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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade53.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Julia's Begging, Part Four

                            More From Julia

     The  house was quiet when I walked in.  I sat the bags down on the

kitchen  table  and  called  to Master.  When I didn't get a response I

went  ahead and unloaded the bags and laid the items out on the kitchen

table.   What  an  assortment of things he had made me buy.  I couldn't

wait to watch one of the movies!

     I  looked  all  over  the  house for Master, but couldn't find him

anywhere.   Gawd,  I  needed  for  him to be there when I got home.  My

pussy  had been running with juice the whole time I'd been gone and now

I needed fucking more than anything!  Where was he, anyway?

     I  took  the  video  with all the cocks in it into the living room

and  stuck  it in the vcr.  Might as well enjoy my solitude, I figured.

Maybe I'd have time to come at least once before he came back.

     The  movie  opened  with seperate frames of six different guys all

stroking  their  dicks.   Not  a  single  one  of them was under 8 or 9

inches,  I  swear it!  I stood before the tv, frozen in my tracks, as I

watched  the  huge  cocks  and the handsome men stroking them.  My hand

slid  between  my  legs  and  I slid a finger alongside the soaking wet

bikini  bottom,  letting  it push against my hard clit.  My thighs were

soaked  with  cunt  juice and I could smell myself strongly as I rubbed

my  clit  and  stared at the men on the screen.  Slowly I backed toward

the chair, never taking my eyes from the screen.

     The  movie  began  to  focus  on each man individually now and the

first  up  was a young Italian man with olive skin and neatly cut hair.

He  was  dancing  sexily  in  a very tight g-string and I could see the

outline  of his huge cock easily.  As I continued to watch he playfully

teased  me  with  the g-string and his dancing, pulling the fabric down

to  expose  part  of  his  cock  before  covering  it back up again and

turning  around to shake his ass-cheeks in my face.  Finally he stopped

with his back to me and bending over with his legs spread pulled the g-

string  down  his  legs.   His  cock and balls hung beautifully in that

opening  between  his  thighs  and I immediately stuck two more fingers

into my cunt.

     When  the  Italian  stud  turned back around he began cradling his

balls  with his right hand as he continued dancing, his still soft cock

bouncing  with  the  movements of his hips.  His balls were huge!  They

were  nearly  the  size  of  tennis  balls, and still were proportional

thanks  to  the  size of his beautiful cock.  As the music continued he

dropped  to  his  knees  and began sliding his hand up and down the big

shaft.   I  watched  with  wide  eyes and busy fingers as his cock grew

hard,  its  dark  skin  stretching  as  his  fuck  meat  thickened  and


     "Gawwd,  this  stud  is jerking off for me!!", I said hotly to the

empty  room.   I was soooo hot I could hardly think straight.  I pulled

at  the  bikini   bottoms  with my left hand as I kept my eyes glued to

the  screen,  managing  somehow  in  the  heat  of my finger-fucking to

remove  them.   My  fingers  were flying now as the handsome man jerked

his tool for me.  Just then the phone rang.

     Luckily  the  phone  was on the table next to my chair and I could

reach  it  with  my  left  hand.  Trying hard to make my voice deny the

passion that was coursing through my body I answered it.

     "Julia,  this  is  Jeff.  I think you remember me from last night.

Are  you  alone?", the soft voice asked.  It was one of the two men who

had gotten me started the night before.

     "Oh,  Hi  Jeff!   Yes,  I  am  alone.  How are you?", I managed to

reply,  still  working  my fingers in and out of my dripping fuck hole,

my eyes still glued to the screen.

     "Fine  thanks.   You  were  so hot last night!  I just had to call

this  morning  and  talk to you again.  Hearing your voice is making me

hot  all  over  again.  In fact I'm stroking myself as we talk.  Do you


     Oh  Gawd,  I thought to myself.  It was enough to have this man in

front  of me jerking off, but to have one of the studs I had fucked the

night  before  jerking  off while he talked to me on the phone was more

than  I  had  bargained  for.   Still, I found my body trembling at the

sound of Jeff's voice and the description of what he was doing.

     "You  are?   Really?    Ummmm,  I remember your dick, Jeff.  Is it

big and hard?", I asked hotly.

     "Its  soooo big and hard, Julia.  I'm thinking about your cunt and

how  wet  it  was every time I fucked it.  You never got dry for even a

moment  and  you just fucked and fucked.   You were so wonderful!"  His

voice  was  so  soft  and sensuous.  He was very excited judging by the

trembling quality of his speech.

     The  Italian  guy  on  the  screen was now using both hands on his

dick,  one  over  the  top  of  the  other,  much like he was holding a

baseball  bat.   There was still several inches showing between the tip

of its head and his upper hand.  What a cock!

     "I  love  cocks, Jeff.  I love to suck them and fuck them.  I need

cocks so much sometimes!!", I moaned.

     "You're  a  slut, aren't you, Julia?", he barely breathed into the


     "Yesssss,  Gawd  YES!!   I  am  a  slut Jeff.  A cock hungry slut.

Just a hole for dicks!!"

     Jeff  was  grunting  now,  deep  into his own masturbation.  I was

flying,  going  out  of  my  mind  with  passion from the events of the

morning.   I  was so turned on that I was almost afraid to come, afraid

of the intensity that might accompany my orgasm.

     The  door-bell  rang and interrupted my passion, but only for just

a  moment.   Whoever  it  was could go away, I was in no shape to go to

the  door.   Jeff was talking dirtily to me now, breathing obscentities

to  me  over the receiver, his voice thick and whispery with passion as

he jerked his cock.  The door-bell sounded once more.

     Fuck  you!   Go Away!!! I thought to myself.  What a terrible time

to  be  having  company!   No  way that I was getting up.  Look at that

Italian  stud's dick!!  It looks like its at least ten inches long now,

and I think he's about to shoot!!

     "My  balls  are  full  of  cum, you whore", breathed Jeff into the


     I  heard  the  front  door  open, and my mind clouded with passion

assumed  it  to  be  Master.   I  wasn't sure how he would react to the

scene  he  would find, but I was too far gone now to stop, that was for

sure.   Suddenly  I was aware that it wasn't Master at all, but Enrico,

Master's  gardener.   He was standing in the doorway leaning up against

the  door  frame  with  his  arms  crossed  over  his  shirtless chest,

grinning at me widely.

     "What  do  YOU  want??", I asked with irritation, still too hot to

stop my fingering.

     "I  want  my  cock  in your not little ass!!", Jeff responded over

the phone, assuming my remark to be for him.

     "No!  Not....oh, please don't fuck my ass, Jeff!"  I caught myself

in  the  middle  of  my  surprise  at Jeff thinking the comment was for

him.   Enrico  glanced over at the tv as he chuckled at the words I had

spoken into the phone.  What a mess I was in!

     Cockily,  Enrico  began unzipping the tight jeans that covered his

muscular  lower  body  and  took  his  dick  out of his pants and began

stroking it as he watched me fingering my hole.

     "How  about  a  real  dick,  lady?", he whispered across the room.

"You sure look like you need one!"  He began walking toward me.

     "Your  asshole  took  plenty  of dicks last night, Julia...and I'm

going  to  fill it with my spunk now!", Jeff said roughly, obviously on

the verge of his orgasm.

     I  opened  my  mouth  to reply to him and found it filled with the

head  of  the  Puerto Rican gardener's cock as he pulled my head to the

side  and shoved his hips toward me roughly.  When he had slid the full

length  of his meat into me he reached between my legs and pressed hard

against  my  fucking fingers with his own, trying roughly to shove some

of  them  inside me as well.  Jeff was now mouthing a continuous stream

of obscenities to me over the phone.

     "Whore,  Slut,  Fuck Hole, drippy little cunt, spread opened gang-

banger,  Cum-lover,  Cum-crazy-pussy,  cheap fuck, ball-buster, fuck me

Julia, take every drop of my cum!!!"

     Out  of  the  corner  of  my eye I could see the Italian on the tv

screen  beginning  to  shoot huge streams of thick cum from his monster

dick.   They  had  slowed  the  camera  now  so  that  each  stream was

highlighted  in  slow motion.  Enrico slid two of his fingers inside my

cunt  as  his  hips  jerked  franticly  and his own load of sperm began

spilling  into  my  mouth.  Jeff was grunting loudly now and telling me

that he was filling my ass with cum.

     When  my  own  orgasm  hit  me  my  hips  bucked  up off the chair

involuntairly  with  such force that even Enrico was taken by surprise.

His  still spewing cock inadvertently got pulled from the tight grip of

my  lips  and  began  to shoot cum over my face.  He pulled up with the

hand  he  had  at  my  crotch  and  held my ass up off the chair by his

fingers  as  the  tremendous  orgasm  poured  through  my super-excited

body.   I tried hard to catch his spunk with my tongue as it poured out

of  his  dick  and  thrust my hips hard against the two hands that were

fucking it.  Gawwwd, what a come!

     When  it  was  finally  over I realized that Jeff was no longer on

the  phone, and I hung up the receiver.  Enrico was still smiling at me

and  began  wiping  the head of his cock in my hair, like he might wipe

his  feet off in the grass.  When he had cleaned it to his satisfaction

he took his fingers from my hole and dropped me back onto the chair.

     "Hope  you  liked  my  cum lady.  Give me a call if you get hungry

again!", he said sneering as he turned and walked back out the door.

     With  the room suddenly quiet, I fell limp in the chair and closed

my  eyes  for  a  moment to try to recover from what had just happened.

Damn,  a  dirty movie, an obscene phone call and a mouth fucking from a

gardener all at the same time!  And Master wasn't even home yet.

     Shaking  my  head from side to side in stunned amazement, I opened

my  eyes  only  to  find the next stud in the movie beginning to do his

thing  on the screen.  Automatically my hand moved back between my weak

legs  and  I  began  rubbing my clit once more.  I knew I should get up

and  try  to  prepare  for Master's return.  But it would have to wait.

It would just have to wait.


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