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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade93.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Filled Stockings, Part Four

While Kerri slept I gently untied her arms and slipped on the

black leather wrist cuffs, hooking the d-rings on them to the

steel cables which I had just finished running through the

pulleys imbedded in the big wooden beam over our heads. The

cables were attached at the other end to two electric winches in

the attic which were controlled by a switch just under the heavy

oak mantle over the fireplace.

Untying her ankles I also affixed leather cuffs to them, more for

comfort and consistency than anything else, retying the rope from

the rings in the floor to the d-rings on the ankle cuffs. I

pulled the sides of the rug back away from the sleeping and still

blindfolded woman, looking over her naked body, enjoying the soft

fullness of her breasts and the still wet curls of her pubic

hair. One of the garters had come unfastened, lending a

disheveled appearance to her, hinting at what she had already

recieved at the hands of her new friend.

Reaching into the bag of toys I had set down next to Kerri, I

removed a few items which I planned to use once she awoke and lay

them on the edge of the couch. It excited me to anticipate her

response to the items I laid out, but at the same time I knew it

would be a matter of experimenting with the various items to see

which ones had the greatest effect on her. Every woman was

different, but there were some things which experience seemed to

indicate would almost always work.

I looked at my watch. I could let her sleep just a bit longer, we

still had plenty of time together. She might wake up and want the

blindfold off, but I didnt' really think that was the way it

would work. If my timing was good I'd have her ready for more

even before she awoke anyway.

Slipping into the kitchen I called my friend Kristi and asked her

to come over in about an hour. She was always eager to help me

when I had a new submissive, and I enjoyed watching her help as

well. Kristi is a cute blonde with green eyes, only five two and

a hundred and five pounds, but well shaped and especially well

versed in the things that submissives both enjoy and need to

learn. I had found her to be a total delight when she was in the

mood to be submissive to me, but had also found her to be

unpredictable in her moods. The one thing I could count on,

however, was her always being ready to spend some time with a

bisexual submissive whenever I wanted her to.

Actually, at this point I wasn't sure if Kerri was bisexual or

not, and I was gambling in inviting Kristi over. My instincts are

usually pretty good about such things, however, and I was

convinced that by the time Kristi arrived Kerri would be ready

for whatever I let her have.

"Does she know I'm going to be licking her?", Kristi asked.

"No, she doesn't have any idea that I am inviting anyone over to

see her naked and bound, much less a woman, Kristi. We'll handle

it just like we did with your sister that time, and won't talk to

each other at first. It will be fun to see her reactions when she

realizes that there is more than one person touching her, and

especially when she notices that one of them is a naked woman."

"Ohhhh, you would have to bring Patti up, wouldn't you?", she

sighed. "That was the hottest thing I've ever done I think...if

this is that good I'm going to be one very horny lady! By the

way, she's coming for a visit next month. Are you going to invite

us over?"

I smiled into the phone, thinking about Kristi and her sister

Patti. Kristi had been wanting a bisexual experience with Patti

for years, and had begged me to make it happen for her, being

afraid to bring it up with Patti herself. I teased her about it

many, many times, until Kristi finally agreed to entertain some

friends of mine in exchange for making her fantasy with Patti

come true.

We didn't let Patti know that it was her sister she was with

until both of them had experienced numerous orgasms, and only

then after talking with Patti for a long time about her bisexual

fantasies when she finally admitted that she too had been wanting

to be with Kristi sexually for years. It was really something

special to see the look in her eyes when we removed the blindfold

and she realized that it was Kristi all along.

"Sure, I'll invite you over, you know I will. Maybe by then Kerri

will want to join us. I have an idea she would enjoy your older

sister almost as much as you do. But let me go now, I've got to

get back to her before she wakes up."

"Darn would have to leave me now!", she said

emotionally. It was obvious she was maturbating.

"Awwww, poor Kristi. I could leave the phone off the hook so you

could hear Kerri moaning if you wanted."

"No, thats alright, I'll just put on the video we took at the

beach last summer and think about Patti for now. Don't wear Kerri

out before I get there!"

I hung up the phone and walked quietly back into the living room.

Kerri was still sleeping peacefully. I took the very soft make-up

brush from its place on the couch and kneeling beside the

beautiful blonde began circling her pretty breasts with it,

tracing large spirals around them, growing closer and closer to

her nipples. Her nipples grew harder as I watched, and by the

time I touched them with the soft hairs of the brush they were

quite firm.

I roamed over her body with the brush, teasing her inner thighs

and the area just above her pubic hair before brushing along her

easily accessible slit. She was still sleeping, but her legs

jerked slightly when the brush stroked her clitoris and then

again as the brush moved across her naked anus.

She was growing quite wet, even in her sleep, and I just couldn't

resist another taste of her. I lowered my head to her crotch and

licked softly at the folds of her sex, loving the smell and taste

of her. She moaned softly as I held her open with my fingers,

searching for her inner lips with my tongue and stroking them

firmly, my lips pressed against her opening.

"Mmmmm, that feels sooooo good!!", she said softly but with


"Oh, sorry, didn't mean to wake you. I just had to have another

taste of you", I said, removing my mouth from her sex.

"Don't stop, I love it. I love being kissed there."

"I know you do, Kerri, and you will be, I promise. But right now

I want to try out this other brush on you. Its alright if I play

with your body, isn't it?"

"It sounds so nasty when you say it like that. Playing with my

body. Yes, play with my body...I can't stop you anyway."

"No, you can't stop me. You're bound and naked in front of me and

available for my pleasure in all ways. That pretty much makes you

my slave, doesn't it, Kerri?"

She swallowed hard before replying. "Yes, I guess it does. Is it

very bad for me to let you do this?"

"Its just as bad as you want it to be, Kerri. If it wasn't "bad"

you wouldn't be as wet as you are now, would you? But there is

something inside you that likes being a sex slave, isn't there?"

Kerri moaned as I switched brushes and began teasing her with the

coarser horsehair brush.

"Yes, I do like it. I like the thought of it and the feel of it.

I like the blindfold and the ropes and being naked here in front

of you. I like being your slave."

"And if you are my slave, then I must be your MASTER, isn't that

right, Kerri?"

"Oh, yes! You ARE my MASTER!" She trembled as she said the word,

either from its impact on her emotionally or from the touch of

the horsehair along her neck.

"And if I'm your MASTER, then I can do with you as I please,

Kerri?" The brush was flicking along her inner thighs now,

growing closer and closer to her dripping pussy.

"Yes, maybe. I mean, I don't know! God, I want you to do anything

you want with me, I'm just scared. What will you do?"

I rubbed the brush lightly along the lips of her sex now,

watching as her hips jerked upward and she began a fucking motion

with them.

"Oh, nothing for you to be afraid of, Kerri. Well, too afraid

that is. Slaves do have to be disciplined at times, of course,

but mainly I'll just fuck you when I choose and how I choose and

where I choose. I'll just play with you at times like I am right

now, and maybe show you off to some friends occasionally."

Kerri moved her head slowly from side to side, her hips still

rising and falling, her nostrils flaring slightly. She was

turning the words I had spoken to her over and over in her mind,

letting them work their magic on her.

"You'll show me off to your friends?", she asked, her voice

breaking slightly. "Will you let them see me like this?"

"Will I let them see you naked and spread opened, Kerri? Is that

what you mean?"

"Yes, and hot. Hot like I am now. I'm so hungry, and you're

making me need to come again. Will they see me like this too?"

"Well, if I let my male friends see you like this it would make

their cocks hard, Kerri. And if I let my female friends see you

like this it would make their pussies very wet. They'd get hot

just like you are, I'm sure."

"Put something inside me, please! I need it so much!" She was

writhing now, her hips churning, trying to rub herself hard

against the soft brush.

"Would you say that if my friends were watching, Kerri? If you

did they probably would do that, you know. They probably would

put things inside you."

"Yes, I know they would. Fuck me! Please fuck me!"

"But of course if it were my female friends they wouldn't have

big hard cocks to put inside you, would they?"

"Are you ever going to fuck me? Please, do it now! Can't you see

my hips rising and falling? Look at me, look how hot you've made

me! Fuck me, Please!!!!"

"What would the girls do when you begged to be fucked, Kerri? How

would they satisfy your hungers?"

"They could do whatever they wanted. They could lick me, or

finger me or stick other things inside me, anything!" She was

beside herself now and the words flew out of her mouth.

"And you want them to do that, don't you, Kerri? You want me to

let my friends have you like that, don't you?"

"Ungggggghh!! Yes, anything! Bring them to me, men, women, I

don't care, just fuck me!!!!"

I continued teasing her rigid clitoris with the horsehair brush,

watching her grow closer and closer to an orgasm. She truly did

need something inside her. Just as she was about to spill over

into yet another orgasm I removed the brush from her throbbing


"Oops, one of your garters has come undone, Kerri, we can't have

that", I said, teasingly. I reached across her and began to

re-attach the garter, letting my forearm lay across her pubic

mound and smiling as she hunched up at the arm, trying to rub her

clit against it.

"I think its time for you to stand, Kerri."

"Oh, don't stop touching me!!! Please! I'm so close to coming

again!", she begged.

Smiling and moving to the mantle I activated the switch that

controlled the movement of the steel cables. The winch slowly

began taking up the slack in the cables and I moved to her head

to help her stand. Lifting her, I watched as the cables rose

higher toward the ceiling. Returning to the mantle I waited until

her arms were lifted quite high but not uncomfortably so and then

threw the switch again to stop the movement of the cables. She

pulled at the cables, testing them, and attempted moving her

feet, realizing slowly that she was just as bound in this new

position as she had been on the floor. A rivultet of juice ran

down her right thigh onto the top of her stocking.

I walked around her, observing her lovely body, taking liberties

with her by touching her wherever and however I chose, pinching

at her nipples, squeezing her asscheeks, running my forearm

between her legs and wiping her juices on it, pressing the wet

flesh to her mouth to let her smell her sex. She jerked and

pulled at the cables as I touched and taunted her.

Glancing over at the items laid out on the couch, I smiled.

Perhaps now was the time to experiment a bit with my new slave.


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