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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade65.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Raping Brenda, Part Two

     I  sat  on  the  bed  next to Brenda and gazed over her ripe young

body  as she lay there bound and passed out.  This was the first time I

had  seen  her  this close to naked, and she was every bit as beautiful

as  I  had  imagined  her to be.  I squeezed her tits through the black

bra  and  ran  my  hands  over  her  stockinged  legs  and on up to her

crotch.   Her  panties were soaking wet and clung to her cunt lips as I

ran my finger up and down the slit.

     I  found  myself  wishing I had removed the bra and panties before

binding  her  to  the  bed.  Luckily the bra hooked in front and it was

rather  easy  to unhook it and pull it out from under her.  Her breasts

were  so  perfect  that I gasped when the material fell away from them.

Even  as  she  lay  on  her  back  they  stood proud and firm, the dark

circles  of  her  areola tapering into nipples that begged to be sucked

and bitten and pinched.

     Leaning  over  her  I  began licking at those nipples, flicking my

tongue  against  them  lightly and watching the grow harder and harder.

With  her  still  unaware  of  what was happening to her I continued to

experiment  with her tits, sucking on them, biting her nipples, pulling

them  out  away  from her chest, observing the effect that it seemed to

have  on  her.  Her nipples continued to grow longer and harder and the

results were making my cock stiff inside my pants.

     Rising  from the bed, I slipped out of my clothes before rejoining

her  on  the  bed.   The  crotch of her panties was now plainly stained

with  a dark circle of fuck juice, and using my pocketknife, I cut them

away  from  her.  They were literally running with her juice and with a

wicked  grin I rubbed them across her face, coating her cheeks and nose

and mouth with her own fucking fluids.

     I  had  to  stifle  a  laugh when Brenda's nose twitched as if she

were  sniffing at the new smell her unconcious body was being subjected

to.   A  small smile came across her lips as if she was very pleased by

the  aroma  of  the  juices  now  covering  her nostrils and upper lip.

Sliding  my hand down her belly to the now naked cunt that still leaked

the  aromatic  fluids,  I  slid  my  fingers  between her soft lips and

gathered  more  juice  to  spread on her face.  I continued coating the

young  secretary's  face  until  her  forehead, chin, neck and even her

ears  had  been  given  a  thick covering of cunt juice.  Once that was

accomplished,  I began concentrating on her upper lip and nostrils once

more.   It  pleased  me  to  think about her senses being filled by the

smell  of  her  own fuck, especially after the many times I had pressed

my own face into her soaked panties in frustration.

     Every  trip  to  her  middle  fuck  hole found it even wetter than

before,  and  after I finally tired of covering her head with her juice

I  coated  both  of  her tits, her hands and the insides of her thighs.

The  entire room was now filled with the smell of slut cunt and my dick

was  so  hard  and  full  of  cum  that I couldn't stand it any longer.

Straddling  Brenda's  chest  I  knelt  over her, my cock pointed at her

mouth  and  jerked  the  thick  meat with my juice covered hand until I

spewed  a huge load of fuck onto her sleeping face.  Huge gobs of white

cum  landed all over her nose and lips and chin and ran down her cheeks

and  neck.   When I had milked it all out I rubbed the head against her

tits  to  clean  it and lay beside her, my head on her outstretched arm

and my now limp dick dripping the remains of its cum onto her thigh.

     I  slept  there  next  to her until her struggling body brought me

out  of  my reverie.  She wasn't fully awake yet when I rose to look at

her  face, but was just beginning to come to.  When her eyes opened and

she  awoke  enough to realize that she was tied and naked, she began to

struggle  even  more  violently  and began asking where I had taken her

and what I had done to her.

     "Untie  me this minute!!  What do you think you're doing?  How did

I get here...where are we??", she hissed.

     "Just  calm  down Brenda.  You're in a motel, and you'll stay tied

as  long  as  I  want  you to be tied.  I've been playing with you ever

since  I  had  to  take  you away from the party, and I'm going to play

with  you until I get tired of playing with you.  I'm going to fuck you

too,  once for every time you've made me hard and made me need to screw

you.   You've got it all coming, you little tramp, and you're  going to

get  what  you  deserve!   If  you can't keep quiet, I will have to gag

you,  but  if  you'll  just shut up and be a good little slut, I'll not

hurt you and you'll be freed much more quickly."

     "You  filthy  bastard!!   This is kidnapping, you son of a bitch!!

You  can't  keep  me  here against my will!!  I'll see you go to prison

for this!!"

     I  wadded  up  the  juice  soaked  panties I had cut away from her

earlier  and  stuffed  them in her cursing mouth.  She continued to try

to  yell  at  me, but all that came out was muffled moans that wouldn't

be  heard  outside  the  room. I entertained myself by rubbing her hard

clit  with  my  index  finger  while  she  mumbled into the panties and

pulled  at  the  pillow  cases that bound her.  Finally she realized it

was  fruitless  to  continue  trying  to  talk, and eventually even her

struggles against the bonds ceased.

     I  could  tell  that it angered her that she was so aroused by the

finger   that   kept  rubbing  her,  but  also  that  she  was  growing

increasingly  more  aroused  the  longer  I rubbed her there.  Kneeling

between  her  legs  I  held  open  her cunt lips and began licking her,

concentrating  on  her  clit and flicking it with the tip of my tongue.

Her  hips  began  moving  in  small circles as I licked her, and before

long  the  movements  had  become  short,  strong hunches upward as she

tried to press her cunt against my mouth.

     I  continued  licking  her  and  sucking at her clit until she was

right  on  the verge of exploding into her climax and then stopped, and

moved  back  beside  her once more, stopping all contact with her still

rising and falling hips.

     "You  need  to come, don't you Brenda?", I asked teasingly.  "Poor

little  baby  has  a  wet  pussy and needs to be fucked so bad.  You're

cute  when  you  need to be fucked like you do right now.  Usually when

you  need  to  be  fucked this bad you don't have any problem getting a

dick, but this isn't one of those usual times, is it, Brenda?"

     She  glared at me with hate in her eyes and struggled at the bonds

once  again,  spitting  curses  into  the panties that still filled her

mouth.   "You  could have this cock, you know", I said to her, kneeling

beside  her and holding my semi-erect penis in front of her face.  "You

could  have  it  deep  inside  your trembling little cunt.  Its already

shot  a  load of hot white cum onto your face, and it could be shooting

another  load  into  your  needy  pussy.   But you're not really a cock

fucker,  are  you  Brenda?  You're just a cock teaser.  And little cock

teasers  only  get  cocks  when  they finally are willing to admit that

they  need  them  more than anything.  We'll just see how long it takes

for you to reach that point."

     Laying  back  beside  her  again  I began rubbing her clit with my

thumb  and  slowly working my middle finger into her hole.  As angry as

she  was  she  couldn't stop her body from responding once again to the

hand  that  was  playing  with  her pussy, and her hips once more began

circling  fucking  movements, trying to get more and more of my hand up

inside  it.   I played her like a musical instrument, creating a chorus

of  rising  passion  inside  her until she was close to coming and then

taking  my  hand  away  and  rubbing  more of her juice on her lips and

nostrils  while  the decreschendo of her passion took place inside her.

Then  the fingers would be put back inside her and her heat would build

once more.

     I  kept  this  little  game  up  for  over an hour, smiling as the

amount  of time I could keep my fingers inside her without bringing her

to  an  orgasm  grew  shorter  and  shorter.   Her  hips  rose and fell

continuously  now and she seemed to even eagerly anticipate the rubbing

of  her fuck onto her lip.  I could see her nostrils flare when my hand

approached,  as  if  she  wanted to suck the hot smell of sex deep into

her  lungs.  The shorter the period of time became when I could keep my

fingers  in  her drippy hole, the wetter her nose and upper lip stayed,

until  toward the end there was enough fuck there that I could scoop up

large  gobs  of it and press it into her nostrils.  Suddenly she seemed

to  start  choking on either the fuck she had inhaled or the saliva and

juices  accumulating  in  her  mouth  and  I  quickly pulled the soaked

underwear from her mouth.

     She  gasped  and  coughed, gulping at the fresh air that she could

now  inhale  through  her  open  mouth.   When  she finally recovered I

started  to  re-insert  the  panties  into  her  mouth when she quietly

begged  for me to wait.  "Please don't put them back.  I'll be quiet, I

promise.   I  see  you're  going  to  have  your  way with me,  so I'll

cooperate,  really  I  will.   Please  don't put the panties back in my


     "Ok,  I'll leave them out for now.  But if you curse me even once,

or  make any attempt to scream out for help, you'll pay for it.  Do you

understand?", I said intimidatingly.

     "Yes,  I understand, and I promise you won't have any more trouble

out of me.  I want you to fuck me.  Please fuck me."

     "Maybe  I  don't want to fuck you.  Jack fucks you.  Who knows who

else fucks you", I replied.

     "But  you  have  to  fuck  me",  she said, desperation filling her

voice.   "I've  never  been this hot before.  I'll do anything you say,

just fuck me.  Stick your dick in me and fuck me.  Pleassse!!"

     "Well,  maybe if you are real good I'll leave the door open when I

leave  and  send  some  guys  over to fuck you.  There are usually some

guys  at  that  black  bar  around the corner, maybe some of them would

like some white pussy."

     "No.....I  want  YOUR  cock  inside  me.   I  know I've teased you

terribly,  but  you  must  know  its  because I find you so attractive.

Please, oh, please fuck me!"

     I  started  putting fingers back into her hole once again and idly

played  with the nipple nearest me with the other hand as she continued

to beg for my dick.

     "  don't  even  have to keep me tied up.  I'll stay here

with  you  as  long as you like.  You can fuck me as often as you want.

Just  please  let  me  feel  your  cock  deep inside me.  Please let me

come."  Her hips were bucking once more.

     "You  sure  do  get wet, you little slut.  The whole room reeks of

your fuck juice.  Did you like having it pushed up inside your nose?"

     Brenda's  face  turned  a deep crimson at the lewd words I spat at

her.   "At  first  I didn't.  But really it made me so hot.  I love the

smell of cunt juice.  Now, fuck me, please."

     "Maybe  you'd  like  some more of your juice.  Do you want to lick

my fingers?", I asked, teasingly.

     "Yes,  please  feed  me  some  of  my fuck.  Make me eat my juice.

Anything, just fuck me."

     The  collapsing  walls  of  her  trembling cunt made a loud sloshy

noise  as  I  slid  the  three  fingers out of it and moved them to her

mouth.   She  opened  it  eagerly  and  ran  her tongue out to meet the

entering  fingers.   There was no play-acting here, she really did want

to  suck  her  own fuck into her mouth.  She cleaned her jism off of my

hand  eagerly,  and  when she was done I stuck them back into her ready

to be filled hole.

     "Oh,  you  do  like  that,  don't  you  Brenda?   Do  you  have  a

girlfriend  that  gives  you  cunt  juice to eat?  Are you a little bi-

slut, Brenda?"

     "Yes,  my  room-mate  is  my  girlfriend  and  she lets me eat her

alot.   She  knows  all  about  you and she'll tell you how much I have

wanted  to  fuck  you.   I  was  just  afraid that Jack would find out.

Please stick your cock in me."

     "I  thought  you  might  have  a  girlfriend, especially since you

never  get  calls from other men at work.  Maybe instead of fucking you

I'll  just  invite  your  girlfriend over and fuck her while you watch.

Would you like that, Brenda?"

     "Please  don't  do  that to me.  You can fuck her anytime you want

to,  and  I'll  be  glad to watch if you want me to...but God!!, I need

your dick in me so bad!! Please screw me, dick me!!!"

     "You  can  have  another  finger  I  guess.   Do  you want another

finger, Brenda?"

     "Yessssss...Please  put  more  in....anything...but  I  want  your

dick.  Show it to me, let me see it again."

     I  knelt beside her once more as I inserted the fourth finger into

her  trembling  cunt  and with my free hand rubbed my cock head against

her  cheek.   She  turned  her  head to the side, attempting to take it

into her mouth, but I pulled it away.

     "You  want  to  suck  my dick too, do you Brenda?  Are you a cock-

sucking little slut, Brenda?  A cunt eating cock sucking slut?"

     "Yes,  thats  what I am.  Please give me your hard dick.  Stick it

in any of my holes, just give me dick.  I need it soooo much!!"

     Her  hips  were hunching wildly now and sweat was running from her

body  as  she  begged  for dick.  Her heated passion and her admissions

were  beginning  to get the best of me and I finally relented and moved

between her open legs, removing my fingers from her hole.

     Taking  my  shaft  in  my  hand  I  rubbed the big head of my dick

against her clit as I continued to talk to her.

     "Here's  dick  for  you Brenda.  Here's hot fuck meat to fill your

needy  fuck  hole.   You  are a cunt juice and cum covered slut who has

begged  for  my  dick  until  you are finally going to get it.  Fuck it

well and take it all if you ever want to have it inside you again."

     Placing  the  head at the entrance to her cavernous cunt I slammed

my  hips forward, shoving the whole length of my stiff dick deeply into

her  pussy.  I felt the head hit her cervix and she cried out with need

and alarm.

     "Ohhhhhh  God!!!   Thats it!!  Screw it all the way into my belly!

Fuck me!  Yes!  Fuck me harrrrrrd!!!!"

     I  slammed  into  her, ramming her with the dick she had teased so

many  times  in  the  past.   Her  head  jerked back by the force of my

thrusts  and  her  eyes  opened  widely  each time it filled her to the

max.   My  pubic bone was bashing into hers with each thrust of my hips

and  my  balls  slapped at her wet ass loudly.  She began grunting like

an  animal,  her  head moving from side to side as she took the fucking

she so richly deserved.

     I  could  actually  feel  her  climax moving through her body as I

fucked  her.   Her  legs  tensed  and  her  stomach rippled as her cunt

spasmed  against my cock.  Her head rose from the bed and she stared at

me  with  her  eyes  opened widely and her mouth open as if in a silent

scream.   My  second  load  of  fuck  erupted  from  my heavy balls and

coursed  through  my  dick,  pouring  out  of  the  end and coating her

spasming walls.

     She  fell back against the bed, gasping and whimpering as I spewed

the  last of my cum into her.  Removing my well satisfied dick from her

and  laying  beside  her  I  took her face into my hands and kissed her

softly  on  the  mouth.   She  returned my kiss warmly, still breathing


     We  lay  there  together  quietly  as  the juice from our coupling

dried  on  our skin.  We both knew now that everything had changed.  It

was  no longer necessary for me to keep her tied, and there would be no

more  teasing without a satisfying resolution.  The walls that had kept

us  apart  in  the past had been shattered and lay scattered around the

bed in which we lay.

Continued in Part Three.....


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