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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade81.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Farmer's Step-Daughter, Part Four

Mink enjoyed her dates with Chuck. They weren't as exciting

sexually as the ones with Matt, but Chuck was much more

considerate and liked to do a variety of interesting things,

which was a pleasant contrast to Matt's more narrow approach to

life. If nothing else it was nice to be able to dress up a bit,

to wear a dress occasionally rather than the tight jeans that

Matt usually expected her to have on.

As she prepared for her date with Chuck, Mink thought about the

difference in the clothes she had to choose from now and the ones

she had owned prior to her mother marrying Jim. Anne had always

had such conservative tastes, and would never let Mink buy

anything that was really in style or what Mink considered to be

really pretty. But Jim took Mink on all her shopping trips now,

partly to make sure she didn't shoplift, but also because he

enjoyed watching her try on different outfits, and was pleased

that she respected his opinion about what she should buy.

Unable to change Anne's clothing tastes much so far, Jim had

really enjoyed helping Mink choose her clothes. Mink trusted his

judgement completely, and where her closet had once been stocked

with long, full dresses and loose fitting slacks and blouses, now

it was full of much sexier and more up-to-date clothes, and

plenty of them. Jim seemed to have a particular preference for

tight fitting short skirts and dresses, which Mink had to admit

she did look wonderful in, and had even influenced her taste in

lingerie, encouraging her to wear garter-belts and stockings

rather than the pantyhose that so many other women seemed to

prefer. They were a bit of a bother at times, but Mink did enjoy

the way they made her feel so sexy when she wore them, and the

ease with which she could open herself to Chuck or to Jim when

she returned from her dates.

Jim amused her when they went shopping. She had more lingerie now

than she could ever hope to wear, especially the garter-belts,

but he insisted on buying her more each time they shopped. It was

never enough that she try them on in the store for him either,

once they got back home he always made her try them all on again,

often specifying which pair of high heels for her to wear, and

having her turn slowly in front of him and sometimes even walk

back and forth across the room as we watched. One one occasion he

had returned from town with a bag full of nothing but panties for

her. There had been at least two dozen pair, and she had

obediently modeled each pair for him, giving him ample time to

see them on her from all angles before sliding them off and

putting on yet another one.

Now as she sat on the edge of her bed and slid the tan stocking

up her right leg, smoothing it as she went before attaching it to

the clip of the garter-belt, Mink smiled at her handsome

step-father's obvious delight in her young body. She loved for

him to look at her, and even though there was at least a chance

that Chuck would make love to her tonight, it was not his

attentions that excited her most, but the opportunity to present

herself once again to Jim upon her return. He seemed to be

growing more and more amorous toward her with each passing day,

leaving his fingers inside her longer when he checked her young

pussy, and letting his hands slide over her breasts and legs more

sensously, touching nearly every inch of her during his


Shaking her head from side to side in an attempt to drive her

thoughts of Jim from her long enough to finish dressing, Mink

stood and slid the tight dress over her head, tugging it down

over her ripe young frame. She chuckled softly as she thought

about her naked breasts. In all the time that Jim had been buying

lingerie for her he had never bought her a single bra. She surely

didn't need them; her breasts, while full, were quite firm enough

to stand high and proud on her chest without any help of that

sort. But she had to wonder how many other girls her age had a

lingerie drawer stocked as her's was.

The doorbell rang, and Mink heard Jim letting Chuck into the

living room. What a difference in Matt and Chuck. Normally Mink

would have been ready for at least thirty minutes before Matt

would ever arrive, and the only announcement of his presence

would be the roar of his bike in the driveway outside the house.

There was certainly much to be said for someone with his manners,

even if his love-making was a bit routine and lack-luster at


As the young couple drove away, Mink slid over closer to Chuck,

sliding her dress up nearly to the tops of her stockings and

placing her hand high on his thigh. He smiled at her warmly and

placed his hand on her leg, massaging the stockinged flesh and

working his way almost too slowly toward the top of her leg.

Responding to his touch, Mink closed her eyes and lay her head on

his shoulder. She wondered if he knew that he could stop the car

at that very moment and do whatever he wanted to with her. As

much as she would enjoy the nice dinner and the movie they would

see following it, she wanted and needed more than anything to be

in the arms of a man tonight.

Sliding her hand up Chuck's thigh she found his small cock and

rubbed it gently, feeling it begin to respond. Maybe she should

suggest that they just park somewhere and forget dinner and the

movie. But she had tried that before and had been disappointed by

his lack of enthusiasm. No, she would have to wait and hope that

he would want and need her as much as she needed him. Opening her

legs and taking Chuck's hand in hers she slid it past the top of

her stocking and over her naked inner thigh pressing it against

her wet pantied crotch and wishing he would slide his fingers

under the edge and finger her. But it was not to be, as he merely

patted her and put his hand back on the wheel, turning the car

into the parking lot of the restaurant.

It was quite a nice restaurant, and Mink felt the eyes of the

other diners on her as they walked to their table. She and Chuck

made an attractive couple, but she knew that it was her on which

those eyes were focusing and it made her nipples grow even more

rigid under the tight dress.

Chuck did most of the talking during dinner, which was just as

well since Mink's mind was filled with thoughts about sex. She

tried to hide her impatience, but it seemed as if they would

never get through eating. At one point Mink had slid her high

heel off and toyed with Chucks leg under the table with her

stockinged foot. She wanted to feel it pressed against his

crotch, but Chuck had smiled and moved it back to the floor when

she had tried to put it there. The older man at the table to

their left had watched all that happen, and Mink smiled an

embarrassed smile at him as Chuck pushed her foot away. She

wasn't ashamed of her passionate nature, she just wished that

Chuck would take advantage of it.

Finally dinner was over, and as they walked back out to the car,

Mink finally decided to suggest they go somewhere other than the


"Are your Mom and Dad home?", she asked, taking his arm and

laying her head on his shoulder.

Chuck laughed quietly, glancing down at his friend. It wasn't the

first time she had asked him that question, and he knew exactly

why she was asking.

"They were going out don't want to see the movie?",

he asked.

"Whatever you want is okay, but I'd really like to be alone with

you", she replied.

"We can watch a movie on tv if you like", he said. "We'll go to a

movie next week."

Mink smiled warmly. For some reason she especially needed sex

tonight, and the prospect of sitting through the long movie in

the theater with Chuck absent-mindedly playing with her had been

such a frustrating one.

Later, in the darkened living room of Chuck's house, Mink lay

with her head in his lap, the tight dress raised to her waist.

Her feet were flat on the couch, her legs opened, her panties

moist from the heat she felt inside them. Chuck ran his fingers

through her hair with one hand, and stroked the inside of her

thigh lightly with the other, his forearm pressed against her

pubic bone, his upper arm resting against Mink's left breast.

While her head was turned toward the flickering light of the

television, her mind was on the bulge she could feel pressing

against the back of her head under Chuck's pants and on the

burning need she felt to take him inside her. She felt his cock

make a tiny jerk and smiled at the realization that he was

beginning to respond to her. Ever so slowly she pressed her hips

upward, straining to rub her hardening clitoris against his

forearm. She felt him press back down at her and hunched back

upward more openly, wishing to encourage him. He pressed back

harder, sliding his hand down her thigh even closer to her wet

crotch and Mink began letting her hips rise and fall hotly,

humping herself against his arm.

Mink could feel Chuck's hardness complete now under her head, and

would have gladly rolled over onto her stomach and pressed her

face to his crotch taking him deeply into her mouth. She would

have kept her legs opened to him, and he could have fingered her

bottom any way he wished while she sucked his sperm into her. But

Chuck wasn't inclined to appreciate Mink's enjoyment of oral sex

that much. Maybe it was his knowledge of her relationship with

Matt and the conviction that she just as eagerly fell to her

knees in front of him, but whatever it was he preferred to lay

between her legs and take her pussy (like married people do it,

he always said).

Reaching down and taking Chuck's hand in hers she slid it to her

crotch, pressing his fingers against her wet panties. Chuck slid

his fingers up and down her slit, touching her clitoris firmly

the whole time with some part of his moving hand. Mink moaned

softly and continued hunching her hips upward hotly, loving the

feel of him touching her. She kept her hand on top of his,

guiding his strokes and before long feeling the accumulation of

her juices on his fingers as they leaked through the crotch of

the thin panties.

Stopping him for a second, she pulled the crotch of her panties

to the side, allowing him total access to her naked slit, and

groaning as his fingers slid between her trembling lips. Chuck

really wasn't very good at fingering her, but at the same time

his unstudied approach made it impossible to guess what he would

do next, and that in itself was often exciting. Mink was so

turned on by now that anything he had done would have pleased

her, just as long as he kept it up.

Finally he pressed his thumb into her, the top of it pressing

against her clit, and Mink turned her head to look at him,

moaning again and rubbing her right breast with her hand.

"Make love to me, Chuck", she breathed hotly. It would have been

"fuck me, Matt!" had she been with her other friend, and quite

possibly if she had been with ANY man other than Chuck, but she

knew better than to talk like that to him.

"Please do it, I want it so much!", she pleaded.

Chuck pulled his finger out of her and wiped it on her naked

thigh. Mink sat up, to allow him to change positions, and when he

had risen from the couch, she scooted backward, laying her ripe

young body on the couch again, her right foot moving to the

floor, her left leg rising to lay across the back of the couch.

She would have preferred taking off the panties, but Chuck was

always afraid his parents would come home and interrupt them and

that her panties would be left behind as evidence of their sin.

Mink watched her handsome young lover unzipping his pants and

reaching inside to retrieve his now hard and throbbing cock.

Reaching between her lewdly opened legs, she pulled the crotch of

her panties to the side again, exposing herself and making his

task as easy as she possibly could.

Chuck knelt on the couch, guiding his shaft with his left hand

and supporting himself on the back of the couch with his right.

He probed awkwardly, the slick head of his young manhood pressing

here and there, trying his best to find the center of her

opening. Mink finally reached to help him, and taking the hot

shaft in her hand pressed it to just the right place, hunching

herself upward to aid his entrance.

Her mind screamed its pleasure to her as the intruder made its

way deeper and deeper into her moist opening. Yes! This was what

she had been hungering for all night long, what she needed and

wanted so desperately! Reaching for Chuck's waist, Mink wrapped

her legs around him, pushing herself upward toward him as he

began moving in and out of her.

The glare of the headlights illuminating the darkened room

preceded the sound of the car in the driveway as Chuck's parents

arrived home earlier than expected.

"Damn! They're home!", he exclaimed, pushing Mink's grasping legs

away from him and removing his now deflating cock from her still

hungry sex. Mink's hand flew to her clit and she rubbed it hotly

as Chuck rose from the couch, shoving himself back into his


"Get up! Pull your dress down! They're home!", he whispered

desperately. "Mink!! Come on!"

Overcome with frustration, Mink tore her hand away from her needy

sex and swung her legs to the floor, tugging at the dress to pull

it back down in an acceptable manner. Chuck fell heavily to the

couch, putting his arm around her just as his Mother called out

to them from the kitchen.

Their close call at being caught discouraged Chuck from trying

anything further that evening, even though Mink had pleaded with

him to take her to the overlook on the way home. There would be

other times, he said, no need to push their luck when it was this

late already.

Kissing him goodnight sweetly on the porch outside the farm

house, Mink outwardly tried to appear understanding. Inwardly her

frustration still burned hotly, and she was angry that she had

been deprived of the pleasure she hungered for so deeply.

Entering the living room and finding her step-father awaiting her

as usual, Mink tried to hide the emotions that coursed through

her and assumed that she was successful. She was not.


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