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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade52.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Julia's Begging, Part Three

                            More From Julia

     I  realized  that  there  was no point in arguing with Master, and

that  I also would have to do exactly as he had instructed me to do.  I

was  in enough trouble already, I surely didn't need more.  By the time

I  opened the door of the car the little white bikini bottom was soaked

with  my  juice,  simply  from  the anticipation of what I was about to

do.   Master  liked  my car and the leather seats and enjoyed making me

wet  before  I  sat on them.  The leather was much slower to soak up my

cunt  juice  than  fabric seats would have been, and it was much slower

about  releasing  the fragrance that accompanied the copious quantities

of  fuck  that  oozed  from  my  hole.   Once  after  we  had  taken an

especially  long  drive  together  and  he  had fingered me to numerous

orgasms  he  made  me take the car to a mechanic with a complaint about

the  dashboard coming loose.  I think he may have even loosened some of

the  bolts or something, but he mainly just wanted the mechanic to work

inside  the  car  for  a  while  and smell the cunt juice that had been

soaked  up  by  the  seats.  I know he smelled it, I could see his cock

hard inside his work pants.

     I  went  to  the  adult book and movie store first.  Might as well

get  the worst part over first, I figured.  In a way it wasn't quite as

bad  as I had thought it might be.  It was Monday morning afterall, and

the  store wasn't exactly running over with people.  Master had told me

to  get  a  movie which he said was actually made mostly for homosexual

men,  but  that  I would enjoyl.  He said it was mostly men showing off

their  dicks  and  that  there  wasn't any homsexual activity in it per

se.   He  also  had me get a tape that showed women making it with each

other  and  a  tape  about  a  blonde  that loves black cocks.  I'm not

blonde,  but  Karen  is.   Thats the only part of the tape that doesn't

fit  me, at least some of the time.  When Master has me really wound up

there isn't a dick in the world that I don't love.

     The  magazines were along the same theme, and the one with all men

in  it  really  did get me going.  I thumbed through it, looking at the

huge  dicks  they  guys  were  displaying with understandable pride and

found  my  cunt  leaking  more and more juice.  I had just reached down

between  them  to wipe at a stream of cunt juice that was going down my

thigh  when  I  noticed  the  man at the counter watching me with a big

smile.   I  gathered  up  the magazines and movies and laid them on the


     "We  use  some girls around here on Friday nights, lady", the dark

haired  man  said.   "Pays  pretty good for the amount of real work you

have  to  do.   The  guys  pay $50 for a hand job and most of the girls

make  over $500 just doing them.  Of course a fox like you could easily

make  a  thousand  or  more  if  you like cocks as much as you seem to.

Blow jobs get you 75 and for a fuck you get a hundred."

     I  took  my  change  and hurried out of the store without making a

reply.   It  had turned me on to be thought of as a whore by the man at

the  counter,  but  at the same time it had been terribly embarrassing.

I  knew  it  wasn't only my interest in the magazines that had made him

think  of  me  in  that  way,  but  that  it was also the clothes I was

wearing  and  what  he  had seen me doing.  When I sat back down on the

leather  seats  the juice that had accumulated as the man had talked to

me  of  hand  jobs,  blow  jobs  and fucking all ran out and puddled up

under my ass.

     I  went  to  the  grocery  store  next.   At  least  it  was  air-

conditioned.   Maybe  I  would  cool off a little in there.  As I stood

looking  at the display of cucumbers I realize how futile it was for me

to  expect  to  calm down any.  I knew that Master was going to fuck me

with  whatever  I  selected,  and  that  knowledge forced me to look at

every  single  one  of them as a sexual item.  I felt the juice running

once  more  and  hurriedly  picked  up a couple of the largest ones and

moved  toward  the health and beauty aids section.  Grabbing up a large

jar  of  vaseline I moved toward the checkout only to bump into a woman

turning  the  corner.   The  cucumbers and vaseline went flying and she

stooped to help me pick them up, apologizing profusely.

     She  was  an attractive woman, perhaps a year or two older than I,

but  very  expensively  dressed.   When she knelt to help me pick up my

items  her  legs  spread  slightly and I could see under her dress with

ease.   She  wore very expensive silk stockings which were held up by a

garter  belt.   She also, very obviously, wore no panties.  As I stared

at  her  bare  pussy  I  was struck by the fact that she had completely

shaved  it.   When  I caught myself and looked up into her eyes she was

staring  at  my  crotch.  A quick glance at myself told me that she saw

quite  a  different  view  than did I.  My bikini bottom was completely

soaked  with  juice  to  the  point that it was a darker color than the

surrounding  fabric.  It had also pulled itself up into me so that only

a  thin  strand  of  it  was visible.  My cunt lips and pubic hair were

plainly visible to her as she stared at me.

     I  felt  frozen  in place.  I didn't know whether to apologize, or

to  just  get up and leave, or whether to let my gaze move back between

her  legs  once  again.   She  was beautiful, and I would have loved to

have  just  laid her on her back and buried my face in her crotch right

there.   I  think  she  must  have  felt the same, because she was also

frozen, her eyes glued to my cunt lips.

     Slowly  we both regained some of our composure and stood.  "Do you

shop here regularly?", she asked.

     "Whenever  my Mas....well, yes, usually I do", I stammered.  "From

now on I will at least."

     "Good,  I'll  be  looking for you.  I live nearby and have lots of

time to myself.  I could use some company.  Whats your name?"

     "Julia", I said.  "Hope to see you soon."

     It  wasn't  much  of a response, but it was all I had the strength

to  muster at the moment.  I was really leaking juice now, and I didn't

even  bother  to  take  time to pull the bikini out of my cunt.  I just

hurried  to  the checkout counter and laid the big, thick, cucumbers on

the counter with the jar of vaseline.

     "Good  morning!", smiled the young man.  He was quite a hunk.  I'd

noticed  him  the  very  first  time  I'd seen him in the store and had

hoped  that he would somehow make friends with my Master.  At that time

he  was  not an employee of the store, and it had pleased me to see him

working  there.   I  told Master about him and he made me finger myself

while  I  fantasized about fucking him.  I came really nicely that time

and the many other times that I had thought about him since.

     He  stared  at  my  breasts  openly  to  the point that I couldn't

resist  looking down at them.  My nipples, excited by the experience in

the  book  store  and  with  the attractive lady I had bumped into, had

grown  extremely  hard  and were poking through the halter top as I had

never  seen  them  do before.  Before I took my eyes off of them I also

realized  that  not  only  were  the  nipples visible but that the dark

aureola  that  surrounded  them  was  also  quite  easy to see.  I felt

another  rivulet of cunt juice begin to run down the inside of my right


     "Hello  there!", I said.  I said it with a bit too much excitement

in  my voice, actually.  I'm not usually quite that friendly.  But this

wasn't a "usual" day by any means.

     "I  see  you have a little different idea of the perfect breakfast

than  some  of  our  other  morning  customers", he said with a leering


     Embarrassed  by  his  acknoledgement  of  the  unusualness  of  my

purchase  I  blushed  and  tried to explain.  "Just getting some things

that  my  Mast...that we needed at home real badly.  I don't usually go

out like this."

     "Yes,  I  can  see  that  you  do  need them", he said with a wide

grin.   "That  will  be  $4.32.  Be sure to come back whenever you need

something.  Especially when you need it as badly as you need these."

     Taking  my change from him and feeling his finger graze the inside

of  my  hand  in  a  suggestive manner, I blushed once again and turned

quickly to walk away.

     "Miss...wait!  forgot your cucumbers and your vaseline!", he

called out loudly to me.

     I  glanced  around and saw the eyes of three other customers on me

as I walked back to take the bag from the hunk.

     "By  the  way...I sure do like that outfit!", he said as he handed

the bag to me.

     This  time  I  could  see  the  still shiny cunt juice on the dark

leather  before  I sat down.  Needless to say there was more there only

a short time after sitting down once again.

     I  was relieved to at least have two of the most difficult moments

over  with,  but  stopping  by to see Karen wasn't going to be all that

easy  either.   Especially  not  after  staring  at  a  shave cunt only

moments before.

     She  was home, and of course invited me in.  She smiled broadly at

my  outfit  and  even  more  broadly when I told her the purpose for my


     "Master  wants  to  fuck you really good today, huh sweetie?", she

said  with  a  giggle.   "I  can't  blame him, you're one fine piece of


     She  opened  her  robe  when  she  said  that  and stood before me

completely  nude.   Karen  was  younger  than me and looked it, but her

experience  with sexual things was far greater than mine.  She had been

a  hooker  on  the east side before Master had found her and had helped

to  get  her  a  better  job.   She  had repaid him by being one of his

sluts.   I  couldn't  count  the  number  of times that I had eaten her

pussy,  and  even  now  as  I  stared  at her naked body I found myself

wanting  very  much  to  kneel in front of her and stick my tongue into

her slit.

     No  one had to tell her that I wanted to lick her, she knew me too

well.   And  I  know she could smell me and could see the juice running

down  my  leg  again.   She reached out for me and I was prepared to be

pushed  to  my  knees, but she merely pulled my face to hers and kissed

me  deeply  on  the  mouth,  her  tongue  running  along  mine  in that

marvelous  way  she  had.   I guess she also knew Master very well too,

because  after  she  had  fucked  my  mouth with her tongue for several

minutes  and  rubbed  her perfect tits against my chest she released me

and turned to get the vibrator for me.

     "Now  darlin, I don't remember you ever being fucked with anything

this  big before.  Lemme tell ya, you gotta be careful what you let him

do  to you with this thing.  Your little fuck hole might take the whole

thing,  but  your  ass will never take it, its just too damn thick.  So

if  Master tries to bunghole you with it you stop him somehow.  Promise

to  do  whatever  you have to do, but don't let him fuck you in the ass

with  it.   He  fucked  me in the ass with it and I had to have sixteen

stitches.   Worse  than  that  I  can  only come now when I think about

having  that  big  thing  up  my  ass.   Now, you hurry on home to papa

before  he  decides  to  fuck  you  in the rear with this monster first

thing!   We'll  get  together  sometime  soon  and  have  some  fun,  I


     I  thanked  Karen  and  took  the  huge  dildo and left.  I really

hadn't  remember  it  being that big.  It was a good 14 inches long and

far  too  big for me to get both hands around at its thickest point.  I

was  more  than  just  excited now, I was really afraid.  I didn't know

what  Master  had  in  mind  for me, but he had fucked Karen in the ass

with  this  monster, and I didn't know what he might try to do with me.

I  found myself beginning to tremble as I glanced over at the monstrous

plastic cock laying on the seat beside me.

     Turning  off the engine I gathered up the items Master had sent me

to  get.  What a slut I was to call my employer and miss work so that I

could  go  around  town dressed like a whore to get things for a Master

to  use  me with!  Still I knew that what really made me a slut was how

hungry  I  had  been  to be made to do it all and how hungry I was even

now to be disciplined even more by my Master.  Gawd, I needed it so!!


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