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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade59.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Surprising Sandy

     I  liked Sandy long before she married Sam, and actually had known

her  longer  than  Sam,   even  though we had become very close friends

over  the last several years.  To tell the truth I had watched her grow

up.   She's nearly 15 years younger than me and I have known her family

all  my  life.   She  is 26 now and quite a woman.  I was happy for Sam

when I heard they were marrying, and a bit envious as well.

     Sandy  is  a  tall drink of water with fabulous legs and tits that

are  remarkable  as  well.   She's always been a tease and when she was

still  in  high  school she used to flirt with me like crazy whenever I

was  around  her.   Somehow I managed to resist the temptation when she

was  too young to mess with.  By the time she got old enough she seemed

to  be  too envolved with other men all the time and didn't flirt quite

as  much as before.  But I still had my share of fantasy fucks with her

and  always loved to see her when she was showing off those legs, which

was often.

     After  she and Sam got married we did lots of things together as a

couple  and it was just accepted by us all that Sandy and I would flirt

with  each  other.   We  both  loved  it  and  Sam  didn't seem to mind

either.   I  never  considered  the possibility of actually fucking her

after she married Sam.  At least not until about six months ago.

     It  was  the middle of the summer and Sam had borrowed some garden

tools  from  me  that he had neglected to return.  I called him at work

on  my  day  off  and asked about them, as I was planning on doing some

yard  work  that  day.  He apologized for keeping them so long and told

me  to  go  over  to his house and get them out of his shed if I needed

them.   He  said  not to bother to ring the doorbell, because Sandy was

gone shopping and there wouldn't be anyone home.

     When  I  got  to  his  house  I noticed the car that Sandy usually

drives  in  the driveway, but he didn't say she went shopping alone, so

I  didn't bother to ring the bell, but just went around the side of the

house toward the shed in the backyard.

     What  I  saw  when  I  turned the corner made me stop in my tracks

with  my  mouth hanging open.  Sandy was laying nude on a chaise lounge

in  the  center  of the backyard with her back to me.  She wasn't aware

that  I  had  discovered her and was far too busy to notice me standing

there.   She  was  busy being fucked, and I do mean being fucked.  What

really  took my breath away was that she was being fucked not by one of

Sam's friends, but by their german sheppard.

     I  stood  there  transfixed, staring at the lewd sight in front of

me.   Sandy  was on her stomach with her legs hanging over the sides of

the  lounge and one of her big tits hanging down over the right side as

well.   Her head was turned to the left and the fucking dog shielded me

from  her  line of sight even if she had looked back over her shoulder.

She  was  moaning softly and the big sheppard was pumping her steadily,

fighting  to  keep  his balance as he shifted the position of his front

paws on the pretty woman's naked back.

     I  was  slowly  aware  that  Sandy  was talking to the dog softly.

"Yes,  thats  a  good  boy...fuck  your  bitch...your  bitch  is  soooo

hot...fuck  your little dog fucking slut bitch deep and it!",

she seethed.

     The  dog  suddenly  yelped and started pumping faster into Sandy's

upraised  bottom.   She  fucked  him  back,  moving  her  hips in small

circles  as  the dog began cumming inside her, and plainly began having

an  orgasm of her own.  I couldn't have walked away if I had wanted to,

and I wasn't about to miss any of this.

     The  dog  finally spewed out all his fuck and his long dick made a

popping  sound  as  he  freed  it  from the clenching muscle of Sandy's

cunt.   Sandy  turned,  planning,  I think, to pull the dog to her once

more, but instead became aware of my presence.

     "Oh  God!  What are you....did you see...ohhhhh nooooo!", she fell

back to the lounge and began crying with shame.

     I  walked  over  to  her,  not  sure  really what to do.  I hadn't

planned  on  witnessing  anything  like  this, but I surely didn't want

Sandy  to be upset.  I supposed she was afraid that I would tell Sam or

that  I  would think badly of her after seeing her let the big dog dick


     "Sandy...its  ok.   Look,  I'm sorry I walked up on you...I had no

idea  that you were even here, and Sam told me to walk on around to the

shed  to  get  my tools.  Please don't cry, its really ok.  I won't say

anything  to  Sam  about  it,  I promise.  And to tell you the truth, I

found  it  very exciting."  I knelt beside her as she continued to sob,

her face turned away from me.

     "But  I'm  so  embarrased!   I  thought I could do that and no one

would  ever  know.   I  should have known better!  I'm so stupid!", she


     "Awwww,  Sandy.   Sam  wouldn't be upset if he knew you fucked his

dog,  would  he?   I  mean  its not like you were fucking his friend or

something.   Shucks,  if you were mine I'd be wanting to watch you fuck

the dog, especially after seeing it just now.  It made me so hot!"

     "You're  just  being  nice", she said.  "I know you think terribly

of me now...our friendship will never be the same."

     "Well,  it  may  never  be the same, thats true.  But hopefully it

will  be  even  better now.  Who knows maybe your little secret will be

even  safer  now  that  I  know about it.  Maybe I can help you satisfy

your needs now that I know what they are."

     "But  its  not like I have some wierd need to let dogs fuck me all

the  time....I  was  just  so  hot  and  so horny...Sam is great, and I

really  love  him,  but  he  only  fucks  me two or three times a week.

Shit,  there  are  days  when I need fucking two or three times.  All I

have  to  do with the dog is just finger myself a little around him and

he's ready."

     "Sandy,  I  understand,  really I do.  Believe me, I've know women

like  you and I really do understand what you're saying.  But you don't

have  to  try  to deny your enjoyment of letting the dog stick his meat

into  you, I understand that part too.  Its the very fact that it is so

depraved  and  dirty  that  meets  a  need that you feel.  Sam probably

isn't  ready to accept that part of who you are yet, but in time we may

be  able  to bring him around.  In the meantime, I really do think that

I can help you out."

     "But  I  feel  like  such a slut!  How can you still want me for a


     "Sandy,  Sandy!   I  know  you feel like a slut, you looked like a

slut  too.   But that isn't necessarily bad, is it?  I mean, you can be

a  slut  without  going  all  over town fucking any man who has a cock,

even  if you might enjoy thinking about doing that very thing.  And who

are  you  hurting  by  playing  around with the family pet from time to

time?   Are  you  turning  Sam  away and not fucking him because you're

getting  some  different  dick?   No,  of course you aren't.  You still

want  to  fuck him as much as ever, and if he wants more of your little

hole  you'll  give  it  to  him gladly, I know.  You see, Sandy, you're

being  a  slut  isn't anything that is going to ruin your marriage, but

it may in fact be the very thing that saves it."

     "You  make  it  sound like sluts are special or something.  No one

really feels that way about women who let dogs fuck them."

     "Trust  me,  Sandy.   Look...if  you had continued fucking the dog

here  at  home like this Sam would have eventually caught you.  Even if

he  didn't  you  sooner  or later would have turned to some man to help

you  meet  your  needs.   But  not just any man would really understand

your  needs  and  you might wind up losing Sam over an affair with some

guy  that  wouldn't  be any more able to satisfy you than Sam is.  With

me,  its going to be different.  Different for lots of reasons, not the

least  of  which  is the fact that I am Sam's friend.  I'm not going to

try  to steal you away from him or anything like that.  You know that I

care  alot  about  you and always have, but I'm not in the market for a

wife  right  now, and have no compulsion to encourage you to leave him.

I  want  the two of you to be happy.  And I think between the two of us

we  can slowly bring Sam around to the point that he will be able to be

all  that  you  need  for him to be sexually. In the meantime if you're

willing  I can fill some of the void that you are feeling and even help

you  spend  some  safe time with the dog as often as you like. You just

have to trust me and do as I say for a while.  Can you do that?"

     "You won't tell Sam?", she asked, calming a bit now.

     "I  won't  tell  him,  but  he  has to know eventually.  Thats the

whole  point.   You  can't  deny  the submissive nature that is so deep

inside  you,  nor  can  you  pretend  that  a couple of fucks a week is

making  you  happy.   But  its alot for Sam to take in one bite, and we

will  have  to  gradually  bring  him around.  I know we can do it, but

you'll  have to let me introduce Sam to some of my friends before he'll

be  able  to  accept  your  hunger.  I know it won't be easy for you to

think  about  Sam having sex with other women, but if you'll just trust

me  and  let your fucking me make you even, you'll have him in the palm

of  your  hand  in a very short time, I'm sure.  Or perhaps it would be

more  accurate  to  say  that  he'll  have you in the palm of his hand.

Whichever,  you'll  find  Sam  much  more  capable  and  interested  in

satisfying your deepest needs by the time we're done."

     "You're  going  to  fix Sam up with some of your girlfriends?  How

is that going to help my marriage?"

     "You  see  Sandy,  Sam  probably does have the image of sluts that

you  were afraid that I might have.  The only way to change that is for

him  to  come  to  appreciate sluts as much more than just cheap fucks.

When  Sam  begins  wishing  that  you  were  a slut like the girls I'll

introduce  him  to  he'll  be  ready to accept you gradually becoming a

slut,  and  he'll  even think that he is turning you into what he wants

you  to be.  You'll be getting exactly what you want and need from Sam,

but  he'll  think that its the other way around and he'll love you even

more  for  giving  into his requests.  Meanwhile, I'll pretend that I'm

keeping  you  busy  while  he's  fucking  my  sluts, but I'll really be

helping  you  get  your needs satisfied with no fear of him discovering

our real activities."

     "  did  you  think of all that so fast?  You'd think you

had  been  planning  this whole thing for years or something!"  She was

truly impressed.

     I  chuckled  at  the  look  of  wonder  on  her  face  and  at the

realization  that  she  would  soon  be  taking my dick.  "I've done it

before,  Sandy,  for  other women.  It works great, and is nearly fool-

proof  as  long as you do exactly as I say to do and don't let yourself

get  upset  about Sam getting some strange stuff in the process.  If it

will  help  any you can fuck me twice for every fuck that Sam gets...or

even three times if you like."

     Sandy  smiled broadly and laughed quietly.  "You're all heart.  Do

you really think it will work?"

     "Yes,  I  do.   You  won't mind fucking me, will you?  I suppose I

could  find  some  other  man  for  you to screw if you wanted, but I'd

really  like for it to be me.  Besides, you might learn some new things

that Sam will really come to enjoy."

     "Oh,  I  didn't  want  to  give you the impression that I wouldn't

enjoy  fucking you.  I've thought about taking you inside me more times

than  I care to admit, and I love the idea of you teaching me to be the

kind  of  slut  that Sam will be getting to know.  I don't have to fuck

anyone  other than you, and I don't have to fuck the dog either, if you

don't want me to.  He was just sort of a fill in, you know."

     "Relax,  Sandy.   I  want  you  to fuck the dog for me, and by the

time  I'm  through  with  Sam he'll be wanting you to fuck the dog too.

You  look  really sexy when you're being fucked, and it made me hard as

a rock to see the dog pumping you."

     "Ooooh,  don't  talk  like  that, you're making me need it again",

she  sighed.   Her legs opened and her hand sneaked under her belly and

began playing with her wet, dog-cum-filled, fuck hole.

     "I  like  it when you need it, Sandy.  I like it when you have dog

fuck  running  out  of  your hole and when you're still so hot that you

have  to  rub  your clit some more.  Only a slut takes dog cum and then

rubs her hand in it.  Do you ever suck the dog?"

     Sandy's  pretty  ass  was moving up and down now and her eyes were

only  half  opened  as  she breathed out her reply.  "Yessss, I do suck

him...but  I don't let him cum in my mouth...well, I would, but...well,

I...I get so hot that I have to take him in my pussy."

     "I'm  going  to  want  to  watch  you  take his dog fuck into your

mouth,  Sandy.   I'll  fuck  you while you suck him so that your little

slut  cunt  will  be  nice and full at the same time.  You'd like that,

wouldn't you?"

     Sandy  didn't  have to answer me vocally and she knew it.  She was

now  fucking  three fingers in and out of her hole and humping her hips

wildly  against  her hand.  I pulled my dick out of my pants and rubbed

the  head  of it against her cheek.  She turned her head and opened her

mouth   hungrily  as  she  continued  screwing  herself  there  in  the

backyard.   I slid my dick into her wet mouth, feeling her tongue slide

along  the  shaft  and  her cheeks hug the big head as it traveled back

toward  her  throat.   She began to suck in rythym to the thrusts of my

hips as I pumped my fuck meat into her.

     "Dog  sucking, dog fucking slut....finger fucking cum craving long

legged   big   titted   slut   sex   slave   slut   fuck

hole....pumping   those   long   fingers   into  your  dog  cum  filled

cunt....tasting  man  meat  in  your hungry mouth....feeling cock ahead

against  the  back  of  your mouth....smelling my sex...feeling my hair

scrubbing  your  slut  chin  and  nose  as I dick your face....thinking

about  it being the dog's dick and about feeling him pump his fuck into

your  mouth  and you can fuck the dog whenever you like,  can  be  screwed  as many times a day as you need from now  don't  have  to hide the fact that you're a dirty little dog

fucking tramp fuck hole slut...."

     When  my  fuck  began spewing into her mouth I had my thumb up her

ass  and  three  of my own fingers in her cunt and was lifting her into

the  air  as  we  both  fucked  at  her  dripping hole.  Her orgasm was

violent  and,  had her mouth not been filled with dick, her cries would

have been heard all over the neighborhood.

     Later,  after  we  had  showered together and come back to earth a

bit  we  made plans for the coming week.  There was lots for us both to

look  forward  to,  and  I  for  one,  could hardly wait.  I called Sam

before leaving her house.

     "Just  wanted  you to know that I got everything I needed, Sam", I


     "Good...did you get some yard work done?", he asked.

     "Oh  yes...I  got  a  couple of holes filled and dumped some stuff

that  needed  dumping.   Oh, by the way...your shepard was fucking some

bitch  in  the  backyard  when I got there.  Thats some randy pooch you

have there."  Sandy nearly fell out of the chair.


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