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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade89.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Monica's Virginal Fantasy

     She hung, upside down, suspended by her ankles, her legs

opened widely, her naked sex glistening with her juices and my

saliva.  She tried valiantly to swallow my ejaculate and at the

same time to coax more of it from the throbbing hunk of me that

was jerking within her mouth.

     Afterward, as she soaked in the hot water and sipped on the

white wine, she raised her eyes and spoke softly.

     "If there is anything I regret, it is that I was not able to

begin with you.  Sometimes when you tell me to go masturbate I

fantasize that I am young, still a virgin, and that I have met you

and given myself totally to you.  You have managed to become my

MASTER even without ever having taken my virginity, and you plan

the day that I will lose it very carefully, taking the time to

build the hunger in me to an incredible level before it actually


     "I would have liked that, Monica", I said softly.  "But in

many ways you were still a virgin when we met."

     "Yes, I know.  I really was.  But in my fantasy you decide

that while you will be the one to provide the details of my first

sexual experience, that you will not actually be the one to "do

it" to me.  I protest at first, wanting it to be you inside me

that first time.  But you tell me that it would be too easy that

way, too routine, not special enough for me.  You explain that it

will require more of me to allow you to watch me lose my virginity

the way you choose for me to than it would for me to simply yield

to you."

     "And that excites you, Monica?", I asked.  "It excites you to

think of being dominated by me even before you had your first

sexual experience?  So dominated that you would allow me to

require you to have it with someone else while I watch?"

     "Thats very nasty, isn't it?", she asked, blushing slightly.

     "Yes, it is nasty, Monica.  And you come very strongly when

you think about it, don't you?"

     Her hand slipped under the water and she began rubbing her

clitoris.  She liked being nasty and thinking of nasty things.

     "Yes, MASTER, I come very, very strongly when I think of it.

But there's more."

     "Then tell me more, my naked little slut.  Tell me all your

nasty thoughts."

     She drained the glass before continuing, her right hand still

busy beneath the water.

     "It isn't just one man, MASTER."  She swallowed hard here,

and looking at me with a very deep hungry look in her eyes asked

quietly, "Can I put fingers inside?"

     I reached behind her and activated the drain.  The water was

still fairly clear, but I wanted an especially good view of her

hand at work.

     "Drape your legs over the sides of the tub, Monica, and then

you may put fingers inside."

     She raised her soft, beautiful legs, draping them gracefully

over the sides of the bathtub, one on either side.  The water was

draining quickly, revealing her small but perfectly formed breasts

and her rigid nipples.

     "Good girl.  Now, tell me about these men, Monica, these men

that I let take your virginity."

     "I don't know any of them, MASTER, and they never speak a

word to me or to you.  There are five of them, and all of them

very handsome and virile looking.  Two of them are black men and

the other three are white.  They are all dressed in white robes

with hoods.  You have rented a suite in a beautiful hotel, and

they all come into our bedroom on your command, lining up at the

foot of the bed and looking down at me."

     The water was all out of the tub now, and I had an excellent

view of her wet body and the hand that was so busily rubbing her

spread opened sex.

     "How old are you when this happens, Monica?", I asked.

     "I'm older than many girls are when they first have a man,

MASTER, because of my strict up-bringing.  I'm almost eighteen.

You've seen me naked before, but these men are the first ones

other than you to see me naked with my legs open wide.  While they

stand there quietly and watch you make me pose in different

positions for them.  You have me roll over onto my stomach, and

make me raise up onto my knees with my bottom sticking lewdly up

in the air in front of them.  Then you make me sit crosslegged at

the foot of the bed and play with my nipples while they watch.  I

can see their cocks growing hard behind the white robes, but they

don't touch themselves, keeping their hands on their hips as they

watch intently."

     She had two fingers inside herself now, working them in and

out slowly but with serious intent.  She'd certainly had lots of

practice at masturbating, and I'd never seen anyone who could make

herself come more strongly or more often.

     "So, my little seventeen year old slave who has never had a

man inside her is performing as I command, and displaying her

naked body to these five men in white robes?"

     "Yes, MASTER, and it was making me soooo wet!  When I was

sitting crosslegged on the bed I could feel the bed getting wet

under me as I pinched my nipples.  I was so hot I could hardly


     "I suppose you had sucked cocks before, even at that early

age, hadn't you, my slave?"

     "Oh, yes, MASTER.  You had allowed me to suck you often, and

there had been the boys I had dated.  You know I've always loved

to suck cocks, MASTER."

     "Yes, I do know that, Monica.  And did you suck these men?"

     Monica has always been an extremely oral little slut, and

just talking about cock-sucking was pushing her over the edge as

she fingered herself there in the tub.  She grunted as she thought

about sucking all five men and her hips rose from the bottom of

the tub, her first orgasm running through her.

     "Did you lay on your belly on the bed and take each man's

dick in your mouth and pump him until you had his cum in your

mouth, Monica?  Is that what you did?  Thats very nasty, Monica.

To take all those thick cocks in your mouth and let them squirt

their cum into you.  Did my little seventeen year old virgin do

that?  I bet you did, and I bet you loved it."

     I watched her hips rise and fall as she hunched herself

wildly against her fingers, coming strongly as I talked to her.

Finally her hips fell back to the porcelain tub and she opened her

eyes, able to speak again.

     "I wanted to suck them, MASTER.  I asked you if I could, but

you wouldn't let me just then.  I was very disappointed, and you

finally relented and let me suck the taller black man's cock for

just a few minutes, making me stop before he came.  Then you made

me lay on my back again and allowed me to touch my virgin pussy

while the two black men slid off their robes and moved onto the

bed with me.  The one that I had licked knelt between my legs and

began kissing my fingers as I rubbed myself.  I was very wet, and

I know he tasted alot of my juices.  Finally I slid my fingers

away from my opening and let him run his tongue along my slit.

The other black man knelt beside me and began rubbing his slick

black dick along my breasts, teasing my nipples with the smooth

head.  I looked at you, pleading with you with my eyes to let me

pull his cock to my mouth, but you just watched, letting them

guide the action."

     Monica was still playing with herself, rubbing her clit in

small circles with her index finger.  Her hips were starting to

move slightly again and I knew it wouldn't be long before she

would be thrusting her fingers in and out again.  I reached over

to the counter to my right and slid open the top drawer.  I took

the cock-shaped soap on a rope out of the drawer and handed it to


     "Here, fuck yourself with this", I said evenly.

     She smiled, taking the penis shaped soap and rubbing it along

her slit, moaning slightly as she looked down at it.  Gritting her

teeth she slowly worked it into her until she had its full length

inside her, then looking at me with lust filled eyes she began

pumping it in and out hotly.

     "Don't stop talking, Monica.  Keep telling me what the black

men did to you."

     "Yes, MASTER", she replied, her voice thick now with

passion.  "Finally the man between my legs stopped licking me and

moved to a kneeling position between my legs.  He lifted my legs

with his arms, moving forward slowly, his huge cock aimed at my

virgin pussy.  The other man watched, masturbating himself with

long slow strokes.  I glanced over at you frightfully, unsure if

this was what you had intended, but you didn't change your

expression at all.  I looked back between my legs, watching the

huge black shaft grow closer to my wet sex."

     She looked down at the soap cock fucking her pussy and

moaned, torn between the hot fantasy she was sharing with me and

the feeling of the intruder between her legs.

     "I like telling you this, MASTER.  I know its nasty, but it

makes me so hot to be able to tell you."

     "And I like for you to tell me, Monica.  Especially while you

fuck yourself with a bar of soap in an empty bathtub with your

legs draped over the sides."

     Monica grunted, hunching her hips upward hotly.  "I want to

be your dirty little tramp, MASTER.  I'll do anything you want me

to do, anything, you know that.  I know what I am."

     "Tell me what you are, Monica.  I like to hear you say the

words...tell me."

     "I'm your little fuck, MASTER, your dirty little tramp fuck-

hole.  I'm your slut, your cock-sucking, pussy-licking slave,

your whore, your cunt.  Ohhhhh, Godddd!!!"

     She was coming again, violently, her left hand now rubbing

her clit as she held the cock shaped bar of soap deeply within her

pulsating sex.  Her head flew back as her hips rose and fell, her

toes curling.  It was her sixth orgasm in the last four hours, but

not the strongest.

     I watched quietly this time, not speaking.  I've always loved

watching her come.  Sometimes its better if I talk to her while

she does, other times its better if I say nothing.  As her passion

subsided a bit she slid the soap from her pussy and let it lay on

the tub between her legs, her hands moving back to her breasts.

     "So the two black men were in bed with me, and I could feel

the smooth slick cock-head of the one between my legs rubbing

along my slit.  I was frightened, MASTER.  I'd never had a man

inside me, and he was sooo big!  Ever so slowly he began pushing

the head into me.  I was very wet, and I guess that helped alot,

because the pain wasn't so very terrible.  I felt the head pop

inside me and what felt like an outpouring of juice down there

with it.  There was a tugging at my lips, but no real sensation of

tearing of my skin.  My eyes opened wide as I stared past the cock

nearest me and watched the long black rod sliding inside me.  He

put as much as he could inside me and then just held it there,

moving his hand to my clitoris and beginning to rub it in tiny

circles with the tip of one of his black fingers."

     "Just then the other man swung his leg across my chest,

straddling me and began rubbing his cock against my face.  He

seemed intent on covering every part of my face with his long

black cock, rubbing the head and shaft across my nose and lips and

chin and even pressing the black head against my eyes.  I licked

out at it when it neared my mouth, wanting to taste it, but he

teased me with it, moving it away when my tongue darted out at it,

at times raising it flat against his belly and pressing his balls

to my mouth instead.  I licked his dark flesh, smelling his sex

and tasting his testicles."

     "You had one cock in your virgin pussy and you wanted another

in your mouth, didn't you, Monica?", I asked, teasingly.

     "Mmmmmm, yes, I did, MASTER!  I wanted both of the black

dicks inside me at once.  But I loved the way he was teasing me,

and the way the other man held his full meat inside me unmoving.

I know now he was waiting for me to begin moving my hips against

him, and it wasn't long before I was doing that, moving my hips

back and forth, feeling some pain, but needing to feel the huge

shaft sliding between my wet lips."

     She was rubbing herself again, spreading her lips open from

side to side, wiping her juices on her thighs as she moved her

hand back and forth across her sex.

     "Will you fuck me now, MASTER?  I'll keep talking if you

like.  I'll finish the story, I promise.  Please fuck me now", she

asked hotly.

     "You want me to fuck you while you tell me about taking the

black cock in your mouth, dont' you, Monica?  Isn't that what you


     "Yes, it is, MASTER.  Please fuck me...Please!!"

     "Get out of the tub then, my hungry little slave, and bend

over the counter for me with your legs spread open."

     She eagerly swung her legs back over the sides of the tub and

rose, moving to the counter.  She leaned forward, resting her

elbows on the counter, her legs opened widely.

     "Thats it, now keep talking, Monica.  Tell me your story."

     I squirted some hand lotion in my hand and rubbed it along

the cheeks of her ass, spreading it against her tight little

anus.  She jerked slightly at the coolness of the lotion, and I

could see her smiling in the mirror.  She hadn't expected what she

was going to recieve, but she seemed pleased nonetheless.  I began

working my middle finger in and out of her asshole slowly.

     "I began moving my hips back and forth toward the man between

my legs, feeling his thick shaft sliding in and out of my virgin

pussy.  I moaned hotly, partly out of passion from finally having

a man inside me and partly out of frustration at needing the other

black dick in my mouth so much.  Oh, MASTER!  Your finger feels so


     Sliding my finger from her ass I rubbed some of the cool

lotion over my rigid shaft and pressed the head of my cock against

her tight opening.  I squirted a much larger than necessary amount

of lotion on the bent over slave's back and began rubbing it all

over her as I pressed forward with my hips.

     "Finally the man straddling my chest placed the head of his

long black dick between my lips and gave me the chance I had been

waiting for so eagerly.  I slid my lips around the soft skin of

his cock, licking it with my tongue as he pressed forward into my

head.  It was so good to finally get his big cock in my mouth that

I moaned deeply in my throat as he fed me, and the man between my

legs began fucking me harder with long slow strokes of his huge


     My cock slid easily into the slick opening of my fantasizing

slave slut and still rubbing the lotion all over her naked back, I

fucked her ass with clock-work like strokes, in and out, in and


     "For a moment or two I was lost in passion, my mind full of

the invasion of my body at both ends by thick long black dicks.

Then, on both sides of me, I became aware of hands taking my hands

and placing them on the hard shafts of two of the other men.  I

wrapped my fingers around the cocks which were placed in my grip

and began stroking both of them.  Somewhere in the back of my mind

I was aware that there were still two more cocks available to fuck

me, but the immediate knowledge that I was being touched by four

men with four hard cocks and that one of them was pumping hard now

in and out of my virgin pussy made me begin coming violently."

     Monica began fucking back on my hard shaft inside her dark

opening.  I slid my hands around to her chest and played with her

nipples as she continued talking, her words seperated by hungry

moans and grunts as I pumped in and out of her and pinched her

hard nipples.

     "When the man who was fucking my face saw I was coming he

began ramming his huge cock into me, wanting to feed me his fuck

while I was coming.  I wanted it, MASTER!  I wanted to feel his

hot white cum spurting out into my hungry mouth!  As my orgasm ran

through me all I could think about was cocks and cum.  They were

everywhere, inside me, beside me, and even more cocks somewhere

out of my sight in the room, waiting to give me even more

pleasure, more cum."

     The combination of her hot words and the tight squeezing of

her sphincter on my pumping shaft was bringing me to the edge

quickly.  I slid my right hand down her belly and through the soft

hairs of her sex and pressed two fingers against her clitoris,

rubbing it.  She grunted deeply, her head flying back at my touch.

     "I felt the man straddling my chest grab my head roughly and

pull it to his crotch, imbedding his huge black dick deeply into

my mouth and throat.  Then it jerked and a huge stream of his cum

poured out into me.  I fought the urge to gag, feeling his sticky

cum sliding down my throat into my belly.  He pushed my head away

slightly and then pulled it back even harder as he jerked inside

me again and another strong squirt of his cum splashed against the

inside of my throat.  I could hear him grunting, and the heated

passion with which he was coming inside my mouth made the other

men even hotter to have me."

     "The other man inside me, the one kneeling between my

upraised legs with his huge black cock in my virgin cunt was

fucking me hotly now, pumping and ramming me, totally unconcerned

about it being my first time.  Suddenly he shoved it all the way

inside me and held it there, and I could feel the spurts of his

cum filling my trembling middle fuck hole.  Unggggghhhh!!!...fuck

my ass, MASTER! Fuck me harder!"

     I put both hands at her crotch now as I rammed her bottom, my

balls slapping against her.  Still rubbing her clitoris, I slid

two fingers inside her very wet pussy, fingering her deeply.  She

spread her arms apart more widely, knocking some perfume bottles

over in the process, and pushed herself back on me, her hips

rising and falling as she fucked.

     "The one fucking my mouth...unnnghhhh, I'm sooo close,

MASTER!..took it out and sprayed my...God!!...sprayed my

face...Yesss!!, MASTER!!..and the two men I had been stroking took

his place, kneeling on....Mmmmmmmmmm...kneeling on either side of

me and stroking their dicks  in my....fuck me, fuck me, fuck

meeeee, MASTER!!!  They were gonna shoot cum in my face, MASTER!!


     She couldn't continue the story at that point, as her orgasm

overtook her.  Her timing was perfect, and the explosion within me

brought me to my tip-toes as I shoved up into her, lifting upward

on her with the fingers inside her spasming pussy.

     Finally she fell heavily onto the counter, her breasts

spreading against the cool marble.  I lay atop her back, my

softening cock sliding out of her.

     "Is there more, Monica?", I asked, softly, kissing her neck.

     "In my fantasies there is always more, MASTER.  But I'm so

weak.  Can I tell you the rest another time?"

     Raising myself from her and turning her to face me, I kissed

her soft lips gently, holding her head in my hands.  One of the

marvelous things about Monica was that "another time" was quite

likely to be fifteen minutes away, not several days or several

weeks.  I could wait.


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