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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade79.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Farmer's Step-daughter, Part Two

The cool night air blew Mink's long hair back as they rode

through the streets, the big Harley throbbing beneath her bottom.

She gripped Matt tightly with her legs and arms, her head resting

against the black leather jacket he wore. She had no idea where

they were going, and really didn't care. She knew that before the

night was over Matt would be on top of her, pumping his young

meat into her with a ferocity that no one else had been able to

match. Chuck certainly couldn't, although his tender approach to

love-making (as he called it) did have its appeal at times. She

might have to spend a part of the evening watching Matt shoot

pool with his friends before he would get around to having his

way with her, but she didn't mind that. Since that first time,

when Matt had taken her into the backroom at the Biker's Barn and

had bent her over the oil drum and fucked her hard from behind,

they had never failed to do it at least once when they were on a

date, and if she had to watch some pool shooting first, that was

okay with her.

As she thought about what was sure to lay ahead of her that

evening, Mink let her hand slide to Matt's crotch, and rubbed his

thick cock through the conforming black leather pants. She loved

to touch him like that, to wrap her fingers around the bulge in

his left pants leg. It was always there, never in the right leg

or pressed against his belly, but always angled to the left,

always large enough and firm enough to find easily and to enjoy.

She slid her small fingers back and forth over the cool, slick

leather, her thumb and forefinger slipping briefly over the

prominent rim of his big cock head before sliding back down the

shaft once more.

As she continued stroking Matt, Mink thought about her step-

father, wondering if his cock was large like Matt's or somewhat

smaller like Chuck's. She had tried to be in the right place at

the right time on several occasions, hoping to catch a glimpse of

Jim with his organ exposed, but had so far been unsuccessful.

Would tonight be the night she would see it for the first time?

God!... she hoped so! All she had been able to think about for

the last few days was what Jim had said to her about "checking

her" after her dates, and now as she and Matt rode along and she

stroked his thick cock with her hand, she felt her tiny bikini

panties soaking up her juices as she grew wetter and wetter.

Mink had always been fascinated by cocks. Her natural father had

always kept some dirty magazines in his dresser drawer, and when

there was no one else around Mink would slip them from their

hiding place and look at the men in them, their big dicks so long

and thick and angry looking. She liked to look at the women too,

and had always wondered what it would be like to kiss another

woman "there", as some of the pictures showed. When she played

with herself she would remove her wet fingers from her sex and

put them in her mouth, sucking the juices, pretending in her mind

that it was another woman's juices she was tasting, rather than

her own. She found the taste pleasant, actually, certainly more

pleasant than the cum that men expected her to take into her

mouth. But the cum did come from cocks after all, and that made

all the difference. She would take anything that came from a cock

and love it, that's how much she loved them.

Mink's fascination with cocks also extended to the farm animals.

Not long after they had moved to the farm, Mink had witnessed a

stallion and a mare coupling in the field. She couldn't believe

the size of the black horse's cock! It seemed at least 36 inches

long, and as big around as her forearm, maybe even bigger!

Watching the big black stallion mount the mare from behind and

pump into her with that monstrous dick had made Mink hot, and she

had laid in the hay in the barn afterward and played with

herself, thinking about the huge horse dick she had just been

priledged to see.

Matt downshifted and turned the bike hard to the left, awakening

Mink from her reverie. He had turned onto McAlister Park Drive,

and was now heading up the hill toward the picnic shelters.

Passing the first two shelters, Matt slid the bike to a halt at

shelter number three and pulled Mink from the bike roughly. The

shelter was dark, only dimly lighted by the light from the dusk

to dawn light at shelter number two, and Mink stumbled along

behind Matt until he reached a table in the center of the

shelter. He lifted her, setting her down on the table and pushing

her back onto her back, pushing her short leather mini- skirt up

to her waist and tugging the tiny panties down her legs.

"Damn, baby... you were about to make me splash in my fuckin

pants! I don't know what's got you so fuckin hot tonight, but if

you need some dick, you're about to get it!", he said hotly,

spreading her legs open and pulling her to the edge of the table.

Mink was somewhat puzzled by the rough way in which Matt was

taking her, unaware that she had been pumping his hard cock for

all she was worth as her mind had roamed earlier on the bike. But

she made no effort to stop him, finding his urgency nothing more

than a match for the heat she was feeling herself. She wrapped

her legs around his leather clad body, bracing herself for the

entrance of his thick meat into her more than ready hole.

Quickly unzipping his pants, Matt struggled to remove his hard

cock and reached forward with his left hand to hold Mink's sex

open in readiness for his entrance. His fingers pushed her slick

lips apart and he moved forward, pressing the big head of his

dick into her with one long and hard plunge.

Mink gasped, feeling the huge cock slamming into her. She grasped

the table under her with her hands, trying to steady herself

against this onslaught, and tightened her thighs, trying to hold

Matt inside her. But she was no match for his strength, and Matt

pulled back, his cock moving outward and then slamming home once

more. Over and over he plunged into her, his heavy balls slapping

her ass as he rammed her with his hard fuck meat.

Almost before she was aware of what was happening, Mink found

herself exploding with passion, her thighs jerking against her

young lover, her orgasm coursing through her slim body. She

grunted hotly as she hunched her hips back up at Matt, and was

only vaguely aware that he was now spurting into her, his cock

jerking as he released his load of hot cum into her trembling


Mink clenched her vaginal lips, milking Matt's withering cock

until he finally removed it from her, wiping the head against her

thigh and tucking it back into his pants. She lay back on the

table, panting and resting, unaware that Matt had walked back to

the bike. Hearing it start with a roar, Mink jumped from the

table and pulled her panties back up under her skirt, running to

the bike and throwing her leg over it and wrapping her arms

around him once again before he roared off.

The rest of the evening passed slowly for Mink. Normally she

would have had the anticipation of Matt taking her sexually to

make it more palatable, but she realized quite correctly that her

one fuck for the night had already taken place. Finally their

date had ended and Matt had dropped her off at the farm, roaring

away before she ever got to the front door of the house.

Just as he had promised, Jim was waiting for her in the living

room upon her arrival, watching tv from his favorite chair. He

was still fully dressed, and smiled warmly at Mink as she entered

the room.

"Hi!", he said pleasantly, "how was your date?"

Mink tossed her purse down on the table and slid the jacket from

her shoulders.

"It was fine... just about like usual. I like Matt, even though

sometimes I get bored with him and his friends. But, I had fun."

"I'm glad you had fun. Do you remember our conversation of the

other night?", Jim asked.

"Yes, I do", Mink answered quietly. "You want to check me now...


"Yes, Mink", Jim said, folding his hands in his lap.

"Uh..okay..if thats what you want", Mink said, moving in front of

Jim and slowly unbuttoning the blouse. She seldom wore a bra, her

young tits full but firm. She slid the blouse from her shoulders,

blushing a bit as she watched Jim's eyes take in the beauty of

her medium sized breasts. She unzipped the skirt in back and slid

it down her legs, stepping out of it and tossing it to the floor

beside her. Jim's eyes were now running up and down her long

legs, exploring, savoring her soft curves. Mink swallowed hard

and hooked her fingers in the waist-band of the tiny panties,

tugging them downward and stepping from them, tossing them in the

pile formed by her blouse and skirt. Unsure what to do with her

hands, she simply clasped them together in front of herself and


"Good... now open your legs a bit wider, Mink", Jim instructed.

Mink moved her right foot to the right, opening her legs a bit

wider, feeling her face flush and her sex growing wetter.

"Yes, thats it... now, clasp your hands behind your back", Jim

said evenly.

Mink moved her hands behind her, clasping them in the small of

her back, aware of the way it made her breasts push outward when

she did that.

Jim moved to the edge of his seat in front of her and looked at

her naked body, taking his own sweet time and observing every

visible part of her up close.

"Did your young friend enter you tonight, Mink?", Jim asked,

matter of factly.

Mink blushed and grew more excited, thinking about the hard

fucking that Matt had given her on the picnic table earlier.

"Yes, he did, Jim", she replied, hoarsely.

"Did he enter you in your mouth, or your pussy, or your asshole,

Mink?", Jim asked, looking into her eyes.

"In my... uh... in my pussy, Jim... this time", Mink replied,


"You will call me sir when you answer my questions, Mink", he

said, seriously.

"Yes, sir", Mink replied meekly.

"Did he spurt inside your pussy also, Mink?", he asked.

"Yes, he did... sir."

"You said, this time... does he also spurt in your other holes at

times, Mink?"

Mink swallowed hard. She had never told anyone about the things

that Matt did to her... or Chuck for that matter. "Yes, sir... he

sometimes spurts into my mouth... but never in my... my... well,

back there. Wouldnt' that be very painful, sir?"

Jim reached out and slid one finger slowly between Mink's wet

vaginal lips, opening them as he looked closely at them.

"Well, some women come to love being entered in their assholes,

Mink. Some even prefer it that way and come more strongly that

way than any other. I feel sure you will come to love it that way

as well in time." He slid his middle finger into her wet opening,

moving it around slowly within her.

Mink closed her eyes tightly, embarrassed but tremendously

excited by Jim's touch and his talk.

"I have so much to learn... but I want to learn", she said.

"Yes, I know you do, Mink, and learn you will, I'll see to that",

he said evenly, his finger continuing its prodding.

"Your nipples grow quite hard when you are touched in this way,

don't they, Mink?", Jim asked.

"Yes sir... my nipples are very sensitive. Sometimes Matt sucks

them and bites them... and it feels so good", she replied

honestly. She could hardly believe that it was so easy to talk

about these things with Jim, but it was. He seemed to understand

her so well!

Jim withdrew his finger and held it in front of his face, looking

at it intently. Mink looked at it also, and saw the juices

covering it, and blushed even more deeply. Jim placed it in his

mouth and sucked it, cleaning it as she watched, his eyes fixed

on hers as he licked it clean.

"That will be all, Mink", Jim said, leaning back in his seat and

crossing his hands in his lap once more.

Mink looked at him, her mouth opening with consternation. She had

assumed there would be more than this. She had thought... but she

knew that it was over. This examination had ended and there would

be no more for tonight. Somewhat disappointed, but still excited

by exposing her naked body to Jim, Mink picked up her clothes and

turned to leave the room. Stopping before she reached the door to

the hallway, she stopped, and turning back toward Jim, said,

"Thank you, sir, for checking me."

"You're welcome, Mink. Sleep well", he replied.

Mink walked up the stairs naked, still unsure what to make of her

examination, and still perplexed by her step-father's failure to

take her as Matt had done earlier. She would have allowed him to

do just that, in fact she had wanted him to do it. Couldn't he

tell that? Should she have asked him to do it to her? What had

she done wrong?

She bathed herself quickly, cleaning her body and drying herself

off with the big terry-cloth towel before laying naked between

the cool sheets. Perhaps he will come to me in the night, she

thought. Perhaps he will come to me and teach me how to accept

him in my ass. I will sleep with my legs open, ready for him, in

case he does come to me. He can have me however he chooses,

anyway, anytime.

The young, naked step-daughter's hand moved between her legs once

again, and when it had finished its happy work there and had been

cleaned by her hungry mouth it rested on her stomach, sleeping

with her and dreaming of things to come.


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