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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade54.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Julia's Begging, Part Five

                            More From Julia

     The  second  stud on the tape was a really handsome guy too, but I

was  anxious  to see what the movie with the women in it was like, so I

replaced  the  tape with all the cocks with it and settled back down in

the chair to rub my hard clit some more.

     It  took a moment or two for the action to really get started, but

when  it did, was it ever hot!  The first actress to appear in the film

was  a  very  pretty blonde with the shapliest ass I've ever seen.  Her

tits  were  also very nice, but her ass really made me want to lick it.

She  was  walking  around  her  kitchen doing chores in a flimsy little

nightgown that was opened in front.

     After  a  bit a friend of hers came by very upset with her husband

about  something.   Her  friend was a dark haired brunette, with a body

not  quite  as shapely as the blondes.  She had very pretty legs though

and  as I later learned was extremely hot.  After a bit of conversation

they  started  holding  each  other  and  before  you could say "snappy

pussy"  the  brunette  was naked and the blonde was eating her out like

crazy.   Little  by little she kept working fingers into the girls cunt

while  she  licked  at  her clit until before I knew what was happening

the  blonde  had  four  fingers  in her and was fucking her like crazy.

The  brunette  was  begging for her fist and  hunching her hips up into

the air like the sluttiest cunt that ever walked.

     My  hand  was  going  wild on my own clit as I watched the two bi-

sluts  going  at  it  when the phone rang.  I expected it to be Master,

telling  me where he was, but it was the lady I ran into in the grocery

store earlier.

     "I  hope  you  don't  mind me calling", she said appologeticly, "I

just  had  to  get  in touch with you.  I've been sooooo hot ever since

bumping into you earlier, and the clerk told me your name."

     "No,  its quite alright...I've been pretty hot myself", I admitted


     "I  could  see your cunt lips, you know", she said.  "And you were

glistening  even then.  And all those cucumbers and the vaseline!  Have

you used them yet?"

     I  was  getting  more  and  more turned on as she talked about our

encounter.   The  fist-fucking on the screen was doing its part in that

respect as well.

     "No,  I've  not gotten around to that yet...listen...why don't you

come  over.   My  Master  is not here at the moment, and I'm watching a

movie I think you might like."

     "Your  master?   Oh  my!   Sure!  I can't wait.  Tell me where you


     I  panted out the directions for her and was pleased when she said

it  would  take her less than ten minutes to get to me.  I just hoped I

could hold out that long.

     Time  flies  when  you're  having  fun,  I  guess, because in what

seemed  like  only moments the door bell was ringing.  I peaked out the

window  ahead  of  time and when I saw it was her I opened the door, my

fingers  still  rubbing  my rock hard clitoris.  The moans of the women

in the movie were easy for her to hear.

     Closing the door behind her, she took me in her arms immediately.

     "I'm  Pat",  she said, and it was only then that I realized what a

stranger she still was to me.

     "I'm  Julia...Gawd,  kiss me!!", I moaned, pouring myself into her

arms.   She kissed me deeply on my mouth and ran her hands over my bare

ass  as  she  pulled  my  body close to hers.  I could feel the garters

through  her  dress  pushing against my naked thighs.  Wrapping my arms

around  her  waist  and  lifting  her  dress  with eager hands I backed

toward the living room drawing her with me.

     "Do  me  just  like  the girl in the movie...please!!", I breathed


     She  broke  our  kiss and looked over my shoulder at the screen as

her  fingers  spread  open  my  ass  cheeks.  "You want me to fist you,


     "Ummmmm, yessssss!!!!  I do want that!! Please fist me!"

     "Lay  down  then,  just like she is.  And spread your legs for me.

I'd  love  to  fist you!"  She slipped the dress over her head as I lay

on  the  floor,  removing  my  halter  top  in  the  process.   She had

beautiful  cone  shaped breasts with dark aureola and pert nipples that

seemed  to  be  growing harder even as I looked at them.  The very sexy

pink  garter  belt framed a beautiful pussy, completely rid of any hair

and practically begging to be sucked.

     She  knelt  between  my legs and licked her long wet tongue up and

down  my  slit.   She  immediately began inserting fingers into my cunt

and  asshole  as she licked at my slit, and the built up passion inside

me  began  rising  steadily.   I pulled at my nipples with one hand and

played  with  her  hair  with  the  other  as  she worked more and more

fingers into me.

     "Yessss!!!   Give  me more!! Put another one in!", I begged hotly.

The  room  was  filled  with  grunts  and  moans  from  women  deep  in

animalistic  heat, and her lips locked around my rigid clit as she slid

the fourth finger into my cunt and the second one into my ass.

     "Ummmmmmmmm!!!  Give  me your thumb too, Pat! Please put the whole

hand  in  me!!"   My  hips  were bucking fiercely now as she fucked her

fingers  in  and  out  of my holes.  She began turning slowly around in

order  to  move  her bottom over my head, and twisted her fingers in my

holes  as she did so.  I could smell the damp muskiness of her cunt and

could  see  the  moisture  that had formed between her bare lips as she

lowered  her  fuck  hole to my face.  I had never licked a shaved pussy

before,  and  I  loved  it!!  She was so soft and smooth there, and the

lips  opened  easily  at  the slightest pressure from my tongue.  In no

time  I  was  fucking  her  with my tongue and kissing her lips with my

mouth as she hunched my head.

     I  felt  the  thumb  pressing at the bottom of my clit and knew it

would  only  be  a  matter  of  time  before I had her whole hand in my

hole.   I  hunched  harder  to encourage her and moaned deeply into her

wet  slit.   She  grew  hotter  and  hotter and began to grind her hips

against me as she worked more and more of the thumb inside me.

     The  blonde in the movie was now calling the brunette all kinds of

nasty  things  and talking to her about how it turned her on to see her

wrist  sticking  out  of  her cunt.  The conversation turned us both on

even  more  and I felt Pat begin to push hard against my cunt trying to

get  her fist inside.  I pressed back.  I knew I was wet enough to take

anything,  and  her  hands had looked smaller than Karen's and Eileens,

although  not quite as small as Laura's.  I remember fondly that it had

taken  Karen nearly 45 minutes to get her whole hand inside, but what a

feeling once it was there!

     Suddenly  Pat  made one strong lunge with her arm and I could feel

my  cunt  stretching  wide to make room for her hand to enter.  When it

did  it made a loud popping sound as the air flowed around her hand and

the lips snapped back around her slim wrist.

     "Gawwwwd!!!"  I moaned into her dripping fuck hole.  She continued

pushing  her  hand  further and further up inside me until I could feel

her  fingers  pressing  at my cervix.  I began to rotate my hips hotly,

beside  myself  with  passion,  fucking  myself  on  her arm.  Her hand

opened  and  closed  deep in my cunt, caressing the walls of my hot pit

as  she  did so.  My right hand moved to her ass and I quickly slid one

finger  deep in her ass.  That was just enough to make her climax begin

and  she  fucked her pussy against my face wantonly and shoved her fist

back and forth inside my fuck hole.

     I  heard  the  door  open,  but was too lost in the passion of the

moment  to  care  who it was.  If it was Enrico I figured he would fuck

Pat  while  she  fisted  me  and  that  I'd get to lick his balls, so I

didn't care.

     When  he  knelt beside me and pulled my mouth away from Pat's cunt

to  kiss  me,  I  knew  it  was  Master.   I felt a bolt of fear course

through  my  body  along with the orgasm that was beginning deep within

me,  partly because of the surprise of his being home and partly due to

his comments before the kiss.

     "I  see  you  have  a fist in your cunt, Julia.  I can't leave you

alone  for  even  a  moment, can I, my little slut?"  He kissed me deep

then,  his  tongue  searching for every drop of the fuck juice that Pat

had  spilled  into  my mouth.  I screamed into his mouth as the peak of

my  orgasm hit me and as Pat sucked hard on my clit and worked her hand

opened  and  closed  inside  me.  Master continued to kiss me until the

passion  finally  ebbed,  and when he broke the kiss he held my face in

his  hand  roughly,  told me to get my bi-slut friend out of the house,

and walked away.

     I  apologized  to  Pat  for  having  to  ask her to leave, but she

seemed to understand.

     "It's  ok,  Julia.  Thanks for letting me come by.  I think you're

very  lucky  to  have  a Master.  I hope I can meet him some other time

and make up to him for this.  Call me sometime!"

     I  lay  there  panting  until  she closed the door behind her.  My

heart  was  beating  ninety  miles an hour, partly from the strength of

the  orgasm  and  partly  from  the  way  Master  had  spoken  to me so

roughly.   Slowly I got up and took the tape out of the vcr and went to

look for Master.  I found him in the bedroom.

     "Did  I  tell  you  to  bring  home  a  whore,  Julia?"  he  asked

immediately upon my entering the room.

     "No  master.  She called.  I ran into her in the grocery store", I

answered meekly.

     "Tell  me  exactly  what  has  happened  since I last saw you this

morning", he commanded.

     I  told  him  everything,  leaving out only the call from Jeff and

the  mouth  fucking  by  Enrico.   No point in making him any madder, I


     "How  do  you  explain the cum that I noticed in your mouth when I

kissed you, Julia?"

     Damn!  I  thought  to  myself.  How could he tell that?  "Errr...I

don't  know  Master,  unless  Pat  had  just been fucked by someone.  I

guess that must have been it."

     "You  didn't  let  our  gardener  fuck  your  mouth?",  he  asked,


     "Master!!    I  wouldn't have....but you see...well, what happened


     "I  know  what  happened,  you  dirty  little  tramp.  Enrico just

walked  in  the house and spilled his fuck into your mouth.  Thats what

happened.   Go  put  on  some black stockings and the black garter belt

and  a  pair of black high heels and meet me in the basement.  You have

quite an afternoon ahead of you, I'm afraid."

     I  was shaking visibly.  Master is very fair with me and allows me

to  fuck  mostly  anyone I want to fuck.  But he doesn't take kindly to

me  either eating pussy that he doesn't ok first or especially to being

with  a  man without his prior approval.  To have let the gardener fuck

my  mouth  was  something  I  knew  I  was going to pay for and pay for


     Having  donned the stockings and heels that he had demanded I wear

I  walked  down  the basement steps with shaky legs.  I hated this room

he  had  made  in  the  basement.  He called it his discipline room.  I

called it a torture chamber.


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