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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade62.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Art & Bob Discuss Julie

     One  day  when  Art  called Julie, Pat answered the phone instead.

Art  asked  when  Julie would get home and Pat told her sometime within

the  next  couple  of  hours.   She  explained  that her friend Bob was

coming  over  and that Julie would be home soon.  She invited Art over,

encouraging him to stay and have dinner with them.

     When  Art arrived Julie still hadn't gotten home.  In fact she was

later  than  anyone  expected,  and Pat encouraged Art and Bob to start

the fire in the grill outside while she prepared the salad.

     While   the  men  stood  outside  watching  the  fire  grow  their

conversation  naturally  turned to the two women that they were seeing.

Bob  was  very  fond  of  Pat,  but  also  expressed  a  great  deal of

admiration  for  Julie.  Art was very honest with Bob and told him that

he  thought alot of Julie as well, but that he was very happily married

and mainly just enjoyed screwing Julie.

     To  Art's  surprise, Bob hadn't realized that Art was married, and

just  assumed  that  they had a dating relationship.  He asked Art lots

of  questions  about  his  relationship with Julie, and in spite of the

fact  that  Art  felt  a  considerable  amount  of devotion to Julie he

answered most of Bob's questions honestly.

     "I  never  would  have  guessed  that Julie was the type who would

just  fuck  a man, knowing that he is married", Bob said.  "Doesn't she

push you to leave your wife?"

     "Hell  no.   She  knows I wouldn't leave my wife.  I made it clear

when  we  started  that  I  didn't  plan to become available to her for

anything  other  than  pumping  her full of my fuck.  She loves it that

way as much as I do, or maybe even more!", Art explained.

     "Does she fuck anyone else?", Bob asked.

     "I don't know for sure, but I don't think so", Art said.

     "If she did, would it bother you?"

     "How  could  I  complain?",  Art  asked.  "After all I go straight

home  to  my wife and stick my dick into her right after fucking little

Julie's  mouth  and  cunt.   In  fact...and  I  thought this was really  wife  used  to  complain about the way my dick tastes, but

I've  noticed  that  every time I fuck her in the mouth after I've been

in  Julie's  fuck  hole  that she seems to love it.  I think the little

wife  might  just  love to eat pussy sometime, but I don't have time to

fool with that at the moment, I'm too busy filling Julie with cum."

     "Think Julie would fuck me?', Bob asked, with a smile.

     "I  think  she'll  fuck  anything  that  has cum to dump into her.

Heck,  one  time  she  told  me  about  some  guy  she talked to on the

computer  who  made  her  pretend  that  she  was fucking his dog.  She

claimed  she  didn't  want  to do it at first, but that she changed her

mind  and  let  him turn her over to the long donged doggie.  Would she

fuck you?  Hell yes, I bet she's dying to already."

     "You wouldn't care if I fucked her?", Bob asked.

     "Hey,  I  don't  care if the Chicago Bears fuck her...she's only a

hole  to  me  that I fill with fuck from time to time.  If she's around

and  you  have  cum to dump, pump the bitch.  Oh, and by the way, she's

especially  good  for fucking sometime if you need for her to be quiet.

She  can't  even  come,  so you don't have to worry about her screaming

out  during  an  orgasm.   You  could  probably  fuck  her  while  your

girlfriend  is in the next room if you wanted.  But then you might also

find  that  your  girlfriend  likes  the idea of you fucking Julie too.

I've know that to be the case at times."

     "Well,  I must admit that she really turns me on.  In fact I often

think  about fucking her when I'm screwing Pat.  Sometimes I get Pat to

talk  about  Julie and you when we're fucking, and everytime she does I

come really big gobs of come.  Is her hole really tight?"

     "She  was made to fuck, man.  All her holes are tight, and you can

twist  her  around  and  put her in any position you want when you fuck

her.   I  never  have to ask her if I can fuck her, I just let her know

I'm  coming over and, the truth is, there have been times when I pushed

her  up  against  the wall in the foyer and pumped my fuck into her and

walked  right  out  again  without hardly saying a word to her.  I tell

you,  she's  just  a  hole  that was made to take fuck from men.  But I

love her, just the same."

     "Hey,  maybe  we  could  both  fuck  her sometime...think she'd go

along with that?", Bob asked excitedly.

     "Hey  man...don't you listen?  If you and I decide we want to dump

some  fuck  into  that  little  twat  all we have to do is dump it.  It

doesn't  matter  whether we ask her or not, we just fuck her.  I'd love

to  see her with your cock in her mouth sometime.  Do you have to worry

about Pat?"

     "Well,  I'm  not  sure  Pat could handle it if she knew.  But then

again,  she  does  know  that I like to think about Julie, so maybe she

wouldn't  mind.   Still it would probably be best if we did it sometime

while  Pat is at work.  At first anyway.  Maybe later Pat would like to

watch  or  something.   God, I'd really love to fill that Julie with my

fuck meat.  Can she take all your dick?"

     "She  doesn't  have  any choice about taking it all, Bob, she just

takes  it.   I  ram  the  little  whore when I fuck her, and it doesn't

matter to me what hole I have my meat in when I ram her."

     "Whew!   All  this  talk about that little recepticle is making me

hard  as  a rock. about watching the fire for me while I go

poke  Pat  in  the kitchen.  If you get a chance to talk to Julie about

fucking me, do it, will you?  I'd sure like to ram the little cunt."

     "Sure  thing  pal.   Pump  her  a few times for me, will you?  And

rest  assured  that  I'll  mention you to Julie.  I'd like to see if it

makes  her wet, cause I've been thinking about turning her over to some

of  my  randy  friends  anyway.   I'd love to see a whole bunch of guys

spilling  their  fuck  into  her sometime.  Hey....if you get a chance,

wipe  your  fuck on the steak we're saving for Julie.  I bet the little

whore hasn't ever had a steak with cum seasoning before!"

     "'re  quite  a  guy.  Thanks for understanding.  I'll see

you  in a bit", Bob said, walking away with a very evident bulge in his


     Art  stood by the fire wondering how long it would be before Julie

arrived.   He  secretly  hoped  that Julie would walk in on Bob and Pat

and  get  a  peak  at  Bob's  dick.  He liked the idea of Julie fucking

Bob.   In  fact  he  began to have thoughts of inviting Bob over to his

house  sometime  just  to  see if his wife would find Bob attractive as

well.  He  knew he'd enjoy watching his wife take dick too, but he knew

deep  down  inside  that  no  one could take dick like Julie could, and

that  nothing  would excite him like turning the little nurse over to a

room  full  of  hard  dicks.   Maybe  Bob  would  be  the first step to

accomplishing  that  goal.   He'd certainly try to help Bob realize his

fantasies  with  Julie, even if it meant holding the slut while Bob had

his  way  with  her.   This  all had some possiblities...some wonderful



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