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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade87.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Farmer's Step-daughter, Part Ten

     As Mink's orgasm faded and her hips fell heavily back to the

couch, Wendy raised her head and turned to speak to the handsome

older man fucking her so hotly from behind.

     "Fuck my ass, and finger me...make me come!", she pleaded.

     Jim reached for her head and taking her by the hair, pulled

her to him and kissed her hard on the mouth.  Then, releasing her

head and reaching around in front of her he pressed downward on

the pushup bra with his hands, baring the teenage slut's tits and

taking her nipples between his fingers.  He pinched them hard,

twisting them, rotating them like radio knobs and pumped his hips.

     "You need a collar like Mink has on, Wendy.  You're almost as

good a fuck as she is."

     Wendy looked into his eyes as he spat the nasty words out at

her.  She knew what the collar was all about...she wondered if

Mink did.  She did need one and she'd wear one for this man who

was inside her now, anytime he wanted her to.

     "Please put it in my ass.  I need it there.  Please?", she


     Jim looked at Vicky and saw the look of wild lust in her eyes

as she watched her daughter begging to take Jim's huge cock in her

ass.  He shoved Wendy's head back to Mink's pussy and slid his

cock from her dripping pussy.  Pressing the thick head against her

anus he pressed himself forward into her slowly, letting her take

him as she was able.  He felt her muscles quivering as they

struggled to accept his massive member and felt it sliding in

further bit by bit.  Wendy groaned and pressed her mouth hard

against Mink's pussy, sliding her tongue between the wet lips.

     Mink had slid two of her fingers into Vicky now and removing

them sucked Vicky's juices from them eagerly.  Seeing her so

hungry for a taste of her sex, Vicky rose and straddled the young

step-daughter pressing her naked bottom to her face.  She looked

into Jim's eyes as she moved her hips to perfect her position over

Mink's mouth, realizing that this was just what she had wanted

most to happen.

     Mink sucked hungrily at the musky juices being offered to

her, licking the soft lips of her friend's mother's pussy and

searching for her clitoris with her tongue, lips and teeth.

     Reaching under the attractive girl taking his cock in her

ass, Jim began rubbing her clitoris with his fingers.  She pushed

back on him, taking more and more of his throbbing cock into her

tight young ass.  With his free hand he slapped her right ass

cheek lightly, mainly to test her reaction.  She yelped, turning

her head slightly, but also began fucking the big cock inside her

hotly.  He spanked her again, and slid two fingers into her young

pussy.  Vicky was nodding at him, silently telling him to keep it


     "Naughty little pussy eater!  Hot little ass-fucking teenage

cock-teaser!"  He taunted her as he pumped her, alternating cheeks

with his slaps and letting them grow a bit in intensity.  He added

a third finger to her dripping cunt just for good measure.

     Wendy was growing wildly hot now.  No one had ever talked to

her like that while fucking her, especially not while fucking her

ass, and she hadn't been spanked in years...but God! it turned her

on soooo much!  She felt so sexy, so desperately hot, so totally

taken!  She wanted another finger in her cunt.

     Jim was in his element now and all the pieces were fitting

together effortlessly.  He rammed the tight young ass roughly,

alternating the plunging strokes of his cock with the slaps on the

reddening ass cheeks in front of him.  He pressed the three

fingers in her cunt downward, spreading her, making room for more

inside her.  She was a mad woman under him and there was no doubt

that she was very much into what was happening to her.  He added a

fourth finger to the ones inside her and pressed his thumb against

her clitoris.

     Vicky was grinding her hips downward now, drenching the young

Mink's face with her juices.  Jim could do anything he wanted with

Wendy now, as far as Vicky was concerned.  She'd never seen her so

hot or more responsive.  She knew that being with Mink was

responsible for much of her passion, but it was evident that she

had other hungers which Jim could satisfy for her.  She hoped he


     Vicky leaned forward, lifting Wendy's face from Mink's crotch

and kissed her daughter's mouth hotly.  Wendy suddenly began

spasming, her orgasm exploding within her and Jim could feel her

muscle tremors in both openings, milking the fingers in her cunt

and the cock in her ass.  Grabbing her right tit with his free

hand and squeezing it hard he began cumming inside her tight anus,

his warm manly fuck spurting into her.  Vicky slid one hand

between Mink's legs and grabbed at her pussy, imbedding two

fingers in her and rubbing her clit with her palm.  Everyone was

coming at once now, Vicky hunching Mink's face and Mink shoving

against the fingers inside her.

     Finally it was over and they rested.  The movie had long

since ended and the gray screen buzzed and crackled with static as

they sat silently allowing their breathing to return to normal.

     "Take Wendy up to your room, Mink", Jim finally said softly.

"Just remember to turn the camera on."

     Mink and Wendy rose from the couch and walked together,

holding hands, up the steps to Mink's bedroom.  The two adults

watched them, smiling at their beautiful young bodies and how

delightful they looked clad in the almost identical garter belt


     While the camera rolled upstairs, the two young bisexual

lovers gently exploring each others bodies, Vicky and Jim fixed

coffee in the kitchen and discussed the evening and the potential

that existed for all of them in the future.

     "Why don't you let me talk to Anne", Vicky suggested.  "You

know I can do it in the right way.  Probably the best thing is for

her to approach you about including Mink or Wendy or I in your

lovemaking.  That way she'll think it was all her idea and will be

pleased rather than shocked when she finds out how interested you

would be in it."

     "She must know that I've been checking Mink after her dates",

Jim replied, "but she's never said the first thing about it.

We've gone so far now, Mink and I, that its going to be hard to

hide it from Anne much longer."

     "Thats why I think its time to bring her into our little

circle.  It may be much easier than you think.  To be honest, I've

always thought that she and her sister were lovers."

     "I've wondered about that a time or two myself", Jim

admitted.  "Cheryl is an attractive woman and I've had quite a few

fantasies about seeing the two of them together."

     "Well, if she is already bisexual, and if she learns of my

activities with Wendy, it may not be so hard to convince her to

look to you for some help in developing something like that with

Mink.  And if she does, I'm sure you can handle it from there."

     "Yep, that sounds like a good way to handle it for now.  Oh,

by the way, do you think Wendy could come over occasionally and

help Mink with the horses?  I think she would enjoy it", he said,

smiling softly.

     Vicky laughed softly.  "Yes, MASTER, I agree that she would

enjoy it.  And I'd be happy for her to come over anytime you want

her to.  After watching you with her tonight, you can teach her

anything you want to teach her and train her in anyway you would

like, in fact I'd appreciate it if you would teach her all the

things you taught me."

     "I'm glad you feel that way.  It will be a pleasure...a very

real pleasure."

     Jim sat silently, drinking his coffee and thinking about

Vicky's remarks and the two beautiful young girls upstairs.  He

loved Anne very much and had been aware of her submissive

tendencies long before he ever decided to marry her.  It was

strange that he would wind up dominating her daughter and Wendy

before he had ever begun with Anne, but that was the way things

went at times.

     There wasn't much of summer left, and as winter came there

would be more free time to spend in training the submissives he

had so generously been provided.  But gaining Anne's acceptance

and involvement would certainly be important.  He was glad that

Vicky was available and able to help.

     Later that night after Vicky and Wendy had returned home,

Mink and Jim lay together naked, holding each other tenderly.

     "Wendy told me about the collar and the wrist and ankle

cuffs.  Why didn't you tell me what they were really for?", she

asked softly.

     "There wasn't any rush, Mink, but I'm glad Wendy told you.

What do you think of that?"

     "It excites me.  It would have excited me if you had told

me,  but I'm sort of glad that Wendy did.  She said that your

spanking her nearly drove her out of her mind.  Will you spank me

sometime, Jim?"

     Jim hugged her to him tightly.  "Yes, my precious step-

daughter, I'll spank you sometime."

     "I wish mom was like Vicky.  Can I watch you with mom through

the door sometime?  I'd love to watch you do it to her."

     "Yes, I think that would be fine too.  Would you enjoy doing

things with Anne like Wendy does with Vicky?"

     "I've thought about it lots of times.  I like seeing her

naked.  I can understand why you married her, she's very pretty

with no clothes on.  My dad was so square.  I don't think they

made love much.  I don't know why not."

     "Well, all thats in the past now, Mink.  You've changed alot

since you came to live here, and its all been for the better.

Wendy is going to start coming over to help with the horses, and

we can teach her to do some leatherwork, and in time perhaps we

can share some things with your mom.  Everything is going to work

out well, very, very well."

     "I've never been happier", she said softly and sincerely.

"Will you whip Wendy and I with the riding crop  too?"

     "Yes, I will, Mink.  I'll tie you both to one of the posts in

the barn, so that your breasts are touching, so that you can kiss

each other hotly, and so that you can hunch your hips toward each

other and I'll use the crop on your tender young bodies.  Is that

what you want, Mink?  Is it?"

     Kissing Jim softly, Mink slid sensuously down his body and

took his limp cock into her mouth.  It was all the answer he



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