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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade71.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Whipping Pauline

     Master  Charles  and  I  only  stayed  in  my  room for just a few

moments.   It  was  important  for  us  to have the opportunity to talk

freely  about  how  we  would use Pauline the remainder of the evening.

When we had confirmed our plans we rejoined Pauline and Cindy.

     Cindy  had removed all her clothing and had taken the ball gag out

of  Pauline's mouth.  Pauline was still silent, primarily because Cindy

had  replaced the gag with her cunt and was sitting on our slave slut's

face gladly letting Pauline suck the cum from her hole.

     It  was  quite  a  delightful sight to see the pretty young blonde

sitting  there  playing  with  her own breasts as the bound Pauline lay

under her, her legs splayed lewdly open and her labia clamped and wet.

     Master  Charles opened one of the bags he had brought with him and

took out two leather whipping devices, handing me one and smiling.

     "She  can  take more than you might imagine", he said, "no area of

her  body  is off limits and she seems to particularly enjoy having her

breasts  whipped  and spanked.  I love doing the insides of her thighs,

especially  when  she  is  tied  open like she is now.  Does our friend

Cindy like the whip too?"

     Before  I  could answer Cindy answered for herself.  "No!  I don't

like  it at all...but I wouldn't mind a chance to do it to her some, if

it would be okay with you!"

     Master  Charles handed Cindy the tawse he was holding, instructing

her  to  flick  it light at first against Pauline's full breasts and to

gradually  increase  the force of her swings.  Cindy began flicking the

leather  strips  against  Pauline's  tits, striking first the right tit

and  then  the  left,  letting  the leather slide off her skin after it

hit, dragging it across her chest slowly.

     Stepping  up  to the end of the bed I began to use the tawse which

Master  Charles  had handed me on Pauline's outstretched legs.  I began

at  her  calves,  mixing  up  the force and frequency of my swings in a

manner  which  I  knew  would  be confusing and somewhat frightening to

Pauline.   After  a   bit  I  began  changing  my target area randomly,

sometimes  flicking the leather against her stomach just above her clit

and  then  letting  it  strike  the bottoms of her feet.  Another swing

along  the inside of her left thigh and then a long pause followed by a

really stinging landing of the tawse directly on her cunt.

     Cindy  was  swinging  rather  forcefully  now, and the response we

were  getting  from  Pauline  encouraged  us both.  Pauline grunted and

moaned,  causing  Cindy  to  raise  her hips from the naked slut's face

long  enough to give her a chance to complain about what was being done

to  her,  but  rather  than  complaints  Pauline  moaned over and over,

"Yes!!...unnngggghh!! hurts sooooo good!....Yesssss!!"

     Each  time the leather hit those huge tits Pauline would hunch her

hips  up  in  the air, as if every strike of the leather wasn't felt in

her  tits  at  all  but  was  felt  deep  inside  her  cunt.   I  began

concentrating  on  the  insides  of  her thighs, teasing her by letting

just  one  or  two  strands  of leather flick at her spread opened cunt

lips.   When  it  became  obvious  that she was going to have an orgasm

from  the  whipping  we were giving her I began to let more and more of

the  strands  strike  her lips and began concentrating on her clit as I

swung the tawse faster and faster.

     Earlier  when  Cindy  had fisted Pauline to a climax I had thought

that  she  had  experienced an unusually strong orgasm.  Now I began to

wonder  if  I  had  been wrong about that, because as she began to come

from  the  whipping  she  was receiving it was obvious that this orgasm

was much stronger than the earlier one had been.

     Pauline  began  twisting  her head from side to side under Cindy's

ass  and straining at the bonds which held her to the bed as she fucked

her  hips  upward  with violent jerks toward the ceiling.  We continued

striking  her with the leather strands as her orgasm continued for what

seemed  to  be  a very long time, stopping only when she fell limply to

the  bed,  her chest still rising and falling as she tried to catch her


     We  had  used  the beautiful little slut so much by now that I was

actually  beginning  to  worry  that  we  might be over-doing it, but I

seemed  to  be  alone  in  my  concern.  Master Charles began fingering

Pauline  almost  immediately  upon the end of her orgasm, sliding three

fingers into her cunt and his thumb into her ass.

     Cindy,  moving  from  her position above Pauline's face and laying

beside  her  on  the  bed,  began kissing her mouth hotly, eliciting an

eager and equally hot response from Pauline.

     Moving  over  to  the side of the bed on which Cindy was laying, I

gently  lifted  her  upper  leg  and  bent it at the knee, exposing her

naked  cunt.   I  set  her foot down on the inside of her left knee and

sat  down  in  a chair where I could observe the action taking place on

the bed.

     Whipping  Pauline  had  obviously  excited  Cindy, and she was now

reaching  between  her  legs  and  rubbing  her  clit  as she continued

kissing  Pauline.  I still had a good view of the fingering that Master

Charles  was  giving  Pauline  and  found it rather difficult to choose

between the views of finger fucking that was being offered to me.

     Pauline  was amazingly insatiable!  It had only been moments since

her  last  orgasm  and  yet her hips were now moving again, encouraging

Master  Charles  to  fuck  her faster and deeper with his busy fingers.

Cindy  broke  her  kiss with Pauline and looked down at Master Charles,

watching  him  finger  fuck the horny slut and sliding two fingers into

her own very wet pussy.

     Suddenly,  Master  Charles  pulled  his  fingers  out of Pauline's

holes  and  began  untying the ropes that held her to the bed.  Pauline

was  obviously  unhappy about her cunt being empty again and as soon as

one  of  her  hands was free she was reaching between her legs to slide

her  own  fingers  into  her  still  hungry  fuck hole.  Master Charles

pulled her hand away, scolding her.

     "No,  little  slut.   I'll  decide  when you are to have something

inside  your  little  whore  pussy.   You've  been a dirty little tramp

today,  eating  pussy and taking fist's in your cunt.  Its time now for

you  to  admit  what  a  slut  you are and to show our friends just how

badly you need to be used even now."

     Pauline  immediately  rose  from the bed and knelt in the floor in

front  of Master Charles, assuming that classic position which all true

slaves  must  learn,  her legs bent back under her and spread open, her

ass on the floor between her feet, her hands behind her.

     "Yes,  Master.  I have been a dirty little tramp, and I do need to

be  used  sooooo  much.   I'll  do anything you say, Master, ANYTHING!!

Just  don't  stop  using  me.  Fuck me anyway you want, whip me more if

you    like,   make   me   suck   dicks,   eat   pussy,   perform   for


     Master  Charles  reached  down in front of Pauline and slapped her

big  tits  with  his  open  hand, nearly knocking off the nipple clamps

that  were  attached  there.   Pauline  moaned,  but maintained as much

composure  as  possible  under  the  circumstances.   He  swung at them

again, slapping them quite hard.

     "You  have  whore  tits, Pauline!", he hissed.  "You have the kind

of  tits  that  men  will  pay to fuck.  Perhaps we should send you out

into  the  street  and  let  you bring some man up here who will pay to

fuck them!  Will you sell your whore tits for your Master?"

     Pauline  blushed  deeply  at  the  dirty  way  Master  Charles was

talking  to  her,  but  holding  her  chin  up defiantly she looked him

straight  in  the  eye and replied, "Yes, Master!  I'll sell my tits or

my  cunt  or  my  ass for you if you like.  I'll fuck men for you, I'll

take   money   to   fuck  anyone  you  say.   Sell  me,  use  me,  whip

me...anything, Master, ANYTHING!!"

     Reaching  down  and  taking  hold  of  both  nipple clamps, Master

Charles  pulled  Pauline to a standing position and led her over to the

desk  chair  to  his left.  Sitting down and pulling Pauline across his

lap  on her belly, he instructed Cindy to lay at his left with her legs

open  widely.   Then,  sliding Pauline over his legs until her face was

once  more  in  Cindy's crotch, he began spanking her ass with his open

hand, talking to her continuously as he did so.

     "Dirty  little the blondes pussy some more!  You'll do

anything  will  you?   You'll  sell  your  tits for fucking?  You'll go

offer  yourself  for  money  to strangers?  Your tight little ass needs

this  spanking,  you  dirty  tramp!   Look  at you gobble up her juice!

Look  at  your  ass  cheeks clench in anticipation.  You're a trembling

little  slave  slut whore, who needs to be used and spanked and made to

do  dirty,  nasty  things.  And you will do them, WILL do


     I  watched  with interest as Master Charles spanked the submissive

slave.   He  paused frequently between spanks and slid his fingers into

her  holes,  first  her cunt and then her ass.  Just as she would begin

moving  her  hips hotly in response to the fingering, he would stop and

begin spanking her once more.

     I  don't  know how many spanks she was given.  I didn't count, and

I  suppose  because  he  was  requiring  her  to eat pussy at the time,

Master  Charles didn't require Pauline to count them.  But the spanking

and  alternate  fingering  went  on  long enough for Cindy to come once

more, and only when she had did Master Charles stop spanking Pauline.

     When  he  was done he held open her ass cheeks and told me to come

look  at  her asshole.  I walked around to his right and observed as he

requested.   "She  takes  it  in  the  ass, you know, Master Wade.  She

doesn't  just do it because I require her to do it, she does it because

she  likes  it  up  the ass.  Look at her little hole.  Its so nice and

tight.   Later  on  you  can  fuck  her  up  the  ass.  She'll love it.

Sometimes  she  begs me to fuck her ass.  I like it when she does that.

But  now  I  think its just about time that we dressed our little whore

up and sent her out for a while."

     Having  shown  me her asshole, Master Charles slid Pauline off his

lap and she once again assumed "the" position.

     "You  will  put  on  the black dress and the black garter belt and

stockings  outfit, Pauline.  You will dress in front of us and you will

leave  the  top four buttons of the dress unbuttoned.  Then you will go

down  to  the  hotel bar and show off your slut body to the men who are

there  and  offer  to  let  one or more men come up to the room to fuck

your  tits.   You will require them to pay your Master fifty dollars to

fuck  your tits, and should they want more than that you will add fifty

dollars  for  each  hole  in which they wish to dip their dicks.  While

you  are  downstairs selling your whore body, Master Wade and I will be

fucking  Cindy, so you will call the room prior to bringing your john's

upstairs.  Do you understand?"

     Pauline  nodded  submissively.   "Yes, Master, I understand.  I do

need  fucking,  Master.   I need it soooo bad.  Would my Master like to

fuck  me  before  I go downstairs?"  She was very hot...I could hear it

in her voice.

     "No,  Pauline.   When  you have pleased your Master by doing as he

asks  then  you  may  beg  for his dick in your cunt, but not until you

have  done  as I've asked you to do.  If you are lucky the men you talk

into  paying  to  fuck  you  will  want  to feed dick to your slut fuck

hole.  If not, you'll just have to wait."

     It  wasn't  easy for me to see Pauline sent out to bring other men

to  the  room  to  fuck her.  Frankly I was dying to stick my cock into

her,  and  I  for  one would have paid much more than fifty dollars for

the  opportunity.  Still, Master Charles and I had agreed that we would

use  her  in this way.  I knew that my turn to fuck her would come, and

that  it  would  be  marvelous  when it did.  In the meantime there was

Cindy,  and  while  I  had  already  fucked  her once and really wanted

Pauline, she would have to do in the interim.

     It  suddenly  dawned  on  me  that  the  possibility  existed that

Pauline  could  let some man fuck her before ever coming back up to the

room.  I mentioned it to Master Charles.

     "You  have  a  point,  Master  Wade.  Perhaps we had better insure

against  that."   Taking  what appeared to be a pastry syringe from one

of  the bags he had brought, Master Charles handed Cindy the ice bucket

from  the  dresser  and  told  her  to fill it with warm water for him.

When  she  had  done  as  he  had requested, Master Charles had Pauline

stand  in  front  of  us  and bend at the knees with her legs open.  He

then  filled the syringe with water from the ice bucket, and placing it

beneath  her  cunt,  told  her to squirt the syringe full of water into

her hole.  She did as he requested, obviously embarrased.

     "This  will clean any cum out of the slut's cunt.  We can check it

when  she  returns  to  see if there is any cum there.  If there is she

will  pay  for  it,  I can promise you that.  Someday I will pierce her

lips  so  that I can ring it and lock it on such occasions as this.  In

the meantime, this will have to do."

     When  the  water  had  run back out of Pauline's cunt into the ice

bucket,  Master  Charles  held it to her lips and required her to drink

it  all.   When  she  had  finished,  he allowed her to dress as he had

requested,  and  sent  her downstairs to the bar.  He instructed her to

return  in  one  hour,  even if she was unsuccesful in finding a man to

pay  to  fuck  her.   I thought that was highly unlikely as I looked at

her  in  the  black  dress  and  watched her hips move sensously as she

moved toward the door.

     The  door  had barely closed when little Cindy was on her knees in

front  of  Master  Charles  taking  his cock into her mouth.  She was a

very  hot  little  number  and  I was glad we had asked her to join us.

But  I couldn't wait for Pauline to return and for my chance to come to

fuck her.


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