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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade64.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Raping Brenda

     I  suppose  some  people  would have called it kidnapping or rape.

Well,  I  guess it was kidnapping in a legal sense.  And I suppose some

of  the  things  I  did  to her were actually rape.  I guess I was just

lucky  that when I finished with her she had no desire to press charges

of  any  kind.  She certainly felt differently about it at the end than

she did at the beginning.

     Her   name   was  Brenda  and  she  was  my  immediate  superior's

secretary.   Jack  was a womanizer from the word go and he never kept a

secretary  very long.  He hired pretty young things who could seldom do

the  work  that  needed  to  be  done and most of the time they weren't

interested in doing the things he wanted them to do.

     When  she  first  came  to  work  I didn't expect her to last long

either.   She  was  23 years old and had short black hair that she wore

in  a  page  boy type cut.  It was the prettiest hair I'd ever seen and

it  shone  like  it  had  been  waxed or something.  She was meticulous

about  her appearance and always had on just the right amount of makeup

and  wore beautiful clothes.  I pictured her as living in a cheap walk-

up in order to be able to afford to dress as she did.

     Jack  was  wild about her from the very first.  I'd never seen him

be  so obvious about his attraction to one of his secretary's, but then

Brenda  let  him  get  by with things in public that I'd never seen him

get  by  with  either.   As  long as it was just us "underlings" around

Jack  would  openly touch her breasts or her ass through her dress most

anytime  he  wanted.   Brenda would make him stop, but she never seemed

serious  about  it  and  he  always  got  a  good  feel  in  before she

humorously stopped him.

     She  was  the talk of the office and didn't make friends among the

other  employees.  It was pretty obvious at times that she had let Jack

fuck  her in his office, the way she walked out with her hair mused and

her  dress  wrinkled, but the rest of us knew better than to try to get

a  piece  of the action.  Harry had tried that once with a good looking

blonde  that  Jack  had  hired,  and  when  Jack  found  out he had him

transferred to shipping.

     We  just  satisfied ourselves with looking at her and enjoying the

view.   I  was  one of the lucky ones in that respect since my desk was

close  to  hers  and  I  could see her legs when she sat down or got up

from  her  desk.  They were wonderful legs and she often wore stockings

and  a  garter  belt which made the view just that much better.  Brenda

knew  I stared at her every time she made a move and just smiled smugly

at the effect she had on me.

     She  had  been working for almost a year when she began teasing me

unmercifully.   I  don't  know why she started doing it, unless she was

tiring  of  Jack  and just wanted a little additional excitement, but I

wasn't  about  to complain.  Not at first, at least.  I thought I might

get  to  date her.  Jack was married, and while he had no problems with

fucking  the little tarts that he hired he never saw them away from the

office.  It was how he kept his marriage together, I guess.

     At  first  I  just  thought she was beginning to be more careless.

Her  dress  would  ride up higher and higher when she would sit down at

the  desk,  and she seemed to keep the chair back further away from the

desk,  allowing  me to see more and more of her beautiful thighs.  Then

one  day  Jack was away from the office.  I was staring at her as usual

when  she  sat  down behind the desk and suddenly she began sliding her

dress  up.   She  adjusted the garters that held up the black stockings

she  was  wearing, doing each garter slowly, obviously aware that I was

watching.   Still,  she  didn't  look at me and although I knew that it

was  a  performance  for me I didn't expect it to happen again, as much

as  I loved it.  Less than half an hour later, however, she was pulling

the  dress  up  again and this time she stared right into my eyes while

she  did  it.   She  pulled the tight black dress up all the way to her

waist  and turning toward me opened her legs, exposing her crotch to me

in the process.

     No  one  else  could see her the way I could see her, and glancing

around  the  room  rather  nervously she began rubbing her thighs above

the  tops  of  her  stockings  lightly with her fingers.  She moved her

hands  higher  and  higher, staring deeply into my eyes, and then began

rubbing  her clit through her now wet panties.  Shielded from the other

employees  by  my  desk,  I  began  rubbing  my crotch as I watched her

touching  herself,  and  my  participation  seemed  to spur her on even

more.   Her  legs  opened  even  more widely and she slid her hand down

inside her panties and began inserting fingers in her hole.

     I  struggled  a  bit  and  removed my dick from my pants and began

stroking  it  as  I  watched  her  fingering  herself.   She pulled her

panties  to  the  side with her free hand so that I could see her other

hand  fucking  at  her cunt.  She now had three fingers deep inside and

was  breathing  hard,  her  eyes glazed over with lust.  She was so wet

and  hot  that  her  juice ran from her hole and was puddling up on the

chair  under her ass.  I could see it running down the black panties as

she fucked herself deeply with the three fingers of her right hand.

     I   started  spurting  before  I  thought  anything  about  having

anything  to catch the cum, and found myself shooting fuck all over the

front  of  my  pants.   It seemed that the cum would never stop running

out  of  the head of my hard, jerking dick, and I watched helplessly as

it  spilled  out  onto  the  gray  slacks  I was wearing, making a dark

circle as its wetness seeped into the material.

     Brenda  was  coming now too, and she fought valiantly to keep from

screaming  out  as  she  bucked  her  hips tightly against her fingers.

Finally  our  passion  was spent and winking at me she looked around to

be  sure  no  one  was watching and licked her juice off of her fingers

before  pulling  her  dress  back  down and sliding under the desk once


     I  sat  there  well  into  my lunch hour waiting for the cum I had

spilled  on  my  pants  to  dry  enough  to allow me to get up from the

desk.   Brenda  knew  exactly what my problem was and walked by my desk

as   she  went  to  lunch.   She  smiled  sweetly  and  said,  "I  know

you...well,  I  know  you  can't go to lunch right now...would you like

for me to bring you something from the deli around the corner?"

     I  declined,  but  was  pleased  that  she  both  acknowledged  my

condition  and seemed interested in helping me deal with my problem.  I

felt  sure  that  I  would  be  able  to see her away from work now and

looked forward to talking to her when she got back from lunch.

     When  she  came  back I buzzed her phone, feeling it safer to talk

to her on the phone than in person, in front of the other employees.

     "Brenda,  that  was very sexy.  I'd like to thank

you  for  it  and  I  was  hoping  you  would let me take you to dinner

tonight as a way of showing my appreciation."

     Brenda  laughed  out  loud;  loudly  enough  that it attracted the

attention  of  the  girl  who worked nearest to her.  "You're asking me

out,  is  that  it?  Hahahaha....I see you staring at me every day, but

don't  get  the  idea  that  I  want  to  date you.  I've got more guys

waiting  for  dates  than   I could date in a year if I dated them all.

Besides,  I  doubt  that  Jack  would  like  it  if  I dated one of his


     "Well,  I  know  you're  bound  to  be very popular, Brenda, but I

thought  maybe  we would have a good time together.  I'd really like to

take you out."

     "Look...I   don't   want  to  hurt  your  feelings,  but  I'm  not

interested  in  a  date.   I know you've got the hots for me, and thats

ok,  but  just  don't  let  it go to your head.  I get all the action I

need from Jack anyway."

     I  mumbled  some  meaningless  response and hung up, embarrased by

her  obvious  lack  of  interest and my failed attempt at making a date

with her.

     Over  the  next  couple  of weeks Brenda continued teasing me, and

repeated  the finger-fucking show for me on several occasions.  She was

so  sexy  that  I  just  couldn't  ignore  what she was doing, and even

though  it  was  terribly  frustrating  for  me  I stroked my cock as I

watched  her  and   spilled my fuck there in the office and later on at

home  when  I  lay  in  my bed and thought about her beautiful body and

sexual heat.

     It  was  late August when she began calling me at home.  I knew it

was  her,  but  she never admitted it, not during the calls or the next

day  at  the  office.   They  were  obscene  calls.   She was obviously

masturbating  already  when  my phone rang, and she breathed line after

line  of  lurid fantasies to me while she fingered herself to a climax.

If  I  ever tried to say anything to her during the sex calls she would

hang  up,  so I just listened and stroked my cock while she moaned into

the phone.

     By  the  middle  of  September  she  was  calling  every night.  I

couldn't  understand  why  I could be so important to her and still not

be  able to get a date, but I asked several times and was always turned

down.   It  was  beginning to drive me crazy to see her walk into Jacks

office  and  fuck  him, knowing that she would be calling me that night

and  talking  about  how  much she wanted me to use her slut body.  She

was  also  beginning  to  add  to the list of sexy things that she did,

stopping  at  my  desk  and  handing  me  a pair of her soaked panties,

winking  at  me  after  Jack  had  fucked  was as if she was

constantly  trying  to  make me hard, knowing that the only way I would

be satified was by jerking my meat and thinking about her.

     The  company  we  worked  for  was  involved in the manufacture of

theatrical  supplies, which included alot of products that were popular

at  Halloween.   We always had a company halloween party which included

a  dinner  and  dance at one of the larger hotels in the city.  I asked

Brenda  to  be  my  date  for  the party, and of course she declined as

usual.   She  said  she  would  have to come alone because of Jack, and

that she still didn't want to date me anyway.

     She  was  without  a doubt the sexiest looking woman at the party.

She  had  dressed completely in black, and wore a long black dress that

was  slit  nearly  to her waist.  She had a black garter belt and black

seamed  stockings  on  under the dress and when she walked her stocking

tops  were  revealed  to anyone who cared to watch, and everyone at the

party  did.   I did get a couple of dances with her, and she rubbed her

perky  breasts  against  me  and moved her hips toward me as we danced,

knowing  full  well  the  effect  it would have on me.  She danced with

practically  every man at the party and did the same thing with each of

them.   She was on the dance floor almost constantly, and the band even

played  more slow songs than they might usually because of the tips the

men  were  giving  them  so  that  they  could  dance slow numbers with


     Brenda  was  constantly  being  offered  drinks by the guys at the

party,  and  it  wasn't long before it was obvious that she had had too

much  to  drink.   Jack  was  there  with  his  wife  and  it was a bit

embarrasing  to him for his secretary to be as obviously drunk and sexy

as Brenda was.  He asked me to take her home.

     Brenda  was too intoxicated to offer much resistance, and I walked

her  to  my  car,  nearly having to hold her up as we walked toward the

car.   When  I  finally got her in the front seat she immediately began

pulling  her  dress  up to her waist and fingering herself there in the

car  beside  me.   She  was  babbling  something about how many men had

asked  to  fuck  her  at the party and was running her left hand inside

the  top  of her dress to pinch her nipples as she fucked her hole with

the other hand.

     I  guess  all  the  teasing  and  all  the frustration of the last

several  months  all  just  came  to a head that night.  Before I could

even  get  out  of the parking building I was so hot that I just had to

have  her,  whether she wanted me to have her or not, and I pulled into

an  empty  parking  spot  and  fucked her there in the front seat.  She

fucked  back  willingly  for  quite  some time, but before either of us

could  come  she  passed out, leaving me with a limp dish rag of a slut

to  pump  my  fuck  into.   I  wanted her to be awake, to feel my sperm

shooting  into  her  body,  and I just couldn't make it with her passed

out.   Angry  because  I  knew she would resist me when she came to and

sobered  up,  I  drove aimlessly through the city, not knowing where to

take  her.   I still wanted and needed to fuck her more than I had ever

needed  to  fuck  anyone in my life, but I had no idea at all how I was

going  to  be  able  to  pull  it off.  To be turned down at that point

would have been the ultimate humiliation.

     I  drove  until I was well outside the city and finally stopped at

a  small  motel in a nearby town.  She was still passed out, and I took

a  room  and  carried her inside, laying her on the bed.  I removed her

dress,  leaving  her  clad  only  in  her bra, panties, garter belt and

stockings,  and  sat  in  the  chair next to the bed waiting for her to

come  to.   Slowly  I  realized that she might still resist me when she

awakened,  so taking the pillow cases off the pillows on the two double

beds,  I  tied  her hands and feet tightly and waited for her to regain


     I  didn't  plan what happened over the next two weeks, and it cost

both  of us our jobs.  Luckily, it also resulted in the most completely

satisfying  two  weeks  of  my  life and a relationship that lasted for

nearly two years.

Continued in Part Two......


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