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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade82.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Farmer's Step-Daughter, Part Five

Smiling at his young step-daughter as she walked across the room,

Jim could tell immediately that the evening had been a

disappointment to her. He had seen that look on her face before,

usually after dates with Chuck. He looked up and down her

attractive body, assuming correctly from the wrinkled nature of

her dress that there had at least been some rather exciting


"Hi!", he said warmly. "My you look lovely in that dress, you

don't wear it much anymore."

Mink smiled back at her handsome step-father. "Well, I don't wear

any of them often enough to justify having as many as you've

bought me, but I do like this one alot." She reached behind her

to unzip it and began sliding the thin straps from her shoulders.

"No, wait. Let me see you in it a moment longer. Its really very

good for you. Turn around slowly."

Mink grinned broadly. Jim made her feel so good about herself.

Putting her hands on her hips she turned gracefully just in front

of him, moving around slowly, letting him see her from all

angles. She knew the zipper was down in back and that he'd see

her bare back, and she lingered just a bit longer, hoping it

would excite him to have that teasing view of her.

"Very nice, Mink." Jim whistled softly in appreciation. "Which

garter belt did you wear?"

"The black one with the red bows... would you like to see it?",

she asked, teasingly.

"Yes", he replied, smiling broadly at their little game. "Show


Mink knew just as Jim did that she would be naked in front of him

in just a few moments anyway, and that this little game was not

about nakedness but was about erotic teasing. She loved doing it

for him and had found it becoming a more regular part of his

examination of her as time went on. Turning her back to him once

more, Mink looked over her shoulder at him sexily and grasped the

dress by the sides, lifting it slowly. Bit by bit she exposed

more and more of the backs of her long legs to him, lifting the

dress higher and higher until it was at her waist. Bending over

sligtly and pushing her pantied ass out toward him, she asked

with a voice thick with passion, "Would you like to see the front


Jim felt his cock stirring inside his pants as the attractive

young girl raised the dress above the tops of her stockings and

over the black panties and matching garter belt. Her ass was one

of her better features, and frankly it had been with a bit of

disappointment that he had found Mink's behavior changing so

quickly for the better. He had fantasized often about laying her

across his lap and spanking her youthful cheeks, but hadn't found

any really explainable excuse so far.

"Yes, show me all of it, Mink", he replied, softly.

Allowing the dress to fall back slightly as she turned, the hem

now even with the top of the stockings, Mink faced him, her feet

spread apart evenly. She leaned forward slightly now, the straps

of the dress falling sexily down her arms, the top exposing just

the upper curves of her ripe breasts. Placing her hands flat on

her thighs, she slid the dress up slowly, allowing the hem to

rise above the stockings, exposing her white flesh and the black

straps which contrasted with her skin so beautifully. Her legs

were locked tightly at the knees, her body still leaning forward

from the waist up. Up and up the hands moved, sensuously, until

the hem was gathered around her waist, the tiny panties and the

full frontal portion of the garter belt easily visible.

Jim fed on her beauty with his eyes, taking in every detail, from

the width of the opening between her spread legs to the whisps of

pubic hair that stuck out from the sides and top of the panties.

He stared at her for quite some time, enjoying the view, and

aware of the effect that leaving her posed like that would have

on her.

"Lower the top, Mink", he finally instructed.

Mink straightened, sliding the straps slowly off each arm, the

hem of her dress still gathered around her waist, her legs still

opened widely. Taking the upper portion of the dress in her hands

she tugged it down over her breasts, letting it fall to her

waist. She was nearly nude now, the material of her dress

entirely gathered in a lump of fabric around her middle, her

breasts totally exposed, her hard nipples being stared at by this

older man.

"Your nipples are hard, like little pebbles, Mink", Jim said


Mink swallowed hard. He seldom if ever commented this personally

about her body, and every time he did it made her flush with

passion. "Yes, I know", she replied simply.

"Thats usually a sign of arousal, Mink", he said.

"They've been that way all night." Her voice trembled slightly as

she replied, her excitement exposing itself.

"Pinch them a little", Jim instructed.

Mink took a deep breath. He had never asked her to touch herself

in front of him before, but it was certainly something she had

fantasized about often enough. She moved her hands to her

breasts, looking down at them, and circled the hard nipples with

the thumb and forefinger of each hand. Slowly she tightened her

grip, pinching the small nubs. A tiny gasp escaped her lips, and

she let her head fall back, her eyes closing.

"Yes, thats it. Keep pinching them. Pinch harder."

Mink increased the tension, closing her eyes more tightly, her

mouth opening slightly. It was hard to keep from moving her hips,

but she wasn't sure what Jim would think of her hunching them in

front of him.

"Do you have Chuck's sperm inside you, Mink", Jim asked.

Mink continued pinching the nipples, and looked at Jim through

eyes glazed with passion. "No," she said softly, "his parents

came home early."

"But you wanted it, didn't you, Mink?"

"Yes," she replied, "yes, very much."

"Pinch the nipples harder now, Mink, and pull them out away from

your breasts."

Mink tightened her grip even more, moaning, and pulled the

nipples outward toward her step-father.

"Did you see Chuck's cock tonight, Mink", he asked.

"Yes, for a moment", she replied, her face beginning to contort

with lust.

"You like cocks alot, don't you, Mink?"

"Yes." It was all she could do to breathe now, and her knees were


"I have to check your pussy for cum anyway, you realize that,

don't you, Mink?"

"Yes, Jim, I know. Its okay."

"Take off the dress and the panties, and step up a little

closer", he instructed.

Mink released her throbbing nipples and slid the dress down off

her hips, kicking it to the side. Moving her hips sexily, she

tugged the tiny soaked panties downward and off, tossing them

aside as well, and stepped within a foot or so of her


"Hold open the lips for me, Mink, let me look inside."

Mink obediently moved both hands to her sex, and taking the outer

lips in her fingers, pulled them down and out, opening her vagina

to his gaze.

"You're so wet! Much wetter than usual. Has it been like that all

night too, Mink?", he asked teasingly.

Mink merely nodded, embarrassed but excited by this unusual

stream of questions.

"I think I'll let you help me with the examination tonight, Mink.

Put one of your fingers inside for me."

Mink blushed a deep red, but obediently placed the middle finger

of her right hand into her wet opening pushing it in deeply.

"Move it around inside, get it nice and wet."

Mink moved the finger down toward the bottom of her slit, and

then to the top again, she caressed the sides of her pussy with

it, slid it in and out, fingering herself only inches from Jim.

Much more of this and I'll come, screaming, she thought to


"Now take it out and show it to me, Mink", he instructed.

Mink slid the drenched finger from her and held it up in front of

Jim's face. He took her hand in his and examined the finger

closely, taking his time.

"Well, I don't see any cum on it, Mink. I certainly do see alot

of your juices though. Thats another sign of arousal, another

sign that a woman needs a cock inside her."

Mink was beginning to feel as if she was going to explode inside.

She'd never been so hot in her life, and she had to fight the

urge to beg Jim to fuck her. God! She needed it so much!!

"This finger isn't as big as a man's cock, is it Mink?", he


"No, its much smaller." She swallowed hard, looking at the wet


Jim took her ring finger and placed it beside her middle finger,

holding the others closed toward her palm.

"Is this more like it, Mink? Is this about the size of a man's


She swallowed again. "No, a co... er, the ones I've seen are

bigger still."

"The whats, Mink? The cocks? You can say it, I like for you to

say it."

"Cocks are bigger", she replied weakly. He was rubbing her hand

softly now with his.

Adding her index finger to the other two, Jim looked at them,

turning them slowly. "This is more like it, isn't it Mink? Isn't

this about the size of a man's cock?"

"Yes, it is", she replied breathlessly. All this talk of men's

cocks was making her even hotter.

"Good, now put them inside, Mink. Put this cock sized group of

fingers inside for me."

Mink closed her eyes, embarrassed to see the three fingers

heading toward her exposed sex, and placed the tips of them at

her opening, sliding them inside slowly.

Jim watched the young girl pressing the tips of three fingers

into her wet pussy and felt his cock grow totally rigid inside

his pants. She bent at the knees slightly, pressing inward more

firmly, sliding the full length of the three fingers into her.

She moaned, and uncontrollably began moving her hips against the


"Thats more like it, isn't it Mink? Thats more like what you've

been wanting all night, isn't it, sweetie?"

"Yessssss... it is Jim!", she hissed, moving her hips more

intensely now, and beginning to fuck the fingers in and out of


"Thats it, Mink, move the fingers in and out. Yes, just like

that. I like to watch you."

Mink fucked herself more wantonly now, feeling herself losing

control, needing so much to come.

"You really do like cocks, don't you Mink?"

"Yes, Jim... oh yes... I LOVE cocks!", she moaned hotly.

"Yes, of course you do", Jim replied, beginning to rub his thick

cock through his pants. "And when you're cleaning the stallions

you love the feel of their cocks too, don't you, Mink?"

Mink's eyes opened in astonishment at the mention of the horse

cocks. Surely he hadn't seen her stroking them so lovingly! He

was rubbing himself now as he watched her hips moving. She'd

never seen him do that before. Keeping her eyes glued on his

moving hand, she replied quietly. "They're so big!"

"Yes, they are big, Mink. They're huge. Huge shafts of hard meat

with loads and loads of cum to squirt. Do you like to fuck,

Mink?" His voice was heavy with lust now, the nasty words

shooting into Mink and exploding inside her.

"I love to fuck. I need it sometimes so bad", she confessed, lost

in a sea of passion.

"You need it bad now, don't you, Mink? You want me to fuck you,

don't you?"

"Yes, oh Jim! Yessss, please!" She was moving the hand rapidly

now, plunging the three fingers in and out.

Jim unzipped his pants and struggled to remove his rock hard

cock. Mink watched him hotly, amazed by the size of the cock she

had fantasized about so often. When he had its full length out

and stroked it openly in front of her she realized it was much

longer even than Matt's cock was and thicker as well. Her mouth

was watering.

"Kneel on the floor and lean forward on your hands, Mink. Open

your legs, I'm going to mount you."

Mink trembled, and reluctantly removing her fingers from her wet

sex, knelt on the floor in front of the couch as instructed,

placing her knees apart and supporting herself with her hands out

in front of her. She looked back over her shoulder to see him

removing his shirt and pants. Almost instinctively she lowered to

her elbows, raising her ass higher, presenting it to him. As he

slid his undershorts off his huge cock swung slowly in front of

him. It was certainly much smaller than the huge horse dicks, but

compared to Matt's and especially the cock she had longed for

earlier in the evening, still monstrous.

Jim knelt behind his young step-daughter, running his fingers

through her sex, gathering her juices and spreading them on the

head of his large cock. She jerked at his touch and moved her ass

in small circles, hungry for what she was about to receive.

The symbolism of their position and of the size of the cock she

was about to take was not lost on Mink. It was almost as if she

were one of the mares she had seen bred so often, kneeling,

exposed, about to be filled with a huge member.

Taking the shaft in his hand and moving closer to her, Jim rubbed

the head along her slit, thrilling at the feel of her lips

against his smooth skin. Centering it easily, he moved forward,

spreading her, making way for the long thickness to follow the


Mink gasped, feeling herself stretched as never before.

Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion, and it seemed

as if the head would never slide between her lips. Finally it

did, accompanied at first by an uncomfortable stretching not too

unlike pain. She gritted her teeth, determined to take it all,

and pushed herself back on the huge invader. Her walls clung to

the thick meat entering her. It seemed as if he was touching her

in places she had never been touched before. More and more of the

hard shaft entered her, filling her, prodding her as she had only

dreamed of in the past. Finally she felt the tip of him touching

her cervix, and was aware that he had not completely entered her

even yet. He was pushing harder toward her, causing her to move

forward as he pressed against the opening of her womb.

Jim held her by her hips, his fingers caressing the lacey straps

of the garter belt as he began moving his huge cock in and out of

her. After one or two strokes the uncomfortable feeling began to

subside, and Mink's copious moisture lubricated both the sheath

and its invader as her muscles relaxed to accomodate him inside


He moved more quickly now, hunching forward into her and driving

most of his length into her with each lunge. Mink stared at the

floor, her mouth opened wide, amazed at the sensations flooding

her. She raised her hands toward her chest as she became

comfortable with the motion of their hunching bodies, still

supporting herself on her elbows and began pinching her nipples

once again. She tightened and released her vaginal muscles,

stroking the huge shaft that slid between her lips.

Jim couldn't believe how good she was, how easily she was

accomodating him. Just a bit more and she would have his full

length inside her and his heavy balls would be slapping against

her tight young ass. He had longed for this chance to pump his

meat into her for so long now, and it was even better than he had

expected it to be!

Beside herself with passion, her mind caught up in the

remembrance of her nearly constant hunger of the evening and of

this fantastic realization of her deepest fantasies, Mink shoved

herself back toward Jim, wanting every inch of him inside her.

Each time she fucked back at him the head of his huge cock would

press more firmly against her cervix, but she came to accept and

enjoy the pounding that he was giving her, wanting and even

needing to feel him slamming against the opening of her womb.

Jim could feel Mink pushing back at him, encouraging him to feed

her more and more of himself, and began plunging into her even

more freely and with greater force, no longer concerned about

hurting her with his huge cock. Her body rocked forward with each

plunge of his hips, and he felt her stretching more and more with

each lunge of his hips. Bit by bit more and more of his balls

began touching her and before long he could feel the cheeks of

her ass pressing against him firmly as the full length of his

long shaft disappeared inside her.

Mink began moving her stomach up and down now, swinging her ass

up and down and around in circles, caressing the thick cock

inside her in every possible way as she dug a fingernail into her

nipple. She felt as if she were on a skewer, being impaled on it,

filled with it, turning and rotating, feeling it hot within her.

Rather than the slow build-up of passion that had accompanied her

other orgasms in the past, Mink felt an explosion within her that

came without warning. The force of it jerked her ass into the air

with such force that she swore she could feel her knees leaving

the carpeted floor. Her head fell hard to the floor, her elbows

folded, her breast spreading themselves against the carpet under

her. She felt Jim's hand on her back now, holding her down as he

continued ramming into her with more passion than she had ever

known possible.

Every nerve in her body seemed to be charged at once, and the

extreme pleasure of the manhood within her was eclipsed by the

eruption of orgasmic tremors which coursed through her from head

to foot. She shook, trembled, and was only barely able to resist

screaming out as wave after wave of pleasure exploded within her.

Jim had never seen anyone come so forcefully, and as Mink had

fallen to her chest in front of him his own orgasm had begun,

erupting within him forcefully, nearly taking his breath away.

His jerking penis pumped load after load of hot sperm into his

writhing young step-daughter as he held it deeply within her,

grasping her hips tightly and pulling her back against him hard.

Later, when it was over and Jim was leaning back against the

front of the couch recuperating, Mink had crawled to him and

gently licked her juices and the last traces of his cum from his

softening penis. She was in total awe of him now. Never had she

known such passion, nor had she in her wildest dreams believed it

could have been as wonderful as it really was.

Mink fell asleep easily that night, her body exhausted, her mind

put to ease by the long awaited for encounter with her handsome

step-father. Jim lay awake, reliving the incredible moments of

their time together. He felt himself growing hard again, and

turning onto his side, pressed his full member against Mink's

mother. She stirred slightly at his touch, and as he reached over

her hip, sliding his fingers toward her clitoris, she raised her

upper leg and reached between them, searching for his huge cock.


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