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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade76.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Portrait Of A Stripper

     The  following  is  based  on conversations with Vicki.  I have no

reason  to  doubt the veracity of her story and have tried to represent

it  accurately  here for your enjoyment.  While the words are mine, the

deeds were Vicki's.  Enjoy.

     I've  fucked  hundreds of guys.  Other women have fucked more guys

than  me,  I'm sure, but I bet none of them enjoyed it any more than me

when they did.  I love and crave cum.

     I  don't  know  exactly  when  I  started having these "different"

desires.   I  use  the  word different, because I don't like to say I'm

not  normal  or  that my desires aren't normal, even though I know that

those  of  us who have them are in the minority when it comes to women.

I  was  a  pretty average teenager, I think.  I've always had nice legs

and  have  been  pretty attractive all along, but it wasn't until I had

breast  enhancement surgery (a boob job) that men really started coming

on  to  me big time.  I wear a 36C or D depending on the bra now and my

nipples are very, very sensitive.

     I've  never dated anyone that I didn't fuck at least once.  I lost

my  cherry  when  I was 13 to a guy who lived on my street.  He was 19.

I also learned how to suck cock from him.  I guess I owe him alot.

     It  was  just  after  my  high school graduation that I was turned

into  a  real  slut.   I  had  just moved to a city a couple of hundred

miles  from  home to attend college and had gone to a bar with a couple

of  new  girlfriends.   They seldom checked id's at that bar as long as

you  were  with a group of girls and I looked older than my age anyway.

Both  of  the  girls I went with got hooked up with guys pretty quickly

and  wound  up  going out to their cars to fuck them, leaving me in the

bar  alone.   I  was feeling kind of left out when a good looking older

man  approached  me and started talking to me.  He had quite a way with

words and pretty soon I was walking out to his car with him.

     I  thought  we  would just neck in the parking lot, but he started

the  car  and drove to a park not far from the college.  I still wasn't

worried,  particularly,  even  though I didn't know the man at all.  He

seemed like a nice enough guy.

     Once  he  stopped  the  car  and  turned the engine off he was all

hands.   It  was as if nothing could happen fast enough for him.  I got

kinda  scared  and got out of the car and he chased me down in the park

and  raped  me there in the dark, ripping my clothes off and fucking me

very  roughly.   I'd  never  been  with  anyone so forceful before, and

while  I  struggled  and  tried  with  all  my  might to resist him, he

overpowered me, slapping me whenever I tried to call out for help.

     Once  he  put his dick into me I gave in and just let him do it to

me.   He  was  very  large  and at first I lay still trying to keep him

from  hitting  the  back  of  my pussy when he fucked his long big dick

into  me.   But before I knew it I found myself coming, with no warning

at  all!  He laughed when he saw I was coming and kept fucking me until

I had come two more times before he spilled his load into me.

     I  know  its  very  slutty  to admit that I came three times while

being  raped, but its the truth.  I've never been the same since.  When

he  was  done  with  me he left me there in the park, and after I had a

chance  to  pull  myself  together  I  walked back to the school in the

dark.   It was very late by that time, and I managed to clean myself up

without anyone knowing what had happened to me.

     I  lay  there  in  the bed that night, crying and trying to decide

what  I should do.  I was very embarrassed to have been raped almost my

first  night  at  the college and really didn't know anyone well enough

to  tell  them about it.  The more I thought about it though the more I

realized  that  while  I  hadn't  willingly  let him fuck me that I had

never  enjoyed  being  fucked  anymore than I enjoyed him fucking me so

roughly.   I  had  certainly never come three times in one fuck before.

By  the  next morning I felt okay about just keeping it a secret and it

was months before I told anyone about it.  I never saw that man again.

     I  suppose  it was seeing the other girls in the dorm that made me

become  disatisfied with my breasts.  The ones with the big tits seemed

to  be  having  all  the  fun, and while I dated some I never seemed to

attract  the  hunks  like  they  did.   One of the girls, a very petite

little  blonde  named Janet, told me about having her breasts worked on

and  how  her social life had changed after she had done it.  I started

saving  the  money  that I made while working in the cafeteria and made

plans to have the same surgery done to my tits as soon as possible.

     While   I  was  saving  my  money  Janet  introduced  me  to  some

fraternity  guys  who  would fuck anything that walked whether they had

tits  or  not.   I  learned  that I could be the life of the party even

with  little  tits  and  was soon having a great time letting myself go

and being a real slut at all their parties.

     I  had  always  been  a pretty good dancer, and the guys seemed to

like  to  watch  me  dance.   It was just a matter of time before I was

dancing  in  front of all of them and taking off my clothes for them as

well.   As  long  as I had a couple of drinks or a joint or two I would

do  almost  anything.   It  seemed like the more sluttish I behaved the

more sluttish I wanted to behave and the more it turned me on.

     One  night  when  I  stripped  for  them someone started chanting,

"slut,  slut,  slut, slut" as I did the old bump and grind there on the

table.   Pretty soon everyone in the room was joining in the chant, and

it  made  me hotter than I had been since the rape!  I started touching

myself  openly there as they chanted, sliding first one finger and then

two  fingers  into  my hole.  The guys started coming up closer so they

could  see  better  and  reaching out to touch my legs and breasts as I

fingered myself hotly in front of them.

     "Watch  the  little  tramp go!", one of them shouted.  "Fuck those

fingers,  baby,  fuck  'em  good!",  another yelled.   "You ARE a slut,

Vicki,  you know you are!  Tell us!  Tell us all what a slut you are!",

another  demanded  as he pulled my fingers out of my cunt and stuck his

own deep inside me.

     My  head  rolled  back  with passion as I felt my knees weakening.

He  repeated  his  demand  as  another  man  stuck a finger up my rear.

"Tell us exactly what you are, Vicki!...Tell us good and loud!"

     "I'm  a  slut!",  I said, blushing deeply, but hunching the finger

fucker's fingers like I had never had anything inside me before.

     "Louder, you little whore!...Louder!!", he demanded again.

     I  shouted  it out this time, feeling myself nearing orgasm.  "I'M


     Everyone  cheered  loudly,  applauding  their  naked little finger

humping  slut.   The guy that had demanded I admit my sluttishness took

his  fingers  out of me just as I was about to come!  He pushed me down

onto  the  table,  my head hanging off one end and spread my legs open,

taking his dick out of his pants and kneeling between my legs.

     Someone  poured  a  drink into my mouth.  It was strong and burned

my  throat going down, but I soon forgot about it as the guy between my

legs  began  fucking  his  dick  in and out of me to the delight of the

rest  of  the  fraternity.   I was in heaven!  Before long another frat

brother  was  sliding his hard fuck meat into my mouth and pumping into

me with abandon.

     Three  more  guys  pumped  their  fuck into me before they stopped

long  enough  to  give  me  a breather.  They continued to play with me

while  I  caught  my  breath, talking ever dirtier to me and teasing me

about   needing  cum  so  much.   I  teased  right  back  and  admitted

everything  they tried to get me to admit.  They kept handing me drinks

as  they  stood  around  me  calling me dirty names and playing roughly

with  any part of my body they wanted to, and finally one guy commented

about my thirst.

     "You  sure can hold your liquor, Vicki, and you seem to be able to

hold lots of cum too!", he laughed.

     A  big  guy  who played on the football team walked up and holding

an  empty  beer mug in front of him took his cock out and began pissing

into  it.   "I'll  fix  you something to drink, Vicki!", he said in his

deep  voice.   The  other  guys hooted loudly and before long they were

passing  the  mug  around filling it to the brim with warm yellow piss.

I was too drunk and too turned on to care.

     When  they  handed  the  mug  to  me  I smiled broadly at them and

lifted  the  glass  to  my lips and began drinking.  I drank as much as

possible  the  first time, trying to get it all down at once, but there

was  just  too  much!   I lowered the mug and licked my lips sexily and

then  downed  the rest of the mug to the delight of the guys.  Emptying

the  glass  brought on another round of fucking, and when the night was

over I had fucked ten different guys.  I'll never forget that night.

     From  that point on I was the darling of that fraternity and began

getting  screwed  at  least  15  or  20  times a week.  I loved it, and

became  more  more and more acclimated to the taste of cum to the point

that I really began to need it in my mouth.

     Some  of  the  guys  took  me to a dirty book store one night, one

that  had  live  booths  where the girls would play with themselves and

even  suck  off the men that watched them.  They kidded me, saying that

I  should  take  a job in the store, and before I knew it I was talking

to  the  man working at the counter about that very thing.  The money I

made  there helped me to get my boob job much more quickly, and while I

counted  them  for  a  while  I  finally lost track of the cocks that I

sucked while I worked there.

     Finally  I  saved  up enough to get the surgery on my breasts, and

after  that  I  sort of lost interest in the fraternity house and spent

more  and  more  time  dating  older men and working at the book store.

Before  long  the  man  who  owned  the book store was asking me if I'd

consider  dancing at a bar he owned.  It paid much better than the book

store  job, and while I did them both for a while it wasn't long before

I gave up the book store job and became a regular dancer at the bar.

     We  often  had wet t-shirt contests, and with my new boobs I was a

favorite.   Things  got pretty hot lots of times and I never lacked for

guys  to  fuck  and suck.  One night when things were really going well

the  guys  jerked  off  into a glass while I was dancing and I drank it

all down as they cheered.

     I  think my favorite time as a stripper was one night when we were

to  have  a wet t-shirt contest and I was the only girl that showed up.

There  was around fifteen guys there and they were getting really upset

that  there  weren't  more  girls for the contest.  The boss told me he

would  give  me $500 if I would keep them from tearing the place apart.

I  had  on  a wet nighty, a black leather mini-skirt, stockings, garter

belt  and  heels  and  danced in front of the guys as they wet me down.

Soon  the  skirt  was gone and I was pulling the crotch of it up inside

me,  moving along the front of the stage so they could see me.  Several

of  them  began  fingering  me  and  I  got  really  hot being the sole

performer for all those randy men.

     I  danced over to the boss and told him to lower the shade and put

the  closed sign out and lay back on the stage, humping my hips up into

the  air.  Before long the guys were joining me on the stage fucking me

and when the night was done I had taken 21 loads of cum.

     When  Aids  got  to  be such a big deal I quit stripping, but I've

never  lost  my  craving for hot white cum.   I discovered that married

men  are always horny and are quick and easy to fuck, so I pick them up

in   bars  and  take  them  out  to  their  cars  for  quickies  pretty

regularly.   It  seldom  takes  me longer than an hour to pick up a guy

who will fuck me after I get in the bar.

     Nothing  turns  me on like using my little cunt to get what I want

in  life, and there isn't much that I want more than a nice load of hot

cum  from  a  nice  thick cock.  I'm a secretary now and in addition to

fucking  my  boss and some of his friends I still do the bar routine at

times  just  for  the  fun  of  it.  With my plastic tits and my hungry

mouth  and  cunt  I can get just about any job I want, so I never worry

about  losing  my  job.   My current boss fucked me during my interview

with  him,  sitting me on his desk and sliding my dress up and sticking

it to me.

     I  hope  you've  enjoyed  my story.  Maybe you'll be in a bar some

night  and  a  girl  with really nice tits will sit down beside you and

put your hand high on her stockinged leg.  Maybe it will be me.


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