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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade70.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Wenching Pauline

     Master  Charles  and  I left Pauline alone for a while when I had

finished  her  fisting,  leaving  her  tied and naked, blindfolded and

gagged.   I opened the air-conditioning vent just a bit before we left

the  room,  knowing  that the cool air wafting across her very hot and

wet cunt lips would keep her very much aware of just how wet she was.

     The  two  of us went over to my room for a bit to discuss what we

would do with our little slave the remainder of the evening.

     "She  hasn't  been  fucked  at  all  today", Master Charles said,

settling  into  the  chair  by  the  window.  "She loves fingering and

fisting  so  much  that there are times when thats all she gets and is

quite  satisfied,  but  I  think you and I might just want to give her

some dick tonight, don't you?"

     I  laughed  softly.   "You  know  I  want  to give her some dick.

After  all  I've  never  fucked  her  before,  and  I  must admit that

watching  her  get  so  hot has really made me want her.   Should just

the  two  of  us  fuck her, or should we bring in some other cocks for


     "She  gets  off  on fantasizing about group fucks with her as the

'center-piece',  and I expect that someday we may just find the proper

time  to  let  a  really  large group of horny men have their way with

her,  but  I'd say for this first time together that it would probably

be  best  if  just  the two of us screwed her.  Be sure to talk to her

about  wanting  to  see  her  take lots and lots of cocks though...she

loves to hear that kind of talk."

     "Yes,  she  does  seem  to  like being embarassed and humiliated.

What  would  she think of us showing her body off to another woman and

letting another woman play with her some while we fucked her?"

     "She  just  might  like that alot.  Do you have anyone in mind?",

he asked.

     I  told  him about the young blonde waitress who had seen Pauline

fingering  herself  to  a climax in the ladies room of the restaurant.

It had been hard for me to forget her offer.

     "Ummmm,  that sounds interesting.  Pauline has never seen me fuck

another  woman,  and  I'm  sure  she fully expects us to come back and

screw  her  til she can hardly walk.  It might be a nice touch to make

her  wait even longer and to make her need even greater by letting her

watch some other little slut getting fucked instead of her."

     "Well,  we  wouldn't  want  to  tire  ourselves out on the little

blonde  slut  and not have anything left to give to our Pauline, but I

have  a  feeling  the  blonde  would enjoy watching Pauline getting it

too, so we could probably keep them both happy.  Shall I call her?"

     "Yes,  call  her  and see if she can come up within the next hour

or  so.   We  can  keep Pauline blindfolded a bit longer and tease her

until  the  girl  comes,  making  her  think  that  she's going to get


     I  called  down  to  the  restaurant and got Cindy's phone number

from  Maurice.   She  was home and was excited by my acceptance of her


     "Now  you  understand  our  plan,  don't you Cindy?", I asked her

over the phone.

     "Yes,  I  do,  and  it  sounds great to me!  She'll really let me

pull on her lips and nipples as much as I want?"

     "Oh  yes,  she loves that, and she just might get hot enough that

she will want some more fisting."

     "Yummmmmy!   And  you  and  your  other friend will both fuck me,


     "Without  a doubt.  Then you'll get to watch us both fuck Pauline

too if you like."

     "Ohhhh,  I'd like, for sure!  I'll take a quick shower and put on

something appropriate and be right over.  Thanks for calling!"

     We  went  back  into  the  room and without saying anything began

running  our  hands  lightly  over  Pauline's  body  once  more.   She

responded  immediately  and  began  moving  her hips in small circles,

begging as best she could for thick man meat to fill her.

     I  pulled  my  semi-erect cock from my pants and began rubbing it

along  her  body,  up  her  thighs,  across her big tits and along her

cheek.   Master  Charles  began doing the same thing on the other side

of  her,  giving  her  a double dose of our brand of cock teasing.  We

both  started  talking to her softly, alternately asking her questions

we knew would make her begin dripping fuck juice once more.

     "You love cocks, don't you Pauline?", I asked.

     "You  love  all  kinds of cocks, don't you little slut...big long

ones, thick ones, curved ones?", Master Charles added.

     "You  love  to  feel  them all over your dirty little tramp body.

Cocks that can fill your holes with hot cum."

     "Yes,  when  you  get as hot as you are now you'll do anything to

get  fucked.  Anything.  You'll spread your legs and show your cunt to

anyone we tell you to."

     "And  your huge whore'll expose them and let anyone we

say  pull  at  them,  suck  on  them,  pinch  them,  hurt  them,  slap

them...anything  we say, you'll do it...just to get fucked.  You can't

help it, you just need it soooo bad!"

     Pauline  was  hunching  more strongly now, her pubic mound rising

and  falling  with  regularity,  her clipped open cunt glistening with

wetness  as  we  breathed  the  nasty  words  to  her  in a continuous

stream.   She  grunted  affirmative  answers  to  us  through the gag,

needing  to  please  us  by  admitting  all  the filthy things we were

accusing  her of, needing to do whatever it was we wanted her to do so

that  she could have those dicks inside her.  There was a knock at the


     "Hi  Cindy!",  I  said  cheerily  as  I  opened the door.  Master

Charles  had  left Pauline panting on the bed and was tucking his hard

dick  back  into  his pants.  "You look lovely!  I'm so glad you could

come over."

     Turning  to  Master  Charles  I introduced him to Cindy.  "Master

Charles,  this  is Cindy.  She is the little bi-slut whore who watched

Pauline  fingering  herself in the ladies room."  I saw Pauline's head

jerk  tightly to the right, as if she was trying to somehow see who it

was who had seen her doing such a nasty thing.

     "Hello  Cindy,  and  welcome.  Its a treat to have a pretty young

thing  like  you  to  share her charms with us.  You may not recognize

the  quivering  slut  on  the bed, but thats Pauline, our fuck for the

day.   We've been using her ever since you saw her this morning.  Come

on  over  to  the  bed  and  take a closer look, if you like."  Master

Charles  slid  his  arm  around Cindy's tiny waist and led her over to

the bed.

     "God,  she  looks  so  slutty  laying  there  like  that!", Cindy

exclaimed.   "It  makes  me hot to fuck just to look at her!  What I'd

give to have tits like those!"

     "Take  a closer look at her, Cindy.  Make yourself at home.  Have

you ever seen labia clips before?", he asked.

     Cindy  walked  closer  to  the  bed  and  knelt between Pauline's

outstretched legs, examining her clipped and shaved cunt.

     "No,  I've  heard  about  them, but these are the first ones I've

ever  seen.   They  hold her open so lewdly!  Damn, is she wet!  Is it

ok if I have a little taste?"

     "A  little  taste?   You  can eat her til she screams through the

gag  if  you  want  to,  you cute little bi-slut bitch. Go ahead, help


     Cindy  leaned  forward,  her  mouth eager to taste the juice that

coated  Paulines  thighs,  ass  cheeks  and  cunt.   As she did Master

Charles  moved behind her and began sliding her skirt up over her ass,

revealing  a  really  nice  pair  of tan legs and a tiny pair of white

bikini  panties,  already  damp  with  excitement.   Cindy  moaned and

opened  her  legs  wider  as  she stuck her tongue deep into Pauline's


     I  sat beside Pauline on the bed, content for the moment to watch

Cindy  eating  her  so eagerly.  Pauline's head began moving from side

to side as the young but experienced cunt licker did her thing.

     Charlie  was  sliding  the little white panties down Cindy's legs

now,  exposing  her ripe young ass and cunt.  His hand dipped into his

pants  once more and he took out his long thick cock and began rubbing

it  up  and  down  Cindy's  wet  bottom.  I leaned over to Pauline and

began whispering to her.

     "Feel  that blonde hair on your thighs, Pauline?  Feel her pretty

little  mouth  pressed against your inner cunt lips?  Charlie is going

to  fuck the little bitch doggy style while she licks at you.  Its too

bad  you  can't  see him fucking her from behind like that, you'd like

that,  wouldn't  you?"   She  nodded  her head hotly in an affirmative

answer.   "What  do  you think, Master Charles?", I asked.  "Should we

take the blindfold off Pauline now?"

     "Yes,  do  just  that, Master Wade.  I want her to see me fucking

Cindy.  Take it off."

     I  slowly  removed  the  blindfold  from  Pauline.   When  it was

removed  her  eyes darted back and forth from the three of us.  It was

as  if  she  couldn't  decide  who  to  let  them rest on.  Her sudden

awareness  that I was the waiter from the restaurant combined with her

interest  in seeing what Cindy looked like and her desire to watch her

Master  fuck  the  little  blonde  resulted  in  a  conflict she found

difficult  to  resolve.   She had no difficulty responding sexually to

all  of  that  however,  and her eyes began to glaze over with lust as

she became visually aware of what was happening.

     Master  Charles now had the entire length of his cock imbedded in

Cindy's  juicy  little cunt and was pumping her regularly, shoving her

mouth  tighter  against Pauline's trembling crotch with each thrust of

his hips.

     "Nice  tight  little pussy, Master Wade.  Good young stuff.  Want

to try some of it?", he asked.

     "Sure",  I  said.  I rose to my knees and opened my zipper taking

my  dick  from  my  pants.   I  held it in front of Pauline's face and

stroked  it  slowly  only inches away from her eyes.  "This cock could

be  going  into  your  little  slut  body, Pauline...but right now its

going  to  go  into Cindy's cunt.  We know you need some dick too, but

it  isn't  your turn yet.  Be a good girl and maybe we'll let you lick

Cindy's  juice  off  our  meat.   You'd love that, wouldn't you?"  She

nodded  again, her eyes wide open and glued to the thick dick in front

of her.

     I  exchanged places with Master Charles, sliding my now hard dick

into  Cindy's  already  stretched open fuck hole.  Master Charles held

his  wet cock out for Pauline to see, teasing her with it, letting her

smell  the wet slut juice on it as he waved it back and forth in front

of  her  nose.   Cindy  moved  her  hands up Pauline's chest and began

pulling  at  the  nipple clamps that she found there.  Pauline moaned

hotly through the ball gag.

     "This  is  good  pussy,  Master Charles", I said, appreciatively.

"The  little  slut  looks  good  on  her knees with her ass in the air

too!"   I  grunted as I began fucking Cindy's upraised cunt harder and

harder.   "She sure loves to lick pussy too, doesn't she?  Look at her


     Cindy  was indeed having a wonderful time drinking the juice that

flowed  from  Pauline's  cock  hungry  slit.   She didn't seem to mind

taking  dick  too  much  either, judging by the way she moved her cunt

back   onto  my  intruding  member.  I began playing with her asshole,

rubbing  the  tip  of  my  finger against its tiny opening as I fucked

her.   Her  moans  told  me  to continue, and I slowly slid the entire

length  of  my  middle finger into her and began working it in and out

of her ass.

     "Want  some  of  Cindy's  fingers  inside  you  Pauline?", Master

Charles  asked her with a sneer.  Pauline nodded once again, obviously

needing  something  deep inside her.  "Finger fuck her, Cindy", Master

Charles  instructed.   "Give  her something hard and big in that needy

little cunt of hers."

     Cindy  took  her  mouth away from the dripping slit for the first

time  since  she  had  knelt  between  the bound slut's legs and began

inserting the fingers of her right hand into Pauline's pussy.

     "How  many  can  she  take?",  Cindy  asked, her voice thick with


     "As  many  as  you  want  to  give  her,  Cindy",  Master Charles

answered.   He  turned  toward  the  young blonde and held his dick in

front  of  her  face.   Cindy opened her mouth eagerly and it was soon

filled  with  the  full  shaft  that  Pauline needed so badly.  As she

turned  to  her  left  to take all of his thick dick I was able to see

her  hand working on Pauline's cunt.  She had three fingers inside her

and  was  working  at adding a forth.  Pauline's hips moved faster now

as  if  she  were  begging  Cindy  for more and more fingers.  I began

working  a  second  finger  into  the slim young blonde's asshole.  My

balls  were filling with cum and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold off

much longer.

     Master  Charles had Cindy's head in his hands now and was fucking

her  mouth  easily.   Pauline  watched  intently, obviously excited by

watching  her Master dicking Cindy's head as well as by the increasing

large  lump  of  flesh  entering  her middle fuck hole.  Cindy now had

four  fingers  pumping  in and out and was beginning to add the thumb.

I  knew  that  when she got the whole hand inside that the sight of it

would make me spew my fuck into the little blonde's rear.

     "Fist  her,  Cindy!", Master Charles demanded.  "Shove your whole

fucking  hand  inside  the  dirty little tramp!!"  I could tell by his

voice that he would soon be emptying his load as well.

     Cindy  moved  her arm forward strongly, pressing her fist against

the  spread open slut cunt.  Pauline's eyes widened and sweat ran down

her  forehead  as  the popping sound we had all been waiting for came.

The  hand  disappeared  from  my view and all I could see was the slim

young  blonde's  wrist sticking out lewdly from the shaved slit of the

quivering  whore  who  needed  it  so badly.  Pauline's orgasm hit her

like  a  ton  of  bricks  as Cindy began fucking her with the clenched

fist  of  her  right hand.  She flung her head back and forth and from

side  to side and struggled at the bonds which held her as she grunted

her passion into the room.

     Master  Charles  reached  down and took Cindy's wrist in his hand

and  began  helping her fuck Pauline as his dick began spurting a huge

load  of  hot  fuck juice into her pretty mouth.  I felt my own orgasm

erupt  like  a  volcano,  cum pouring up out of my balls into my shaft

and  shooting out with great force into the little fist fucking slut's

upraised cunt.

     Cindy  swallowed  hard,  intent  on  taking  every drop of Master

Charles'  sperm  into  her mouth and down her throat.  I reached under

her  as  my  own  cum  continued shooting into her hole and rubbed her

clit  as  I  continued fucking her.  The taste of hot cum, the feel of

wildly  hot  cunt  on  her  entire  hand,  Master Charles' hand on her

wrist,  my  spurting  cock  in her cunt and my rubbing fingers against

her  clit  drove  Cindy over the edge and she bucked wildly as her own

orgasm  took  control  of her body.  Her ass rose and fell, milking my

cock  as  it  did  so.   I  could  feel her stomach against my forearm

quivering and jerking with the passion that ran through her body.

     Master  Charles  took his softening cock out of Cindy's mouth and

rubbed  the  remaining drops of cum from its tip along Pauline's nose.

Cindy  seemed reluctant to take her fist from Pauline's quivering cunt

and  simply  fell  on  top  of  her,  her pretty blonde hair cascading

against Pauline's chest as she did so.

     Withdrawing  my empty dick from Cindy's cunt I moved to the other

side  of  Pauline  and  spread the remaining drops of my cum alongside

the  drops  of  cum deposited by Master Charles on Pauline's upper lip

and  nose.   Remembering  that  the  sides of my cock were coated with

Cindy's  cunt  juice  I  rubbed  it  on  Pauline's face as well before

moving aside to the chair to catch my breath.

     "That  was  very  nice, Cindy!", Master Charles said.  "After you

have  rested  a bit you may strip completely nude and allow Pauline to

clean  Master  Wade's  cum  out  of  your  sweet pussy.  He and I will

rejoin you in a bit."

     I  rose  and  joined  Master  Charles in my room, leaving the two

sluts  laying  quietly  on  the bed.  As I glanced back at them before

closing  the  door  between the rooms I smiled softly at the beautiful

young  women  and the sight of them laying together spent and smelling

of  sex.  Cindy's head rose just as the door was shutting, and my last

view  was  of  her  kissing Pauline softly on her face, licking at the

remaining  drops  of  cum  that  lingered  there,  her  panties  still

stretched  between her pretty legs and cum still leaking from her well

fucked cunt.


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