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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade78.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Farmer's Step-daughter, Part One

Her full name was Melinda Kay Burch, but they all called her

Mink. Her step-father had begun calling her that when she had

been caught trying to shoplift a mink coat from a store in a

nearby city. Mink had been caught on several occasions trying to

pull similar stunts and had been in and out of reform schools

since the age of eleven. Mink's mother did everything she knew to

do for her, but there was a wild streak in her that it seemed

impossible to tame.

Her natural father had been of no help at all, and most everyone

attributed Mink's proclivities to his influence on her. Mink's

mother had left her father when Mink was fifteen years old on the

advice of the social services department who believed him

responsible for most of Mink's problems. Not quite three months

after their divorce was final she had met Jim and they had

married shortly thereafter.

Jim and Anne had gotten along well from the start. Anne had a

tendency to be rather weak and indecisive where Mink was

concerned and needed a strong man as a mate. Jim was just that, a

tall, slim but muscular man of simple ways and tastes who had

grown up on his father's farm and had taken it over upon his

death. It had been a dairy farm at one time, but now the milking

barn was used mainly for the storage of hay for the beef cattle

and horses that Jim raised and sold at the market.

Anne had enjoyed learning the farm life and was quite a bit of

help to Jim, always eager to please him in all ways and

captivated by his dominant charm and inner strength. Even Mink

had seemed to adapt well to the new environment and seemed to

respect and admire her new step-father, who was obviously fond of

her. Anne had expressed to Jim her desire for him to be the

father figure that Mink had so long been without, and Jim had

accepted that task gladly and seemed to be doing a wonderful job.

It was partly because of the closeness that Jim and Mink seemed

to be developing and also because of Anne's frustration with her,

that after the attempted shoplifting of the fur coat, Anne had

pleaded with Jim to do whatever he could to straighten out the

young thief.

"I'm completely at a loss, Jim", Anne sighed. "She's never

listened to me or to anyone else, and if she gets caught trying

anything like this again she'll get much more than a three month

sentence, they've already said as much! Every time she comes back

from those reform schools she seems wilder than ever... I just

don't know what to do with her!"

"She needs discipline, Anne... she's never really had it from

anyone. I don't mean to be critical of you, you're just too sweet

and soft, and can't stand to see her unhappy about anything. I'm

not sure you can stand to see her get the discipline she really


"I know... I'm not sure I can either. But I trust you, Jim. I

trust you, and I know that Mink cares enough for you that she

will respond to you and the discipline you can give her. Please

do what you can... whatever it takes... Please?"

"If thats what you want, Anne, but I must tell you that I will

have to do it MY way. Mink needs more than simple discipline...

she needs something to keep her too busy for shoplifting, and

something to fill the emptiness that she feels inside. I can

provide what she needs, but it will be an unusual approach... one

that you must accept and trust me with entirely."

"Anything, Jim. Whatever it takes, please do it. If there are

parts of it you don't feel I can handle, then keep them from me,

but do whatever you can, however you can do it. I promise that if

Mink comes to me that I will explain to her that you have my

complete support in everything you are doing, no matter what it


After this discussion, Mink's relationship with her stepfather

began to change. It was a gradual change, one carefully planned

and guided by Jim, and so natural that Mink was completely

unaware that there was anything planned about it. She only knew

that she was growing closer and closer to him both emotionally

and physically. She was becoming more and more aware of inner

strengths and qualities in her step-father that were drawing her

to him more closely with each passing day. If at one point she

had resented his advice and instruction, she now began desiring

it, coming to him often to discuss things that were bothering

her, accepting correction from him without animosity, honestly

interested and concerned about what he thought.

There were times now when their eyes met and Mink could feel

something very deep inside her being touched gently, yet firmly.

It was a strange emotion for Mink, a crazy mixture that she

couldn't really understand, but which seemed to be made up of

love, fear, passion and trust. There was a sensuousness

developing between them that was different from anything she had

experienced with the boys she had known, and yet there had been

no real physical contact between the two of them. Jim often

hugged her, of course, and when she offered her lips to him he

would kiss her there softly... but he never prolonged the kiss

nor allowed his hands to roam over her young body.

Jim's reluctance to try her limits was something which had

surprised Mink from the start. She knew he must surely find her

attractive... all the men did... and she often caught him

watching her at times when her legs or breasts were a bit more

exposed than they might usually be. Mink had heard tales about

stepfathers from the girls in the reform school, and fully

expected Jim to try to take advantage of her young charms. He

never had, inspite of the fact that Mink had purposely teased him

with her young body from time to time.

As she grew closer to Jim, Mink began wanting him sexually as she

had never wanted any man. The desire burned so hotly inside her

that she wondered if her mother was aware of it, or if Jim could

see it when he looked at her. A day never passed now that Mink

didn't lay in her bed in her room, rubbing her hard little

clitoris and fantasizing about her handsome step-father taking

her naked body in his arms and filling her with his manhood.

It wasn't as if there were no other men in Mink's life. There

were a couple of the local guys that Mink dated from time to

time. They were as different as two men could be, Matt the virile

athletic type, resplendent in is black leather biker's outfit,

and Chuck (or Charles, as his mother called him... God, how Mink

hated that), who was the upper-class type... college-bound, his

success assured by his family's connections. Matt's parents could

care less who he dated, or what he did, as long as they weren't

bothered any more than absolutely necessary. Chuck's parents were

embarrassed by his interest in Mink and did all they could do to

try to persuade him to turn his romantic attentions elsewhere.

Mink was having sex with both of them whenever it was convenient...

more often with Matt simply because he would take her

wherever he could, while Chuck seemed to prefer more secluded and

romantic surroundings, which weren't always easily available to

them. Mink's mother had made sure that she was taking the pill,

but until recently, Jim had made no mention of her activities

with the two boys.

When he finally brought it up, Mink was a bit surprised by what

she heard.

"Mink, I know that you are sexually active with your young

friends. I also know that you are on the pill, which is good, but

from now on you will come to me after your dates and let me check

you over to make sure that you are protected as much as possible.

Your mother and I are proud of your development into a young

woman and merely want to make sure that you develop in the proper


"You want to `check me over'?", Mink asked, a bit confused.

"Yes, I'll wait up for you, to make sure that you are returned

home safely. Then you will come to me and remove your clothing

and I will examine you to be sure there has been no damage done

to you which might require medical attention."

Mink had never been more excited in her life as she was when she

thought about standing nude in front of Jim, allowing him to

examine her body after having been on dates. Would he enter her

himself when he did that, she wondered? Would she be taken by

Matt or Chuck, and then come home to be used once more by her

handsome step-father? As she thought about all the possibilities

she felt her heart pounding within her chest and could feel her

nipples hardening under the shirt she was wearing. She swallowed

hard before replying to her step-father.

"You're so sweet... I still have so much to learn about sex. I'm

glad you care enough to want to protect me. Thanks!"

She threw her arms around Jim's neck, hugging him tightly and

loving the feel of her breasts as they pushed against his broad,

manly chest. Jim's arms wrapped around her and he pulled her to

him in a way he had never done before, her crotch being pulled

tightly to his, his member full and pressing against her soft

belly. Suddenly he released her and pushed her away.

"Now," he said smiling, holding her at arms length, "you get to

bed... we'll talk about all of this another time."

Mink retired to her bedroom obediently that night and stood for

quite some time in front of the full length mirror on her closet

door, examining her ripe young body and imagining what it would

be like to present it to Jim. Her hands roamed over her ripe

breasts, teasing her nipples to their full hardness. Her right

hand slid down her flat belly and through the soft, sparse pubic

hair to her throbbing clitoris and wet soft lips. Staring into

her eyes, her peripheral vision taking in the remainder of her

nakedness, Mink moved her hips hotly against her intruding

fingers, hunching lewdly as she thought about her handsome

stepfather and the earlier feel of his cock pressing against her.

When she came, her orgasm seemed to run on forever, as if it

would never end, and she covered her mouth with her left hand,

afraid she might scream her passion into the dark house.

Later as she tossed and turned in the big bed, Mink thought about

how lucky she was to have Jim for a step-father. She would do

whatever he asked of her, no matter what it was. The emptiness

she had felt so deeply in the past was being filled now, and it

was wonderful beyond words. The possibility still existed that

she might disappoint him in some way, she knew that... she seemed

pretty good at making mistakes sometimes... but she would make

that up to him if it happened, no matter what she had to do.

Her hand slid between her legs once more, her fingers toying with

her clitoris and sliding between the lips of her sex again.

Yes... yes, Jim... whatever you say, whatever you wish...


Continued in MRWADE79.STY: Part Two of The Farmer's Step-daughter


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