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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade57.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= The Waitress

     I've  always  had  a  thing  for  waitresses.  I think its because

often  waitresses  are  women who really do enjoy serving men and enjoy

serving  them  sexually as well as in other ways.  Then too, waitresses

often  have a flair for showing off their legs.  Especially in bars.  I

guess  its  the clothes that the management makes them wear some of the

time.   But  would  a woman wear a dress slit to her waist if it didn't

make her cunt juicy when men stared?  I doubt it.

     Over  the  years  I've had great fun flirting with the sweet young

things  that  flit  from  table to table showing off their slut bodies.

I've  never  made any secret of my interest in waitresses and any woman

I've  ever  been  serious  about  has  had  to  deal with that right up

front.   I  just  tell  them  that I love to look and love to flirt and

that  if  they will help me do it I'll fuck their brains out after I've

had  my  fun, and if they dont' help me I'll fuck the waitress's brains

out.  That's fair, isn't it?

     I  can  still  remember  the  names of the best ones, and I have a

mental  image  of  them  in  their  little outfits.  One of those "best

ones"  was  a  gal  named  Sarah  who  really got off on my interest in

waitresses  and  loved  for  me to tell her about the others that I had

fucked.   I  found  out  she was bi and that part of her excitement was

due  to  her own enjoyment of waitresses as well, but I didn't care why

it  excited  her, I loved it.  She used to tell me stories about eating

out  some  of  her  co-workers in the ladies room from time to time and

that  always  got  my  juices  flowing.  I remember one time when Sarah

fixed  me  up  with a friend of hers and helped me make the little slut

come  over  and  over  for  nearly five hours.  We had that sexy little

bitch  moaning  continously.   When  we  finally untied her and let her

leave  Sarah  and  I  fucked  the  rest  of the night away.  I'll never

forget Sarah.

     One  of  the best waitress fucks I ever had wasn't a waitress when

I  first  met  her.  She was a saleslady for a new line of hosiery that

had  just come out.  The hosiery line is pretty famous now and comes in

those  little  egg  shaped  containers.  When the company first started

marketing  that  hosiery  they  wisely  used the gimmick of sending out

salesgirls  dressed  in very short little outfits that showed off their

product,  which  was  of  course pantyhose.  The girl that called on us

had  the  finest  set of legs I have ever seen and long brown hair that

came  all  the  way to her ass in back.  She was beautiful and I wanted

to  fuck her so bad I could taste it.  I couldn't get anywhere with her

when  she  was  calling on us, and it was quite a surprise to me when I

found  her  several years later waiting on tables in a Steak and Ale in

a nearby city.

     I  fucked  her  that  night,  twice  in  the  men's  room  at  the

restuarant  and  several  more  times  in her apartment.  It turned out

that  she  was  merely  concerned  about  losing  her  job when she was

selling  the  pantyhose  and was as glad to see me as I was to see her.

Her  legs  were  just  as  beautiful  as ever and one thing that really

thrilled  me  about  her was how sensitive she was on the inside of her

thighs.   I  dated  the  sweet little thing for nearly a year after our

encounter  in  the  restaurant,  and I found that I could make her come

simply  by  running my fingers lightly along the insides of her thighs.

She  went  bananas  if I kissed her there, and believe me, I kissed her

there  often and well.  By the time I got my tongue in her cunt she was

a  basket case.  I guess I'd still be fucking that little slut, but she

gained  about  twenty  pounds  and  lost  her appeal.  Too bad, she was

quite alot of fun.

     I'll  have to admit that there are lots of waitresses who don't do

a  thing  for  me.   Probably the worst place in the world for waitress

hunting  is truck stops.  I seldom ever stop at them, because there are

so  many  dogs  at  those  places.   But there was that one time that I

stopped  at  a  really  busy  truck  stop along Interstate 95 and found

Ginger.   Ginger  was  only 24 years old and had a body that would stop

traffic.   She  was the hottest little piece I'd ever seen in action in

a  restaurant, moving from table to table and making men's mouths water

everywhere  she  went.   It  wasn't  the  outfit she had on or even her

beauty,  but  the  wonderful  and  witty way she handled all the passes

that  were made to her.  She never really let the men get really vulgar

with  her,  at least not while she was working, but she always let them

know  that  she knew as much about fucking as any of them did and loved

it even more than they did.

     The  night that I met her I hung around, planning on getting a pop

at  her  after she got off work.  I found I wasn't alone and that there

were  four  other men there who had the same idea.  Ginger seemed to be

used  to  that  and  she  handled  it  perfectly.  We were all lined up

outside  the  door  when  she  came out, and she moved from man to man,

kissing  us  all  on  the mouth and walking about ten feet away from us

before  turning  and  saying,  "Well, come along boys....there's plenty

for everyone".  There was.

     Not  all  the  waitresses  I found attractive were easy, for sure.

I'll  never  forget  Brenda.  She was a waitress in a small cafe in one

of  the  cities  to which I travelled often.  She looked like an angel.

She  had  that  innocent  little  face  and  a  thin,  not particularly

voluptous  body,  and never really flirted with anyone.  Still, she had

that  inner  quality  that I've almost never been mistaken about.  That

inner  quality that says "I'm one of the women in the world that really

gets  juicy  when  a man who knows what he's doing uses me in the right

ways".   I  tried  all  my  best lines on Brenda over a period of three

months  and  couldn't seem to get anywhere.  Finally I began increasing

the  amount  of  my  tips  out of frustration, and her attitude finally

began  to change just a bit.  By the time she finally let me fuck her I

was  tipping  her  over $50 for meals that never exceeded $15.  I know,

it  was  crazy,  and very expensive.  But I just had to pop her, and it

eventually  paid  off  well.   She  was  every  bit the slut that I had

imagined  her  to  be,  and we fucked off and on for nearly five years.

After  I popped her that first time I never had to tip her again, all I

had  to do was just leave her a note on the table telling her where and

when.   She  never  stood me up or was unavailable, and she undoubtedly

had  the  most  accomodating  asshole  of  any woman I've fucked either

before  or  since.  To be as sweet an innocent as she appeared she sure

did  crave  being  fucked up the backdoor, and I obliged her often.  In

fact,  it  got  to  be  the kind of situation where she knew that I was

only  interested  in  corn-holing  her and I never had to ask for it or

even  bother  to  screw  her  in the cunt.  On several occasions when I

told  her  I  wanted  some  pussy too she even invited a friend over so

that  I  could  screw  her friend's cunt and her ass.  It really worked

out nicely.

     There  are  lots of other waitresses that I could tell you stories

about,  but  these should suffice.  Just remember that when you're in a

restuarant  and  you  see a pretty young thing strutting her stuff that

she  probably  needs it as much or more than you do.  Tell her what you

require  and  use the whore.  You'll be glad you did.  Oh, and dont' be

too tight to tip.  It pays off in the long run.


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