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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade60.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Leg Show Stint

     During  my  third  year in college I made some spare cash by doing

some  photography  work for Leg Show magazine.  During the summer I had

met  a  tall  brunette  with fabulous legs and had taken some very sexy

pictures  of  her  legs to send into the magazine just for fun.  It was

well  worth the effort.  Not only did she fuck me for nearly three days

straight  when  I  showed her the pictures in the magazine, but I got a

much needed job out of the deal as well.

     The   magazine   wasn't  picky  about  what  kind  of  pictures  I

submitted.   I  did some fancy layouts with the brunette and some other

girls  but  spent  most  of  my time just getting candid shots from new

women.   Sometimes  they  never  even  knew I was snapping them.  Other

times  they  noticed  and  either threatened to sue me or invited me to

their  house to take more.  It was a pretty sucessful way to meet sluts

and  I  was  usually  able to satisfy the uncooperative women by giving

them  the  film.  Actually there weren't that many uncooperative women,

especially  after I told them that they would be in a magazine and that

their faces wouldn't show.

     I  learned  alot  about  where  to  get easy squirrel shots in the

process  as well.  Staircases were always my favorites, with escalators

running  a  rather  poor  second.   Believe it or not, waiting rooms in

various  types  of  offices  turned  out pretty well, especially if the

girl  and  I  were  the  only  ones  in  the room.  On many occasions I

snapped  the  first  picture,  explained what I was doing and found the

girls  posing  for  me  on  the spot.  I know the waiting room in every

doctors office within 100 miles of my alma mater.

     Another  good place was the theatre district in the Big Apple.  On

the  right  night  I could snap photos for hours of great looking women

stepping  out of limo's.  If anyone ever questioned me I flashed my Leg

Show  credentials  and  explained  to  the  lady  that  she looked like

someone famous.

     I  advertised  in  the  classified section of several metropolitan

papers  as  well  and  was  amazed  at  the  quality  of  the women who

responded  to  the  ads.   Women seem to be much more aware of just how

attractive  their legs are than they do some of their other body parts,

and  I  was seldom confronted with a woman who wasn't worth the time to

take  some  shots  of.   It  also  seems  to be easier for most gals to

consider  showing  off  their  legs  than  it does for them to consider

showing  off  some of the other stuff.  I always asked them to take the

panties  off,  but  not  all  of  them would.  It was sure worth asking

though,  cause  seldom  did I take a shot of their cunt without getting

to  fuck  them  before  the  night  was over.  There is something about

spreading  your  legs  and letting a man take a photo of your hole that

makes you hot to fuck, I guess.

     One  of  the  most  memorable experiences I had was the time I was

following  three young girls through a hotel lobby.  They all three had

on  short  skirts  and  I was shooting pictures of them as they walked.

One  of  them  finally  noticed  and  when they saw I was continuing to

photograph  them  they  stopped  and  asked what I was up to.  The word

magazine  did  the  trick  and  they all three excitedly asked how they

could  help  me  with  my  project.   We spent the next two days taking

photographs  all  over the city in every conceivable location and every

conceivable  pose.   I  made  nearly $10,000 from the photo's I took of

those  three  girls.   I  gave  Leg  Show  most of them, but there were

plenty  of  them  that  I  sold to some of the other mag's as well that

focused  more  on  tits  and  asses  and open beavers.  I got some good

women  with  women  action  that I was also able to sell to some of the

lesbian special interest mags as well.

     In  addition  to  the  fact  that  the girls weren't interested in

being  paid  but  just happy to know that they would be in magazines, I

spent  the  nights  fucking  those sweet little honeys until I couldn't

get  it  up  any more.  They loved it all, and two of them finally made

out  really  well  financially  as  a  result  of their posing, getting

offers  from  magazines which resulted in them being monthly centerfold

girls.   The  third  girl probably would have if she hadn't married one

of  the  magazine  exec's  that  wouldn't  let  her pose.  I never have

understood  that...he'll  let  her fuck anyone she pleases, but doesn't

want her in the mags.  Different strokes, huh?

     One  of  the  nicer  things about doing that work for Leg Show was

the  special  assignments  that  I got as a result of having them for a

contact.   Often  they  would  receive  requests  that they recommend a

photographer  for  taking  some special photographs not for publication

but  for  private purposes.  Leg Show turned lots of those jobs over to

me and some of them were really juicy situations.

     Most  of  the  time these special jobs would be situations where a

man  wanted  some  pictures  of  his wife, but I was surprised how many

women  wanted  the  pictures  made.  Probably the most bizarre case was

one  in which a minister's wife wanted a set of very sexy pictures that

she  planned  on giving to each of the deacons in her church.  She said

she  was  going  to  try  to  fuck each one of them without her husband

finding  out  and  thought  the pictures would help.  I never found out

whether  she  accomplished her goal or not, but she sure had some great

pictures to pass around, thats for sure.

     Another  really  interesting assignment was the really hot looking

blonde  that  wanted  pictures  taken  in  an  automobile repair garage

setting.   She  had some kind of thing for greasy mechanics and planned

on  handing  them  to  her  favorites  when  she  took  her  car in for

repairs.   I have no doubt she had the best running car in three states

by the time she was done.

     Believe  it or not, the only job I ever had that really freaked me

out  was  the  only  really  legitimate  photography job I ever had.  A

company  that was responsible for handling the advertising account of a

large  hosiery  manufacturer  called me in to do some photo's for them.

They  were  working up a catalogue and weren't content to just show leg

shots  but  wanted  their  models  in garter belt outfits with matching

bra's  and  panties.   They  were  also extremely picky about the girls

they  used  and  I  must  have photographed over 200 just to get the 20

that  they  needed  for the catalogue.  Every single one of the girls I

shot  were  fantastic  beauties.  I have no idea where they found them,

but  there wasn't a single time that my cock didn't get hard when I was

taking  the  preliminary shots.  It took something over three months of

daily  work  just  to  reduce  the  number  of girls to the required 20

finalists  and  not  a  day  went  by  that  I didn't fuck at least two

different  women  and  some  days  I  fucked  as  many  as four or five

different ones.

     The  final  twenty  were  so gorgeous that I found it very hard to

concentrate.   But  I  am  a  professional,  after  all,  and I managed

somehow  to  get  the  required  pictures.   Each  girl  took  two days

shooting  time and the others just had to wait their turn.  The company

we  were  working  for  had more stockings and garter belts for them to

choose  from  than  I  had ever seen in my life and I must say it was a

visual  feast  for a leg man like me.  I got to spend lots of time with

the  twenty  finalists, and the last one of them to get her shots taken

was,  luckily  for  me, the best of the bunch.  I screwed that precious

little  slut  every  day for nearly two months.  She still writes me at

least  once  a week and we get together often.  I've never seen a woman

who  looks hotter in stockings than she does, and I'm proud to say I've

never  fucked  her  when  she didn't have a pair on.  She knows she's a

leg  slut  and is proud of it.  Our favorite date is to go to a theatre

and  for  me  to slide her dress up so that other men can see above her

stockings.   We  either wind up fucking during the movie or taking some

other  guys or gals home to help me use her.  Its fabulous.  She got to

keep  all  the outfits that she wore in the shoot and the company sends

her  stockings  weekly  since  she  still  does some modeling for them.

Shes  the  perfect  leg  slut whore and beautiful on top of that.  If I

didn't  have  so  many  other  holes  to pump I'd think seriously about

marrying that one.

     Oh,  speaking  of  holes,  I  just  about forgot to tell you about

Carole.   Carole  waz  a  29  year old blonde who lived on Park Avenue.

She  had  a  thing about black men and hired me to take pictures of her

legs  with black guys kneeling at her feet and lifting up her dress.  I

had  to  round  up  the  black guys for her, but she always let me take

pictures  of  them fucking her too, so I got lots of stuff that I could

sell  out of the deal.  She never let me sell anything with her face in

the  picture  which  was  a  shame,  cause she sure looked great with a

black  dick  in  her  mouth.  She did let me keep the negatives though,

and  I  enjoy  looking  at them from time to time and sharing them with

some  of  the  other  sluts  I work with.  One little piece that I fuck

regularly  really  gets  off  on the shots of Carole taking black dicks

but  still hasn't let me bring her a brother to screw.  I figure she'll

give  in  in  time.   In  the meantime I just show her the pictures and

fuck her brains out.

     Well,  I hope you've enjoyed a glimpse into the life of a Leg Show

photographer.   Enjoy  the  pictures that my cohorts and I provide, and

whenever  you  have any influence with a gal with great legs, encourage

her  to  show  those  things  off  as much as possible.  The men of the

world  will  all  appreciate  it.  Oh, and if you're a black guy with a

big  dick  and  you'd  like to fuck 212-555-6453...she'd

love to hear from you.


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