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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade92.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Filled Stockings, Part Three

I stared openly at Kerri's beautiful stocking clad legs and at

the black garter-belt that framed her sparsely haired pubic area.

She was standing with her feet slightly apart, and the flickering

fire backlit the opening between her legs, the soft light dancing

through the fine soft blonde hair. I rubbed myself through the


"You're very beautiful Kerri. More lovely naked than I had

imagined you would be. Turn around slowly."

Without speaking the beautiful blonde turned easily around,

giving me ample time to take in the curve of her behind and the

sweep of her upper thighs.

"I want you so much", she said quietly when she was facing me

again. Her eyes were filled with emotion now, her fists clenched


"Yes, I know. And I want you too. Touch your clitoris for me."

Kerri moved her right hand to her crotch obediently and began

rubbing her clitoris in small circles with two fingers of her

hand. Her eyes closed once more and she moaned softly.

"I'm going to blindfold you, Kerri. Is that alright with you?"

I could see her shiver slightly, uncertainty and fear biting at

her. Her fingers moved faster.

"If thats what you want", she said, swallowing hard.

"It is. Stop touching your clitoris now, Kerri."

I stood up and moved to the oak desk, opening the top righthand

drawer and taking out a length of black silk. Returning to Kerri

and standing behind her, I folded the black silk twice and placed

it over her eyes, tying it securely behind her head. I lightly

ran one finger along the seperation between her cheeks before

moving around in front of her again, smiling at the jerk of her

hips and the soft moan my touching her there caused.

"I'm going to lay you gently on the rug, Kerri, and then I am

going to tie your hands and legs to rings which are installed in

the floor."

Kerri's right hand moved to her mouth, covering it with her

fingertips as she recoiled at the notion of being bound naked

before me. Before she could protest I reached between her legs

with my right hand, sliding one finger along her wet lips,

opening them, spreading them, feeling her juices coating my

finger. I slid the finger slowly up the length of her slit until

I reached her clitoris, lifting it and supporting it while

placing my thumb on its top. I held her firmly in this fashion,

watching her breathing grow even more ragged. Her hand fell back

to her side once more, her resignation to and acceptance of my

plans for her becoming complete.

Placing my free hand on the small of her back I guided Kerri to

the foot of the rug. Then releasing her clitoris, I gently laid

her on her back on the soft fur of the rug, placing a pillow

under her head. Instructing her to raise her hips I placed yet

another pillow under them, raising her bottom openings to an

acceptable level.

I turned back the hind feet of the once fierce Grizzly, exposing

the two rings which lay flat in their mortises in the wooden

floor. To the rings were attached lengths of nylon cord which I

pulled from their positions under the rug and tied comfortably

yet securely to the nylon covered ankles of my naked friend.

Exposing the rings under the front feet of the Grizzly, I pulled

the cords free and tied them to Kerri's wrists. Her hands were

opening and closing, her hips moving in small circles as her

excitement and anticipation increased rapidly.

"Promise you won't hurt me... please don't hurt me. You can do

anything you want, but just don't hurt me", she pleaded, as I

completed tying the last of the ropes.

I sat beside her fully clothed and lightly stroked her cheek as I

spoke calmly to her.

"Listen to me carefully, Kerri. If you say your name to me at any

time, I will immediately untie you and remove the blindfold. Do

you understand? Kerri is our "safe" word, and the moment you say

it, I will cease whatever I'm doing, I promise. Don't forget

that. If you say "stop", or if you say "no", or if you say

"don't", I'll not pay any attention at all, but the very moment

you speak your own name to me, the instant you say "Kerri", I

will stop and untie you. Do you understand?"

Kerri swallowed hard, her head moving from side to side slowly as

she listened to my words. "Yes, I understand. If I want to be

freed I say my name to you, I say Kerri. I do trust you, really I

do... its just that I've never let anyone do this to me before."

Bending down I kissed Kerri softly on the mouth, nibbling at her

lips, sucking at her tongue, holding her face lightly with my


"I know, precious. But I can see how much it excites you even

though it is a bit frightening for you, and you can be sure I

want us to be able to do this many, many more times. So, you see,

its just as important to me to make sure you enjoy this as it is

for me to enjoy it. I'm going to strip now, and before you ever

see my naked body you will feel it pressed against yours. A man

whom you have never even seen without a shirt on is going to take

you sexually with you bound and blindfolded in the floor. That is

what you want, isn't it, Kerri?"

"Yes! Oh, please yes! I want it so much!"

Standing, I slid out of my clothes quietly, enjoying fully the

beautiful sight before me of the delightful woman who was giving

herself to me in such an exciting and total way.

Kneeling between her outstretched legs, I moved my face to the

pretty blonde's crotch and holding my mouth less than an inch

away from her opening blew lightly against her wetness. As the

cool air of my breath caressed her warm and moist sex, the bound

girl moaned and thrust her hips toward me as much as her

constraints would allow her to.

Extending my tongue from my mouth and positioning it at the

bottom of her slit, I reached forward and licked the full length

of her, slowing as I reached her clitoris and lingering there for

a second or two before leaving her body once more. Careful not to

touch her body with mine, I crawled quietly and quickly upward

until my head was even with her breasts and quickly licked at the

hard nipple of her right breast with my tongue. Almost as soon as

I had touched her nipple I left it once more, moving back down to

her hips again and licking lightly along the inside of her thigh

near its juncture with her lower body. Back upward I slithered

once more, farther this time and more quickly, until I could kiss

her lips. Just a peck and back to her left breast, then back to

her mouth again, kissing her harder and yet quickly. Now back to

her throbbing clitoris once more, for a more insistent and hungry

kiss, taking it between my lips and sucking on it, only to leave

it again, my lips moving to the point where her garter attached

itself to her stocking for another kiss.

Kerri responded beautifully to my darting and teasing kisses, and

her growing excitement was exciting me as well. As I continued

traveling over her beautiful body, teasing her with my tongue, it

became impossible for me to keep my dangling hardness from

grazing her skin lightly. The soft head slid along her pubic

hair, across the rough lace of the garter-belt, along her naked

stomach, and I could feel a stream of pre-orgasmic fluid being

deposited along its path.

She had seen the bulging fullness of my sex pushing the denim

outward earlier, and now before she had ever seen it with her

eyes or held it in her hand she was feeling its smooth warmth

sliding along her naked body. She was alive with passion, her

body jerking and trembling, her mouth opening and closing, her

tongue licking at her lips. She was close now, so very close.

I pressed my mouth full against the wet opening between her legs,

pressing my tongue forward between her lips. I felt her juices

covering my lips, coating my tongue. Removing it and sliding up

over her yet one more time, I pressed my wet mouth against hers,

sharing the aroma and taste of her heated passion with her. She

sucked at the juices hungrily as she kissed me, her hips

straining to position herself to allow the entrance of my

throbbing intruder. Her hips jerked upward, her emptiness an

overwhelming concern for her now. She moaned hotly into my mouth

as she sucked at my tongue, straining at the bonds which held

her. I knew that if I stopped kissing her now she would beg hotly

to be entered, to be taken, to be filled with the object of her

desire. She had never known passion like this in all her years,

had never felt such a delicious mixture of slavery and

liberation. Nothing mattered more to her now than having this man

inside her. He had stripped her of more than just her clothing.

He had stripped her of the real constraints by which she had been

bound prior to this moment. All she could smell was sex. All she

could taste was sex. All she could think about was between her

legs at this very moment, teasing her, grazing against her


Keeping my lips pressed against her hungry mouth, and continuing

to support myself with my arms, I moved my hips, guiding my

pulsating sex toward her trembling slit. As the smooth head

pressed itself firmly against her, she grunted deeply, thrusting

toward me, trying to impale herself on me. Pressing forward

harder with my hips I felt the head entering her, spreading her

wet lips, sliding eagerly into her musky cave.

My mind screamed at me, "Now!! Now!!", and all the patience and

concern for her pleasure that had existed prior to this moment

vanished. I slammed my self downward, shoving my full length into

her, my pubic bone crushing itself against hers. I thrust my body

forward and upward, as if trying to lift her from her bonds, and

then moved my humping hips backward, only to ram into her once

more with renewed fervor. Over and over I pumped her, my lips

still glued to hers, my mind racing with the passion of the

moment. Her stockinged legs were rubbing against mine, the metal

clasps of her garters grinding into my thighs, our pubic hairs

mingling, her rigid nipples pressing into my chest, her tongue

still digging into my mouth, but the details of the moment

escaped me, merging instead into one blinding moment of lust

where nothing mattered except the explosion which was building

inside me.

It hit with an intensity which was overwhelming, and I pulled my

mouth from hers, my head raising, neck bending backward, my body

going rigid. I was only dimly aware of the gutural scream that

was building below me as Kerri's orgasm overtook her. I felt as

if someone had stepped into the small of my back, shoving me

downward, driving me more deeply into the writhing submissive

beneath me than was humanly possible. The torrid jerking of the

orgasming blonde beneath me was perfect in its application, her

every movement igniting further the explosion in my body.

The first violent release of ejaculate was almost painful in its

intensity, and the others that followed seemed to be non-ending.

It was as if I could document the travel of each stream of sperm

as it traveled through my jerking penis, as if it touched and

caressed every possible nerve ending there before spraying into

the spasming sheath that hugged it so tightly, only to be

followed by another and another and yet another.

Finally my awareness of something other than the powerful orgasm

occuring within me returned, and I could feel Kerri's muscles

gripping me, milking me, continuing to caress and stroke me as

her own orgasm continued. Looking down at her, I thrilled at the

total look of lust contorting her face as her hips continued

rising and falling beneath me. Slowly she began coming back down,

her movements growing less regular, the muscles in her body

beginning to relax themselves.

Without speaking I covered her mouth again in a kiss, laying atop

of her heavily, covering her now resting body with my own. I

slowly became aware of her total relaxation under me and realized

that she was sleeping. Moving easily from her, I lifted the sides

of the rug, covering her body with them gently, enveloping her in

the warm fur.

Brushing her hair back away from her face and kissing away the

drops of prespiration on her forehead, I smiled down at my

sleeping friend.


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