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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade74.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Monica's Vacation, Part Two

Dear Master,

     Three  days  have  now passed since my last letter to you.  I hope

you  are not upset with your slave for not writing sooner, but I really

have  been  unable  to as you will see as I relate to you what has been

happening to me.

     The  morning  after  our  night  with  Gary  and  Bob was a rather

uneventful  one and we did little besides lay on the beach.  This time,

however,  Nancy  made  me  take  off  my  top and lay out topless which

caused  quite a stir to say the least.  I thought that surely she would

join  me,  but  she  said  with a smile that the beach wasn't ready for

that yet.  I expect she was right, too.

     Everything  went  fine until later that afternoon when a policeman

walked  up  and  arrested  me  for  public  indecency or something like

that.   I  remembered  your instructions about traffic cops and offered

to  suck  him off if he wouldn't hassle me.  I knelt in the sand beside

his  car  and  in a short time had him spurting his thick creme into my

mouth.   When  I  was done I thanked him for his kindness and turned to

go  but he arrested me anyway and I had to spend the night in jail.  It

was  terribly embarrasing.  He didn't even let me change clothes before

taking  me  in  and  paraded  me through the jail in front of the other

policemen  in  my  tiny little bikini, laughing and telling them that I

had tried to bribe him by offering to suck him off.

     Luckily  there  were  only three other officers on duty that night

and  I  only had to suck them once each before they left me alone.  One

of  them had planned on fucking me until their senior officer showed up

and  put  an  end  to  their  fun.   Nancy  bailed me out the following

morning.   It  wasn't  so  bad sucking off the policemen.  You know how

much  I  love  cum  and  they  all  had  nice dicks.  Still it was very

embarassing for me as I'm sure you can imagine.

     When  we  got  out of the building and into the car Nancy asked me

what  being in jail was like.  When I told her that I had been required

to  give  them  all head she got very angry with me for some reason and

said  that  I  would  pay  for  being  such  a  cock  sucking  slut.  I

apologized  over  and  over all the way home but she never said another

word until we entered her condo.

     Once  we got inside Nancy went straight to a closet in her bedroom

and  took  out  a pair of handcuffs and cuffed me to the shower door in

the  Master  bath.   She  then went back into the bedroom and I watched

with  some  fear  as she began tossing things out onto the bed from the

closet.   They  were  the  same  kinds  of things which you keep in our

basement  room,  and seeing them accumulate in a pile on the bed as she

tossed  them  angrily  in  a pile made me tremble with anticipation and


     Nancy  came  in  the  bath  and  began putting black leather ankle

cuffs  on  my  ankles  and  similar cuffs on my wrists.  They were very

much  like  yours,  studded  and  having  a silvery metal d shaped ring

attached  on  the  outside edge of each cuff.  When she had them all in

place  she  reached  between  my legs and pushed her fingers up into my

pussy,  taking  the  wet bathing suit bottom along with them.  In spite

of  the  fear  I  felt,  or  perhaps  because  of  it,  every bit of my

attention  was now directed to my throbbing and needy bottom and to the

fingers  she  was  so  roughly  shoving  into  me.  I automaticly began

hunching  myself  against  her  hand hotly, unable to think of anything

except the pleasure between my legs.

     Suddenly  she  pulled  her hand away from my bottom and walked out

of  the  room  once more.  My lips were swollen with desire and my hips

continued  moving  even  after  my  throbbing  pussy  had been emptied.

Nancy  spread  the pile of leather gear on the bed out to make room for

my  body  in  the  middle  of  it and uncuffing me from the shower door

pulled me roughly into the bedroom and threw me onto the bed.

     Taking  several  lengths  of  chain in her hands she chained me to

the  corners  of her bed, hooking the clasps at the ends of the lengths

of  chain  into  the  d  shaped  rings on the black leather cuffs which

adorned  my ankles and wrists.  My eyes were wide with a combination of

fear and pleasure as I anticipated what was to come next.

     Kneeling  between  my  legs on the bed, Nancy shoved three fingers

into  my  bottom  once  more, the bikini bottom now far too soaked with

juice  to  offer  any  resistance  at all.  She fucked me like that for

nearly  a  minute  and  then  took her fingers out again, causing me to

moan  softly  with  frustration.    Raising  my  head  from  the pillow

beneath  it  to  see  what  she was doing, I saw her take a long rubber

band  from  the  pile  of  things  to  my right and begin stretching it

between her hands with a nasty grin on her face.

     I  had never seen anyone do anything with a rubber band before and

didn't  really  know  what  to expect, but the look on her face told me

that  I  had better steel myself for the unexpected.  Nancy pointed the

extended  rubber  band  at  my  naked pussy and let one end go, causing

that  end  to  fly  forward  with  great force and strike me on my left

labia.   I expected to feel pain, but rather than pain all I could feel

was  a jolt of pleasure shooting straight into my clit.  She pulled the

rubber  back once more and released one end yet again, striking me this

time  on  the  right  labia.   Once  again  intense pleasure flooded my

bottom  and  concentrated  itself in my clitoris.  My hips were bucking

upward  now  lewdly  as  the  pretty woman shot my cunt with the rubber

band over and over.

     My  mind, clouded with passion and extreme sexual heat was begging

silently  for  my  clit,  begging  Nancy  to  aim higher, to direct the

stinging  blows  of  the  rubber band to the direct center of my sexual

pleasure.   My  hips  responded  to  the  begging  of my mind, hunching

wildly,  as  if  trying  to  move my clit into the path of the stinging


     How  long  Nancy used the rubber band on my pulsating pussy I have

no  idea,  but  I  wasn't  ready  for  her to stop when she did.  I was

overwhelmed  with  passion  and  my  body  writhed  on  the  bed as she

searched  through  the  pile of things to my left for the next item she

would  use  on my trmebling body.  When she had selected it she crawled

over  my naked body and held it in front of my face so that I could see


     It  was  a  strange  looking  device,  made  from the same type of

silvery  metal  that  the d shaped hooks on the cuffs were made of.  It

was  shaped  very  much  like a football, except much, much smaller and

seemed  to  have  some  nuts  like you use in your shop on some rods or

something  inside  the  outer  edges  of metal that formed its football

shape.   I'd  never seen anything quite like it, but it was frightening

and seemed very much out of place there in her bedroom.

     "This  my trembling little slave slut cock sucking jail bait whore

is  a  cunt  stretcher!",  she  hissed.  "The smooth curve shaped outer

edges  are  placed  between your wet lips and these nuts turned to move

the  outer  edges wider and wider apart both at the top and the bottom.

Here, let me show you!"

     A  wrench appeared in front of my face and Nancy began turning the

nuts  on  the rods.  As she did the football shape began growing larger

and  wider  and the outer edges opened making the gap inside larger and

larger.   I  began  trembling  with  the thought that she was seriously

going  to place this object between my lips and use a wrench down there

to  spread  it open!  My eyes widened with fear and I began begging her

not to use it on me.  My begging was to no avail.

     Nancy  tightened  the  cunt  stretcher back up once again and then

moved  back  between my legs.  The silvery metal felt cool and slick as

she  slid  it  between  my swollen lips and I felt myself responding in

spite  of  my  fear  as  she moved the wrench between my legs and began

turning the nuts outward on the rods at both the top and the bottom.

     I  felt my lips being pressed to the sides all along the length of

my  slit  as she worked the nuts with the wrench.  Cool air rushed into

my  pussy  as  I was spread opened wider and wider by the silvery metal

stretching  device.   I  felt  so  exposed, so wide open!  It was as if

anyone  who looked at my bottom could see plainly into the depths of my

womanhood, all the way to the back of my cunt!

     Satisfied  with  the  opening  of  my  pussy  by the strange metal

device,  Nancy  lay the wrench down between my legs and held up a make-

up mirror at my crotch so that I could see what she had done to me.

     Gazing  with  a  mixture of horror and extreme submissiveness into

the  mirror  I  could  see  the  shiny metal lips of the cunt stretcher

holding  my  labia  open  lewdly.   The rods at the top and bottom were

now  easily visible and my hard clit poked through the v-shaped opening

at  the  top  of the stretcher and was gently laying on the top rod.  I

could  feel  the  threads  of  the  slim  metal turning device now as I

realized  it  was  there.   It  was  such a bizarre sight, a mixture of

something  one  might  expect to see done in a doctor's office and what

one  might see in an automobile garage.  My vagina was gaping open wide

enough  for  a  fist  to  have  been inserted, yet there was no pain to

speak  of,  only the real and very powerful humiliation of being opened

in  such  a  way.   The  inner  walls  of my pussy were glistening with

moisture  and  a  heady  aroma  of fuck juice was filling the air as it

escaped  from  the  wide  open  hole between my spread opened legs.  My

head  fell back heavily on the pillow, my neck strained from holding it

forward to look into the depths of my own cunt in the mirror.

     "See  what  a  huge cunt you have, you dirty little tramp?", Nancy

asked  nastily.  Ever seen a dick that big?  No, of course you haven't,

and  yet  you  tremble  and  moan  thinking  about having big cocks put

inside  you.   Dirty  little  slut!   Hunching  big cunted cock sucking


     I  was  slowly  aware that the rotating of my hips did not seem to

effect  the stretching device and that in fact, as I rotated them, that

my  clit  was  pushed  harder  against the threaded rod beneath it.  My

entire  bottom  was feeling a glow of pleasure as my hips rose and fell

and  moved  in  small  circles.   Forgetting the lewd device between my

labia  I  was  overcome  once  again  by  the passion that was coursing

through my naked body.

     Nancy  crawled  up  over me once more and held yet another strange

and  unfamiliar  device  in  front  of  me.   It  was a thin wooden rod

approximately  ten inches long with a small ball shaped object attached

to  one  end.   Threaded through the ball on the end was a multitude of

thin  leather  strips  which  extended  out from the ball  for about an

inch  in  all  directions.  There appeared to be hundreds of loose ends

of leather.

     Nancy  placed  the  thin  rod  between  her  hands and twirled it,

rubbing  her  palms  together  rapidly.  As she did the leather strands

stood  out from the ball shaped object on the end, whirling through the

air as it turned around and around in front of me.

     As  she  moved  back to my gaping hole I realized that I needed no

further  information  about what she intended to do with the new object

and  was not surprised as she began inserting the end with the ball and

leather  strips  between the stretched open lips of my vagina and began

twirling it inside me.

     What  did surprise me was the reaction of my wet cunt walls to the

rapidly  flying leather strips that flicked against them as she twirled

the  strange  device  inside me with increasing speed.  Each thin strip

of  leather was like the tip of a whip as it struck the soft skin of my

vaginal  walls.   Immediately  my  hips flew up into the air with great

force  and  a  low  moan  formed somewhere in the back of my throat.  I

felt  the  leather  cuffs  pulling  at  my ankles and wrists as my body

writhed  in  delicious  torment  at the strange mixture of pleasure and

pain  that  ran  through  my  body like electricity.  Over and over the

tiny  strips  lashed  out  at the innermost sections of my sex organ as

Nancy  moved  the  ball back and forth inside me touching every portion

of the inside of my pussy with the stinging leather.

     I  felt an explosion inside me like none I had ever felt before as

my  orgasm  struck.   It was such a sudden and unexpected gush of sweet

pleasure  and  so  powerful  that my eyes flew open widely and my mouth

gaped  open  in  shock.   The  first wave of spasms seemed concentrated

exclusively  in  my  pussy  and I could even seem to locate them in the

walls  themselves.   It  was  as  if  the  walls of my gaping cunt were

reaching  out  to  the  tiny  leather  strips and hugging them, kissing

them,  making  love  to  them!   The spasms seemed to travel in circles

inside  my  hole  along  with the flying leather and then suddenly they

ran  directly  to my clit, striking it like a hammer blow and giving me

the  brief  impression  that  it  had  jerked outward to attention with

extreme  force  and  might indeed be inches long, much like a tiny cock

with  a  hard  on.  No sooner had the extremely sharp pangs of pleasure

coursed  through  that  tiny  cock  at the top of my pleasure hole than

they  began  running  upward  through  my  stomach  and  into my chest,

seeming  to  make  even  the  inner organs in that part of my body come

alive  with electric passion.  My nipples felt as if they were suddenly

clamped  with extreme force, even though I knew they were unencumbered,

and  my  neck  muscles  stifened as the scream came from somewhere deep

inside me and erupted from my open mouth filling the room.

     The  next  thing  I remember was waking up to find a tall man clad

only  in  a  black  leather throng and hood standing at the foot of the

bed.   His  body was covered with dark hair, his muscular arms and legs

rippling  with  strength  and  mystery.  In  his  right  hand he held a

leather  strap  and without warning he began working my lower body over

with  the  thick  instrument  of  torture.   I  tried to scream out for

relief  from  this  menace,  but  found  to my horror that my mouth was

filled  with  what  tasted like a leather gag, similar to the one which

you  have  used  on me often.  I could only gurgle as the loud slaps of

the  falling  leather  filled my ears and the pain filled my body.  The

strong  arm of the leather clad stranger moved the strap up and down my

legs,  stinging  them,  punishing  them and then ever upward closer and

closer to my still naked and exposed pussy.

     There  was  a  part  of  me  that  wanted  desperately to end this

nightmare,  to  wake up and find this tormentor gone, and yet there was

a  more powerful part of me that wanted the hot leather strap to hit my

clit  and  to  drive  me over the edge once again in the manner I still

remembered  so  forcefully.   Part  of  me  won,  but not the part that

wanted  it  all  to  end.   The  thick  leather  strap  was now landing

squarely  on  my  already  sore  clit and my body was jerking once more

with  the combination of pain and pleasure that I have come to know and

love and need so very much.

     I  felt  the  strap  hit  my  breast,  the left one, just below my

nipple  and  then it was striking my clit once more.  Next I felt it on

my  right breast and then the clit again.  On and on, over and over the

leather  swung  downward  and lashed at my sex parts, driving me upward

and  upward  and upward until I was coming over and over and over again

with  such  rapidity that everything was a blur except for the powerful

cloud of orgasmic delight on which I was being carried like a babe.

     Suddenly  the  leather  strap  was  no  longer being applied to my

slave  body  and I found the stranger kneeling over me and removing the

leather  jock that encased his hairy balls and thick hard cock.  He was

facing  my  feet  as he straddled my head and lowered his ass and balls

to  me.   He had removed the gag from my mouth now and I felt the heavy

cum  filled  balls  grazing  my  nose  as he moved his body forward.  I

stuck  out  my  tongue  to  lick  the soft sacs as they moved downward,

tasting  the sweat and hair that covered them.  My nostrils filled with

the smell of him, his cock, his balls, his asshole.

     The  only  sounds in the room were the squeeking of the springs as

my  body  continued  lifting my hips upward and the panting of my eager

mouth  as  it  licked  at  the  strangers hairy and sweaty bottom.  The

balls  slid  from  the  grasp  of  my  tongue and grazed my chin as his

asshole  moved  to  take  their  place.  I pressed the tip of my tongue

against  his  tiny  hole,  feeling the cheeks of his hairy ass pressing

against my face as he began moving himself back on my tongue.

     I  was  consumed by my submissiveness and by the feelings that ran

through  me  of  delight  in  being used so wonderfully for so long.  I

longed  to  taste  this  stranger's ass, to fuck him with my tongue, to

give  him  pleasure  as he had never known before regardless of what he

required  of  me.   He  worked  his  bare  ass backward and forward, my

tongue  seeming  to  have  a life of its on as it pushed lewdly from my

mouth trying to bury itself in the dark recesses of this man's body.

     My  muscles  were  aching as he fucked his ass on my tongue and as

my  neck  muscles  clenched  in  an  effort  to meet the thrusts of his

hips.   My  lips  pressed  against  the  cheeks of his ass, kissing it,

sucking it, loving it lewdly.

     Suddenly  he  pulled away and turned, taking his thick meat in his

hand  and  jerking  it  in  front  of  my face, my tongue still hanging

lewdly  out  of  my  mouth,  hungry now for the taste of his sperm, his

fuck,  his creme.  With eyes glazed with lust I stared at the angry red

head  of  his  dick and at the hood which covered all but the deep blue

eyes  which  were  alive  with need and passion and the mouth which was

contorted with heat and lust.

     He  grunted,  deeply,  and  the  angry red head began spitting its

load  of  white  gunk  into  my  face.   I  felt  the warm sticky fluid

covering  my nose and lips and tasted it splashing onto my tongue.  The

smell  of sex was overwhelming now and my almost un-natural love of cum

washed  over  me as he continued filling my hungry slut mouth with more

eruptions from his jerking member.

     When  he had dumped all of his fuck into my face he began whipping

me  once  more  with  the  leather  strap,  until finally after another

extremely  strong  orgasm  I  passed  out once more.  When I awoke this

time  I  was unbound and Nancy was washing my sweaty body tenderly with

warm  water.   She smiled at me warmly as she saw me coming to, but did

not  speak.  I returned her smile but neither did I speak as there were

too  many emotions running through my mind to know which ones to choose

to share.

     When  she  had washed my entire body and rubbed sweet and fragrant

oil  onto  my  skin she turned me onto my side and nestling close to me

with  her perfect breasts pushing against my back held me closely.  The

sliding  doors  to  the  patio  were  open  and  the sound of the waves

crashing  on  the beach filled the room.  I closed my eyes and began to

think  of  all  I  would have missed had I not given myself to you.  We


                                            All my love,



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