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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade73.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Monica's Vacation

Dear Master,

     While  I  was  reluctant  to  take  this  vacation  at  first, I'm

thankful  now  for  your  insistence  that  I  have this time away from

home.   Its  so  beautiful  here  and  Nancy is being such a delightful

hostess!   I'm  sure  you must know that I miss you terribly, but Nancy

is  keeping  my  days  and nights so full of activities that thankfully

its not more than I can bear.

     I  do  hope you are spending some time with Laura or Sandy or some

of  the  other  girls.   They  complain  everytime  I see them about my

monopolizing  you,  perhaps now is their time to have you to themselves

for  a  while.   Oh,  don't  forget to call the cute little blonde that

works  at  Rimner's.   I'm  sure  you remember her...she is the one who

asked  us  so  many  questions  about  our  lifestyle  when you had her

engrave  "slut"  on  the  ankle  bracelet  you bought me that day.  She

seemed really interested and had a great set of tits.

     I'll  write again tomorrow and will tell you more about what we've

been  doing  since  I  got  here.  I'll also enclose a pair of nice wet

panties  per  your  instructions.  I'm having a wonderful time, but I'm

still looking forward to coming home to you.

     Thank  you,  Master,  for making me your slave, for training me so

completely,  and  for  using  me  in so many creative ways.  I love you

with all my heart and soul.



Dear Master Wade,

     Your  little  Monica  has  really endeared herself to me since she

arrived  Tuesday.   My  first  impression  of her when I met her at the

airport  was  that  she  couldn't possibly be the woman you had told me

about.   She looked so pure and innocent, in many ways angelic.  But as

I  began carrying out your instructions it was easy to see her sluttish

submissiveness seething underneath that little girl exterior.

     I'm  enjoying  her  visit very much, and I just wanted you to know

that  everything  is  going as planned.  It was a wonderful idea not to

let  Monica  know  that  everything had been planned ahead of time.  If

she  has any suspicions of that at all she certainly hasn't let on that

she  does.   She  got  EXTREMELY  hot last night and I think would have

been  even  more  responsive  if  we  had known each other longer.  I'm

really looking forward to the rest of her visit.

     Let  me  know  if Monica doesn't tell you everything that happens.

If  you  like  I'll  be happy to discipline her some for holding things

back  from  you  or for any other infraction she may commit.  She has a

perfect ass and it would really turn me on to spank it.

     Leave  a message on my answering machine at work if you want me to

call  you  or  if  you have further instructions for me.  Everything is

going great, and I want to thank you again for sending her to me.

                                             Cock kisses,


Dear Master,

     You'll  be  happy  to  know  that  my pussy is very, very wet as I

write  this letter.  Frankly its been wet almost ever since I got here.

Nancy  is much more attractive than you led me to believe when you told

me  about  her  and  seems  intent on keeping me thinking about sex the

entire  time  I'm  here.   I'm  sure  you  know  how  I feel about that

(smile).   I  have on the panties I'm going to mail you along with this

letter  and  will finger myself with them on before putting them in the

envelope.  I just hope the ink doesn't smear.

     I'm  sure  that  Nancy  must  know that I'm a submissive bi-sexual

slave  slut  of  yours,  but  she has been very sweet to let everything

between  us  develop very naturally and slowly.  There are so very many

things  here  that  excite me that it would be nearly impossible for me

to  hide  my  nature from her for very long, if there was a need for me

to do that, that is.

     We  spent  most  of  the afternoon of my arrival on the beach just

relaxing  and  enjoying  the sun and the breeze.  I got totally wet the

minute  I saw Nancy in her bikini, and I know that my own bikini bottom

was  stained by all that juice.  If she noticed she didn't say anything

at  all  about  it, but I'm sure she must have.  You know how that pink

bikini tends to show cunt juice stains so easily.

     We  attracted  quite  a  bit of attention as we laid on the beach.

One  guy  in  particular  walked by at least half a dozen times and had

his  eyes glued on us every time he passed.  Outside of opening my legs

a  bit  wider  for  him  and hoping he would notice the stains I didn't

respond  to his interest, feeling that it was a bit early for that.  It

did make me hot for so many good looking guys to stare at us though.

     Nancy  rubbed  lotion on me, her soft hands sliding and gliding up

my  legs  and  over  my  back  and chest and shoulders.  I returned the

favor  and  it was all I could do to keep from taking off her top right

there  on  the  beach  so  that  I could see her tits and rub lotion on

them.   She  broke  out with goosebumps when I rubbed the lotion on the

insides  of  her  pretty  thighs  and I teased her a bit by letting the

side  of  my hand brush lightly against her crotch once or twice in the


     By  the time we got back to her condo we were both so excited that

we  could  hardly  wait  to  turn  ourselves  loose.   Immediately upon

entering  the  back  door  she  pulled  me  into her arms and kissed me

deeply  on  the  mouth,  pressing her lotion covered body against mine.

Her  kisses  were  wonderful  and  the feel of her hands moving down my

back  and  into the bikini bottoms to spread my ass cheeks apart nearly

drove me out of my mind with passion.

     I  quickly  untied  the  top of her suit as we kissed, dying for a

chance  to  suck her pretty breasts.  I don't know if you remember them

well  or  not,  but  they  must  be  just about the most perfect set of

breasts  I've ever seen.  They have those perky little nipples that you

enjoy  so  much  with the swollen aureola and that ripe firm shape that

not  even  many  centerfold  women  have.   When I got the top untied I

broke  our kiss and let my mouth move lower until I could kiss them and

take those delicious nipples alternately into my mouth.

     She  responded  beautifully  to my kissing, sucking, and biting of

her  nipples  and  in no time we were laying there in the kitchen floor

with  her  pushing  my  head down between her opened thighs.  Finally I

was  going  to  get  a  chance to taste her after wondering for so long

about what she would look like and how she would taste.

     Nancy  doesn't  shave  her  pussy,  but  her hair is very fine and

rather  sparse.   Her  lips were swollen with passion and her clit very

firm  and  easy  to  manipulate  with  my lips and teeth.  When I first

pressed  my eager mouth against her cunt she wasn't very least

not  as  wet  as  I  was!...but as I kissed it and licked it and ran my

tongue  inside it she grew wetter and wetter, filling my mouth with her

delicious  juice.  The longer I ate her the wetter she got and the more

she hunched her hips upward, pressing her fuck hole against my face.

     Eating  Nancy  was  getting me so hot that I began hunching my own

cunt  against her leg, the juice from my pussy smearing itself all over

her  smooth skin.  I thought about turning around and offering my pussy

to  her,  but  she  was  so  close  to  coming and her leg felt so good

pressing  against my cunt that I just never got around to it.  In fact,

I  came  before  she  did, holding her leg with one hand and fucking my

cunt against it just the way you taught me to do.

     I  think  it  was  my  wild  hunching as I came that really pushed

Nancy  over the edge and she came violently, taking my head in both her

hands  and  pulling  it  forcefully against her crotch as she fucked my


     We  showered  together,  letting the warm water run down our naked

bodies  as  we  hugged  and  washed  each  other  off.  She is really a

beautiful  woman,  especially  when she is nude.  I can't get enough of

her  tits  and  yet  I'm dying to have a chance to lick at her ass some

soon  as  well.   Its  a good thing I'm going to be here for a few more


     After  our  shower  we  dressed  to  go  out  to  eat  dinner at a

restaurant  near  where Nancy lives.  Nancy told me to dress sexily and

as  I  selected  an  outfit  to  wear I was thankful that you have such

wonderful  taste in clothes for me.  I wore the white skirt and blouse,

a  white  garter  belt and tan stockings with no panties or bra.  Nancy

wore  a  pretty  yellow dress that emphasized her breasts and which was

slit  quite  high along one side.  She wore no stockings and no bra and

a very small pair of yellow panties.  You would have approved.

     The  restaurant  was  a  delightful place, with lots of atmosphere

and  a  wonderful  menu.   We  had  a  very pleasant meal and afterward

stepped  into  the  bar  area  to  have  an  after  dinner drink before

returning to her condo.

     After  getting  our  drinks we sat on a circular couch over in the

corner  of the bar and listened to the lovely piano music.  After a bit

the  drinks  began  working  on  us  a  bit  and Nancy turned to me and

whispered  for  me to let my dress ride up a bit higher.  I giggled and

pulled  it  up  almost  to  the top of my stockings.  Nancy nodded with

appreciation  and  crossed her own legs letting the slit along the side

expose  more of her own lovely legs.  The she bent back over to me once

more and whispered hotly in my ear.

     "Think  about my pussy and the taste of my juice in your mouth.  I

haven't  eaten  you  yet but I can hardly wait to do it.  I want you to

be good and wet when we get back home."

     Her  words  ran  through  me  like a bolt of lightning and I could

feel  the juice gathering between my lips.  I began to wonder about the

wisdom  of  not  wearing any panties, knowing that my white skirt might

soon be soaked with cunt juice.

     Nancy  said  something humorous and as we laughed she put her hand

on  my  knee  and  squeezed it tightly.  Her touch was electrifying and

made  me  gasp with passion.  Only moments after she touched my leg two

men  sat  down  across  from  us and introduced themselves.  One of the

men,  a tall guy with dark brown hair and a wonderful smile named Gary,

was  very  witty  and kept us in stitches with funny remark after funny

remark.   Each  time he would say something funny Nancy would slide her

hand  a  little  further  up  my  leg until before long she had slid my

skirt up above the tops of my stockings.

     Both  of the men were very much aware of the leg show I was giving

them  and  Gary  in particular was growing very hard as a result of it.

I  could  see  his  dick  pushing against his pants as it hardened.  He

must  have  worn  boxer  shorts or no underwear at all because his cock

lay  along  the  inside of his thigh and as it grew larger it seemed to

extend  half  way  to  his  knee.   I know that is an exaggeration, but

honestly it isn't much of one!  He looked huge!

     Nancy  began  giving  a  bit of a show of her own, bending forward

and  letting  her  perfect tits show as the top of her dress fell open.

She  also  crossed  and  re-crossed  her  legs to give the men numerous

opportunites for beaver shots.

     After  another  round  of  drinks  we  were  all  really tight and

getting  very  bold  with  our jokes and our little game of showing off

for  the  men.   Finally Nancy bent over to me and whispered to me once


     "Why  don't  we  fuck these two guys and then I can suck their cum

out of your cunt when they leave?  Would you like that?"

     I'm  sure  you know what my answer was.  Watching Gary's cock grow

in  his  pants  and having Nancy expose me to the men had made me very,

very  hot  to fuck and I could think of nothing that I needed more than

a good stiff piece of man meat.

     Nancy  invited  them  to  come to her condo with us, and of course

they  agreed willingly.  When we got there Nancy fixed another round of

drinks  and  then  suggested  that we play strip spin the bottle.  Gary

and  Bob  (Bob  was shorter than Gary but very muscular and quite cute)

were  all for that, of course, and we began, sitting in the living room

floor in a circle.

     In  spite of the fact that I had few items to remove, Gary was the

first  one  to  strip  completely.   When  he took off his boxer shorts

Nancy  and  I could harldy believe our eyes.  He was hung like a horse!

Honestly,  his  dick  was bigger than the guy from Chicago that you had

me  fuck  that  time!   It must have been at least ten inches long, and

while  it wasn't as thick as some of the cocks you have given me in our

years together it was still quite some piece of cock.

     Nancy's  tits  caused  quite a stir when she exposed them, but I'm

proud  to  say  that  my drippy little cunt seemed to put an end to the

game  playing  when it was bared.  I still had the stockings and garter

belt  on,  but  when the men saw my pussy they made such a fuss over it

that  Nancy  made  me  stand up in front of them and let them play with

it.   I  guess  they  aren't used to pussies that get as wet as mine or

something,  or  maybe  they  just  liked  the way it smelled or the way

their  fingers  slid in so easily.  Whatever the reason neither of them

was  interested in spinning the bottle any longer after they had played

with me a bit.

     When  Nancy  saw  how  excited they were she told them to fuck me.

She  was  very insistent about it and didn't bother to ask me if it was

ok  or  anything.   In  fact  she  talked about me in a very dirty way,

telling  them  that  I  loved  to fuck and that I needed dick even more

than  they  needed  pussy.   Gary, being very polite, asked if what she

said  was  true,  and  of  course  I  told him that she was telling the

truth.   As  soon  as  he  heard my response he stood up and placed his

monster dick in my hand and asked me if I wanted his cock.

     I  wrapped  my  hand around that beautiful dick, amazed that there

was  still  room  for  my  other  hand and probably for both of Nancy's

hands  on  it  as  well.   Did  I want his cock?  Hell yes I wanted his

cock!!   I knelt in front of him and began licking that long shaft from

the  base  to  the  head,  covering  it with kisses and loving the full

length of it.

     Bob  had  pulled  Nancy  to  him  and had shoved his cock into her

mouth  as  he watched me licking on Gary's huge dick.  Nancy sucked him

expertly,  playing  with her tits as she moved her mouth back and forth

on his dick.

     "I  want  your  cunt you hot little slut!", Gary said, pulling his

dick  away from me and pushing me to my knees.  When I fell to my knees

Bob  pulled  his cock out of Nancy's mouth and moved over to me, taking

my  head  in his hands and sliding his fuck meat into my mouth roughly.

I  felt Gary rubbing the head of his horse dick up and down my slit.  I

was  really  a little bit afraid of it, not knowing for sure if I could

take  it  all  inside  my  little hole or not.  Still, I was very, very

excited  and far too busy with Bob's dick in my mouth to worry about it

too much.

     Bob  fucked  my  mouth  steadily, holding my head in his hands and

feeding  me  the  way  I  love to be fed so much.  I felt Gary begin to

slide  his  huge dick into me inch by inch, slowly and steadily burying

it  inside  me.   I was afraid to move and tried very hard to just hold

still  until  I was more comfortable about how much cock I was going to

have  inside  me.   Just the thought of taking ten inches of stiff dick

was  making  me  super  hot  however and I could feel my juices running

down  my thighs as I knelt in front of the man who would soon impale me

as no man ever had before.

     Slowly  I became aware of Nancy's mouth on my nipples and realized

that  she  was  laying  under  me  taking my breast in her mouth as Bob

leaned  to his right and fingered her cunt for her.  I felt Gary's dick

begin  to hit the back of my cunt and braced myself, wondering just how

much  he  could  stretch  me before the head of his monster dick pushed

its  way  into my womb.  I felt Gary stop pushing and was aware that he

was  now holding his dick deep inside me, motionless.  He held it there

for  some  time  and  then pushed harder.  I felt my cunt expanding and

then  he  stopped  again.  He continued doing that, pushing all the way

into  me  and  holding it there and resting and then pushing gently but

insistently once more.

     Nancy  was now biting on one of my nipples, pulling it down toward

her  with  her  teeth as Bob continued feeding his dick to me with long

slow  thrusts  of  his  hips.  The feel of all that dick in my cunt was

getting  to me and I could no longer contain myself but began moving my

hips  in  small  circles,  loving  the  feel of that long shaft so deep

inside me caressing my cunt walls.

     As  I  began  moving  on  Gary's dick he began sliding it out once

more  and gently but firmly began fucking me with all ten inches of his

huge  fuck  meat.   I could feel the back of my cunt stretch and expand

to  take  all  his  dick  as  he moved forward and could feel his heavy

balls  slapping  my  ass  as  he pushed it in to the hilt.  I was doing

it!   I was taking ten inches of hard dick into my tiny little body and

fucking it!!

     Now  Bob  was  fucking  my  face  roughly, close to an orgasm, his

balls  slapping  against  my chin as he hunched my head.  Gary was also

close  to  coming now and was fucking me hard and deep, ramming me with

his  wonderful  tool.   I  felt Nancy grab my right hand and pull it to

her  cunt,  pressing  my  fingers  into  her very wet hole as she began

coming  loudly.   First Bob and then Gary began coming, filling me from

both  ends  with  hot male fuck juice as their dicks spurted and jerked

inside  me.   I  was  so  close  to  coming, but for some reason my own

orgasm  continued  to  be out of reach as the two men spewed their fuck

into me.

     When  they  had  dumped  their  fuck  into  me they pulled out and

rolled  me  over  onto  my  back.   Nancy,  her own orgasm having swept

through  her body, rolled over onto her knees and buried her face in my

cunt,  hotly  sucking  the  hot cum that Gary had just deposited there.

Her  expert  mouth massaged my tender cunt and her right hand rubbed my

clit  as  her  left hand massaged my breasts and before I knew it I was

bucking  my  hips  upward  at  her  face  and coming so strongly that I

almost  passed  out.   In fact, I was so disoriented by the force of my

passion  that  I  was unaware of the men leaving until they had already

left.   Nancy  lay  beside  me  on  the  floor  and  held me closely to

herself, kissing me gently and thanking me for helping her to come.

     I  really  felt  rather  badly  about being the only one to have a

dick  in  her pussy, but Nancy seemed very pleased with everything that

happened,  and  we slept for several hours in each others arms there in

the floor before going to bed.

     This  letter  has  gotten  very  long,  and while there is more to

tell,  I  think  I  will  let this letter end here.  As you can see, my

first  day  in  Florida  was quite an experience and one that I am very

grateful  for  you  allowing  me  to  have.  Now I'm going to finger my

pussy  and  shove  these  already  wet panties deep inside so that they

will  be  acceptable to my Master, the only man who really knows what I

need  and  how  to give it to me.  I love you Master, with all my heart

and soul.

                                                Your slave,



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