-been-a-lovely-evening" goodnight.  Parking the

bike and putting away the spare helmet she'd worn, she solved my worries.

    "Would you like to come up and talk some more?" She asked.

    We went to her room, and as I laid my jacket on the chair, I turned to

find her standing close to me, her nipples hard and visible through the

cloth of her blouse.  Wordlessly, I gently pulled her to me, feeling her

breasts against my chest, her head tilted towards mine.  As I gazed into

her eyes, a warm feeling embraced me from within.  I lowered my lips to

hers and kissed her, gently.  Her lips parted, and my tounge caressed hers,

exploring her for the first time.  Wanting to find her secrets, her passions.

We melted into each others arms, becoming one in our desires.

================================ III =====================================

    As our kiss parted, we looked into each other's eyes, as if seeing each

other for the first time.  I ran my hands lightly over her arms, bringing

one hand to my lips, kissing her palm lightly.  She caressed my palm with

her nails, bringing my other hand up, kissing my palm lightly in return. I

smiled, brushing my hand over her cheek, lifting her light hair up and

back. I kissed her cheek delicately, moving further back to her ears, her

earlobes, and down her neck.  Her hands were caressing my back, my sides

and my arms, each touch creating sparks inside my head.  A soft sigh

escaped from her lips as I kissed her neck below her ear.

    She stepped back smiling at me, her hand on my chest, rooting my feet

to the floor.  Slowly, she began to unbutton her blouse, never taking her

eyes from mine.  I watched as each button was carefully undone, leaving

her blouse open and inviting.  She reached in, unfastening the front hook,

and in one smooth motion removed her strapless bra, dropping it to the

floor.  Her full breasts moved sensously beneath her open blouse, the

nipples straining againt the fabric.  My tounge moved in my mouth, and I

was trying to imagine the feel of her nipples responding to my kisses.

This time, as she moved herself into my arms, my hands parted the front of

her blouse, feeling the warm silkiness of her breasts brush my forearms,

the soft skin of her sides and stomach as I reached around to caress her

back.  We kissed, passions flaring as our tounge met, my hands running up

her back to pull her shoulders closer to me, pulling her blouse free from

her pants.  Her arms moved to her sides, her lips still against mine as I

slid her blouse from her shoulders, letting it fall gently to the floor.

Her arms wrapped around my neck, as she resumed the kiss in full earnest.

My hands found her naked breasts, lifting and cupping each one.  My fingers

teased her nipples as her tounge followed mine into my mouth.  Her hips

moved against mine, feeling the bulge that was waiting for them.

    This time I stepped back, unbuttoning my shirt, staring into her eyes.

She watched, and each time her eyes strayed too low or too high, I paused,

making the task take even longer than necessary.  When, at last, I finished,

she moved forward, reaching up and removing my shirt as she bent her head

to kiss my chest.  She ran her tounge under the ridge of my chest muscles,

teasing them and me with how sensitive the skin was.  Her lips found

the nipple, taking it between her lips, sucking gently.  My hands stroked

her hair as she suckled, then she used her tounge, flicking my nipple

rapidly back and forth in her mouth, making me moan softly.  I placed my

hand under her chin, bringing her lips up to mine and kissed her softly,

running my tounge over her parted lips.  Her hands caressed my chest and

stomach, making the fires within me more urgent.

    Again I stepped back, and she remained.  Smiling, I knelt and began

to unfasten her pants, kissing her stomach and licking lightly around her

navel.  As the zipper moved down, allowing her pants to fall away from her

hips, I half circled her waist with short tiny kisses, pinching her flesh

gently between my lips.  Her pants fell to the floor, and I held them as

she stepped out of each leg, kissing her thighs just above and inside

each knee. Her musky fragrance filled the air, her moistness covered only

by a small patch of cloth.  Delicately, I leaned forward and kissed her

through the thin material, breathing slowly and warmly against the

sensitive skin.  Her hands pushed gently at my head, and I reached up,

gathering the elastic band into my fingers.  Slowly I pulled them down,

kissing each new patch of her skin that appeared.  Slowly I worked my way

down, kissing her bare mons, blowing a cooling breath after each lightly

damp kiss.  As the fabric stretched flat, leaving only her labia covered,

I snaked my tounge between her legs, curling the tip and drawing slowly

back, circling her most sensitive spot, savoring her aroma and taste.

She breathed a soft moan and I kissed her mons just above, as I lowered

the thin fabric to the floor.  When she stepped out, I caught each leg,

kissing her calves and the sensitive areas near her knees as I removed her

socks.  At last, she stood before me, naked and beautiful, looking down at

me, her eyes gleaming.

    I stood while she unfastened my belt and pants, kissing my chest and

working her way down my stomach. As she knelt, her hands paused, gripping

tightly against the fabric.  She slid her thumbs around and in one slow,

fluid motion slipped my pants and shorts to the floor.  I watched as she

blew cool breaths against the sensitive underside of my shaft, making it

jump at the sensation.  I stepped out of my clothes, while she repeated the

way I had removed her socks, kissing my knees, making me want her even more.

She lifted her head and gently licked the very sensitive line running up

between my balls with the very tip of her tounge.  Her hand reached up, and

held me straight as her tounge continued higher and higher, running the

length of my shaft, to finally circle the head, making it grow and expand

even more.

    She stood and we embraced, kissing passionately as I slid my engorged

shaft between her thighs, letting her feel the heat and pulsing of my heart

through it.  Her breasts flattened against my chest and I could feel the

heat from them against me, and the warmth of her against my rod felt like

it would set us aflame.  Our tounges danced and I felt us melting together,

our souls as intertwined as our tounges, our hands exploring each other.

Time stopped.  The universe around us ceased to exist.  We were together,

our passions about to become unleashed.

    She moved us to the bed, and we laid down, still embracing, her on top,

trying to melt down into me.  Her legs straddled mine, my shaft throbbing

against her shaved labia, her hips pushing forward against me.  I pulled

her lips from mine, holding her head inches above me, I stared into her


    "Goddd!" I breathed, "I WANT you sooo much!"

    "Take me." She whispered back. "Take me tonight. Take me now."

    I pulled her mouth back to mine, and rocked my hips to move my aching

cock between her moist lips.  Her hips responded, moving to let me slide

in.  As I felt the head slip past and into her, my soft moan was lost in

her mouth.  We slowly inched together, savoring the touch of man against

woman.  Of man INSIDE woman.  She moved back suddenly, just as I thrust

upward, neither of us able to contain desire, passion, or lust any longer.

We met at the base of my cock and deep inside at the door to her womb.

    "Oooohhhhhh!" we both cried simultaneously.

    A slow parting, as we both now looked intently at each other, watching

our eyes, feeling our loins, feeling joined.  We gained speed with each new

stroke, our passions reaching new intensities.  I could feel her wetness

now, surrounding my cock buried deep inside her.  She could feel the steel

rigidity of me, plunging into her depths.  My hands moved to her breasts,

cupping them and squeezing them together. I leaned my head up, licking one

nipple as she plunged down on my cock.  I began to see the perpiration

glisten on us both as the heat of our passion filled the room.  Musky fra-

grances hung in the air.

    I sat up, grabbing her and pulling her to me, kissing her fiercely,

crushing her breasts against my chest.  Her arms around my neck, she

returned my kiss feverishly, her tounge dancing rapidly in my mouth.

    We rolled over, with me staying inside her as we laid back on the bed.

Her legs wrapped around me, pulling me into her burning pussy.  My hands

found hers and our fingers intertwined as we plunged on and down, into

the depths of our desires.  My lips found her nipple, shiny and wet from

before.  I kissed it, sucking it into my mouth to flick my tounge over it.

Her pussy contracted around my shaft, her ring holding onto me tight.  I

stopped moving and flexed my shaft back at her, causing her to gasp.  Her

hips moved again, drawing me deeper into her warm wet pool.  I turned my

head, biting her other nipple softly, pulling it away from her until her

breast streched slightly.  Again her pussy grabbed for me, but this time I

continued to move, not letting her feel the throbbing.  I licked the flat

valley between her breasts with the tip of my tounge, sliding deep into her

again.  As I slowly pulled back, I gripped the first nipple in my mouth,

waiting until just the very tip of my cock was still inside her.  Then

pinching with my lips, and flicking with my tounge I pulled her nipple

again, waiting for her to contract.  As I felt her grasp, I slowly slid

into her pussy, past her tight ring, moving deeper and deeper.  Each time

she eased up, I pulled or pinched her nipple, making her grip me again.

At full depth, I laid still, releasing her nipple and looking into her eyes.

Waiting a full two seconds I flexed within her, lightly until she con-

tracted, then hard, while she gripped me.  Her pussy responded clenching

tight around my cock, forced it to swell larger inside her, expanding her,

filling her.

    Her hips lifted up, legs trembling, she moaned loudly and came.

    As her pussy contracted around me, spasming in orgasm, I flexed again,

as hard as I could, pushing against her soft velvety skin.

    "Ohhhhh yessss!" she cried as her hips rotated and forced themselves up,

tight against me, trying to draw me deeper.

    I waited until I felt her just beginning to grab me again and flexed my

cock hard against her, feeling her pussy make me swell again.  Cries came

from her lips, and as she relaxed, I began to withdraw.  Her eyes opened,

pleading for me not to pull away.  My smile was one of pleasure as I held

my cock part way in, the taper of my cock even with her ring of pleasure,

waiting for the next wave to wash over her.  She wanted me deep inside her

and I had moved back, telling her with my eyes to lay still.  When she again

clenched down, this time on the curve of my cock, positioned just right,

her pussy sucked me down deep inside.

    "Ohhhhhhh God!" her voice was high pitched. "Ohhhhmmm."

    I leaned forward, covering her neck, her cheek, her eyelids, with quick

light kisses.  Her legs drew me to her, as I felt her pussy begin to relax.

Sweat covered us both, and I could feel it running down my back as I lay

between her legs. I could feel the sweat on her thighs against my sides, and

her breasts shone in the light.

    "Feeling happy sunshine?" I asked.

    "Hmm-Ummmmm!" came her reply.

    As soon as her eyes opened, I flexed once again, watching as she felt it,

her eyes opening wider, the pupils dialating.

    "Oh!  Nasty boy!" She smiled.

    "I have an nice idea," I chuckled back, "but I'll have to get up first."

    "Nooo!" She pouted. "I don't want you to go."  She locked her ankles

around me, pulling into her, pinning me to her.

    "Greedy." I said.


    "C'mon sweetie, this'll only take a few seconds." I pleaded.

    She looked at me, and softly "I want to feel you go soft inside me."

    "Might take a while." I smiled back, "I haven't come yet."

    At her quizical look, I pulled back, letting her feel that I was still

fully hard, and ready for more.

    "And besides," I explained, "After all those stories, you didn't think

that I'd let you only have one did you?"

    "Smarty. I had two just now!"

    We kissed and held each other tightly for a few more minutes before fin-

ally I went and rummaged in my jacket, looking back at the bed where she

lay, propped up on her elbows, watching me. Her graceful form, damp with

sweat, glistening and shiny in the light.  Her legs slightly apart, her

bare pussy, lips full, begging me to return.  She shook her head, creating

aura of golden hair, making her breasts move seductively, as she watched

curiously.  Finding what I was looking for, I moved across the room,

picking up the ashtrays as I went.  I crossed the main room and shut off

the lights.  I went into the dark bath, and returned a moment later.

    The small candles I'd picked up at the restaurant flickered nicely as I

moved around the main room, placing them at different angles to the bed.

Once finished, I returned to this warm, passionate woman who filled me with


    "Let's make the rest memorable." I whispered.

    She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me much too briefly, then

hugged me tight.

    "Yes," She said, "I want it to be special too."

    I laid her back against the pillows, holding her arms as she went.

Moving down, I kissed the insides of her thighs, caressing her gently with

my lips.  I moved randomly from thigh to thigh, working my way upwards,

towards her naked pussy.  Just as I reached her pussy, I paused, looking

at her nakedness closely in the flickering candlelight.  So soft and

sensitive and desirable.  I kissed her mons gently, barely touching her.

As I worked down now, I could almost taste the fragrant wetness between

her legs.  I tipped my head and let my hair brush gently over her bare mons.

She sounded her pleasure to me, and I bent my self lower, spreading her legs

wide.  I kissed that sensitive place where her thighs, cheeks, and pussy

meet.  That flat little area next to her lips.  I ran my tounge up one side,

down the other, ignoring her moist pussy and her swollen lips.  I slid my

tounge down, flicking it softly over the soft flesh between her front and

back holes.  Her hips rose up, begging for more there.

    I slid my hand under her cheeks, cupping them and lifting her off the

bed.  I ran my tounge along the line that forms the bottom of one cheek.

Then back to the area between her holes, where I flicked my tounge fast

and light.  Her moans were soft and full of pleasure, as I lowered her

back to the bed.  I moved closer, raising her legs over my shoulders and

bringing my hands around her hips.  Two fingers parted the upper lips of

her pussy, baring her swollen clit to me.  Peeking out like a pearl, I

saw it was wet and shiny.  I breathed softly and hotly against it, making

her wait, following with a light cool breath.  Then I touched it with just

the tip of my tounge, staying as still as I could be.  She moaned, loud in

frustration.  I flicked my tounge and began to circle, slowly, stopping

each time she raised her hips.

    "Don't tease me!" She half commanded, half pleaded.

    I ran my tounge down, parting her lips as I went, finding her sweet wet

hole.  I flicked my tounge against the sides of her hole, then up to the

lips of her pussy.  I sucked each one into my mouth, running my tounge over

them, pulling and playfully tugging them taut.  Back and forth, up and down

I went, teasing, taunting, playing, pulling until her hips were rocking and

swaying.  I found her button, and sucked it into my mouth, squeezing it

softly between my lips, my tounge circling it rapidly.   I could feel it

swell between my lips, and giving it one farewell flick, let it go.  As it

receeded from my mouth, I ran my tounge down the full length of her slit,

greedily lapping up her wetness.  As I moved up, I slid two fingers into her

sopping pussy, my tounge circling her clit again.  Her hips were moving up

and down, and I pushed my fingers all the way in, feeing her wet juices

flowing into the palm of my hand.  I locked my mouth over her clit, flicking

her quickly, and pulling my fingers out slowly.  I looked up to see her in

candlelight, her hands cupping her tits hard;  on the edge;  ready.

    When my fingers were halfway out, I stopped.  I sucked her clit into my

mouth as hard as I could, spreading my fingers at the same time.  I pressed

my lips together slowing the blood flow to her all important place.  As I

closed my fingers, then reopened them, spreading her pussy wide, I bent

them upwards toward her stomach, touching her from inside.  Then I let go

of her clit and the soft flesh surrounding it.  Blood flowed and after a

second, I flicked my tounge once over it.

    Her legs closed tightly around me, her hips arching off the bed.  Her

hands squeezed her tits and nipples hard, her head thrown back, stomach

tense.  She came down only to raise up again after taking a short breath.

I could feel her pussy contracting around my fingers, squeezing them closed.

I let her squeeze, forcing my fingers apart when she relaxed.  As her

contractions slowed, I gently kissed her thighs, thanking her for letting

me make her happy.

=================================== IV ==================================

    I lay behind her, holding her in my arms, kissing the back of her neck

while she relaxed, a smile on her face.

    "You're soo sweet." I said. "I could eat you and love you for hours at a


    She cooed, pressing her back against my chest as I hugged her closer.  I

ran my hand over her thigh, admiring her form in candlelight.  I felt the

smoothness of her thigh, marveled at her graceful lines. I caressed her lean

stomach, running my hands under the line of her breasts, then down again to

her thighs.  I purred into her ear.

    We cuddled and spoke softly for almost an hour, my cock wilting like a

flower.  I was happy and content, cuddled next to her, feeling at peace with

the world.  As she stirred on her side, my hand cupping her lower breast

caressed its way down to her silky smooth mons, lingering on her bare skin.

She sighed softly, leaning back into me slightly, I kissed the nape of her

neck, working my way up and over behind her ear.  As she leaned back and

turned slightly, her legs parted and my fingers slipped easily between her

legs, caressing her still damp lips.  Her head turned, and we kissed.

Slow and lesiurely.  I caressed her pussy, my fingers teasing around her

clit without actually touching it.

    She sat up slowly, pushing me onto the pillows, her hair flowing around

her head, her breasts swinging as she leaned forward.  Moving over she

quickly took my slowly rising cock into her mouth.  Still soft, she

engulfed me down to the base, moving her tounge inside her mouth.  As she

pulled back, her lips pressed against my flesh, and I could feel myself

beginning to rise.  Her hair cascaded down, brushing my thighs and stomach,

looking like a golden aura in the dim candlelit room.  Her figure was all

graceful curves, accentuated by shadows, appearing to fade into nothingness

at the edges.  Grasping me, she ran her tounge around the head and down to

the sensitive scar left from the circumcision at birth.  I laid back, enjoy-

ing the sensation of her mouth and tounge on me.  She licked the underside

of my shaft, flicking her tounge over the edges of the head, making me

smile and moan softly.  Her tounge traced the veins over my cock, and back

up to suck me into her mouth.  Her mouth was warm and wet, her tounge wicked

and seductive.  As she sucked me into her mouth, I could feel the head hit

the back of her mouth, forcing another moan from my lips.

    She ran her tounge down the underside, continuing down the sacks of my

balls tracing the sensitive line between them.  Down still, lifing my balls

to flick her tounge at the senstive area underneath, between the the base of

my cock and anus.  As her tounge flicked, my hips rose and I moaned softly.

She worked back up, taking the soft skin of my sack into her mouth and sucked

gently.  Then she softly and gently sucked one of my balls into her mouth,

her tounge caressing it on all sides.  My cock swelled, turning purple-red

as she tounged each one, all the while stroking my cock up and down, squeez-

ing tightly on the upstroke.  She sucked again on the sacks, and blew gently

on them, making me squirm for her tounge.  She slid upwards, licking my cock

everywhere with her tounge tip.  Reaching the top, she sat up slightly,

smiling into my eyes as she pressed the head against a nipple, kissing at

me silently.  She bent down, circling the head with her tounge.  Her breasts

touched my balls, sending a shiver through me, and running the length of

my shaft.  She again sucked me into her mouth, her tounge flicking the

underside ridge hard.  Moaning again, I arched my hips, wanting her to

swallow all seven hard inches of me.  When she again sat up, she rubbed my

cock, wet with her saliva, over and between both her breasts, pressing it

hard against her nipples, and all the while smiling at me, running her

wicked tounge seductively over her lips and teeth.

    Her mouth engulfed me again, this time taking me deep into her mouth.  I

could feel the head move past the back of her mouth and enter her throat.

Afraid to move, fearing to choke her, I strained not to flex or push with

my hips.  Her lips grabbed, trying to work me deeper into her mouth.

Sweating with the effort, wanting to push and flex and come in her mouth,

I laid back and moaned loudly.

    "Ohhhhhhh Goddd!"

    Her nails raked my thighs, as she slowly rose up my shaft.  Her tounge

worked around the underside, pressing against the ridge.  When she raised

her head and looked at me, candelight made the tears glisten in my eyes.

    "Had enough?" She smiled with a mischievous grin.

    "Ohhh, Yesss." I replied, wanting more, but wanting HER most of all.

"Come here and fuck me.  I want you, I want you NOW!"

    She moved up and straddled my hips, lowering herself slowly on to my

rigid tool.  I felt the lips of her pussy part, letting me slide past, into

her warm wet depths.  She controlled me now.  Her every move had me at her

mercy. She slooooowly lowered herself, raising up when I tried to move

deeper into her.

    "Oh no." She said, smiling wickedly. "Mustn't rush."

    "Ooooh, you tease!" I joked back. "You wicked little tease."

    She laughed and continued her slow descent, stopping just before she had

me entirely within her.

    "What do you want?" She whispered, obviously knowing the answer.

    "YOU!" I cried, "I want YOU!  I WANT you!"

    She sat down, taking me fully inside of her, my balls against her ass.

    "Ohhh yes.  Fuck me." I pleaded.

    Slowly, she raised herself off my cock, hot and moist with her wetness.

I moaned as I felt every inch, every caress of her slick pussy against me.

My cock ached to feel her move quickly, but part of me wanted to continue

this pleasant "torture" forever.  She raised up, keeping only the head

inside of her, clenching her muscles against the soft sensitive end of my


    "Ohhh, stop teasing me!  I want to fuck you!" I moaned.

    Her hips came crashing down to meet mine.  So quick was her descent I

didn't have time to prepare, and now I half sat up, trying in vain to lift

my hips, drive deeper into her.  She raised up and plunged down again,

driving me deep.  Again she moved quickly, this time my hips moved up to

meet hers, and I touched bottom, making her gasp quickly.

    Unable to contain myself any longer, I reached down and around her, my

hands cupping her cheeks.  Lifting her up and pulling her down I began to

move faster.  She leaned forward, her breasts moving at each new thrust.

I moved my feet under, giving my hips leverage, and plunged deep again and


    "Yesss, yesss, fuck me hard.  Come inside me, come deep inside me."

    I moved one hand up her back, pulling her head down to mine, kissing her

with a passion and intensity I'd never felt before.  Our tounges met, her

breasts moved against my chest and I could feel her wetness running down

my cock, making my balls wet and slick.

    My other hand came up, and she laid down fully against me, pushing her

hips back against mine.  I moved my calves over hers, hooking my feet around

and under, locking us together, giving her something to grab onto.  Her

hips and mine moved in a primal rhythm.  Her pussy pulled and sucked at

my cock, trying to draw it deeper.  My cock pulsed and throbbed, plunging

deep into her, trying to reach deeper yet.  We stopped kissing to breathe,

both of us moaning instead.  Her back arched, her blonde hair flailing

wildly, our sweaty bodies wet and slick made noises that aroused us both.

    "I want to fill you!" I hissed, "I want to take you over the edge with

me!  Come with me!  Come WITH me!"

    She moaned and fell against me, her pussy contracting around my cock.

When I felt her starting to come, a dam broke deep inside me.  I felt a

surging rush start upwards, making my cock swell and my balls ache.  She

felt me grow inside her, my thrusts long;  hard;  massive.

    "Cum babee cum!" She shouted.

    My arms pulled her to me, her lips met mine and we kissing in a blind

lust, tounges pressed together, arms and legs wrapped around each other,

sweat covering our bodies.

    "Hmmmmmm!  Unnnngg!" I moaned into her mouth, as I came.

    Buried deep inside of her, my cock launched a geyser of sperm.  I could

feel her pussy grip me tightly as I came.  She was still comming, her pussy

squeezing me tight, milking me.  Moaning into each other's mouths we both

came again.   Her pussy still contracting, I gushed another surge into her,

feeling now the warm mingling of our juices.

    She squeezed.

    I gushed.









    As we slowly recovered, our mouths together, I licked her tounge with

mine, bringing us both from what felt like a trance.  Her tounge replied,

caressing mine gently.  Her tounge began to withdraw, and as she did, my

cock gave a reflexive twitch, sending shock waves through her and back to

me.  Her tounge plunged into my mouth again, and we kissed passionately,

realizing what we had just shared.  As we calmed, we kept kissing with

shorter kisses, each more tender than the one before it.  Finally, she put

her head on my shoulder, relaxing completely.  I held her close, feeling my

cock growing limp inside her velvety softness.

    "Thank you." I barely whispered.

    She purred against my shoulder, saying something I couldn't hear.  I ran

my hands down her damp back, caressed her behind gently, bringing my hands

back up, then down her arms, wrapped around my neck.  The candles were still

flickering away, as we drifted off to sleep, still joined together.

    We woke at about two in the morning, her head resting on my chest, our

legs around each other.  The candles had burned out, leaving us in darkness.

Our lips met, and we kissed lazily, enjoying the closeness in the warm room.

We talked for a while, holding each other close.  In the morning, she would

call the airline and see if she could re-schedule her flight back to Denver

for Sunday night, giving us the weekend.  At least for now, we had each

other, and we curled up close, happy and content, and drifted off to sleep.

-- Good nite, sweet dreams --


    ( watch for chapter 2 -- our weekend! )

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