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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade83.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Farmer's Step-Daughter, Part Six

Once Jim had taken Mink in the living room floor everything about

their relationship seemed to change. Mink was thrilled by the

change, but its magnitude was almost overwhelming for her at

first. He never passed her without touching her now, even when

her mother was watching. At those times it was always just a

friendly pat on the shoulder or an arm around her, but when they

were alone he touched her freely wherever he liked and often took

her in his arms and kissed her deeply, pulling her to him


It seemed to Mink that Jim couldn't get enough of her now. Five

days had passed since they had first "done it" together, and they

hadn't missed a day since then. Three times Jim had sneaked into

her room at night, waking her, and had taken her while her mother

slept. The other days he had taken her in the barn in the middle

of the day, laying her in the hay and peeling her tight jeans

off, kissing her long legs and her wet sex before plunging his

huge cock into her. No one had ever kissed her like that before.

Matt certainly never took time for that, and Chuck was repulsed

by even the idea of it. But Jim seemed to love it, kissing her

nearly every time until she had an orgasm and often kissing her

well past that point. Mink loved every second of it, and even

enjoyed tasting herself on his lips when he kissed her afterward.

The result of all these changes was that Mink never knew when she

might be eaten or fucked by her handsome step-father and thought

about it almost constantly. Since Jim worked there on the farm

they were together almost constantly, and Mink found herself

staying wet almost all the time. Jim noticed that and kidded her

about it, calling her J.P. when they were alone, explaining that

J.P. stood for Juicy Pussy. Mink liked the nickname and was happy

to be that wet so often.

Anne had been planning a trip to visit her sister for some time,

and had been expecting Mink to go with her. It would mean being

away for several days, and Mink had dreaded the trip, not wanting

to leave Jim for that long. Jim evidently felt the same way about

it, and managed to convince Anne that he needed for Mink to stay

there on the farm to help him during Anne's absence. Anne

accepted the change of plans graciously, glad that Mink could be

that so much help to Jim while she was gone.

On the day of her departure the car was barely out of sight

before Mink was in Jim's arms, his strong hands roaming over her

youthful body. He stood behind her, filling his hands with her

breasts and rubbing his hardening manhood against her firm bottom

as they stood on the front porch, the dust still settling in the

driveway. Mink reached downward and unzipped her jeans while Jim

caressed her breasts, shoving them, along with her panties, down

past her hips. Then bending over and supporting herself on the

porch railing, she spread her legs as far as the jeans would

allow her to, offering her naked sex to her handsome step-father.

Jim had taken her quickly, pulling his cock from his jeans and

shoving into her, filling her and pumping her and thrilling at

the way her tight young sex gripped his stiff dick.

After their fervent encounter on the porch, Jim had made Mink

change clothes, allowing her to wear only a pair of cut-off jeans

and her work boots. They went around the farm, tending to the

normal chores, Mink's naked breasts exposed for all the world to

see. Jim watched her the entire time, seeing her rub her breasts

against the side of the big stallion as she brushed and curried

him, excited by this semi-naked view of his young step-daughter

doing her chores.

"Clean his cock, Mink", Jim instructed her.

"Oh, are we going to take him somewhere today?", Mink asked. She

loved watching the big stallion at work.

"No, I just want to watch you cleaning his cock", Jim replied, as

if it were the most normal thing in the world to want to do.

Mink complied. There wasn't anything she wouldn't do for Jim, and

she loved playing with the big black stallion's huge cock anyway.

She filled the water bucket and moved underneath the horse,

sitting on the old milking stool. She soaked the sponge full of

the soapy water and began cleaning him, watching with excitement

as his cock emerged from the sheath, growing larger and larger

and larger as she touched him.

"You're making his dick hard, Mink", Jim said, smiling.

Mink didn't reply, but started rubbing her hands along the huge

shaft, wanting to make it hard for Jim, wanting him to see her

stroking the horse cock.

"Thats not cleaning, Mink, thats masturbating, but don't stop,

keep masturbating the horse dick", he said.

Mink swallowed hard. She always did it this way, and she wasn't

sure if it was cleaning or masturbating, but whatever it was she

liked it. There was something especially erotic about Jim

watching her do it. She wrapped her tiny hands around the big

hunk of flesh and stroked it, sliding her hands up and down and

up and down, the horse cock now fully extended, nearly three feet

long and as thick as her arm.

"Will you do anything I ask you to do, Mink?", Jim asked.

"Yes, Jim, I'll do anything you want me to do", she replied,

honestly, still stroking the horse.

"This is something very nasty, Mink. You have to promise you

won't tell Anne that I made you do it. Do you promise?"

"I won't tell, honest I won't", she replied.

"And you'll do it? Whatever it is?", he asked, his voice


"If its nasty, I'll do it, Jim. I like doing nasty things,

especially when you want me to do them. You know what it does to


Jim smiled. He certainly did know. "Yes, I know, J.P., I know

what it does to you, and thats one reason I want you to do it."

"Can I take my shorts off, Jim?", Mink asked, feeling so sexy and

so hot.

"Sure, take them off. I like seeing you naked. But leave the

boots on."

Mink left the long animal cock long enough to pull the raggedy

jeans shorts from her body. Jim had not allowed her to wear

panties under them, so she was now completely naked except for

the heavy work boots on her feet. She resumed her position on the

stool, feeling the cool air hitting her hot and wet sex as she

began masturbating the horse again.

"I want to see you drink horse cum, Mink", Jim said.

Mink blushed deeply. She had thought often about what it would be

like to let the big horse shoot a full load of his fuck into her

face, and had often considered doing it. But it was so nasty, so

terrible. She felt her vagina contracting, her nipples hardening

at the words her step-father was speaking to her.

"Do you really?", she asked, timidly.

"Yes, I do. I know you love cocks, and I know you love cum. And I

know you are aware of how much cum horses shoot from their huge

cocks when they come, aren't you?"

Mink had seen it for sure. In fact she had stroked this very

stallion to more than one orgasm and had on more than one

occasion wiped the cum from the head of his cock and had tasted


"Yes, I've seen it. It won't hurt me to take his cum?", she

asked, quietly.

"No, it won't hurt. And I promise I'll fuck you after you take

it. Is that what you'd like?"

"Oh yes, Jim. Please promise you will. It will make me hot to

take his cum, and I'll need you. Please promise me you will."

"Oh, I promise, Mink. I'll fuck you hard. Sit on the hay under

him and lick the head of his dick. Stroke him until he shoots and

keep your mouth open. Try to get as much as you can inside your

mouth. Do it."

Mink got off the stool and sat underneath the big horse, keeping

her hands wrapped around his huge black cock. She positioned her

naked body so that she could easily reach the head of the monster

cock and began licking the smooth skin of the softball size head

as her hand slid back and forth along its length. The hay tickled

her naked bottom and she squirmed slightly as she licked at the

cock. She was only vaguely aware of Jim sliding off his jeans and

sitting on the stool next to them.

The big stallion whinnied, and Mink knew she was making progress.

Her tongue lathed at the dark skin, lingering at the big hole in

the end of it, teasing the horse, tasting a bit of the horse's

pre-cum. She could smell his sex, and her hands slid along the

length of the animal cock, pumping it, stroking it, while her

step-father watched, stroking his own cock as she continued


Almost without warning the stallion began coming. His cock jerked

violently in her hands and a huge gob of hot horse cum splashed

against her face, catching her by surprise and landing on her

nose and cheeks, almost getting into her eyes. She opened her

mouth widely as the second huge eruption of cum shot forth out of

the big black cock. This time her aim was better and she felt the

warm fuck filling her mouth, coating her tongue and draining back

toward her throat. She almost gagged there was so much of it, and

then yet another stream of hot fuck hit her, splasing into her

open mouth. She swallowed hard, drinking the hot horse fuck that

kept exploding toward her, her hands still pumping on the monster

dick. She closed her mouth to swallow, and another stream hit

her, splashing against her closed mouth and running down onto her

naked body, splashing against her naked tits and dripping down to

her young legs.

It seemed as if the stallion would never stop coming. Wave after

wave of hot fuck erupted from the huge cock, splashing against

her naked skin, some hitting her open mouth, some covering her

body while Jim watched, his hand around his own cock, stroking

himself as he watched her.

Finally there was no more cum for her to take, and Mink ran her

hand over her breasts, spreading the warm cum over her naked


"Fuck me now, Jim...please fuck me!", she pleaded, sliding out

from under the stallion.

Jim rose from the stool, overcome with passion, and took the

young step-daughter by the arm and led her to the corner of the

stall. He lay her on her back and pressed her legs back toward

her cum covered chest, pressing his hot member into her dripping

opening and fucking her harder than he had ever fucked anyone in

his life. Mink kept trying to kiss him, wanting him to taste the

horse cum in her kiss, but Jim refused, moving his head, but

still pumping into her with tremendous force. Mink began coming

almost immediately, her hips fucking back at him, her muscles

gripping him, squeezing him.

In almost no time both of them were coming, spilling their heated

passion, screaming into the barn as their lust overcame them.

Afterward, as they lay there in the barn holding each other, Mink

thought about what she had just done and smiled. She had just

taken horse cum into her mouth for a man. But it had not just

been any man, it had been her mother's husband. She had meant it

when she had told him she would do anything he asked her to do.

And she would prove that in the days to come.


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