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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade69.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Warming Pauline

     I  had  taken the adjoining room to Charlie and Pauline's room for

convenience  sake  and  after leaving the restaurant I got settled down

there  and  waited  for  Charlie  to  prepare  Pauline for our use.  To

prepare  her he had her strip naked and then tied her to the bed on her

back.   A  solid  black  blindfold  was  affixed and nipple clamps were

tightened  up at the tips of her huge tits.  He put four labia clips on

her  cunt lips, inserted a ball gag in her mouth and fingered her for a

while  til  her  juice  was beginning to leak out of her hole.  He then

took  a  few photographs of the spread-eagled slut which he told her he

was  going  to  give  to  the  waiter  who  waited  on them next in the


     The  sound  of the clicking camera shutter was my cue to go to the

door  of  their  room and knock.  I was greeted at the door by Charlie,

camera in hand and a big smile on his face.

     "Well,  hello there!  Pauline!", he called out to her, "its Master

Wade!!   Come  in, Master Wade, come in!  My little slave slut is bound

and spread for your total examination.  Make yourself at home."

     Realizing   that   Pauline  would  recognize  my  voice  from  the

encounter  in  the  restuarant, I affected a slightly different accent.

Her  blindfold  would  prevent  her from visually recognizing me as the


     Master  Charles  and I walked toward the bed as we talked.  "Thank

you,  Master Charles.  I've been looking forward to this opportunity to

see  your  slave slut's cunt."  I knelt between Pauline's open legs and

began  flicking  at  her  already  hard clit with my middle finger in a

carom  shooting  type  motion.   She  jumped with each pop of my finger

against  her  clit  and  moaned  deeply  with  heated  passion into the

leather gag.

     "Look  at  her  little  clittie  jump  when  I  flick  it,  Master

Charles!   Perhaps  she  would  like for me to flick the labia clips as


     "Yes,  she  would like that, Master Wade", Charles replied.  "Look

how  wet  she is already.  But before you flick them, let me open her a

little  wider for you.  Look deep inside at how pink and wet her little

fuck  hole  is!"   Master  Charles  took  a labia clip in each hand and

pulled  her  cunt lips to the sides, lewdly opening her juicy pink fuck

hole  to my hungry gaze.  I wiped my fingers against the full length of

her  hole,  first  the fronts of my fingers and then the backs, coating

my  digits  with  hot  wet  slut  juice.  Balling my hand into a fist I

pressed  all  my  knuckles  against  her spread-opened hole, not really

trying  to  enter  her, but merely testing her fuck muscles against the

huge intruding shape of my big fist.

     "I  think  your little fuck is a fist fucking piece, Charles.  You

really have wonderful taste in cunts.  My congratulations."

     I  wiped  the fingers of my other hand against her warm pink inner

lips  as  Charles  replied.   "Yes,  she loves having big things shoved

inside  her.   She'll  take  your fist if you like or any thing else we

decide  to stick into her.  Just enjoy....thats what her little hole is


     I  reached  inside  and  tried to grasp the inner lips of her cunt

with  my  fingers,  but  the  hot  fuck  juice  that coated them was so

copious  that  it  made  gripping  them difficult.  Removing two of the

labia  clips  that  were  pinching her outer lips I re-attached them to

the  inner ones and pulled them open further as Master Charles held her

outer  lips apart for me.  There was a nice neat round hole now visible

to  us  which  ran back into her whore body like a cavern into the side

of a mountain.

     Pauline  was  panting  now,  deeply  involved  in our conversation

concerning  her  most  private  part  and  very much aware of the total

examination we were making of it.

     "Its  a  very  adequate  hole,  Master Charles.  Good for pressing

against  mouths  and kneecaps and toes and door knobs and most anything

else.   It  appears to me to be a hole that we can enjoy stretching and

pulling  at  with abandon and into which we can dump large and frequent

loads  of  cum.  You do allow the squirting of large quantities of male

fuck juice into and on your slut, do you not?"

     "Of  course,  Master  Wade.   Pauline is a clench-assed twat, made

for  fucking  and  practically  insatiable.   Perhaps  by  the  time we

conclude  her  training  she  will  be  totally insatiable and good for

nothing but using over and over again.  I certainly hope so."

     "Well,  its  obvious  that she doesn't have far to go now to reach

that  zenith",  I  replied.  "After seeing her cunt, I think I may have

to  extend my visit to this fair city and use her a bit more than I had

originally  planned, if its ok with you.  I can see now that her middle

hole  will  be  able  to take at least twice the attention  which I had

originally  planned  for it, and from my casual examination of the rest

of her body I would say that probably holds true for it was well."

     "I  think  that  would  be  very  nice, Master Wade.  You're quite

right,  the  rest  of  her body can use lots of attention as well, even

though  she  still is a bit sore from the usage to which I put her last

week.  How do you like her tits?"

     "They  are  truly  awesome,  Charles.  Are they plastic, or is she

one  of  those  early  developing little sluts who made cocks rock hard

even when she was ten years old?"

     "They  are  one hundred percent authentic, Master Wade.  As to her

early  sexual  exploits, I think perhaps you should ask her to tell you

about  that  sometime  when  you  have  an  audience  to hear the juicy

details.   It  is  very  humiliating  to  her to have to talk about her

early  usage,  and  it  will make the juice literally stream out of her

cunt   and  run  down  her  thighs...a  most  pleasing  sight  and  one

guaranteed to make cocks hard and bi-slut mouths water."

     "That's  an  excellent suggestion, Master Charles, and one which I

will  be  sure to remember.  You know...the more I look at her tits and

ass  and fuck hole the more I feel that somehow they should be strapped

and  whipped  on  occasions.   You do make her slut flesh jump with the

sting  of  leather  from  time  to time, don't you?"  I leaned forward,

holding  the  clips  on  her inner lips apart as widely as possible and

began  licking at the inside of her cunt with my tongue.  Her juice was

tasty,  aromatic  and  sweet and of a consistency which made it slow to


     "Oh  yes, Pauline is quite accustomed to discipline and punishment

and  in  fact  needs  it  more  often  than you might imagine.  She has

acquired  a very pleasing tollerance for pain, not so much that one has

to  be  especially  careful, but just enough that one can employ a full

range of disciplinary tools with comfortable enthusiasm."

     "That  is  really  wonderful...on so many occasions one encounters

slaves  who  are  at either extreme...they are either so sensitive that

to  whip them becomes boring, or they are so immune to the sting of the

whip  that  one  finds  oneself  laboring  excessively  for very little

result.   Few  things  are  more  pleasing than a trembling little fuck

hole  slut  whose  quivers  and  moans rise equally to the sound of the

leather  on  her  wet skin.  Speaking of wet skin...does she always get

this  wet?"   The  question  was  a well timed one...Pauline's cunt was

leaking  juice  to  an  extent  that  it was now puddling up on the bed

under her ass.

     "Actually,  only  on  very  rare  occasions does it get quite this

wet.   But  I  will say that there has only been one time when anyone I

allowed  to  fuck her had to fuck her dry, and that was under extremely

unusual  circumstances.   It  did  turn  out  to  be  a  highly  erotic

experience  for  her, as the intruding dick was perhaps the largest one

which  I've  even seen plunge into her hole.  The veins along the sides

were  like ropes and with nearly no lubrication I was forced to hold my

hand  over  her  mouth to cover the sound of her screams.  The stud who

fucked  her  came  three times inside her without ever having to remove

his  monster  cock from her hole.  Her dry lips and his huge size, even

when  soft,  made  it  possible  for  her  to squeeze him hard over and

over.   She  came  at least five times in the hour he pumped that fore-

arm  sized  fuck  meat  into  her.   Its just too bad that he died soon

after that in a freak automobile accident."

     "Yes,  that  is  most  unfortunate.  Perhaps we will find a way to

duplicate  that  feat  sometime  in the future, however.  I would enjoy

very  much  watching Pauline get fucked just like that someday.  But in

the  meantime,  hold  her  open  and lets use some fingers on the dirty

little tramp.  I love finger fucking pretty little whores!"

     Master  Charles pulled her labia open as I began inserting fingers

from  both  hands  into  her  dripping wet cunt.  Knowing that her fuck

hole  was mine to do with as I chose and aided by the ropes holding her

hands  and legs in their tied position I began sliding fingers into her

however  it  pleased  me,  stretching her open and adding more and more

fingers  as  her  hips rose and fell with passion.  It was no challenge

by  now to get five fingers inside, three from the left hand on top and

two  more  from  the  right hand on the bottom.  I conciously rubbed my

palm  against  her  clit  as  I  fingered  her,  unconcerned  about the

frequency  of  her  orgasms.  The sixth finger required some force, the

seventh  and  eighth  ones entered only after much pushing and twisting

of  the  ones  already  inside.   When I finally got them into her they

were  clasped  much  as  if  I were praying, the thumbs together at the

top, rubbing her clit as the hands fucked her.

     It  was  obvious  the little slave slut loved to be finger fucked,

and  we  talked  to  her  about  her enthusiasm for it as we pulled and

prodded  at  her  opened  and  stretched  hole.  She begged to have the

clips  and  clamps  pulled  as we fingered her and as the orgasms swept

over her quivering and jerking body.

     Taking  my  hands  from  inside  her  and  leaving her gaping hole

uncomfortably  empty  I suggested to Master Charles that he pull at the

clamps  attached to the huge mounds of flesh on her chest as I inserted

the  balled  up  fingers  of my right hand into her.  He pulled at them

roughly,  stretching  her  tits  outward  from her body, causing her to

moan deeply with sincere appreciation.

     My  large  fist  popped as it entered her and I slid it deeper and

deeper  into  her cunt, feeling the juicy wet walls stretched wide open

by  the  fist  fucking she needed now so desperately.  The orgasms were

now  coming  one  on top of the other and it was increasingly difficult

to  tell  where  one  began  and  another  one  ended.   How  long they

continued  and  how  many she experienced neither of us was able to say

when  we  finally  stopped  using her.  The only thing we knew for sure

was  that she still wanted more, and that it was nearly five o'clock in

the  afternoon.   All  that  and  a  man dick had still not touched her

sweet naked slave flesh.  There was much more to come.


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