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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade80.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Farmer's Step-daughter, Part Three

As the days and weeks passed, Mink grew increasingly frustrated

by her handsome step-father's failure to take her sexually as she

hungered for him to do. He did continue "checking her" after her

dates, and she loved it as much as ever, but it seemed that Jim

was never going to plunge into her with his own manhood. Once or

twice she had brazenly held his hand against her sex and ground

her hips against it, hoping that her heat would arouse him to the

point that he could control himself no longer; but in spite of

the fact that Jim had appeared pleased by her actions, he had

made her stop both times before she could bring herself to


If Mink's mother was aware of the sexual desire Mink felt for

Jim, or even of her being "checked" after each date there was no

evidence of it. Anne seemed more than content with Jim's handling

of the young girl, and the normalcy that Mink's improved behavior

had brought to their home. Whatever method Jim was using it was

certainly working, and that was the important thing.

There was no question that Mink's affection for Jim had much to

do with her new ability to stay out of trouble, but living on the

farm helped as well. Jim kept her busy with farm chores when she

wasn't dating or doing schoolwork, and as the school year drew to

a close there would be more and more hours spent caring for the

animals that shared the farm with them.

Mink had grown fond of her chores, and more especially of the

animals she cared for. She gave each of them names, learning

their particular mannerisms, and developing a raport with them

which was interesting to observe. Her main duty was the feeding

and grooming of the large animals, the cattle and horses, and

while she was at first a bit hesitant around them, over time she

came to trust them and they her.

The horses were her favorites, and Mink treated each of them like

like a show horse, brushing and combing their manes, keeping them

clean, well fed and well exercised. She loved watching them

breed, and as the mares gave birth, Mink watched over the young

foals as if they were her own children.

Jim enjoyed watching Mink take such an interest in the animals.

He saw the fondness which she felt for them, and had noticed her

particular attachment for the horses. As school ended and the

summer months wore on, Jim allowed Mink more and more of the

responsibility for their care, instructing her in administering

the medication they often required, even showing her how to clean

the stallions' large cocks before they were allowed to perform

their stud duties with neighboring farmer's mares.

Mink tried not to let Jim notice her fascination with the huge

cocks, but she came to love the opportunity to wash them and care

for them. She made it a part of her daily routine with her

favorite horses, not waiting until they were to be with a mare,

but cleaning them each afternoon, watching them grow so long and

hard, and rubbing her small hands up and down the full length of

them. On one occasion the big black stallion that Mink had come

to think of as her own had ejaculated while she rubbed him,

spewing an unbelievable amount of warm cum in seemingly endless

streams as she rubbed him up and down his shaft. Mink had stared

open-mouthed at the spectacle, shocked but pleased at what she

had made happen. As she stared at the pools of horse cum there in

the straw, she wondered just how much it would be like the cum

that she had so often taken from Matt's cock. Would it feel like

his cum on her skin? Would it taste like his? There was so much

of it! What would it be like to feel it shooting into her, long

gush after long gush pouring into her mouth or her vagina?

Such thoughts embarassed Mink, but excited her as well, and she

had moved back into the corner of the stall and had rubbed her

wet pussy hotly, staring at the still hard cock and the puddles

of warm horse semen. She felt so depraved, fingering herself

there in front of the stallion, thinking about his cock and his

cum, but never had she felt so much passion course through her

body. Surely it would be impossible to take such a huge cock into

herself...but yet Mink thought about it as she masturbated. Could

she open that wide? How much of its length could she take? How

could she position her body to allow the huge animal to fuck her?

Suppose he tried to put the whole thing into her...would he harm

her, or perhaps keep her from ever being able to have babies?

Maybe she would just lick the head sometime and let him spray her

face. She could keep her mouth open if she wanted, and taste him.

Or she could close it if it got to be too much, letting the warm

semen splash against her face and run over her breasts and


Lifting her hips from the straw and plunging her fingers rapidly

between her wet lips, Mink came strongly, grunting and moaning,

staring at the big black stallion as waves of passion washed over

her. When it was over she fell back weakly, lying there amazed at

what she had just done. What would people think if they knew what

she had been thinking? What would Jim think of her? Would it make

him never want to have her sexually? Or would it make him want

her even more? All these questions and more had run through the

young girl's mind as she rested there, trying to sort out her

emotions and reconcile them with the deep hungers and needs

inside her.

Unknown to Mink, Jim had been very much aware of his

step-daughter's actions. He had happened upon her just as the

stallion was coming, and had stepped back into the shadows to see

just what her reaction would be. It had been incredibly exciting

to watch her, and he had taken out his cock and stroked it as he

saw her fascinating response. His own orgasm had occurred almost

simultaneously with hers as he had watched her lifting her hips

and working her fingers hotly inside herself. Perhaps he had

underestimated the passion that lived within the slim girl's

body. He hadn't wanted to rush her sexually, hadn't wanted to

frighten her or push her away from him. But after seeing the heat

in her reaction to the horse's eruption, he began to realize that

was extremely unlikely.

Slipping unobserved from the shadows and through the door of the

barn, Jim walked back toward the house re-evaluating Mink's

development. Perhaps she was indeed ready for more from him. Yes,

perhaps now was the time.


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