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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade84.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Farmer's Step-daughter, Part Seven

Later on that same afternoon, his mind still full of the lusty

sight of Mink drenched in horse cum, Jim had made Mink repeat the

act, and had this time taken pictures of her doing it with his

camera. Mink had responded hotly to being photographed, and

suggested that after dinner Jim allow her to model some of the

lingerie he had bought for her while he took more pictures of


Mink made a wonderful model, her ripe young body just as suited

for it as the bodies of the young women in the magazines and

catalogs. Jim posed her in various positions, innocent ones at

first, and then as his passion grew, more daring ones. One he

particularly liked was the pose of her only partially clad with

her legs open and her hands opening her sex to the camera.

By the time they ran out of film there was a large pile of sexy

underthings laying in the corner of Mink's room and she had been

sucked, fingered, or fucked to several more orgasms. Jim bathed

Mink that night, cleaning her gently, and took her yet another

time before allowing her to fall asleep in his arms. It had been

a day crammed full of eroticsm for both of them and they slept


Mink rose before her step-father the following morning, and when

Jim entered the kitchen he found her preparing their breakfast

clad only in a pair of pale yellow bikini panties and a pair of

high heels. Giving her a soft and tender good-morning kiss and

running his hands over her body long enough to feel her shudder

of excitement, Jim poured a cup of fresh coffee and sat at the

table, watching her as she continued cooking, delighting in the

view he had of her tight young ass and perfect legs.

They ate quietly, enjoying the early morning sounds of the farm

and happy to be alone together. After they were done, Mink

cleared the table and then lay down on it in front of Jim,

sliding her yellow panties off and spreading her legs. Jim smiled

at the lusty freedom his young step-daughter now felt and the

consistency with which she offered herself to him. He leaned

forward to lick her opened sex.

"Put some jelly on it if you like", Mink said, smiling.

Jim grinned. She was in a playful mood already. He rose from his

chair and retrieved a few of the items Mink had moved from the

table to the counter earlier. Taking a bottle of squeeze

margarine and holding it above her pubis, Jim squirted the slick

yellow imitation butter down along her slit, rubbing it in with

his fingers.

"Get some inside feels so good," Mink moaned.

He pressed the nozzle to her opening and pressed hard, squirting

a large amount of the margarine into her sheath. Seeing her jerk

her hips hotly as the liquid squirted into her, Jim pushed the

head of the bottle into her further, fucking her with it.

Mink responded hotly, hunching back at the odd intruder. It

really did feel wonderful. The cap portion of the container was

like a small cock and yet the shoulders of it pressed against her

full slit, touching her clit in the process. And then there was

the margarine squirting into her, reminding her of a man's warm


"Mmmmm, that looks hot!", Jim said, "its too bad we're out of

film. I'd love a picture of you fucking yourself with that."

"We can do it again...anytime you want", Mink replied, sincerely.

"Whew!", Jim thought to himself. Mink was turning out to be even

better than he had hoped. He was beginning to wonder if there

were truly any limits to what she would do for him or allow him

to do to her.

He knew he could continue fucking her with the margarine bottle

until she came if he liked, but Jim wanted to taste her. So

removing the bottle from her bottom, he opened the jar of grape

jelly and began spreading it over her margarine covered slit,

pressing some inside that he could dig for with his tongue. When

he had it coated sufficiently he set the jar down only to find

Mink picking it up and spreading jelly on her naked breasts as


The phrase "teen tit toast" popped into Jim's mind and he

struggled not to laugh as Mink spread the dark jelly all over her

delicious breasts. She licked her fingers to clean them, looking

into his eyes as she sucked them like tiny cocks. He rose and

leaned over her, licking at the hard nipples that poked up

through the jelly which covered them, sucking it into his mouth.

His tongue moved over her breasts, cleaning them, delighting in

the new sensations they both were feeling.

When he had cleaned both of her breasts, Jim moved back between

her legs once more and began licking her sex, swallowing the

mixture of pussy juice, margarine and grape jelly that covered

the young slit and pressing his tongue into her, sucking at the

jelly and margarine inside her. Some of the margarine and jelly

had run down her crack and he dutifully licked over her anus,

cleaning her of the condiments before moving back to her

throbbing clitoris and sucking it back into his mouth. He held

onto her hips as they rose and fell under him, making sure she

didn't fall from the table in the heat of her passion, and

pressed his face to her young crotch as she erupted in her first

orgasm of the day.

When it was over and Mink had licked Jim's face to clean it of

the strange mixture that covered it, they walked together arm in

arm up the stairs. Jim watched Mink scrub herself, getting the

sticky jelly off of her breasts and out of her sex while he lay

out her clothes for the day on the bed. They needed to go into

town to do some shopping. They were out of film, of course, and

that was something that certainly had to be remedied, and there

were other things that Jim wanted them to shop for together as


He had already decided that they would go to a larger city nearby

where not many people knew them, rather than to the small town

which was their usual shopping center. So, rather than choosing

the rather conservative clothes that he might normally want Mink

to wear, he laid out instead a very sexy pair of tight white

short-shorts and a matching white halter top which rather than

having elastic across the bottom hung freely, standing out away

from her flat belly and sometimes allowing a glimpse of the

bottoms of her firm breasts.

"No panties?", Mink asked, smiling as she looked at the items on

the bed.

"Nope, no panties for you this time, Mink. the way," he

continued, reaching into his pocket and removing two gold toned

balls, "push these up inside you before you put on the shorts."

Mink looked at the balls he held out to her with a look of

confusion. "Push them into my pussy?", she asked, wondering.

"Yes, your pussy. They're ben waa balls and they will move around

inside you while we shop and keep you nice and wet. You know I

love for you to stay wet."

Mink took the two shiny balls from him and pushed them one at a

time up inside her vagina. She saw him grinning as the balls

disappeared. "They will come out without any problem, won't

they?", she asked timidly.

Jim smiled warmly at her and pinched her left nipple. "Oh yes,

they'll come out when we want them to. Now, get dressed, we have

lots to do."

Mink continued dressing, feeling the hard metal balls inside her

as she moved. It was erotic feeling something moving around

inside her sex. She wondered if she could keep from having a

climax while they walked around together, and what would happen

if she had one with others around her.

The drive to the city took about an hour, and Jim let Mink play

with his cock and suck him to a very nice orgasm along the way.

The halter top had worked nicely for their ride together,

allowing him to reach up under it with easy access to her hard

nipples while she slid her mouth up and down on his cock.

It was early in the day still, and the city streets were full of

people on their way to work. As they sat at the stoplight waiting

for it to change, Jim looked over at the young girl next to him.

She would create quite a sensation and would certainly have lots

of men staring at her.

"Do you like for men to look at you, Mink?", he asked.

"Yes, I guess so. Sometimes they stare and I wonder what they're

thinking. I guess they'll stare alot with me in this outfit."

"Yes, I expect they will, Mink. Do you think they look at you and

think what a good fuck you would be?"

"Is that what you think when you look at me?", she replied.

"Yes, it is. You really look like you would be a wonderful fuck,

especially in those shorts and that top, and of course you are a

wonderful fuck!", he smiled. "Do you ever think about letting

more than one man fuck you at a time, Mink?"

This line of conversation was getting to her. The men walking by

were looking in at her already and they couldn't even see her

legs or her bare stomach above the shorts. It seemed that

everywhere she looked there were men looking back at her and


"I have thought about it before. Is that very naughty?"

"Yes, I suppose it is. But not much more naughty than jerking off

horses. Perhaps someday I'll let some other men fuck you."

Mink stared straight ahead and didn't say anything, but her hand

moved to her crotch and she rubbed her clitoris through the tight

shorts. She'd do it for Jim. No, really she'd do it for herself.

She wondered if they would be guys her own age, or if they would

be older men like Jim. How many would there be? Would they be big

like Jim or more like Chuck? Would he let them have her mouth


"These balls inside me are making me very hot", she said. "Is

there anywhere we can go before we get home?"

"You mean anywhere we can go so that you can fuck me, Mink", he

asked, grinning broadly.

"No, where you can fuck me...just a quickie...I just need to come

so bad!"

"We'll see, Mink, but we've just gotten here. You may just have

to wait."

"Okay", she replied softly, lowering her eyes and rubbing her

clit hard.

When she raised her eyes again the car had stopped. They were in

a parking building of some kind. Jim slid over closer to her and

raised her halter top, taking one of her breasts in his mouth.

Pushing her fingers to the side he began rubbing her clitoris

hotly. Mink threw her head back and moaned as Jim sucked hard on

her breast, drawing her rigid nipple deep into his mouth. She

pulled the halter top up further and began pinching her other

nipple with the fingers of her right hand.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw two attractive middle age

women walking toward their car. She thought about telling Jim,

but was too hot to bother. Let them look, she thought, who cares?

The women stared into the car as they approached and glanced at

each other knowingly. It turned Mink on for them to see her

having her breast sucked by this obviously older man and for them

to be able to see the passion on her face. She grunted more

loudly than necessary, as much for their benefit as out of real

passion. The two women walked on past, but as Mink climaxed they

were looking back over their shoulders, thrilled and somewhat

embarrassed by the passionate young girl who was so freely giving

herself to that man.

"Maybe that will help for a while", Jim said, smiling, as he

moved back over to his side of the car, opening the door. Mink

pulled the halter top back down over her well-sucked breast and

opened the door and got out, feeling the metal balls moving

inside her with every move she made. It wouldn't help for long,

she thought to herself, not the way the balls were making her

young pussy feel already.

They shopped for hours, going in a myriad of stores. Mink was

thrilled by Jim's generosity and delighted by the items he

purchased. Nearly every one of them was something for her to wear

or something to enhance their being together sexually. It had

been a bit embarassing to go in the x-rated book/movie store, but

exciting as well. It was her first time in one of them, and she

was certainly the center of attention the entire time she was

there. It was always exciting to have men staring at you, but

when you were in a place like this...well...there was little

doubt what those men had on their minds when they looked at her.

She wasn't really sure whether Jim cupping her ass and squeezing

her cheek while they watched was the thing to do or not, but she

was turned on by it and felt the balls moving around inside her

as he pulled one cheek away from the other one. At least the men

watching couldn't tell she had them inside. Maybe.

They looked at lots of magazines and purchased quite a few as

well. Mink wasn't sure which ones she really liked best. She

found the ones with women in them just as erotic as the all male

magazines Jim showed her and asked if she wanted. He bought some

of each and she was sure she would enjoying looking at all of


The most difficult moment for her was when she was told to select

a dildo from the ones in the case at the front of the store.

There were so many to choose from, and the man behind the case

smiled broadly as she looked them over. Her face was beet red as

she asked Jim which one he thought she should pick out. Jim asked

the clerk to explain the differences to her, and she watched

red-faced as he discussed the lengths, diameters, and how

realistic or unrealistic each one was.

"This one is probably our best seller", the clerk said, holding

up an especially realistic looking model which also happened to

be the biggest one in the case. "But its really for women who are

a bit older and more experienced than you are." He held up a much

smaller dildo and extended his arm, offering it to Mink. "I'd

recommend you try this one first and maybe come back and buy the

bigger one another time."

"No, I'll take the big one", she said, evenly, staring into the

man's eyes.

It wasn't the reaction he had expected from a girl her age and

the clerk swallowed hard and glanced at Jim.

"Wrap it up", Jim said, smiling at the man. Mink could hear the

men watching chuckling to themselves behind them and slipped her

arm around Jim's waist, laying her head on his shoulder.

Their last stop was at a leather shop where Jim bought alot of

items which seemed to Mink to be unrelated to the purpose of

their shopping trip. She assumed he was going to make some

bridles for the horses or perhaps do some saddle repair, as she

could see no other purpose for the leather straps and d-rings

that he bought in such abundance. The riding crop  he purchased

was even more difficult for Mink to understand. She had watched

Jim ride often and had never seen him use a crop on any of the

horses. But, he had bought so many things for her, it was only

fair that he buy whatever he wanted for himself or the farm.

On the drive back home Mink excitedly went through the bags of

goodies. She was thrilled by all the things Jim had bought her;

it was almost like Christmas. She chuckled at the bag full of

film. She had expected him to buy maybe two rolls, at the most

three. But instead he had bought at least a dozen rolls of 35mm

film and six blank video tapes.

"I don't think we're going to run out of film any time soon!",

she said, laughing.

"Oh, I sure hope we do", he replied, sliding his hand along her

thigh. "I love watching you model and pose, and I'll love having

the pictures of you to look at too."

"Well, I love for you to take them, and I hope I'm in every

single one you take with every roll of this film. But you'd

better hide them so Mom doesn't find them. She'd have a cow if

she saw those pictures you took last night."

Jim resisted the urge to say they could always use another cow on

the farm. "I might like to show them to some friends sometime,

would that be alright with you?"

Mink thought about the sexy poses she had assumed and how naughty

some of them had been. Anyone who looked at the pictures would

know that Jim was fucking her whenever he wanted to and would

know that she loved it.

"Men or women?", she asked, breathily.

"Both, probably." He unzipped her shorts and slid his fingers

inside them, feeling the sparse and fine pubic hair against his


"They'll know about us if you show them the pictures", she said,

her heart pounding.

"Yes, they'll know you fuck your step-father." He slid his

fingers into her slit, feeling them instantly covered with her

juices. "The pictures will make my male friends hard, Mink."

"Yes, I bet they will", she replied. She needed his fingers

inside her. "Can I pull the shorts off, Jim?", she asked hotly.

"Yes, Mink, and take the top off too", he replied, sliding his

hand out of her shorts.

Mink slid the tight shorts off of her and pulled the halter top

over her head. It was dark now and those in the passing cars

would not see her naked body. She wasn't sure if she was glad

about that or not.

"What will your women friend think of me posing like that, Jim?",

she asked, reaching for his hand and placing it back on her naked


"Well, the ones I'll show them to will be bisexual women, Mink."

He pushed two fingers into her, feeling the metal balls with the

tips of his fingers. She moaned. "They'll look at your delicious

young body and wish they could see it in person. They'll get wet

and will think about kissing you all over."

Mink hunched her hips upward, driving Jim's fingers in more

deeply. She reached upward and began pinching her nipples, laying

her head back on the car seat.

"I've never been with a woman, Jim. There were women at the

reform school that wanted me, but they weren't nice women. Still

it made me hot that they wanted me and I often masturbated while

thinking about letting them have me."

"Would you like for me to invite a woman over while Anne is away,

Mink? All I have to do is make one call and a very nice and very

attractive woman will come over and teach you the joys of being

with another woman. Is that what you want?"

Mink reached down with one hand and pushed Jim's fingers in

deeper. Her head moved back and forth from side to side on the

car seat as she thought about being with another woman sexually.

"Would she make me kiss her pussy?"

"Yes, I'm sure she would. But she would kiss yours too, Mink. You

like the taste of your own juices, I bet you'd like the taste of

Vicky's juices too."

"Vicky? You mean Wendy's mom? Is that the Vicky you mean?"

"Yes, Mink. She says Wendy tastes very nice, by the way."

Mink thrust her hips high into the air, her climax exploding

within her. Wendy was one of her best friends, and she had

probably fantasized more about Wendy and her Mom than any other

women she knew. She had no idea that either of them was bisexual,

certainly not that they were doing it with each other!

Jim grabbed her pubic area hard with his hand, imprisoning the

two fingers inside her and smiling as she hunched upward hotly.

He was pleased by Mink's climactic response to the news about

Vicky and Wendy. The only thing that bothered him was that he had

probably not bought enough film.


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