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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade63.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Hole Heaven

     A  few  years  back  one  of  my sluts was a counselor at a reform

school  for  girls.   She  was perfect for the job, a bright young girl

who  really  cared about the girls in the joint.  She loved it for lots

of  reasons, one of them being that she was as bi as bi can be.  If she

hadn't  had  such  a  craving for dick from time to time she would have

been  one  of  the  hottest  lesbians around, but she really did love a

nice stiff dick attached to a man who knew how to use her.  I did.

     We  dated  for  quite  some  time  before  I  found  out  she  was

interested  in  women.  We were fucking in the back of my car one night

and  I  started talking to her about how much I'd like to watch her eat

cunt.   She  went crazy.  She got so hot that she begged me to take her

back  to  the  school  so  that  she  could sneak in and eat one of the

little  whore's  before  I  took  her  home.   That  time I had to wait

outside.  We changed that though, believe me.

     It  was  a  pretty  big  place, and she stayed busy counseling the

girls.   There  were  over  200 inmates and out of those two hundred at

least  75  were  there for sex related incidents.  Carole had a list of

the  girls  which  she  shared with me and she had starred the ones who

had  gotten  in  trouble over sexual things.  Some of the best fucks in

the  joint  were  girls  who  were  in  there for other things and just

happened  to  be  sluts  too, but the 75 on her list sure provided some

interesting case studies.

     One  girl,  a nineteen year old brunette with a great body, was in

the  school  because  she had kidnapped three girls and made them serve

her  needs  sexually  for  nearly  two  weeks.   They  had  dropped the

kidnapping  charges  when  the girls admitted that they could have left

and  chose  not to.  After tasting her pussy one night I can understand

why.   All three girls were between the ages of 14 and 16 though, so it

was a pretty bad scene.

     Another   girl  that  Carole  introduced  me  to  was  Suzanne,  a

voluptous  17  year  old  vixen who had been fucking her stepfather for

three  years  before  her mother found out.  Carole had actually gotten

permission  from  the  warden  to bring men in to fuck Suzanne, because

she  got  so  violent when she had to go a while without being screwed.

She  had  a  great ass and loved to take dicks there as much as she did

in  her  cunt.   Actually  what she had come to love most was a dick in

her  ass  and a woman's mouth on her cunt at the same time.  Carole and

I kept her happy for quite some time.

     I'd  been  fucking  Carole for several months and had been helping

her  satisfy some of the little sluts in the school for over two months

when  she gave me a special birthday present.  She had arranged to have

a  party  for  me  at the school, and she had invited 16 of the hottest

and  prettiest girls there to the party.  I was the only male there.  I

don't  think she meant for it to turn into the sexual free for all that

it  eventually  turned into, but it sure made a wonderful present.  The

girls  had  planned  to do alot of very sexy things for me since it was

my  birthday,  and Carole had, of course, helped them plan it all.  The

standard  uniform  for  the  girls  was a gray shirt and a pair of gray

slacks,  but  Carole had told them all to take the slacks off when they

came  in.   Most of them with good tits had unbuttoned the tops most of

the  way, and they all had sexy panties on, so it was quite a sight for

a leg man like me.

     Four  girls  had  prepared  a dance routine to a popular rock song

that  really  made my cock stand up and take notice, and there were two

sets  of  bi-sluts  that  put  on a cunt eating show for me as well.  I

couldn't  help  but rub my crotch through my pants while I watched, and

it  was when the smallest girl in the group crawled over to me and took

my  dick  out  and began sucking on it that all hell broke loose.  Most

of  those  girls hadn't been fucked in several months and watching that

sweet  young  thing  sucking  on my dick made pussies drip all over the

room.   Honestly,  the  smell  of cunt juice was so strong that someone

walking  in  would  have  sworn he had just stuck his nose into a fresh

cunt.   Every  single  one  of  those girls either had one of their own

hands in their hole or had the hand of one of their friends in it.

     Carole  told  them  they  could fuck me until I couldn't get it up

anymore,  and  I surprised them as well as myself by being able to keep

it  up  for  a  long  time.   I can't say I fucked all the girls, but I

certainly  made  contact  with every one of their holes, either with my

fingers or my dick or my mouth.

     Carole  had  a  great  time too.  The girls were so thankful for a

chance  to  get  to be with a man that they made sure Carole got plenty

of  attention.   I  lost count, but I know she had over six orgasms and

I'm  sure she must have had many more since I stopped counting early in

the evening.

     You  surely couldn't have called it a romantic evening, but it was

definitely  a  lurid  one.   Lets  face  it,  these  girls were not the

epitome  of  classy  women,  and  the ones that weren't busy with their

mouths  used them to cheer the other girls on.  The room was filled the

whole  time with, "Yea, Yvonne, fuck the bitch's face!", "Get off, shit

face,  I want some of that cock too ya know!", "God his cum tastes sooo

good!!",  "Look  at  Cindy  hunching  the  table leg!!", and other such


     All  but  one  of  the  girls  was  white.  The black one was very

attractive,  and while I hadn't ever thought much about fucking a black

slut  before,  this  gal  turned  out  to  be one great screw.  She was

evidently  a  favorite  of  the  other  girls  too, and suprisingly not

because  she  ate  pussy  well, but because they liked to eat her.  She

kept  her  cunt  shaved closely and I don't think I've ever seen anyone

get  any  wetter  than  she did.  Her skin wasn't particularly dark and

her  legs  were  fantastic.  She also was multi-orgasmic and because of

the  appeal of her hole and the number of cunt eaters around came close

to staying in a continuous orgasm the entire night.

     She  had  been  one  of  the  dancers  and  her legs had caught my

attention  when they were dancing.  But it was when Carole ate her that

I  really began to notice her.  I'd seen Carole eat pussy before, but I

hadn't  seen  her  eat  anyone  as hungrily as she was eating the black

girl.   At  one  point there were three girls actually lined up waiting

for a chance to lick her juicy slit.

     My  first  contact  with  her  came  while I had a very attractive

blonde  sitting  on  my  dick.  One of the other girls had just crawled

off  my  head and before I could wipe her juice off my face I found the

long  legged black slut straddling me.  I recoiled just a bit, not sure

I  was really ready to eat a black woman, but the smell of her juice as

she  lowered  herself  to  my face changed my mind.  I'm sure her being

black  didn't have anything to do with the difference in her aroma, but

it  was so completely different than anything I had ever smelled before

that  I  found it tremendously exciting.  It was very strong, and while

it  had  a  musky  smell  to  it  it  was  also a very sweet smell that

actually  made my mouth water.  By that time she had been eaten so many

times  that  it  certainly couldn't have been some douche that she used

or  anything  like that, it was just her juice.  It tasted every bit as

sweet  as  it  smelled,  and while I had to swallow often as she ground

her  slick wet cunt into my face, I hated to swallow, simply because it

was so nice to have a mouthfull of her sweet nectar.

     Carole  later  told  me  that girls in some of the other dormitory

buildings  who  don't get to have any contact with the black girl trade

cigarettes,  lingerie, and many other things of value for a pair of her

wet  panties  just  to have to smell while they masturbate.  I wouldn't

have  believed  it  before that night, but I certainly understood after

tasting her for myself.

     Another  girl  who  was especially interesting to me was one named

Nicky,  who  had  the  longest  nipples  I've  ever  seen.  Her breasts

weren't  particularly  large,  and  I  guess that made her nipples even

more  remarkable.   When  I  got to see them up close they were over an

inch  long and the areola supporting them was swollen and poking out as

well.   Nicky's  nipples  were so sensitive that she could come just by

having  them  pinched or sucked, and she had built up so much tolerance

over  the  years  she  had  been  in  the  reform  school  that  it was

impossible  to  bite them or pinch them too hard.  The harder they were

used  the  more she seemed to come.  Her nipples were such a hit at the

school  that  even  the staff had made special allowances for Nicky and

allowed  her  to  wear  t-shirts when they forbade the other inmates to

wear  them.   Hardly  anyone,  the guards included, passed Nicky in the

hallways  without  pinching  one of those nipples through her clothing,

and  she  loved  it.  Often a couple of the guards would corner her and

pinch her nipples until she came loudly, just for the fun of it.

     Carole  had  told me once about a girl in the school named Ann who

had  an  extremely  large  pussy.  Actually she had used the word huge,

but  I  had  met  Ann  on  one other occasion and she was a fairly thin

girl,  so  it  was  hard  for  me  to think about her pussy being huge.

Until that night was over, that is.

     I  was  busy  ass fucking one of the girls who was having her turn

at  the  black  girls hole when Carole walked over and told me to watch

Ann.   She  was  laying  on her back to my left with her legs open wide

and  two of the other girls were playing with her holes and kissing her

body.   When  I  started  watching one of the girls had four fingers in

Ann's  cunt  and  the  other girl was fingering her ass.  As I watched,

the  girl with the fingers in her cunt added her thumb and then slipped

her  whole  hand  inside.  It slid in easily and I felt my cock growing

even  harder  in  the cunt sucking slut's ass as I watched.  Ann wasn't

even  breathing  hard  and  the  girl  was  fucking  her with her fist!

Before  long  the  other  girl  began inserting fingers into Ann's cunt

alongside  the  fist  of  the  other  girl.   I could hardly believe my

eyes!   When  she  had  a  fist  and three fingers from the other  girl

inside  her,  Ann  began to moan and was humping her hips hard back and

forth,  fucking  herself  on the intruders.  "Two...give me two!!", she

cried,  and  she  reached  down  to  her  cunt  and pulled at her lips,

opening  herself  even wider for the two girls.  Before long the second

girl  also  had  her  fist  inside Ann and she was whimpering with heat

from  the  excitement of a double fist fuck.  Watching that second fist

slide  into her hole made the cum spurt from my throbbing dick into the

girls ass for sure.

     Later  that  night,  after  the  girls had been sent back to their

dorm,  Carole  told  me  that  another part of my present was to choose

four  girls  out of the group that I wanted on a regular basis and that

she  would  see  to  it  that  I got to be with all four of them once a

week,  either  seperately  or  as  a  group.  It didn't take me long to

agree  to  that, nor was it hard to select the four girls.  I chose the

black  drippy  pussied slut, huge pussied Ann, nasty nippled Nicky, and

ass-fuck  loving  Suzanne.   They  made  a  wonderful combination and I

seldom  chose  to  fuck  them seperately, with the exception of Suzanne

and  the  black  whore.  Suzanne needed it so often that I included her

every  time  I  went out to the school, and it was just too hard for me

to pass up a chance to eat that smooth slitted black bitch.

     I  was  a  regular  visitor  at  the reform school for nearly four

years,  until  Carole  changed jobs and moved to another state.  I keep

in  touch  with the four girls that were my favorites, even though none

of  them  are  still  in  the reform school.  They all have respectable

jobs  now and are doing quite well for themselves.  I don't get to fuck

any  of  them  any  more  for various reasons, but the black slut still

sends  me  a  pair of her panties in the mail once a month.  They are a

treat  that  I,  as  well  as  some  of  my other sluts, very much look

forward to receiving.

     I  try  very hard to stay on good terms with the counselors at the

reform  school,  hoping that someday they will hire someone who has the

same  interests  that  Carole  did.   So far I haven't had much luck in

that  respect,  but  they have just hired an ex schoolteacher from Ohio

named  Kristi, and I'm looking forward to meeting her.  Maybe this will

be the change that will put me back in hole heaven once more.


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