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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade86.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Farmer's Step-daughter, Part Nine

     "The pink one.  And the white stockings.  Wendy will like

that on you", Jim said, as they picked something for Mink to wear

that evening.

     Mink put them on, turning around in front of the full length

mirror.  She loved the way her body looked in the sexy lingerie

that Jim bought so generously for her.  She hoped Wendy would find

the outfit exciting, she certainly did.

     "Wear the bra too, it makes you look more innocent, Mink",

Jim said, thoughtfully.

     Mink clasped the lacey bra, smiling at the way it pushed her

breasts upward.  She wasn't sure the black leather collar and

bracelets went with the pink garter belt and bra and the white

stockings, but she liked them anyway.  She slipped her feet in the

too tall high heels.  She knew she didn't walk very well when she

had them on, but Jim seemed to like the way she teetered and

tottered around in them.  She walked back and forth in front of

him, teasing him.  She loved to do that.

     "Wanna fuck, handsome?", she asked, nastily.

     "You're too young for me, you hot little tease", he replied,

grinning.  "I'd rather watch you eat pussy."

     "Oh yea?  What makes you think I'd let you watch me eat

pussy?  An old man like you?"

     "When you see Wendy's hot little cunt spread open in front of

you, you won't care who sees you eating it, even an old man like

me", he grinned.

     "Watch this", she said, and stood in front of him, spreading

her lips open with her fingers.  She wiped three fingers of one

hand through her wet lips and raised them to her mouth, licking

them hungrily.  "This is how a hot little teenage bi eats pussy like to watch?"

     Jim could hardly breathe watching her.  The delightful

mixture of young innocence and overwhelming sexual heat was

explosively erotic.  He jerked his zipper down, struggling to get

his cock out.

     "Yea, I like to watch, hot little teenage bi-slut, but I like

to fuck too, come here!"  He grabbed for her, but she darted away

out of his grasp, running out of the room and down the stairs


     Jim stood there, his hard cock poking out of his pants,

wondering whether to chase her or not.  Thats the kind of teasing

he would reward with good spanking at some other point in their

relationship, but she wasn't quite ready for that, yet.

     Sitting on the edge of the bed he picked up one of the

magazines Mink had masturbated to the previous evening and looked

at the pictures, idly stroking himself.  He thought about her

rubbing her hard little clit while she looked at these very same

pictures.  Laying back on the bed, he stroked himself earnestly,

holding the magazine up with his left hand.

     Realizing that Jim hadn't followed her, Mink began feeling

badly about teasing him so much and slipped quietly back up the

stairs.  Peaking between the door and its frame, Mink saw him

stroking himself, looking at the magazine.  It excited her to be

watching him without his knowledge, and her hand slid to her

crotch.  She'd never seen him play with himself before, and the

sight of his hand sliding up and down his long thick cock was

turning her on incredibly.

     "Sometimes he thinks of me and does that", she thought to

herself, her free hand moving inside her bra.  "Or maybe he thinks

of Wendy, or even of seeing Wendy and I together, just like we'll

be tonight!"

     Jim was moving his hand more rapidly now.  There were two

beautiful women in the photograph he was staring at, one with her

ass high in the air, her fingers placed just at the opening of her

sex.  The other woman was holding her legs open widely, offering

her glistening pussy to the one kneeling in front of her.  He

would see Mink and Wendy just like that later on in the evening!

     The arm holding the magazine fell heavily to the bed next to

him as his eyes closed tightly, his orgasm beginning.  He pumped

his cock furiously, grunting lustily.

     Mink had never seen anything quite as erotic.  She had seen

Jim's face when he came before, yes.  She had felt his jerking

cock inside her, yes.  But she had never watched him when all his

defenses were down, when he thought he was alone, when he could

pleasure himself and make his own cum shoot out into the air.  Her

breath was coming in gasps now, her own passion building.  He was

going to come soon!

     Jim stiffened, his orgasm exploding now, long thick streams

of hot cum shooting violently out of his big cock and landing on

his bare chest.  He flung his head back against the bed, grunting

loudly, as another long string of his fuck shot from the head of

his dick.

     Mink felt herself growing weak, her own climax sapping her as

she saw his cum flying.  There was no mouth to take it, no pussy

to recieve it, no face to shoot it in.  All that delicious manly

scented cum laying there, puddling, streaming over his fingers,

running down the side of his broad chest.

     She crossed the room so quickly that Jim wasn't aware she was

there until he felt her licking at his stomach, cleaning him of

his sperm.  She lapped at it, eagerly sucking it into her young

mouth, getting every drop.  When she was done she crawled up over

her step-father's strong body and kissed his cheek softly,

covering him with her lingerie clad loveliness.  They lay there

for some time before either of them spoke.

     "I watched you and it made me come", she said, softly.

     "You can watch any time you like", he replied, kissing her on

her cheek.

     "It tastes different after its cooled a little, but I still

like it", she said.

     "I like for you to eat cum", he said, squeezing her ass with

his hand.

     "Good.  You'll make sure I get plenty?"

     "Count on it."

     "I will."

     Jim took a shower, preparing himself for their guests, and

Mink set up the video camera as Jim had instructed her to, placing

it on the tripod and focusing it on the center of the bed in her

room.  It excited her to think of being in a movie, especially one

that would be a record of one of her favorite fantasies coming


     When she had finished her task she slipped the blue dress

over her head and tugged it down over the pink lingerie.  Wendy

had often complimented her dress, so she knew she would like it.

She hoped her mom would too.  She glanced at the clock on the

wall.  Ten more minutes.  She was so nervous!  She heard the

shower water stop and walked into the bathroom to watch her

handsome step-father toweling off.

     "You look lovely", he said, drying himself between the legs.

     "Thanks.  I'm really nervous.  I've never been with a woman

before, you know."

     "These people are our friends, Mink.  They know what its like

to do it the first time, and they'll make it easy for you.  Just

relax, you'll love it."

     "I know.  I just hope they aren't disappointed in me."

     "Will you do anything I tell you to do?", Jim asked.

     "Of course I will, always."

     "Then you will never disappoint anyone, sweet girl."

     The doorbell rang just as Jim was sliding into his slacks.

Mink went to the door and invited their guests into the living

room, offering them both the drinks of their choice and telling

them that Jim would be right down.

     "Tell us about your shopping trip yesterday, Mink", Vicky

encouraged.  It was just the ice-breaker they needed and Mink told

both of them excitedly about all the nice things that Jim had

bought for her.  Vicky couldn't believe the cuffs on Mink's ankles

and wrists, nor the collar she wore so proudly.  As she listened

to Mink tell about the shopping trip, she wondered just how deeply

Mink was into Dominance and submission and Bondage and

Discipline.  Jim was amazing.

     Wendy had also noticed the black leather collar.  "What is

this, Mink?", she asked, pointing to it.

     "Do you like it?", Mink asked, grinning broadly.  "Jim helped

me make them this morning, the collar and the bracelets.  See,

they have my name on them too!"

     "They're neat!  Maybe you can show me how to make some for

me", Wendy said.  Vicky coughed, covering a chuckle, as Jim walked

into the room.

     Jim greeted their two guests, kissing them both in a friendly

way and telling them how lovely they looked.  They really did look

nice.  They had both dressed in black dresses, the only obvious

difference in what they had chosen to wear being the white

stockings Wendy wore in contrast with the black ones gracing

Vicky's legs.

     Jim told them all that he had selected a special movie at the

store the previous day that he thought they might enjoy, and put

it in the vcr before settling down on the couch next to Mink.  The

girls giggled as the movie began.  They had never watched a movie

like this together, but it was fun having a chance to be so

naughty.  As the opening scenes unfolded they whispered to each

other from time to time, their laughter growing a bit more nervous

as the scenes became more explicit.  Before long they were both

quietly watching and breathing hard.  Jim smiled as he saw Wendy

reach over and take Mink's hand in hers and squeeze it tightly.

     By the time the first bi-sexual scene was over Mink and Wendy

were slumped toward each other, holding hands warmly.  Mink's head

was resting on Wendy's shoulder and Wendy had begun touching

Mink's leg just below the hem of her dress.

     The next part of the movie showed a man and woman together,

and as the action grew more intense Vicky stood and began

unzipping her dress, asking Jim if he would help her.  Jim stood

and tugged the zipper down the rest of the way, helping Vicky

slide the black dress from her shapely body.  Mink and Wendy

watched them, both of them excited by seeing Jim and Vicky being

intimate with each other in the soft glow from the flickering


     They stood, watching the movie, Jim behind the lingerie clad

Vicky, his arms around her, pressing his hardening cock against

her pantied bottom and kissing her softly on the shoulder.  Vicky

took one of Jim's strong hands in hers and slid it to her pantied

crotch, moaning softly as the action grew even more heated on the


     "Your mom is so sexy", Mink whispered to Wendy hotly, giving

her hand a little squeeze.

     "So are you, Mink", Wendy replied, sliding Mink's dress up

with her free hand.  Jim glanced over at Mink, seeing her dress

moving up her lovely legs and catching Mink's eyes staring back

into his, full of passion.  Wendy slid Mink's dress up boldly,

lifting the hand that held Mink's hand to allow her to slide it up

on the other leg as well.  Mink lifted her hips, encouraging Wendy

to slide it all the way to her waist if she liked.  She did.

     Vicky saw the two girls also, and moaned hotly as Jim rubbed

her clitoris through the thin fabric of her panties.  She felt his

cock growing harder against her ass and moved her hips against

him.  Mink really was lovely, and as Vicky stared at the exposed

thighs above her stockings, she found herself growing more and

more excited by her beauty.

     Mink felt their eyes on her and opened her legs wider,

allowing them to see between them.  Wendy's hand was sliding

higher up her leg now, touching her above the white stocking top.

Mink moaned softly and turned her head toward Wendy, kissing her

softly on the neck.  Wendy moved her head toward Mink ever so

slowly, gently forcing Mink's kisses to move up her neck, across

her cheek and to her lipsticked mouth.  Their kisses were

tentative at first but then grew more passionate as Wendy began

rubbing Mink's naked crotch with her hand.

     "I want her, Jim", Vicky said hotly, just as Jim's finger

slid under the band of her panties.  She watched her daughter

kissing Mink and rubbing her young pussy.  It was virgin pussy,

pussy that had never felt the lips of another woman.

     "Let it be Wendy, Vicky", Jim said softly, realizing

correctly that things were proceeding nicely on the couch.  He

slid his finger into Vicky's wet pussy, sliding it upward,

stroking her clit.  "You can have her later, you know you can."

     "You're right, I know", Vicky said, whispering back at him.

"But look at how she's moving her hips.  Look how deeply they're

kissing!  She's perfect, Jim, perfect!"

     "I know.  She wants me to fuck Wendy.  She asked me to as a

favor to her."

     Vicky's mouth was watering as they watched the two young

friends french-kissing in front of them, Wendy working two fingers

now into Mink's wet slit.

     "I want to see you fuck Wendy too.  In the ass.  While she's

eating Mink.  While I'm sitting on Mink's face."  The movie was

still playing, but no one cared anymore.

     "Mink's gonna come too soon, Vicky.  She needs to come with

Wendy's mouth on her cunt.  Help them out a bit."

     "Yea, you're right", Vicky said, as Jim slid his finger out

of her sex.  She moved over to the young teenagers and spoke

softly to them as they continued kissing.

     "Girls, take your dresses off before you wrinkle them", she

said sweetly.  They broke their kiss, obediently, Wendy sliding

her wet fingers out of Mink's dripping pussy.  Their eyes were

glazed over with passion.  They stood, almost as if in a trance

and slid the dresses over their heads.  Seeing that they were

wearing almost identical lingerie brought giggles from the two

girls.  They looked almost like twins; very sexy, very hot twins.

     Vicky couldn't resist a chance to kiss Mink, and turned her

face toward her softly, kissing her warmly on the mouth.  Mink

responded, kissing the older woman back tenderly.  It excited

Wendy to see her mom kissing Mink, and she reached between her

mother's legs and stroked her pantied crotch as she watched them.

     When Vicky broke the kiss she smiled softly at Mink and

looked deeply in her eyes.

     "Wendy wants to taste you, Mink.  Will you let her kiss your

soft wet pussy?"

     Mink closed her eyes, her mouth parting slightly, her hand

moving to her own sex.  "Yes, I want her to", she breathed hotly.

     Vicky guided Mink back onto the couch, laying her head softly

on the pillow at one end, lifting her left leg and placing it

along the back of the couch, and spreading her right leg opened

farther, setting her high heeled foot flat on the floor beside the


     She knelt in the floor beside Mink and began kissing her

right breast softly, as her daughter sat between Mink's lewdly

splayed legs, leaning forward to kiss her soft thighs.

     Jim watched with interest as Vicky guided the two young

lovers, sliding out of his clothes in the process.  It was

incredibly exciting to him to see Wendy's head between Mink's

stockinged legs and to see the attractive young Wendy with her own

legs opened.  He saw enough of her before she turned toward Mink

to realize that Vicky kept Wendy shaved.  What a delight she would


     Mink was moaning now, tremendously excited by the attentions

of the two women, loving the feel of Vicky's soft mouth on her

breast and the excitement of her long time friend beginning to

smell and taste her juices.  Wendy was licking at her softly, no

stranger to eating pussy, but alive with passion because of it

being Mink's.

     Jim was torn between wanting Mink and Wendy's first time

together to be theirs alone and wanting his cock inside the pretty

young Wendy.  She had turned now and was on her knees in the

floor, her mouth busy with Mink's very wet and excited pussy, her

perfect bottom empty and begging to be filled.  Mink helped solve

his dilema, turning her head toward him and reminding him of his

promise to her.

     "Fuck Wendy, Jim...please", she moaned hotly.  And then to

Vicky, "Can he, Vicky?  Can he?"  Wendy looked up at her mom and

nodded her head, wanting her to say yes.

     "You have to promise you'll keep your eyes open and watch him

fuck her, Mink", Vicky said, teasingly.

     "I will...I promise", she said, breathing hard.  "I want to


     That was all the encouragement Jim needed.  He moved behind

Wendy, spreading her legs a bit wider open and running his hand

between her legs to feel the wetness of her sex.  She jumped

slightly at his touch, and then moved her ass in small semi-

circles back and forth, rubbing her teenage pussy against his


     He coated his fingers with her juices and reached up past her

to Mink's legs where he smeared them on her thigh alongside

Wendy's head.  She caught him doing it out of the corner of her

eye and licked the juices from Mink's leg.  Jim went back for more

juice and spread some more there, knowing that Wendy would be too

hungry for Mink's dripping pussy to continue licking her own juice

off Mink's leg, but also knowing that it would excite Mink for

Wendy's juice to be there and for Wendy to smell it along with the

smell of Mink's sex.

     "Which hole should I pump, Mink?", Jim asked, looking up at

the hot young Step-daughter.

     "Do them both", she said hotly.

     "You want me to fuck her cunt and her ass while her mother

watches me, is that it, Mink?"

     "Please do, Jim...I'm so hot....her mouth feels so good on my

pussy!  Fuck her hard!"  She reached under Vicky and began rubbing

the older woman's clit with her fingers.

     Jim slid his cock into the soft wet sex of the young pussy

eating daughter in front of him.  It slid in easily, and with

minimum effort the adorable Wendy took his entire length inside

her and began rotating her hips, grinding herself back on his long

and thick sex.  She moaned into Mink's pussy.

     Vicky watched her young teenage daughter being fucked doggy

style by her well hung friend, thrilled by both the sight of it

and by the moans and slurping noises coming from between Mink's

spreadeagled legs.  Mink was rubbing her clit vigorously now, her

nipple rock hard between Vicky's lips.  Vicky wanted to kiss Mink

again, but didn't want to interfere with her view or miss anything


     Mink suddenly stiffened, her hips rising and carrying her

friend's head along with them.  She moaned hotly, her climax

erupting within her as she felt Wendy's teeth nibbling at her

clitoris.  Wendy slid the finger she had inserted in Mink's wet

vagina out and down to the tight brown pucker of her ass and

pressed it into her there, causing Mink to grunt loudly, her

passion exploding throughout her young body.

     Watching Mink come so hotly from Wendy's kissing and sucking

made Jim even hotter, and he pumped hard into Mink's "twin",

hunching her over and over, fucking her wet slit.

     Wendy had no idea that Mink would respond so beautifully.

She was incredibly hot, and to be able to make her come so hotly

was fantastic!  And Jim's cock!  Oh, if only Gerald could fill her

like Jim did!  Wendy hadn't really fucked that much, so far, but

her pussy had been used quite a bit by both her mom and herself,

and it took a really thick hunk of meat to fill her like she liked

to be filled.  She knew now just how big a cock it took and where

she could find it when she needed it.

Continued in MRWADE87.STY The Farmer's Step-daughter Part Ten


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