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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade85.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Farmer's Step-daughter, Part Eight

     "If you could have seen how strongly she came when I told her

about you and Wendy you wouldn't be so concerned, Vicky.  Trust

me, she's more than ready."

     "Okay, I just want to be sure.  I don't need her running to

Anne in a few days telling her that I forced her to do things with

me.  And you're sure I should bring Wendy?"

     "If Wendy can handle it theres no problem, believe me.  Mink

and I talked about it last night, and she's been fantasizing about

both of you for a long time.  Personally I'd like for she and

Wendy to get together more often anyway, maybe she wouldn't need

to be with Matt quite as much."

     "Yea, I know what you mean.  It wouldn't bother me if Wendy

spent less time with that jerk she's been dating lately either.

Are you going to join in with us or just watch, or what?"

     "Whatever you think is best.  I can just take pictures if you

like, but its been a while since we did anything together and I

always have thought you were a great fuck."

     "You have such a way with words", Vicky said, smiling into

the phone.  "Wendy knows we've "fucked", as you like to say, so it

wouldn't be any big surprise to her.  Besides, I've had alot of

fantasies about watching you and Wendy together.  She let me watch

her with one of her dates once, I think you'd enjoy her."

     Jim grinned broadly.  He had had his share of fantasies about

the pretty young Wendy too. If she was half as good as her mother

she would be fantastic.

     "Well, my, my.  Three women in one night?  Anne should visit

her sister more often.  Are you sure Wendy is going to go along

with all of this?  I don't need her running to anyone either, you


     "Oh, you don't need to worry about Wendy.  I'm sure of that.

I never encouraged Wendy's fantasies about Mink, because I thought

she was too interested in boys to be interested in anything with

Wendy, but I've talked with her often about seeing her with you,

and she always loves it.  She'll be thrilled by what we've got

planned, believe me!"

     Jim and Vicky talked quite a bit longer on the phone,

discussing the two young girls abilities and interests and

planning their evening together.  Ever since he had married Anne

he had wanted to work her into a threesome with Vicky, but then he

had become side-tracked as he focused on Mink and her development.

Maybe Vicky would be able to bring out some hidden desires in Anne

over time.  It would be especially nice if they didn't have to

wait for Anne to visit her sister to have get togethers like the

one they were planning.

     Jim was letting Mink sleep late.  The shopping trip and the

constant arousal of the previous days activities had worn her out,

and he knew she needed her rest.  He smiled to himself as he

thought about her innocence with respect to the riding crop  and

the leather articles he had purchased.  His interest in Dominance

and submission and in Bondage and Discipline were things she still

didn't know about, but which he was sure she would take to like a

duck takes to water.  If Wendy was anything like her mom she just

might enjoy it too.  There certainly were lots of possibilities on

the horizon.

     He opened the door quietly and looked in on Mink.  He had

sent her to her room to sleep, having previously taken her again

in the living room floor immediately upon their arrival home.  She

had carried most of their purchases upstairs with her, and they

lay scattered around the room.  It was evident she had tried on

most of the lingerie before going to bed.  It was also evident

that she had fingered herself to yet another orgasm before

sleeping, as her naked body was sprawled on the top of the sheets

with several of the magazines opened and laying around her.  He

smiled softly as he realized that the opened magazines were the

ones with women in them, not the all male ones.  She would be

ready for the nights entertainment for sure.

     Pulling the door closed, Jim went back downstairs and slipped

out of the house quietly to get some of the farm chores done while

his beautiful young step-daughter slept.

     Meanwhile, Vicky was talking to her daughter Wendy about the

plans she had made with Jim for their evening together.

     "I didn't know either, Wendy, but Jim swears she has been

having fantasies about being with both of us and wants it as much

as we do."

     "Oh, Mom!  I can't believe it!  And she does it with Jim?"

     "You should have heard some of the things he told me, Wendy.

They have evidently been doing it for some time, and almost non-

stop since Anne left to visit Cheryl the other day."

     "Mmmmmmm, she's a lucky girl, Mom.  At least if he's as good

as you say he is, and he must be.  I wish he wanted me like he

does her."

     "Have you ever had any problem making a man want you,

Wendy?", her mom teased.

     Wendy laughed quietly.  Her problem was usually keeping guys

hands off of her.  But Jim was so much older.  She'd thought about

being with him even more times than her mother knew about, but

wasn't sure he'd have any interest in her.  It wasn't that she

wasn't attractive.  Her weight was just right for her 5'8" frame

and her dark brown hair with red highlights and her deep, deep

brown eyes drew men to her like a magnet.  She didn't even have to

dress or act sexily to attract them, but she liked to anyway, and

of course her mom enjoyed it when she did.

     Wendy felt really fortunate to have a mom like hers.  Their

sexual sharing had developed so naturally and was so beautiful

that Wendy couldn't imagine anyone finding anything ugly about it.

She had gotten her eyes from her mother, and when she looked into

them and saw the desire her mom felt for her...well, it just made

her melt.  True, the years and child-bearing had robbed her mom of

some of her physical beauty, but she made up for it in so many

other ways that it had never really been a liability for her.

Even some of the guys she dated talked about how pretty her mom

was.  She often wondered what they would think if they knew she

often buried her head between her mom's thighs and licked at her

wet sex.  So far no one but Jim and Wendy knew about that.  That

was probably best, not many people could handle it.

     "Its okay if I do it with Jim too, Mom?", Wendy asked,


     "I'd love to watch you with him, sweetheart", Vicky replied,

warmly.  "Just promise me that for the time being you will always

let me know when you're going to be with him if he encourages

that.  I think he would tell me anyway, but he has some fantasies

that you may not be quite ready for yet, and I wouldn't want him

to frighten you."

     Wendy smiled thoughtfully.  Her mom knew alot about her, and

she knew alot about her mom, but she had a feeling she didn't know

everything that Vicky and Jim might have done together in the

past.  She also had a feeling that her mom might not know about

some of the things she often fantasized about or read about in the

books she and some of her friends swapped back and forth.

     "Sure, Mom...golly, this is going to be so neat!  What shall

I wear?  Help me pick out an outfit, okay?  I want to make both of

them so hot they can't stand it!"

     The cute mother-daughter combination went through Wendy's

closet and drawers picking out something for her to wear that

evening.  Wendy wasn't sure which prospect excited her more, being

with her sexy friend Mink or being with her handsome step-dad. The

knowledge that it would certainly not be the last time she was

with either of them made it even more special.

     "Put this on and lets see how it looks", Vicky said, handing

Wendy a pink garter belt and bra outfit.  "Jim is pretty big on

lingerie and especially garter belts, he just might like this


     Wendy slid the robe from her shoulders and hooked the closure

on the lace-topped bra.  It barely covered her nipples and pushed

her full breasts upward in a very nice way, not that they need it.

She wrapped the garter belt around her waist, hooking it and then

slid a pair of white stockings on, hooking the garter belt clips.

She stood, turning around for her mother.

     "Mmmmm, thats very nice, Wendy.  He'll love that!  You're so


     Vicky moved closer to her sexy daughter, took her face

between her hands and kissed her softly on the mouth.  Wendy

moaned softly and returned the kiss, loving the feel of her mom's

soft lips against hers and the excitement her tongue made her feel

as it slipped between them.  Vicky's hands slid downward,

caressing the young girl's breasts and moving further down, loving

the feel of the lingerie as it hugged the curves of her delightful


     Leaving her mouth, Vicky began kissing her way down Wendy's

body, kneeling in front of her.  Wendy both knew and wanted what

would happen next, and spread her legs open more widely, allowing

her mother to kiss the insides of her thighs, and groaning quietly

as her mouth reached her wet and shaven slit.

     "There you are!", Mink said happily, finding Jim in the barn

hard at work.  She had watched him for a moment before saying

anything, watching the muscles rippling in his strong back as he

pitched hay over into the stallion's stall.  "You let me sleep

late!  But thanks, I needed it."

     Jim turned around and smiled warmly at her.  He smiled even

more broadly when he realized she was topless and wore only

another pair of very tight shorts.  Just the sight of her made his

cock stir within his jeans.

     "Great tits!", he said, teasingly.

     Minked laughed.  They were, of course, and she liked the

freedom they now shared which allowed comments like that.

     "Thats not a bad bulge in your jeans either, old man", she

teased back.

     Jim lay down the pitchfork and walked over to her, rubbing

the bulge through his jeans while she watched.

     "Yea, but you don't need it anymore, not after the dildo you

picked out yesterday.  Have you tried it out yet?"  He reached out

and took her two nipples between his fingers and pinched them, his

first physical contact of the day with her.

     "Are you kidding?", she laughed.  "I don't think I can get

that thing inside me, but I wasn't about to let that smart-ass

clerk know it."

     Jim chuckled and kissed her hard on the mouth.  She'd get it

inside her, he was sure of that.  He'd give her all the help she

needed.  He broke their kiss.

     "Well, I can either fuck you now, or I can show you how to do

some leatherwork, which sounds best to you?"

     "Fuck me", she replied, quickly, reaching for his bulge and

squeezing it.

     "I was hoping you'd say that", he said, and unzipped her

tight shorts.

     Later, after having started out Mink's day in the way she

hoped all of them would start out from now on, Jim guided Mink

through the steps of making a collar from the leather and other

items he had purchased the day before.  Mink enjoyed learning how

to do the leatherwork.  She assumed they were making a dog collar,

and wondered which of the dogs would wear it and why it was

necessary to put four of the d shaped rings on it.  But, it was

Jim's collar, so she would make it the way he wanted it made.

     "Here, since you're making it, lets stamp your name on it",

he said, handing her the alphabet stamps and showing her how to

stamp MINK along the front of the collar.  It never occured to

Mink that it might be more appropriate to put the dogs name on the

collar, if that was who would be wearing it.  Dogs couldn't read


     While they waited for the black dye to dry on the collar,

Mink picked up the leather riding crop  and looked it over.

     "Why did you get this?", she asked.  "I've never seen you use

one before."

     "Thats to use on you when you're naughty", he said.

     Mink chuckled.  Sure it was.  "Then you'll have to use it on

me alot, I hope!", she said, smiling.  Actually the crop did have

an appeal which she couldn't quite identify.  There was something

exciting about it, and as she thought about having it used on her

she felt herself getting wet again.

     When the collar was finished, Mink held it up to her neck

playfully.  "Well, how does it look?", she asked, smiling.

     "Well, I think its too pretty for anyone but you to wear, now

that you mention it", Jim replied.

     Mink laughed.  It was sort of like a necklace, sure enough,

and it was her first attempt at leather-work.  "Can I wear it,

really?", she asked, delighted.

     "Sure you can.  We can make plenty more if we need them.  I

just thought you might enjoy making something.  Lets put it on and

let you see how it looks."

     He fastened the black collar around her neck and stepped back

smiling at her new appearance.  It was perfect.  Mink stepped over

to the mirror and was surprised by the emotions she felt as she

saw the collar around her neck.  It reminded her a bit of Matt and

the leather he often wore, but there was something else about it

that made it seem just right for her, although she couldn't figure

out what it was.  She did like it though.

     "I love it!  Thanks, Jim", she said, happily, her youthful

ignorance touching Jim.  "When can I make some more things?"

     "Anytime you like, sweetie.  You could make some bracelets

now if you like.  How about a pair of bracelets, one for each arm

and some ankle bracelets too.  You could stamp MINK on them too,

if you liked."

     That sounded fine to Mink and she threw herself into the task

eagerly.  She suggested they put some of the d-rings on the

bracelets too, to make them match the collar.  Jim agreed,

smiling, and in no time they were finished.

     "Can I wear them tonight when Wendy and her mom come over?",

Mink asked excitedly.  "I want them to see what all I've learned."

     "Sure, they'll be impressed I know.  That will be perfect."

Vicky would certainly be impressed, no doubt about it!

     Mink kept the collar and "bracelets" on the rest of the day,

and Jim found it hard to keep his erection down as he watched her

going about her normal activities with them on.  He'd have to

explain to her somehow that she couldn't wear them around when her

mom was there, but that was a bridge that could be crossed later,

for sure.

     On their way back to the house from the shop Mink jumped up

in the rope swing that hung from the big oak tree and swung

herself childlike.  Jim had never seen her happier.  She'd come a

long way from the shoplifting problem child she had been only

months ago.

     "Take the shorts off, Mink", he said, rubbing his bulge


     Mink complied, sliding out of the swing and tugging the tight

shorts down off her hips.  She kicked them to the side and jumped

back in the swing again.  Jim moved to her and took his hard cock

out of his jeans, stroking it as he stared at the naked young girl

before him.

     "Rub it, let me see you touch yourself", he said.

     Mink slid her hand down the rope and across her naked belly

toward her sex.  She loved for him to tell her to do things.  The

way he said it, so evenly, so matter-of-factly, as if he knew she

would do anything he told her to do.  She rubbed her clitoris,

watching his hand move up and down his long shaft.  Mmmm, it felt

so good!

     Jim watched her for a moment or two, but couldn't wait much

longer.  He moved between her opened legs and pressed his cock

into her, taking the ropes in his hands as he swung her back and

forth on his dick.

     When it was over they lay in the cool grass, Mink still

naked, and talked about Wendy and Vicky and all the things that

would happen that evening.

     "Will you do something for me, Jim?", Mink asked.

     "What would you like for me to do, Mink?", he replied.

     "Well, sometimes when I masturbate I think about you fucking

Wendy.  I've never seen you fuck anyone, and she's so pretty.  I

know she fucks Gerald, so it isn't like she's still a virgin or

anything.  Do you think her mom would let you fuck Wendy?"

     Jim smiled to himself.  This girl should be in a story

somewhere.  She was too perfect for real life.  "I'll ask Vicky

and see what she thinks, Mink.  Would it really turn you on to

watch me fuck Wendy?"

     "Mmmmmmm, YES!!  Please talk them into it.  I'll let you kiss

me down there while she sits on you if you want."  She rolled over

onto Jim, excited and needing him inside her again.  "I know

you'll fuck Vicky, but I really wanna see you do it to Wendy.

Will you try, honest?"

     "Sure, if it will make you happy, Mink."  She slid down on

him, taking all of him inside her and sat up straight, grinding

her pubic bone against his as she thought about seeing him with

her young friend.  In a very short time she was coming again.

Continued in MRWADE86.STY The Farmer's Step-daughter Part 9


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