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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade72.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Whoring Pauline

     While  we  were  busy  spewing  fuck  into the cute little blonde,

Pauline  was  busy  becoming quite the center of attraction in the bar.

She  looked  the  part of a whore, especially with her dress unbuttoned

so  far.   Her large breasts were exposed to an embarrasing degree, and

few men in the bar didn't notice.

     Since  so many men seemed to be attracted to her, Pauline took her

time  and  waited  for  a  man  she  felt  was especially attractive to

approach  her  before  she  made clear her needs.  When he did she made

every  effort to appear approachable, bending over slightly in order to

allow him an even better view of her tits.

     "You  are  really a very beautiful woman", he said, staring openly

at her breasts.

     "I'm  glad  you  like what you see", she responded, smiling warmly

and placing her hand on his thigh.

     "Are  you  staying  here in the hotel?", he asked, reaching out to

place his hand high along her left leg.

     "Yes,  I  am.  To be honest, I'm here with my Ma...I'm here with a

man who sent me down to the bar."

     "A man sent you to the bar?  What for?"

     Pauline  swallowed  hard.  She wanted this man to fuck her so bad,

but  it was difficult to admit why she was there.  She slid her hand up

his  leg further, needing to touch his dick, needing to beg him to give

her  his  dick.   "He...well, he...he's not just a man...he's...I'm his

slave...his sex slave."

     The  handsome  man  smiled  broadly and slid his hand up under the

black  dress,  caressing  Pauline's  naked  thigh  above the top of her

stocking.   "Ohhhhh,  you  are?  And just what does he expect you to do

down here at the bar?"

     Pauline  was  getting  so  hot from having to admit her purpose in

being  at  the  bar and from the hand up under her dress that she could

hardly  contain  herself.  She slid her hand between the man's legs and

found  his cock, hardening inside his pants.  She grasped it gently and

squeezed it as she answered his question.

     "I'm  here  as  a  whore.   I'm here to find a man who will pay to

fuck  my tits, and hopefully will fuck my pussy too."  She felt

his  cock  jerk  in her hand as she said the words and felt his fingers

moving to her naked cunt.  God, she was sooooo hot!!

     The  man  began  sliding  a finger into her wet pussy as he spoke.

"I'd  love  to  fuck your tits, you little whore...and I'd love to fuck

your  CUNT too...only I don't pay for pussy.  But if you'd like to give

me a fuck I'd be happy to oblige you."

     Pauline  opened  her  legs  wider,  needing  the fingering she was

getting.   "  have  to  understand...I  can't  give  it  to

you...I  want  to,  I  really  do.  I need it soooo bad!  But my Master

will  whip  me  if  I give it to you.  I have to get paid, like a cheap

whore...I  have  to.   Please, please fuck me."  Pauline glanced at the

clock,  shocked  that  time  had  passed  so  quickly.  She had to find

someone fast!

     The  man added another finger.  "No, you can come up to my room if

you  like  and I'll fuck you all night long, but I'm not paying to fuck

you.  Come know you need it.  You're so fucking wet!"

     Pauline's  mind  was  reeling.   She  needed it more than he would

ever  know, but she knew she couldn't go to the man's room.  She pushed

his  hand  away  from  her  needy  cunt  and herself away from the bar,

turning to look around for some other man who would pay to fuck her.

     The  bar was practically empty now, and the only men left were all

seated  at  a table in the corner of the bar.  There were three of them

there,  and  she  only had five minutes left before she was supposed to

return  to the room.  Her mind raced as she eluded the grasp of the man

at  the bar who was trying to pull her back to him.  Stumbling slightly

she walked quickly to the table in the corner.

     She  was  desperate  now,  and  knew she had to do something fast.

Standing  in front of the men at the table, she opened her blouse wide,

exposing  all  of  her naked tits to the three men and smiling at them,

said, "Fifty and you can fuck them!"

     The  men  laughed loudly at the brazen hooker in front of them and

the  nearest  one reached out and grabbed one of her nipples and pulled

it  roughly,  saying  loudly  enough to be heard all over the bar, "How

much  for  a  pinch,  baby?"   The man to her right laughed and reached

under  her  short  dress  and  grabbed  her cunt roughly.  "How much to

finger your little pussy, whore?"

     Feeling  a  hand on her shoulder, Pauline turned to see the man at

the  bar  coming  to  her  rescue.  "Look, lady...if you really need it

that  bad, I'll help you.  But I'm only going to pay fifty, and you and

your  pimp  can decide where you want to be fucked."  Pushing the men's

hands  away  from her, Pauline breathed a sigh of relief and taking the

man's  hand  pulled him toward the phone in the corner of the bar.  She

dialed  the  room  as the man who was about to run his dick between her

huge  tits  began  sliding  her  dress up to her waist.  The men at the

table  could  see  everything  from where they were and weren't missing


     "I  found  a  man  who  will pay to fuck me, Master", Pauline said

hotly into the phone.  "Can I bring him up to the room now, please?"

     "What  is  the  man  doing  now,  Pauline?", Master Charles asked,


     Pauline  swallowed hard.  "He's pulling my dress up and showing me

off  to  some  other  men  here  in the bar, Master.  And he's reaching

between  my  legs  to  finger  me  some  more now.  I'm so hot, Master!

Please let me bring him to the room!"

     "If  I let you stay down there do you think all the men in the bar

will fuck you Pauline?", he asked.

     "I  know  they  would for free Master...but they don't want to pay

for  it", she responded hotly as the man behind her began sliding three

fingers  deeply  into  her  wet  juicy cunt.  The men at the table were

laughing now and pointing at the whore being fingered so openly.

     "You  don't  care  whether  anyone  pays or not as long as you get

fucked, do you Pauline?"

     "Let  me  bring  the  man upstairs, Master...please!  I need it, I

really need it!"

     "The  man  fingering your little slut cunt can hear you begging me many fingers does he have inside you now?"

     "Four, Master."

     "Four what, Pauline?"

     "Four fingers, Master!"

     "Say it, slut...tell me what the man is doing to you!"

     "He's  finger-fucking  my  slut  cunt  with four fingers, Master!!

Please let me get fucked, Please, Please!!!"

     "Tell him to put his thumb in, Pauline!"

     "Oh,  Master,  don't make me ask him to do that...not here!  Those

men will see, Master!"

     "Tell him, you hot little slut, you...tell him loudly!"

     Pauline  rolled  her  head back and moaned hotly.  The man now had

her  left nipple in his mouth and was biting it hard.  His fingers felt

sooooo  good!   But it was dick she needed now, not fingers, not fists,

dick...big thick hot man dick!

     "Put your thumb in!  Please, give me your thumb!"

     "Damn,  really  are a hot piece, aren't you?", the man

said,  pausing  only  long  enough  to speak and then taking her nipple

back  into his mouth and beginning to work his thumb alongside the four

fingers he had plunged deeply in Pauline's drippy fuck hole.

     The  men  at  the  table  in  the corner heard her hot request and

began  getting  up  to join the action in the corner.  Pauline saw them

coming and pleaded with Master Charles even more earnestly.

     "Unnnnnghhhh,    God!   Master!    The   men   are   coming   over

here....please  let me come upstairs!  They'll all fuck me..I know they

will,  all  four  of  them will fuck me here in the floor in the bar if

you don't let me come upstairs right now!!"

     "Come  along  little  slut.   And no fucking in the elevator! Come

straight upstairs!"

     "Yes,  Master...thank  you  Master!",  Pauline  breathed hotly and

pulled   her   fist  fucker's  head  away  from  her  tit.   "Come  on,

quick...before those men take me!"

     The  man  complied, rather reluctantly, and Pauline walked quickly

from  the  bar,  not  bothering  to  put  her  left tit back inside the

blouse.   Nothing  mattered  as  much  as  getting back to the room and

taking  dick.   She  couldn't  remember  a  time  when she had been any

hotter or had been made to wait longer to have man meat in her hole.

     When  Master  Charles opened the door to admit his obedient little

slave  slut  whore  he  found her clothing in quite a state of disarray

and  a  very  horny woman inside it.  The man walked in behind her, his

cock  standing  nearly  straight  out  in his pants.  As soon as Master

Charles  shut the door, Pauline pushed her hired lover against the wall

and  dropped  to  her  knees,  taking  his  cock  out  of his pants and

covering it quickly with her mouth.

     Master  Charles  pulled  her  away  from the hard dick in front of

her, causing her to fall back on the floor.

     "He's  not  paying to fuck your mouth, you cum hungry little mouth

cunt!  He's paying to fuck your tits!  Where's the money?"

     The  man  was  a  bit embarrased by what was happening in front of

him,  but  he  reached into his back pocket with his cunt juice covered

hand  and took his wallet out, handing fifty dollars to Master Charles.

He was far too hot now not to get what he had come for.

     "Strip  for  us,  you fifty dollar hooker, and lay on your back on

the bed, like the good little whore that you are!", he demanded.

     Pauline  nearly  ripped  the  clothes  off her body, throwing them

down  to  her  left, and crawled onto the bed, opening her legs lewdly,

exposing her soaking wet twat to all of us in the room.

     "Let  him fuck my pussy, Master!  I need it sooooo bad!"  Her hips

were moving, hunching upward, her cunt so empty and soooo fucking hot!

     "Wanna  fuck  the  whore's  cunt,  Mister?", Master Charles asked.

"It will cost ya another fifty, you know!"

     "I  just wanna shoot my load between those huge knockers", the man

replied,  and  moved to the bed, straddling Pauline's waist and pushing

his  dick  in between her tits.  He pushed them together with his hands

and  began  humping them, moving his thick hard fuck meat in and out of

the deep crevice between the mountainous mounds of whore flesh.

     Pauline  looked at the head of his cock moving between her tits as

he  fucked  them.   It  was  a really nice dick.  A dick that she would

love  to  have  in  her cunt.  A dick she needed to have in her cunt so


     "Somebody   fuck  me!   Please,  anybody!   Master  Wade!   Cindy!

Someone please stick something inside my hole!  I'm soooo empty!!"

     Her  hips  were  rising and falling with strong thrusts now, as if

she had a cock or dildo or vibrator deep inside her.

     The  lewd  conversation  and the feel of his fuck meat between the

sweaty  tits  of  the  insatiable whore under him was more than the man

could  stand.   He grunted loudly and began fucking her tits faster and

faster,  and  before long was shooting long thick streams of white fuck

juice  all over Pauline's face.  She opened her mouth, trying valiantly

to  catch  all  of the flying fuck shooting from the dick she needed so

badly in her cunt.

     When  he  had  dumped  his  load,  the man crawled off the bed and

pulled  his  pants back up.  "Great tits, mister", he said as he turned

and walked by Master Charles and out the door.

     Pauline's  hands  now  moved  between her legs and began pawing at

her  cunt.   "Isn't anyone going to fuck me??!!  Please, oh please fuck

me!   I  need  fucking!   I  need  dick!   Use  me,  whip me, whore me,

anything, but please, oh, please fuck meeeeee!!"

     We  had  spent  part  of  our  time  in the room while Pauline was

"recruiting",  fucking  Cindy.  The rest of the time we had planned the

way we would use the big busted slut when she returned.

     Cindy,  still naked and her cunt and asshole full of come from the

fuckings  she  had  received,  squatted over Pauline's face and lowered

her  wet  pussy  to  the trembling whore's mouth.  Master Charles and I

moved  to  either  side of Pauline and pulled her legs wide apart as we

began  rubbing  our  cocks  along  her  thighs.  Master Charles reached

between  her  legs with both hands and pulled her cunt open wide, as if

he  were  opening  a  paper  bag.   I placed the head of my dick at the

bottom  of  the gaping hole in front of me and waited as Master Charles

placed the head of his cock at the top.

     As  if  we  had choreographed it, we fell forward at once, shoving

our  dicks  into  the  whore  twat below us.  Pauline gasped as the two

thick  hunks  of  cock  flesh slid deeply into her trembling fuck hole.

Her  gasps  were  muffled  by  the drippy young slut cunt being pressed

against  her  mouth  as she took both our dicks into her pussy at once.

She  hunched  wildly  at the man meat inside her as we worked our dicks

in unison back and forth inside her.

     Master  Charles  was  holding  one  leg  high in the air as he lay

across  the hunching whore, and I was holding the other.  Her pussy was

pointing  up  in  the  air  at the perfect angle to allow us to ram our

hard  dicks  deeply  downward,  spreading  her  sore cunt lips open and

filling her with thick and hard penis.

     Cindy,  aware  that  we were now fucking Pauline with two dicks in

her  cunt,  began  coming,  rubbing her asshole and cunt back and forth

over  Pauline's  face, leaking the juices that flowed from her all over

Paulines distorted face.

     Pauline  was  in another world now, her body being invaded by cock

and  cum.  The sounds she made were unlike any I had ever heard before,

a  mixture  of  grunts  and moans and deep cries that came from so deep

inside  her  that they seemed to almost be coming from her cunt itself.

Master  Charles  and  I began coming almost at the same time, our cocks

jerking  inside  Pauline  in different directions, Master Charle's dick

jerking  to  the  left  and  up  and mine jerking to the right and down

inside the slippery wet, so easily fuckable whore cunt.

     Finally  it  was  over, our dicks having shot all their spunk into

Pauline's  cum  recepticle  and  Cindy  having fed Pauline all the cunt

juice and man come that her own hole could hold.

     We  tied Pauline to the bed once again when we were done with her,

and  I  looked  back  at her as the three of us walked through the door

into  the  adjoining room.  Her eyes were glazed with lust and her hips

still  moving slightly as the door to her room opened and the three men

from the bar walked in.


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