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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade94.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Filled Stockings, Part Five

"I have some leather items here which I like to coat with pussy

juice from time to time, Kerri. You don't mind if I wipe them

along your slit do you? You're quite wet and your juices have a

wonderful aroma."

She shivered slightly at my words. "No, just touch me there

anyway you like, as long as you touch me."

I took the leather strap with the walnut handle and moved over to

the spreadeagled slave. I wrapped the strap around her stocking

leg and slid it upward, letting her leg feel its smooth coolness

as it slid over the stocking top and onto her naked thigh.

Kneeling beside her and reaching behind her to take loose end in

my left hand, I ran the inch and a half wide leather strap back

and forth against her lips, letting her juices wet the leather.

Kerri moaned softly, her tongue flicking outward licking at her

lips, and moved her hips, rubbing herself against the smooth

leather strap.

"What is that? It feels like a belt or something", she said.

"Yes, its much like a belt, Kerri. Its for warming your flesh."

Taking the smooth finger-grip shaped handle and pressing it

against her wet slit I rubbed it along her full length, letting

her feel the hard wood. "This is the handle. Feel the parts where

my fingers go?" I rubbed the handle back and forth, and then

slowly slid the end of the handle between her lips, entering her.

"Unggggghhh..yes, do that!", she moaned. She hunched at the

handle, trying to fuck it.

I slid the handle back and forth inside her a time or two and

then took it out. "No, this isn't for fucking, Kerri, this is for

warming you."

"Warm me, fuck me, anything, but make me come, please?", she implored.

I lay the strap on the floor between her legs and took the tawse

from the couch. Walking around behind her I trailed the knotted

ends of the thin leather strips along her backside, touching her

thighs, her ass, her back and then let it fall over her shoulders

and down the front of her body, running it downward over her

breasts, her stomach, her pubis.

I gathered the loose ends and ran them back and forth between her

wet lips, coating the leather with her juices. Then moving the

tawse further back between her legs I rubbed the long birch

handle against her, smiling as the white parachute cord wrapped

around the handle grew dark with her juices. The handle was a

good eight inches long and she squirmed as it spread her lips

open, the rows of white thin cord rubbing against her.

"That's the handle...I can tell...put it inside me!", she begged.

I turned the handle end toward her opening and began sliding it

up into her. She grunted as the cock sized handle slid between

her lips and up into her sheath. Up and up the handle went, going

more deeply into her until its full length was inside her. She

hunched her hips hotly, trying to fuck it.

I knew she wanted me to pump it in and out of her, but I instead

held it deeply inside her and rubbed her clitoris with my

forefinger, watching her passion grow. She continued trying to

move herself enough to make the handle slide back and forth

within her, but was frustrated in her attempts due to the cables

keeping her from lowering herself further.

"This is a stick of wood, Kerri. You're trying to fuck a stick of

wood. Is that what you want, Kerri? You want to fuck a stick?"

"Don't say it like that, MASTER! I want your cock! But I'm so

hot, and it feels so good to have something inside me! I need to

be fucked, MASTER!!"

"You need it so bad that you'd fuck this stick of wood, wouldn't

you, Kerri? Tell me!"

"Yes! I'll fuck anything you say, just let me come!!"

Slowly I slid the handle back and forth inside her, stroking her

smooth and wet cunt with it, giving her a taste of what she

needed so badly. She moaned hotly, growing very close to coming

again, and just as she was about to I removed the tawse from

between her legs, frustrating her once more.

"Now its time to show you what these two items are supposed to be

used for, Kerri", I said evenly. I took the tawse in my left hand

and the leather strap in my right and began moving around her,

flicking the leather against her legs right at the tops of her

stockings, first the tawse, then the strap, lightly, letting her

feel the leather curling around her shapely thighs.

Kerri moved her head from side to side jerkily, hot but still a

bit frightened. She knew she was being whipped, and while she had

fantasized about it often this was the first time she had ever

allowed someone to do it to her.

I varied the timing of my strokes, sometimes striking her two or

three times with one of the instruments before using the other

one, letting my aim grow higher and watching the leather land

against her asscheeks and her pubic area in front, careful to

avoid landing too closely to her clitoris, for now at least.  Higher

and higher I went, letting the tawse flick against her breasts, the

strap slap against her nipples. I watched her carefully, the entire

time, listening to her breathing, watching her nostrils, observing

the movement of her fingers as she opened and closed them.

The door opened quietly and I watched Kristi peek into the room.

I motioned to her to come in, and saw her smile broadly at the

sight before her. She made an "ok" sign with her hand and began

sliding out of her clothes. I watched her strip as I continued

the light whipping of my new slave, enjoying once again the

delightfully toned and trim body of my long time friend. Kristi

ran a finger along her slit, wetting it and placed it to her lips

licking her own juices from it.

Kerri was breathing heavily now, lost in the feeling of having

the leather slapped across her naked body. I tossed the tawse and

strap onto the couch and moving away from Kerri took Kristi in my

arms and kissed her deeply. I whispered in her ear.

"Play with her a while and I'll watch. Just don't let her know

its you yet."

"Can I kiss her?", she whispered back to me, stroking my cock

with her hand.

"You can kiss her pussy and her tits, but not her mouth yet, just

don't let her come till I tell you to."

"Don't leave me, MASTER!", Kerri moaned, turning her head and

trying to discern where I had gone. "Whip me some more! Play with

me! Anything, just don't leave me here alone!"

"I'm not going to leave you Kerri", I answered, leading Kristi

over to the naked and trembling slave.

Kristi knelt in front of Kerri, her small hands running up and

down the stockinged legs, her mouth moving to the soft thighs and

kissing them. I knew she would be especially eager to press her

tongue to the wet lips of Kerri's sex, and it was no time before

she was pushing her mouth up between the long legged blonde's

thighs and licking at the juices that were still flowing so freely.

"Mmmmmmm, yes, MASTER!! Kiss me! YES!!", Kerri moaned hotly, her

hips pushing back at the blonde head in front of her.

I sat down on the couch, watching the delightful show in front of

me, stroking myself slowly as I watched Kristi feed so hungrily

on the dripping pussy at her mouth. It was hard to say which

Kristi liked best, cum or cunt juice, but she surely was enjoying

herself at the moment, that was obvious. She was squatting now in

front of Kerri, her left hand between her opened legs, rubbing

her clitoris as she held onto Kerri's left leg with her right

hand, keeping herself balanced.

I knew I would have to watch carefully and stop Kristi before she

made Kerri come, and sure enough Kerri's orgasm was already

beginning to build by the time I could get to Kristi and pull her

head back away from the hunching hips. I bent down and kissed

Kristi hard on the mouth, tasting Kerri's sex on her lips and

tongue, letting Kerri's passion cool just a bit.

"Noooo, MASTER!! Don't stop now!! Please let me come!!", Kerri

begged hotly. She was still hunching her hips toward Kristi's

face, needed her mouth back on her sex.

"I want your ass, Kerri. Shall I fuck you there?", I asked.

"Anywhere, MASTER, but do touch my clit...oh, MASTER, I need to

come sooo badly!!"

Smiling at Kristi and motioning for her to wait, I moved behind

Kerri and ran my hand into her sex, coating it with juices and

then rubbing them on my hard cock. I pressed the head of my cock

into Kerri's crack, sliding it toward her tight little anus and

reached around to take Kristi's hand and press her fingers

against Kerri's clitoris.

"Yesss!! Fuck me, MASTER!", Kerri moaned hotly, pressing her hips

hard against Kristi's fingers.

I pressed my cock harder against her anus, feeling the head push

hard against her tight opening. Forgetting that Kerri could not

be allowed to feel three hands touching her, I let Kristi's hand

go and spread Kerri's cheeks open with both my hands as I pushed

my hard cock further into her. But Kerri was too excited to

notice what was happening, and only moaned again and pushed

herself back on my cock. The head popped inside, bringing forth a

grunt from Kerri, and slowly I slid more and more of the thick

intruder into her bottom.

Kristi was rubbing two clits hotly now as she watched Kerri take

me in her ass. Her left hand was rubbing her own clitoris and her

right was still stroking Kerri's hotly. I began fucking Kerri

with long slow strokes, feeling her anus relaxing to allow me

freedom of movement inside her. Kerri was growing hotter and

hotter and began fucking me back in earnest, pushing hard against

my cock and then hard against Kristi's hand.

Kristi sensed that Kerri was growing close again, and peering

around her looked at me as if to ask if she could press her mouth

to Kerri's wet sex once more. I nodded, smiling as Kristi removed

her hand and began kissing Kerri hotly.

Kerri jerked at the touch of Kristi's mouth, moaning hotly. Then

suddenly she froze, her body not moving, as she realized that it

was physically impossible for me to be kissing her pussy and

fucking her ass at the same time. Reaching around her I took her

breasts in my hands and began kneading them, kissing her neck as

I continued pumping her ass with my thick cock.

"MASTER! How? Who? Oh, God, MASTER!! Whats happening to me?"

"You're getting what you want and need, Kerri. Just relax and

enjoy it. You need to come don't you?"

"Yes! Oh yes! But..."

Her comments were interrupted by Kristi rising and pressing her

juice covered lips to her mouth with a deep kiss. She pressed her

perky breasts against Kerri, her tongue dancing against the bound

slave's tongue, coating it with her own juices. She reached between

Kerri's legs, sliding three fingers into her effortlessly and

fingering her. Kerri moaned hotly, returning the kiss eagerly and

hunching on the fingers inside her pussy and the cock inside her ass.

I could feel Kristi shoving the three fingers into Kerri roughly

as they continued kissing, and rammed myself into her bottom from

behind, my own orgasm building within me. Kerri was hunching

wildly now, the long awaited orgasm racing toward completion

within her. Kristi kept kissing her hotly, sucking at her tongue,

gasping for breath as she fingered the very wet sheath, rubbing

her thumb against Kerri's clit while she finger- fucked her. She

ground her breasts against Kerri's and worked her own fingers

against her own sex, close to coming herself.

Kerri exploded with passion, her head jerking back, her hips

shoving toward Kristi's intruding fingers, a muffled scream

escaping from the two hungry sets of lips. She began hunching

back and forth wildly, fucking really fast and hard in both

directions, and I felt my own orgasm explode within me, my cock

jerking and squirting long streams of hot white cum into her ass.

Kristi broke their kiss, not having come yet and lay back on the

floor with her legs open, looking up at Kerri and rubbing her sex.

Sliding my spent cock from Kerri's delightful ass, I unclasped

the wrist cuffs from the cable and lowered her arms, removing the


Kerri blushed profusely as the blindfold was removed and she got

her first glimpse of the woman she had just allowed to finger-fuck

her to a climax. She stared at Kristi's naked and spread-opened

body, wanting to say something, but unsure what to say.

"This is Kristi, Kerri", I said. "Kristi is still very hot and

still needs to come. Don't you want to help her?"

"Please help me, Kerri", Kristi said softly, rubbing her clit.

"Please kiss me...kiss my pussy."

Kerri looked back at me and then again at Kristi. "Can I MASTER?

Can I make her come?", she asked.

"Yes, I'd like for you to do just that, Kerri", I replied.

Kerri immediately fell to her knees, kissing Kristi's shapely

legs, moving toward her wet sex. Kristi moaned and ran her fingers

through Kerri's hair, pulling her head toward her hungry pussy.

I knelt and unhooked the ankle cuffs from Kerri's ankles, freeing

her from her bonds. Her hunger for Kristi's juices was genuine,

there would be no need to force her to bring Kristi to orgasm,

especially not after having tasted her own sex in Kristi's kiss.

She ran her tongue between Kristi's soft vaginal lips, savoring

the taste and smell of the female sex so eager for her kisses.

Finding her hard clitoris she sucked on it, nibbled at it, teased

it, stroked it. Kristi moaned hotly, hunching her hips up at the

attractive blonde, loving the feel of the soft and knowing kisses

her new bi-friend was giving her so freely.

Knowing quite a bit about what Kristi liked, I knelt over her,

facing Kerri, and lowered my ass to her face. Taking her nipples

between my fingers I pinched and pulled at them as I felt her tongue

snake hungrily from her mouth, pressing itself against my anus.

Before long the combination of Kerri's skillful kisses, my

demanding fingers on her nipples and the taste of my ass drove

Kristi over the edge and she jerked wildly as her own orgasm

exploded within her. When her movements finally slowed, I removed

myself from her face and sat back on the couch, watching with

delight as Kerri crawled up over Kristi's body, laying on her and

kissing her softly on the mouth.

I was amazed at how wonderfully Kerri had given herself to me. My

initial attraction to her had been one of physical attraction more

than an awareness of her submissiveness. But once again my instincts

had proven to be right, and I had discovered a very hungry and

wonderfully submissive woman under the beautiful trappings.

What she lacked in experience she more than made up for in hunger

and desire to please, and as I would learn in the coming months

there truly was nothing she wouldn't do for her MASTER.

Several days would pass before we would finally get around to

decorating my living room, but my stocking was already filled by

a delightful woman, who certainly filled her stockings

beautifully. As the two women continued kissing, I glanced at my

friend the garter belt and saw it winking back at me knowingly.


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