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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade75.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Lusty Leggy Leah

When I saw her the first time she was sitting beside Angela on

the couch at a party Monica and I had been invited to. She was

dressed in a silvery colored long dress that was slit up one side

nearly to her waist. As she sat talking to Angela her legs were

crossed and the slit revealed most of her left leg. Monica had

pointed her out to me.

"Leg slut alert, Master", she said, smiling and nodding in Leah's


I ran my appreciative eyes over the long legs being exposed so

freely and then up to the pretty face with laughing eyes and the

dark, dark long hair cascading over the full breasts which

protruded like ripe fruit under the silky material of the dress.

"Yes", I replied to Monica, "yes indeed!"

We moved around the room talking to those at the party with whom

we were already acquainted for quite some time. Monica went to

get a fresh drink for me and when she returned she told me she

had met Leah and wanted to introduce me to her. I expected to

find Leah still on the couch where we had first seen her, but

Monica led me instead into a sitting room off to the left of the

living room where we found Leah standing alone, waiting for us to


Monica closed the door behind us and after exchanging

pleasantries we sat on the couch in front of a glass topped

coffee table between us and Leah. Leah stood with with one hand

on her hip and her ass stuck out to the other side and smiled at

us warmly as she spoke.

"Monica tells me that you are her Master", she said with

interest. "She also says that you both find me very attractive,

and I'm quite flattered."

"You are very attractive, Leah, we both appreciate pretty women,

especially women with long shapely legs", I replied.

Leah smiled and stepped gingerly up onto the coffee table in

front of us and began raising her skirt slowly as we watched with

interest. When she had slid the silky material all the way to her

waist, revealing not only both of her long lithe legs, but her

most private part as well, she smiled broader and said sexily,

"How do you like this?"

Monica reached over to me and took my left hand and slid it under

her short skirt, pressing it against her damp pubis, beginning to

breathe hard as she stared at the naked beauty in front of us.

"Open it, Leah. Take your hands and spread your lips for us that

we might see deep into your womanhood", I instructed calmly.

Leah swallowed hard, obviously very excited by the act of

exposing herself to both of us and by the instructions I had

given her. She reached between her legs with both her hands, and

holding the dress up with her arms pressed tight against her

waist, she pulled at her labia with trembling fingers, pulling

them outward so that we might see the pink wetness of her already

spasming vagina. The lips were moist with vaginal fluids and the

longer she held herself open for us the larger the dark circle of

her hole seemed to grow.

"The clit, Leah, lift it with your finger and let it poke itself

out toward us. Show Monica and her Master your clit", I said.

Monica was pressing my hand hard against her now soaked pussy as

Leah placed her finger under her tender clit and lifted it,

encouraging it to snake out from under its hood and exciting it

even further as she pushed her finger against it. I began sliding

fingers into Monica's cunt as Leah stood there elevated in front

of us displaying her innermost charms so lewdly. Monica moaned

and fucked her hips toward my hand.

"Do you like Leah's vagina, Monica?", I asked.

"Ohhh yes, Master...I like it very much, Master!", she said


"Her swollen lips and extended clit make you hot, don't they my

precious little slave?"

"Very hot Master, very, very hot!", she replied.

"Would you like to have my slave slut's pretty mouth pressed

against your wet sex, Leah?", I asked, smiling.

Leah's hips jerked forward involuntarily as I asked Monica the

questions and a rivulet of juice began running down the inside of

her left thigh.

"Oh, I would love it if she would kiss me there!", she said, her

hips moving even more regularly now as she stared at Monica and

the way she was fucking my fingers.

Turning to Monica I took my fingers from her hole and rubbed them

on her face as I spoke to her. "Love Leah for your Master,

Monica. Kiss her swollen and tender lips with your ripe mouth.

Slide your submissive tongue into her sex deeply and suck her

hardening clit into your mouth until she moans and screams with

delight. She has displayed her nakedness to your Master with

great skill and deserves to be rewarded for her efforts. Your

bi-sexual sluttishness will be her pay."

Rising from the couch I walked out of the room without looking

back, leaving the two very hot women to enjoy each other there in

the room only feet away from a whole room full of other men and


Several days after the party I recieved the following letter from


Dear Master Wade,

I want to thank you for giving Monica to me at the party the

other night. Frankly no one here knows that I am bi-sexual yet,

as I only moved here a little over a month ago and am rather slow

at making new friends. It amazes me that you were able to tell

that so easily and that you were able to do what you did to me

simply through the words that you used.

Monica was wonderful in every way. She ate me as if her very life

depended on it, not as if it were an obligation she had to

perform, but as if she needed it and enjoyed it every bit as much

as I did. After it was over and I asked her if I could see her

again, she suggested that I write you this letter and tell you

something about my background.

I was struck by the term that Monica used when she said that you

loved "leg sluts". I have thought of myself as just that for

years and wasn't aware that anyone else but me ever thought in

those terms. I've always known that I had especially attractive

legs. I've just always had them. Even when I was young, as young

as ten years old, people would comment on how pretty my legs


I suppose some of that had to do with my mother and her legs, for

she was a very beautiful woman with lovely legs as well. My dad

often commented that I was going to have legs just like my mom's

and did so in front of lots of people. Both of my parents enjoyed

having me wear things which would show off my legs, and

encouraged me to always be aware of my blessings and use them to

my advantage. In all of my twenty-five years I don't think I've

ever had on a dress that didn't show them off in some way, and to

this day have only owned three pairs of pants of anykind. Two

pair of them were jeans which fit very tightly and still showed

off the curves of my thighs.

When I started dating, as luck or fate would have it, my first

dates were with a boy named Mike who was crazy about my legs. Men

have always liked them, but Mike was especially excited by them

and to please him I got to the point that whenever we were

together in a car I would pull my dress up nearly to my panties

so that he could see them. He was a very popular guy and I was

really flattered that he wanted to date me. I never made love to

Mike but would often pull his penis for him as he touched my legs

so that he could have some relief.

The second guy that I dated was also my first lover. He was Dan,

a tall handsome boy who was the best athlete in the school. I was

a cheerleader and Dan and I often sat next to each other on the

bus to and from basketball and football games. The little

cheerleader's skirts that we wore exposed most of my legs and Dan

always had to be touching them. Sometimes he would kneel in the

dark in the bus and kiss them all the way back home.

I dated a couple of other guys in high school, and while they

were both appreciative of my legs they seemed to be more

interested in my tits and in getting their hard dicks into me. I

was in my freshman year in college before I once again dated

someone who seemed obsessed with my legs.

His name was Jerry, and Jerry was perhaps the best lover I had

all through school. A senior and several years older than me,

Jerry had obviously made love to many women. I could understand

why after my first time with him. He was very large and even

though he came quite easily seemed to get hard almost immediately

all over again. My legs were so exciting to him that he would

often take his penis out of me and rub it against my thigh for

just a moment or two after coming and then plunge it back inside

me and start doing me all over again.

I had experienced guys wanting to fuck my tits before, but Jerry

was the first to ever want to fuck my legs. I didn't mind it at

all, especially since he got hard so fast after he spilled his

juice out onto my thighs. His favorite way was for me to be on my

elbows and knees on the bed with my ass upraised and my legs

tight together while he pushed his long hard tool through my

thighs and fucked it back and forth. Once when we had the whole

day to spend together and my parents were out of town we made

love six times and he fucked my legs four of those times as well.

Even with Jerry talking about what a great "leg fuck" I was it

wasn't until I met Paul that I began thinking of myself as a "leg

slut". Paul was a man that I worked with in my first job after

graduation from college. We worked in pairs often and had

numerous opportunities to be alone and it was obvious that we

found each other very attractive. From the very first day we met

Paul would openly stare at my legs, never moving his eyes from

them even when he was aware that I saw him staring. I liked it so

much that I never did anything to discourage his staring and as

time went on began to cross and uncross my legs for him as he

watched and sometimes to even touch my legs with my hands sexily

while he stared.

The odd thing about Paul was that for months, even though he was

obviously wild about my legs, he never asked me out or even said

anything vaguely romantic or suggestive to me. He was all

business except for his obvious delight in the curves of my

calves and thighs.

Frankly this began to get to me, because I wanted very much to be

dating him. Some of the other men in the office were asking me

out and I really didn't want to go out with anyone but Paul. I

felt sure he would ask me out most any day. Week after week

passed, however, and Paul seemed uninterested in dating me.

Finally it got to be more than I could take and I decided to do

something to change his behavior.

The day that I made up my mind to begin seducing Paul seriously,

I chose a thin white dress which Paul had enjoyed on numerous

occasions. This time, however, I didn't wear a slip under it,

even though I knew that I should. It wasn't a long dress, coming

to just above my knees when I stood, and it fit rather tightly,

caressing my ass cheeks when I walked. I knew that my tiny bikini

panties would be very obvious through the thin white material and

just hoped that there wouldn't be many of the other guys at the

office yet when I got to work.

The office in which Paul and I worked was along the east side of

the building, and the east wall of the office was one vast

expanse of glass. We usually kept the blinds closed in the

mornings because of the bright morning sun, but on this day I

opened them as wide as they would go and was standing with my

back to the door at the window looking over a report as Paul

walked in to the office. I was wearing a pair of 4 inch heels and

was standing with my feet approximately two feet apart Paul came

in. I had heard him coming down the hall, and while my head was

bent as if I was reading the report, my eyes were upraised and I

could see his reflection in the window. I pretended that I didn't

realize he was there as he stopped in his tracks in the doorway

and leaned against the doorframe looking at me.

He stood there transfixed for quite some time, his eyes taking in

the view before him. The sunlight was streaming through the

window and through the white dress, outlining the perfect shape

of my legs as it illuminated the white material to the point of

near transparency. As he stood there I was aware of his hand

slowly moving to his crotch, and smiled quietly to myself as I

saw the refection of him stroking himself through his pants.

Acting as if I was totally unaware that anyone else was in the

room, I reached back behind myself and began scratching one of my

ass cheeks idly with my left hand, letting my dress rise ever

upward as I did so. Paul's hand moved even more rapidly as the

hem of the dress rose higher and more of my legs were exposed.

I was really enjoying my little game and decided to carry it just

a bit farther before letting on that I knew he was there. Tossing

the report on the chair to my right and keeping my back to Paul,

I began stretching slowly with my arms upraised, feeling the

dress ride up my long legs as I did so. I began exercising, as if

I did it every morning, spreading my feet farther apart and

bending forward at my waist to touch my toes. Each time I bent at

the waist the dress would ride up the backs of my legs, exposing

my naked thighs nearly to the edge of my tiny panties. Paul had

now slid quietly into the room and shut the door and was rubbing

himself freely as he watched me performing for him, unaware that

I knew he was there.

I had set my purse down on the chair to my right and after

exercising for a while turned to it and took a bottle of lotion

from it, my back still to the door. I placed my right foot on the

edge of the seat of the chair and began applying lotion to my

leg, beginning at my ankle and sliding my hands senuously up over

my calves and along my thighs, letting the dress slide all the

way up as I rubbed the lotion into my soft skin. When I got to

the top of my thigh I let my hand graze the crotch of my now wet

panties and moaned sexily. I could hear Paul breathing heavily as

he pulled at himself behind me. Glancing into the glass once more

I became aware that he had now taken his cock from his pants and

was stroking it openly, so excited by the show I was putting on

for him.

Placing my right foot back onto the floor I replaced it in the

chair with my left foot and repeated the application of lotion on

that leg as well. At the top I once again let my hand rub my

pussy, moaning even more loudly this time and rubbing it even

more obviously. I let my head fall back as I continued to rub

myself and without stopping to massage my wet and hot pussy put

my foot back onto the floor and turned back to the window once

again, lifting my dress all the way to my waist, my legs still

opened widely and my hand caressing my damp pubic mound.

"Look at me, anyone who will", I said, addressing the world

outside the window in a rather theatrical tone. "Look at these

legs, this body, this empty space which needs so much to be

filled." I stuck two fingers inside the edge of my wet panties

and began fingering myself, angling my hand from below so that

there would be no doubt that Paul could see me plunging my

fingers into myself through the gap in thighs. I came quickly,

turned on by the show I was giving Paul as well as by standing in

front of the wall of glass fingering myself for the world to see.

When I opened my eyes once more and looked into the glass to see

what Paul was doing, I realized that he was no longer in the

room. Turning around I looked at the empty room and the only

evidence of his having been there, the closed door and the puddle

of cum on the dark rug where he had stood as he masturbated.

I never let Paul know that I had staged that whole experience for

him, even when he asked me to dinner that same night. I dated him

off and on for nearly a year after that, until he was transferred

to another city, and I can't begin to count the times that I used

my legs to get what I wanted from Paul during that time. Since

then it has become standard operating procedure for me to display

my greatest asset whenever I think it will help me get what I


I know that some of the women where I work would disagree with me

for being willing to let men see my inner thighs in return for

things which please me, and I know there are plenty who recoil at

the word slut and would never let anyone call them that. I don't

care what they think. I love making men salivate and prespire by

teasing them with the flesh of my lower limbs. I love it when men

or women want me because of the smooth skin of my thighs or the

curves of my calves. I love for my legs to be looked at, touched,

kissed and fucked and nothing makes me hotter than pulling up my

dress to the delight of anyone who may be watching man or woman,

friend or stranger.

I am a leg slut and will be as long as my legs can make cocks

hard and pussies wet. If there is ever a time when you can use an

exhibitionist leg slut I hope you will call me. I'd like very

much to give myself to you as one of your slaves if you like and

of course I would love to spend some more time with pretty Monica

whenever you would allow it. I promise you won't regret it.

Submissively yours,



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