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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade67.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Raping Brenda, Part Four

     Over  the  next several days I fed Brenda a steady and unrelenting

diet  of  sexual  stimulation  and  fulfilment.  It pleased me that not

once  during  that  time  did she tire of it or complain in any way.  I

had  brought  a  good  supply  of  written  material,  primarily sexual

fantasies,  which  I required her to read while I manipulated her body.

I  learned  alot  about her in the process and was increasingly able to

know just what would push her over the edge submissively.

     As  I  had  anticipated,  Brenda  became  more and more excited by

humiliation  and  exposure  and  grew more and more tolerant of some of

the  milder forms of pain.  She became extremely sensitive with respect

to  nipple  and cunt lip manipulation and began coming just from having

clips  and clamps attached to those places.  The feel of leather straps

flicking  across  her  ass, thighs, tits and even her cunt began making

her extremely hot as well.

     By  the  end  of  the  week  Brenda had made an excellent start at

becoming  the  kind  of  slut I always knew she could be.  Her  orgasms

grew  in  intensity  and  regularity,  yet  they  seemed to become less

important   to   her  than  simply  being  used  and  being  given  the

opportunity  to  submit  herself  fully to her Master.  From having the

opportunity  to  use  her  over  and  over again I began to develop the

necessary  feel  for  "who"  she  was and was able to "play" her like a

musical  instrument,  helping  her  reach  higher  and higher levels of

sexual passion as the days passed.

     On  Friday,  although  her  training  was  certainly  not  totally

complete,  I  determined  that  she  was sufficiently acclimated to the

role  of  my  slave  that  we  could  resume  a more normal life-style.

Sitting  her  down  beside  me  on  the  bed,  I spoke to her about the

changes that had taken place during our time together.

     "Brenda,  prior to our coming to this room together you lived life

much  differently  than  you will from this point on.  In some ways you

were  a  slut  without a Master...fucking and teasing at random with no

real  purpose  or  goal.   There  were things that deep down inside you

wanted  very  much  to do and to be able to do, but you were unaware of

how  to  go  about  doing those things, and I think, were frightened of

actually  doing some of them.   Now you have learned that by having the

goal  of  obeying your Master and dedicating yourself to that goal that

you  have been freed to have all your needs met without the aimlessness

and  lack of direction you have experienced in the past.  Now, when you

lay  on  your  back  and take dick after dick into your holes you don't

have  to  feel selfish, because you know that you will be pleasing your

Master,  not  simply  just  fulfilling your own desires.  Now, when you

fantasize  about  taking  thick  man  meat  up  your  ass  it  will  be

accompanied  by  the  knowledge  that  your asshole has been trained to

accept  them  and the realization that you not only are physically able

to do it, but that you both mentally and physically enjoy it."

     "I   know   that  this  week  has  been  physically  and  mentally

exhausting  for you, and that you have been super-stimulated constantly

for  so long that you are weak-kneed and in need of sleep and rest, but

I  hope  that as I allow you to re-enter the "real" world that you will

remember  this  time  as  one of great growth for you.  If you re-enter

society  successfully  you  will  find  that  this  feeling  of  super-

stimulation  and  constant  arousal  will  continue  to  accompany  you

wherever  you go and whatever you do, but that you will have an element

of  control  now  which  will  make it comfortable for you to feel that

way.   You  need  not fear the feelings that you will have...the thirst

for  cum  and  cunt  juice  that  you  will feel when you look at other

people,  the hunger to let large groups of men use you that you will be

so  aware  of  when  you  are around large groups of the other sex, the

great  emptiness  that  you will experience at times because your holes

are  not  being  filled  and fucked...all these feelings will be strong

yet  will be acceptable to you because you know you can trust me to not

let   them  become  unbearable.   Never  worry  that  you  will  hunger

excessively  without  being  fed,  for  nothing will please your Master

more  than seing that your needs are met sufficiently.  When you have a

need  you  must  vocalize  that  need to me, without fear of reprimand.

When  there  is a man you wish to fuck or suck, you must simply tell me

so.   When  there  is a woman whose juice you need to taste or whom you

would  like  to kiss deeply on the mouth, or whom you would like to see

your  Master  fuck, you must simply tell me your wishes.  When you need

to  be  spanked, tell me.  When you need to be exposed to other people,

tell me.  When you need to be tied, gagged, gang-banged, tell me."

     "As  our  training  continues  you  will learn many of the signals

that  will enable you to communicate your needs and desires to me under

any  and  all circumstances, and you will learn the signals that I will

use  to direct your actions in acceptable ways.  Learn them well and be

alert  constantly  for  them and you will seldom find yourself with the

problem of having a dry cunt."

     After  our  talk I watched Brenda pack up the things I had used on

her  during  the  week.   It pleased me to see her obvious fondness for

the  dildo's,  vibrators,  whips and clamps as she packed them tenderly

away.   Just  handling  them  was  exciting  her,  and  I could sense a

reluctance for her motel-training to end.

     For  her "going-away" attire I had chosen a simple red dress and a

matching  pair  of  high  heels, with no underclothes of any kind under

it.   It was the first time she had ever gone out in public without any

underclothes  under  her  clothing,  but  it would certainly not be the

last time.

     When  she  had  completed  packing  and  dressing  I had her stand

before  me  with  her feet apart and pull the dress up in front of her,

exposing  her  body  to me.  As I had expected, her lips were moist and

she  jumped slightly as I touched her clit with my finger.  I rubbed it

lightly  with just the tip of my finger as she stood there, rubbing her

until  the  goose-bumps covered the insides of her thighs and until her

knees  began  bending  slightly  and  her  hips  began  moving in small

circles.   When  I removed my finger from her now hard clit she lowered

the dress.

     "No,  pull  it  back  up, Brenda.  Put it down when I tell you to,

not  before."   I  sat  motionless  as she pulled the dress back up and

just  looked  at her legs and shaved cunt.  I knew she was expecting me

to  touch her again and I waited, letting her anticipate the resumption

of  my  manipulation of her pussy.  It was an awkward time, accompanied

by  that  feeling  that  something  which  was supposed to be happening

wasn't  happening,  but  the  awkwardness  of  it added to the moisture

between the little slut's legs.

     I  reached  out and touched her clit once more, sensing the relief

that  Brenda  felt  as  I did so.  I touched it for perhaps ten seconds

and then stopped again.  She began to lower the dress once more.

     "No,  Brenda.   I'll  tell  you  when I don't want you to show off

your   little  whore  cunt  to  me.   Keep  the  dress  up!",  I  said,

forcefully.  She pulled the dress back up once more, sighing deeply.

     "Stand  there  just  as  you are and don't move a muscle", I said,

getting  up from the chair.  I loaded the suitcase full of clothing and

sex  toys  into the car, leaving Brenda standing there with her back to

the  open  door of the room holding her dress up in front of her.  When

I  came  back  into the room I left the door open and instructed her to

turn around to face me and the door.

     She  did  as  she was told, red-faced by the knowledge that anyone

who  walked  by  the  room and perhaps even some of the cars passing on

the  highway could see her standing there in her red dress exposing her

naked bottom.

     "Now  move  your  hips, Brenda.  Move them in a fucking motion for

me.  Move them as you would if you had a huge dick inside your cunt."

     Brenda  began  breathing  hard  now,  but did as I requested.  Her

dress  hid  her  face from the outside world...all that was visible was

the  upraised  red  dress  and  her  totally  naked body from the waist

down.   She moved her hips back and forth and in small circles, fucking

on  the imaginary cock inside her.  A car drove through the parking lot

of  the  motel  and the drive honked it's horn when he passed the room.

Brenda gasped and began lowering the dress.

     "No,  little  slut!!   Keep  fucking  for me!  Let them see what a

slut you are, how hot you are, how wet your little fuck hole is!!"

     Brenda  pulled  the  dress  back  up  in  front of her face, still

hunching,  still exposing her legs and wet cunt lips.  I knelt in front

of  her  and  let just the tip of my tongue flick against her throbbing

clit.   I  teased it, pulling away from time to time, waiting, and then

pushing  it back against her once more.  She began to moan audibly, too

hot  now  to  care  whether  people  outside the open door heard her or

not.   When  the  movement  of her hips indicated to me that she was in

great  need  of  a  climax  I stopped licking her pussy and told her to

lower the dress.

     "But  Master!  I need to come so bad!! Fuck me...please fuck me!",

she said, hotly.

     "No,  Brenda,  we're  ready  to  go now.  Come along."  I took her

hand  and led the reluctant little slut out to the car, holding her car

door open for her.

     I  noticed  as  I  walked  back  around to my side of the car that

Brenda  had  pulled her dress back up to her waist and was now plunging

two fingers deeply into her sopping wet cunt.

     Getting  in  and  shutting the door I let her finger herself for a

moment  and  then  said,  "No, Brenda, don't finger-fuck your slut cunt

now.   Keep  the  dress  up  and your pussy exposed, and keep your legs

opened  wide,  but  don't  touch  it.   If you just have to touch a sex

organ  you   can  rub  my  dick  through my pants, but don't touch your


     Totally  frustrated  and  in  great  need  of something inside her

pussy,  Brenda complied with my demands and took her fingers out of her

cunt,  licking them off as she reached over to my crotch with her other

hand.   She  stroked my cock with the touch of a woman in heat, wanting

to  make  me  so  hard  and hot that I would stop the car alongside the

road and fuck her there in the car.

     Driving  along  the highway I spotted a large truck ahead and sped

up  until  we  were  alongside it, giving the driver the chance to look

inside  at  the  pretty  little brunette's naked legs and cunt.  Brenda

looked  over  at me when she realized I was purposely staying alongside

the truck.

     "He can see, you know.  He can see my pussy."

     "Yes, Brenda, I know.  I want him to see."

     "But  Master!  I'm already soooo hot...and it makes me even hotter

to  know  he  is  looking  at  me!   What  if he masturbates while he's

driving along?"

     "Oh,  I  expect he will do just that, Brenda.  He'll probably take

his  hard  cock  out of his pants and stroke it and think about what it

would  be  like to have it deep inside the juicy little slut he can see

exposing herself to him."

     Brenda's  hand  flew  back  to  her pussy and she began rubbing it

hotly once more.

     "Oh,  you  want  the  man  to  see  you finger-fucking yourself do

you?", I asked teasingly.  "That will make him come for sure, I bet!"

     No!...I  mean,  yes...I  mean...I  don't  know,  Master,  I'm just

sooooo  hot!  Is it okay?  Should I stop?  I just need something inside

soooo bad!!"

     "Its  okay  my  little  slut.  Just lay your head back and finger-

fuck  yourself  while  the truck driver jerks off watching you.  I know

you  want to, so go ahead.  Only take my cock out and jerk me off while

you do it."

     Brenda  took her fingers out of her cunt only long enough to unzip

my  pants  and  take  my  cock out so that she could wrap her left hand

around  it.   Then  she  quickly  plunged  them back into her trembling

cunt.   She slid down slightly in the seat, laying her head back on the

back  of  the  seat and looked up at the driver of the truck as she ran

her  fingers  in  and  out  of her cunt and pumped on my rock hard dick

with her other hand.  I continued talking to her as she fucked.

     "Wet  pussied  slut.   Dirty  little  tramp tease.  Fingering your

little  fuck  hole  in front of the truck driver.  Jerking me off while

you  show your hole to some strange man.  Sitting there with your dress

pulled  up and your fingers flying in and out of your hole.  Watch him,

Brenda.   Watch  him stroking his huge tool while he looks down at you.

He  knows  what  a  slut you are.  He knows how hot you are and how bad

you  need  something  inside your little cunt.  Maybe I should stop the

car  and  both  the  driver  and I should fuck you.  He could fuck your

cunt  while  I  fuck  your  mouth.  Or maybe he'd rather have your tiny

little  asshole.   Put  another  finger  in.  Show the truck driver how

many  fingers  your  little  cunt  can  hold.   Fuck  yourself for him,

Brenda. Do it!!"

     Brenda's  hips  lifted  up  off  the car seat as she ran the third

finger  inside  her  trembling  cunt  and  as  her orgasm began rushing

through her body.

     "Yesssss!   Ohhh,  Gawwwwwwwd!!!  I'm  comm---mmmmmiiinnnnggg!!!",

she  cried,  her  hips  pumping up and down wildly, forcing her cunt up

against her hand and the intruding fingers.

     I  felt cum begin squirting out of my cock and saw huge gobs of it

landing  on  the  steering wheel and even the dashboard in front of me.

I  looked down as she continued to milk it and watched the creamy white

sperm  run  down  over her fingers and begin soaking into the fabric of

my pants.

     The  truck  driver  blew  his  horn in appreciation as I sped away

from  him  and as Brenda lowered her head to my lap to clean up the cum

she  had  coaxed  from my hard dick.  When she had licked it all up she

lay  quietly  with  her  head in my lap.  I pulled her dress back up to

her  waist  and played with her thighs and the cheeks of her ass as she

lay  on her side there in the car beside me.  She squeezed my thigh and

pressed  her  head hard against my waist in a hug.  Brenda was going to

work out fine.  Better than fine.


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