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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade56.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Julia's Begging, Part Seven

                            More from Julia

     I  lay  there  suspended  in the air, juice streaming from my hole

into  the can below and shreds of nylon stockings hanging from my legs.

I  know  it  sounds  nearly  unbelievable,  but  I began having another

orgasm  even before Master began using the cane on me.  But as powerful

as  the  orgasms  were  they still did not begin to satisfy this aching

that  I  felt in my cunt.  As the waves of passion swept over me in the

orgasms  that  I  experienced  that afternoon I felt an emptiness in my

hole  which,  if  it could have been filled, would have taken me higher

than I have ever been before.

     As  Master approached me with the cane I began grunting, trying to

beg  for something to fill me, but unable to form the words, due to the

pain  and  the  passion  interspersed  within  me.  I grunted the word,

"cock",  over  and  over,  but  was aware that it was too garbled to be


     Master  began  at  my  feet  again,  hitting me with the cane with

short,  swift  strokes  that  set  my skin on fire.  This time he moved

quickly  up  my  body  and I began to long for it on my nipples, but he

never  touched  me  there and moved quickly back down to my legs again.

Up  and  down  my  body  he  moved, caning me, using me, making me more

submissive  than  I  ever  believed  that I could be.  The orgasms were

coming  almost continuously now, sweeping over me one after another.  I

needed  something  in  my  hole so much, and I tried to move both of my

hands  to my belly to touch myself there, but was too weak to even move

my fingers.

     The  cane  was  moving  up  my  legs  once  again,  and I suddenly

realized  that  perhaps  he  would  use  it  on  my  cunt!   I trembled

violently  with  that  realization,  filled  with  fear,  but even more

tremendously  with a need to feel that very thing.  He was striking the

insides  of  my  thighs  now  and moving higher and higher.  I couldn't

make  the  words  come,  but in my mind I was screaming at him: Higher!

Pleaaaaaaaaase  Master!!!  Cane my slut cunt, Master!!! Hit my pussy!!!

Beat  my  fuck  hole!!!   Hurt your slut, Master!!!  Whip my my hungry,

empty, cock-loving, juice dripping hole!!!!! Now!!!!

     When  the  thin  cane did in fact strike my cunt it hit both of my

cunt  lips,  my  clit,  and my asshole all at once.  My body was filled

with  a jolt of pain and pleasure that made me go rigid with such force

that,  as  Master later told me, it knocked the cane from his hand.  He

retrieved  it  quickly  and  swung  it  immediately  at  my cunt again,

continuing  to  strike me there over and over as spasms wracked by body

and as one long scream escaped my lips.

     I  passed  out then and hours later when I finally came to I found

myself  still  suspended  from  the rings in the basement room.  Master

had  waited patiently for me in the leather chair, and when he saw that

I  had  awakened,  gently  took  me down from by spread-eagled position

above  the  floor  and lay me on the mattress.  My body ached with pain

from  the  whippings  and beatings, but there was a calm and a sense of

fulfilment  that  I  hardly  know  how to describe that accompanied the

pain and which made it totally acceptable to me.

     He  lay  beside me on the mattress, holding my hand and telling me

how  precious I was to him and how much he loved me as he allowed me to

recover  from  the  ordeal  which  I had experienced.  After quite some

time  he  asked  me to sit, and I struggled to a sitting position, very

much  aware  of the pain that I still felt in my ass-cheeks and even in

the lips of my cunt.

     Reaching  beside  him on the floor, Master took the coffee can and

showed  it to me.  It was full to the brim with cunt juice that had run

from my pussy while I had been suspended in the rings.

     "There  was  more,  Julia.   The  can  overflowed  and  your juice

streamed  out  onto  the  carpet.   Look  at the stain where it spilled


     I  looked over to the spot where the can had been placed and saw a

dark  stain  on  the  carpet which was approximately three feet wide in

one  direction  and  at  least two feet wide in the other direction.  I

shuddered at the submissiveness that such a sight indicated.

     "It  took  more than just the discipline to create the opportunity

for  such an out-pouring of fuck, Julia.  Every experience that you had

today  was planned to bring us to this very moment.  It was no accident

that  you  "ran  into"  Pat  in  the  grocery store.  I had told her to

expect  you and had told her what to do when she saw you.  Jeff did not

just  call  on  his  own, but called at my request, and was prompted to

say  exactly  what  he  said  to  you.   Enrico came to you just at the

moment  that  I  had  instructed him to, and fed you his fuck just as I

had  asked  him to do.  Pat rang the doorbell and fisted you, just as I

had  planned  for  her to do.  As my slave slut you are entitled to the

most  erotic  encounters  that any woman could ever hope to experience,

and  it  is  a  joy  for  me to provide them for you.  Drink the juice,


     Shaking  my  head  slowly in amazement, I turned the coffee can up

carefully  and  drank  my  own  fuck juice as I stared into my Master's

eyes.   It  took  a long time to drink it all, but in spite of the fact

that  it  is embarrassing for me to admit it, I loved every drop of it,

and  can  only hope that my Master will allow me to drink it again very

soon.  Perhaps I will suggest that he get a bigger can.


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