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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade61.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Complimenting Julie

Dear Julie,

     You're  only a hole.  A hole to dump fuck into.  It doesn't matter

what  you  think  about  the  men  who  dump cum into your slut body or

whether  you  even  think  or  not,  you're  just a recepticle for hot,

white, creamy, smelly, sperm.

     Its  not  so  much  that you want to just be a hole for dicks, but

its  the  only  thing you know how to be.  Some women fuck because they

love  to  come,  but  you  can't  come.   Some women love to suck dicks

because  they  love the climax that they have when those same dicks ram

in  and out of their juicy little fuck holes, but you love to suck dick

simply because you love for men to come in you and on you.

     You  know  that  men  deserve to dump their fuck, and you make the

ideal  dumping  hole.  You're ideal partly because your holes hug thick

cocks  so  nicely,  but also because you know that taking dicks is your

lot  in  life.   You weren't made to come over and over again, you were

just made to take load after load of cum.

     Those  big  guys love to dump their fuck into you.  Especially the

ones  with  hairy  bodies and big muscles.  The big strong, virile men,

who  would  rape you anyway if you expressed any desire not to be their

fuck  hole  slut.   But  you  never  complain.  Not you.  In fact, even

after  three  or four super-jocks have shoved their fuck meat into you,

you  still  want  more of them to fuck you and spray their hot cum into


     In  other  ways  you're  much  more  than  a  hole, of course, but

sexually  thats  exactly  what you are, and you appreciate men who know

that.   Art  knew  it,  and  now  he  stops by your house and pokes you

before  going  home  to  his  little wifey.  She probably comes when he

fucks  her, but he doesn't care whether the sluts he fucks come or not,

he's  just  concerned  with  dumping his load.  He knows he can rub his

dick  all  over you body anyway he chooses, and he knows that its up to

him  when  he  feeds  dick  to  your  head and when he feeds it to your

cunt.   He knows he can position your little body anyway he pleases and

pull  your  hips  toward  him  so that his dick rams into you hard.  He

hears  you  grunt when he slams into you, and your sluttish grunts just

make him want to slam you harder.

     Men  like  to  hear  you grunt, Julie.  They also like to see your

face  covered  with  strings  of white fuck juice.  But not all of them

know  you  like  I  do,  and they don't realize how much time you spend

looking  at  yourself  in  the  mirror  after  they  leave.  They don't

realize  how  proud you are when you see cum dripping off your chin and

nose  and  when  you  feel  it streaming from your well-fucked cunt and

running down your whore thighs.

     I  guess  in  a  way its silly to call you a whore, cause men sure

don't  have  to  pay to fuck you.   The main requirement that a man has

to  meet  in order to fuck you is to have a dick.  Being big and strong

and  hairy  just  means  he  can  fuck  you  more than if he isn't, and

probably  just  means you'll ask for it more often than you might if he

isn't big and strong and hairy.

     I  think part of the reason you like hairy men is that you like to

lick  hairy balls and assholes.  But then I'm sure you like the feel of

all  that  hair brushing your face and grinding into your nose and chin

when  some  big  hairy  stud  is dicking your face.  Those men make you

feel  so  helpless  and  so  easily  had, and you like feeling that way

alot, don't you?

     One  of  these  days I'm going to spend some time with you and you

will  never  feel  more  helpless  and  easily had than I will make you

feel.   You'll  also feel more thouroughly fucked than you've ever felt

before.   You see Julie, what makes me hard and hot to spew fuck into a

pretty  little  slut  like  you is the perfect compliment to what makes

you  hot  to  take lots of cum.  So all I have to do is just use you in

the  ways  that  make  me  shoot the most cum and you'll be the hottest

you've ever been.

     Oh,  I  know  you've  been  hot  before,  and I know you love just

concentrating  on  taking  dick.  But you've never trembled like you'll

tremble  with me, and you've never felt your muscles in your thighs and

cunt  lips  jerk  like they will with me.  Your stomach muscles haven't

rippled  involuntarily  and  you  haven't  moaned  and begged a man and

called  him  Master  before  either.  You haven't spent nights sleeping

with  something  up  your ass, or awakened every morning of the week to

find  a  man kneeling over your head.  You haven't been trained to take

a  fist in your cunt or had someone eat and finger-fuck you for four or

five hours straight in spite of your pleas to be given dick.

     Don't  misunderstand  me,  it  wouldn't  be  an effort to make you

come.   I  just want to use you because thats what makes me have cum to

feed  you.   If  you  were  to  happen  to come that would be alright I

guess,  as  long  as it didn't interfere with my using you.  If it does

that  then  we'll  have  to figure out some way to keep you from coming

too  often,  or  something, cause its important to me that you continue

to  be  my  little  cum rag slut and not some bitch that screams scream

after scream because her fuck hole is quivering constantly.

     Just  remember  that  if you agree to be my fuck you'll have to do

the  things  I tell you to do.  If I want to see you in some particular

outfit  or  something, you'll have to wear it for me.  If I want you to

bend  over  and  spread  your  lips  open so I can see your hole way up

inside,  then you'll have to do that for me too.  If you don't do those

things, then I won't fuck your head as much as you need for me to.

     Oh,  by  the  way,  don't think that I won't talk to you in person

like  I'm  talking to you in this letter, either.  I'll call you a fuck

or  a  piece,  or  a cum rag or a whore or a slut or whatever I want to

call  you,  and  I'll  talk to you about the way you take dick from any

man  that  has  one  when I'm using you.  You can stick your fingers in

your  ears  if  you  don't like it, unless I'm planning on shooting cum

into  your  ears  or unless I want you to stick your fingers in some of

your  holes.   But  I'll  say  whatever I want to say to you whenever I

want  to say it.  The following are some things you'll probably hear me


Suck harder, cunt.

Stick your ass up in the air for me.

Put another finger in.

Scoop up my fuck and spread it on your face, Julie.

Its time to dick your head again.

Stick your legs up in the air.

Get in the backseat.

Put the panties in your mouth.

Unzip his pants, Julie.

Lick his hairy balls.

Get back on the bed, slut.

You need more cum.

Go get the big dildo.

Lick your cunt juice off my dick.

You're a fuck.

Roll over.

I know he's black.

Take one in each hand now.

Look at all the cum on your belly.

You need more cum.

You're so squishy in there now.

I'm going to get some more men, Julie.

You can, just open your mouth wider.

Lick his ass, Julie.

Put your hand in his jeans.

Don't try to answer me with that dick in your mouth.

You're a hole for dicks.

You need more cum.

Open them wider, little fuck hole.

Point them at your head.

Your nipples are so hard.

He likes your ass, Julie.

Show them your tits.

Grind back on his cock.

Dogs fuck like that, Julie.

You need more cum.

I called the guys at the firehouse.

Pull it up over your stocking tops.

You can't even get your hand around that one, Julie.

The neighbors are gonna hear the bed this time, whore.

There's some guy on the phone that wants to fuck you.

Rub your squishy slut cunt against his bicep, Julie.

Show them how you move your hips when you fuck.

Yes, they all play football.

Let him go now so the next one can crawl on, Julie.

That guy has fucked you three times already, Julie.

It doesn't matter that its sore...they still have cum to dump.

Sleep now, you can take dick again tomorrow.

You're my fuck hole.

You need more cum.

He's wiping his cock off in your hair.

Yes, do all three of them.

I know he'll squash you when he lays on you.

Suck him hard again, if you want more dick.

This is Jim, he was hitchiking.

Lay in the floor and pull your panties to the side.

You look so good with dick in your mouth.

You need more cum.

Come here Julie, I have cum to dump.

Lick it off his belly.

Crawl under the table and suck us all off, Julie.

Put his hand on your leg.

Go call Fred.

Yes, the one with the really long, thick one.

Yes, you can fuck some more.

Tell them you only fuck black men, but that you'll suck them all.

I don't care if he can see it.

You need more cum.

You won't need that slip, go take it off.

You have cum in your asshole, Julie.

You smell like fuck.

Relax your throat...take it all.

I like to watch you take dick.

Swallow faster, its running out of your mouth.

Tell him you're just a hole and you need his dick.

They are all coming over tonight.

You need more cum.

     Well,  there  are  more things that you'll hear, of course, but it

wouldn't  do for me to tell you all of them before I get to spew my own

fuck  into  you  in real life.  I guess some day I'll just have to show

up  in St. Louis and call you up on your day off.  I know you'd tell me

to  come  on by and dick you, and once I dicked you that first time I'd

be  dicking  you  whenever  I wanted.  Too bad you can't hear me saying

all  this  to  you  rather  than  having  to  read  it.  It would sound

especially good if you had my cock inside you at the time I bet.

     Thank  your  roomie for sending me the pictures of you.  I'm sorry

that  my  schedule  is  so  full  right now and that I can't start your

training  right  away.   I  will  do everything I can to work you in as

quickly  as  possible.   In the meantime just keep taking lots of dick.

It will be good practice for you.  Write soon.


                                                       Master Wade


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