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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade66.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Raping Brenda, Part Three

     From  that  point  on  Brenda  never  complained  about  anything.

Neither  of us spoke very much for a long time.  I kept her tied to the

bed  and continued playing with her body, testing her responsiveness to

different  stimuli  and  making  her  come  time  after  time  in every

conceivable  way.   She  and  I  both  drifted  in  and  out  of  sleep

occasionally,  following  our  orgasms,  but I used her in some  way or

another  the  entire time, not worrying about whether she was asleep or


     She  understood  now  that  I was going to use her sexually for as

long  as  I liked, and she not only accepted that fact but wanted it as

much  as  I  did.   Her  eyes  would  widen  at  times  when she saw me

approaching  with  some  object  with  which  I would fuck her, but she

never  once  asked me not to fuck her with it.  She just lay there tied

to  the  bed  and  hunched  her  hips  back  at whatever intruder I had

inserted until she came once more.

     Eventually  I  ran  out of things in the room to fuck her with and

only  then  did  I  realize  that  we hadn't eaten since we entered the

room.   Actually it was only then that I thought about what time it was

or whether or not night had come and gone.

     The  party had been on Saturday night, and as I looked at my watch

I  realized  that it was now Sunday night and almost midnight.  My poor

little  slut had been tied there on her back for over twenty four hours

without  anything  to drink or eat, other than the juices that ran from

our sexual organs.

     "I'm  going  to untie you Brenda, so that I can roll you over onto

your  stomach.   I  know  you  must  be  tired of being on your back so

much.   Then I'm going to go get us something to eat.  I didn't realize

that so much time has passed, but its late on Sunday night."

     "How long are we going to stay here?", Brenda asked.

     "I'm  not sure, Brenda.  I'm going to make you my slave, and while

your  attitude has changed alot since we first came to the motel, there

is  still much for us to do.  When we do leave this motel you will be a

completely  different  person  than  you were when you entered, and you

will recognize needs that you never realized you had before."

     "Should  we  call Jack and tell him we won't be in tomorrow?', she


     "Jack  has  seen  the  last  of us, sweet Brenda.  The only reason

that  I didn't quit long ago was that you were there.  I'll decide from

now  on  who  you  fuck and when you fuck them, and Jack will certainly

not  be  on  the list.  So don't worry about that or anything else.  As

your Master I'll handle everything.  All you have to do is trust me."

     Brenda  smiled  softly  and  sighed with contentment.  "Master.  I

like  the  sound  of  that.  Thank you, Master, for taking me away from

Jack  and his tiny little dick.  And thank you even more for wanting me

to be your slave."

     As  I  left  the  room  I glanced back over my shoulder at the now

totally  naked  body  of  my  new  slave.  She looked just as beautiful

laying  on  her stomach as she did on her back.  I could hardly wait to

get back and fuck her again.

     While  I  was out I went by my house to pick up some things that I

would  need  over  the  next  few days.  I could have just taken Brenda

home  with  me, but until she was fully broken in I didn't want to risk

taking  her  out  of the motel room.  I called her roomate and told her

that  Brenda  was  with  me  and  that I would have Brenda call her the

following  day.   I was sure that Brenda had slept over with boyfriends

before,  and  didn't  expect  Susan to be worried about her for another

day  or  to.  Still it didn't hurt any to let her know where her friend

was.   Susan  had  a  very  sexy voice, and I looked forward to meeting


     I  got  back  with  the  food  and the items from my house to find

Brenda  sleeping.   I  set  the table by the widow with the food that I

had  brought  and  knelt  between Brenda's legs to awaken her.  I began

playing  with  her  asshole, running my tongue along it and pressing it

harder  and harder against her tiny opening.  She'd never had a dick in

her  ass, I could tell by looking at it.  But her response to my tongue

told  me  that  she was sensitive there and that she would come to love

taking  dicks there as well.  When she awoke I had the tip of my tongue

well into her ass.

     "Unnnnghhhh,  what  are  you  doing back there?", she asked with a

big smile.  "Whatever it is, don't feels wonderful!"

     I  sucked  at  her  ass  for  another five or ten minutes and then

moved  beside  her  again  and kissed her deeply, letting her taste her

ass on my tongue.

     "Its  time  for  us  to  eat  now, my little slave slut.  I called

Susan  and  she  won't  worry about you until tomorrow.  I told her I'd

have you call her then."

     I  untied  her  and  smiled  as she stretched and yawned.  She was

indeed  a  beautiful  young  girl  and I loved getting to see her naked

after having fantasized about it for so many months.

     Neither  of  us realized how hungry we were until we began eating.

The  food  itself  was almost a sexual experience after having deprived

ourselves  for so long.  After we ate we showered together and I fucked

Brenda  against  the shower wall, slamming into her as the water poured

off  our  bodies.   After  the  shower  we  sat together on the bed and


     "Brenda,  one  of  the  things that will make you such a wonderful

slave  is  the  very  thing  that  used  to frustrate me so much in the

past.   You have an uncommon ability to tease men and make them need to

fuck  you  more than anything.  You are one of the most beautiful women

I  have  ever seen and you know exactly how to use your beauty and your

body  to make dicks hard.  That's something that doesn't come easily to

all women, even women who are nearly as beautiful as you are."

     Brenda  laughed  softly  and opened her legs exposing her pussy to

me.   "Look  how  wet  you  just  made  me.  I guess thats proof that I

really  get turned on by the idea of making dicks hard.  Are you saying

that I'll be able to continue doing that as your slave?"

     "Yes,  you  will, Brenda.  For one thing you will continue to make

me  hard,  and  you'll  tease  me just as much as ever.  The difference

will  be  that  you will no longer control the results of your teasing.

You'll  have  no  idea when you begin teasing a man whether he will  be

fucking  you or not.  Also, you will lose control of when you tease and

who you tease.  As your Master I will decide all of that for you."

     "But  suppose  we  aren't  together  and  I have the urge to tease

someone?  What will I do?"

     "Well,  you may always ask my permission both to tease someone and

to  fuck  them.  Sometimes I'll allow it, other times I won't.  I can't

be  around  you  all the time and you will no doubt decide for yourself

at  times  that  you want to tease someone.  After being caught at it a

time  or two you'll change your mind, however.  You'll discover that it

just  isn't  worth  disappointing  your  Master,  especially  when your

Master will let you tease and fuck so many other people."

     "Are  you saying that you will have to be around when I fuck other


     "No,  not  always.  I'm merely saying that you will not fuck other

men  without  my  permission.  Sometimes you will tell me that there is

this  man  that  you  want  to fuck, and I'll have you bring him to our

house  where  I will  watch you fuck him.  Other times I'll simply tell

you  where  and  when to fuck him and you can tell me all about it when

you  come  back  home.  When you become my slave you don't give up your

freedom  to  take  dicks,  you  just  give up the right to decide which

dicks you take."

     "Will you make me fuck men I don't want to fuck?"

     "Oh  yes,  at  times  I will.  There are several reasons for that.

One  of  them  should be pretty obvious to you now.  You didn't want to

fuck  me.   At  least  you  certainly  fought the urge successfully for

quite  some  time,  if  you  did.  You feel differently about that now,

which  indicates  that you may be better served by letting someone else

make  that  decision  for you.  Its also important that you feel like a

slut  since  you're  going  to  be one for me.  Merely fucking men that

immediately  turn  you  on isn't likely to make you feel as much like a

slut  as  being made to fuck a man or men that you really don't want to


     "Men?  Are you going to let more than one man at a time have me?"

     "Of  course.   I'm  not  going to just turn you out on the streets

and  let  just  anybody bang you, don't misunderstand.  At first it may

seem  that  I'll  let anyone fuck you, but it won't really be that way.

I  know  alot of men already and am aware of how they can please women,

and  lots of the guys that fuck you will have fucked other women for me

in  the  past.   With  time  there will be a group of men who will show

themselves  to  be more able to please you and you them than any others

and  usually your whoring will revolve around those men.  There will be

some  strangers  from  time  to time, of course, but not as many as you

might expect."

     Brenda  had her hand between her legs now and was rubbing her clit

hotly.   Her  eyes  were  glued  to  mine  and her voice was shaky with

passion as we talked.

     "I  do like to fuck, Master.  There have been times when Susan was

eating  me  or fingering me when I've thought about being the center of

a  gang bang and being fucked over and over again.  It really does make

me  hot!",  she  moaned.   "In  fact there were lots of times when Jack

would  be dicking me in the office when I would fantasize about you and

some  other men walking in and helping him fuck me."  She was squirming

now and sticking two fingers in her hole.

     "Some  of  those  men will fuck you now that you're my slave slut,

Brenda.   You'll tell me which ones you want and I'll arrange it.  I'll

want  you  to  tell  me  when you find a man attractive, and often I'll

make  you  masturbate  while  you think about that man shoving his fuck

meat  into  you.   Tell me which guys at the office you want me to make

you fuck and suck."

     "Now?   Oh,  God.   You  really  want  me  to  tell you?"  She was

fingering  herself wildly now as she thought about admitting to me that

she wanted the cocks of our co-workers.

     "Yes,  tell  me.   I  know  you love cocks, Brenda.  And I can see

your  cunt  running  with fuck juice now as you think about those dicks

that  you've worked around in the past sliding in and out of you.  Tell

me, Brenda.  Tell me everything."

     "Well....if  you're  sure...There's  Fred.   Unnnnngh!  I saw Fred

get  hard  one  day  when  Jack was feeling me up in front of him.  His

dick  looked  like  it might be eight or nine inches long!  I'd love to

let him dick me!"

     "Thats  my  girl,  tell me about the others.  Who else do you want

to  dick  you?"   I began pinching Brenda's nipples as she talked about

the men in the office.

     "Mike.   Yes...oh, God yes, Mike!  He handed me a note one day and

the  note  told  me things that he wanted to do to my body.  I made him

think  that  it offended me, but I'd love for him to do those things to

me  sometime.   I  masturbate  to  that  note at least once a week even


     "Ok,  Mike  and  Fred  are  going  to dick you.  Who else?"  I was

pulling  her  nipples out hard now, and she had inserted another finger

in  to  her hot hole.  She was barely able to get the words out now she

was so hot.

     "This  is  so  awful...but...I  really do want his dick.  He works

nights  doing  the  floors.   He's...he's  black.  I've seen him at the

Nautilus  working  out,  and  I've never seen a bigger stronger looking

black  man.   One  night when Jack made me stay late he walked in on us

while  Jack  was  fucking  me  doggy style.  I was looking back at Jack

over  my shoulder and saw the floor man standing there watching us.  It

made  me  so hot for him to watch that I came while he was watching.  I

don't even know his name, but I want to take his dick!"

     "Get  on your hands and knees in the floor, Brenda, and stick your

ass  up  in the air.  Close your eyes and pretend that the dick that is

fucking you belongs to the black man."

     Brenda  moved immediately to the floor and assumed the doggy style

fucking  position.   I  moved behind her and pressed my thick meat into

her dripping hole.  I assumed the role of the black man.

     "I  saw  you  fuckin Mr. Walsh, you slut.  He was dicking you just

like  this,  but  his white cock wasn't half the size of this one.  Now

its  time  for  you to take some nigger dick!"  I shoved my cock deeply

into  her  bottom,  nearly  knocking  her over.  "You love black dicks,

don't you, white whore?", I hissed.

     "YESSSSS!!!   I  need your cock more than anything!  Fuck me hard,

just like that, yes, yes, yes!!!!"

     Brenda  humped  back  at my cock as I screwed it into her.  I held

her  by  the hips roughly, as the strong black man might when he fucked

his thick dark meat into her from behind.

     "Feel  my  black  meat  fillin your honky hole! Com'on bitch, fuck

back  on it!!  Whooo'ee, look at the little white whore fuck!", I said,

my voice heavily accented.

     Brenda  was  grunting now and deeply involved in the fantasy.  She

supported  herself  by  laying on her chest and had her right hand back

under  her  upraised  ass,  touching  my balls with her finger-tips and

pressing  her palm against her clit.  Her words were nearly incoherrent

now and they came out in a broken stream of hot moans.

     "Unnnngh,  black  dick,  fuck like dogs, deeper, white slut, white

cum,  thick  black  cock,  strong  hands, fuck, Unnnnngh, so hot, fuck,

fuck, fuck me!!!!"

     I  rammed the middle finger of my right hand deep into her asshole

when  I  sensed her orgasm was imminent, and she fell flat to the floor

with  me following as the waves of passion overtook her.  She continued

to  fuck  her  hips  back  at  the  dick inside her cunt and the finger

inside  her  ass  as my cock began spewing yet another load of cum into


     Later  as we lay in the bed, both too tired for anything but sleep

and  light  conversation,  she  kissed  me  tenderly  and  spoke  to me

warmly.   "Master,  I  don't  know  how to thank you.  You seem to know

exactly  who  I am and exactly what turns me on.  It scares me, but yet

I  trust  you  to  make it all alright.  Thank you for bringing me here

and for wanting me to be your slave."

     I  kissed  her  back  and  smiled  to  myself as I stared into the

darkness.   She  was  coming  along  nicely  and there was much more to


Continued in Part Four.....


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