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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade51.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Julia's Begging, Part Two

                           A Note From Julia

     After  reading  "Julia's Begging", I felt that it might be helpful

for  me  to  add a postscript to the story.  Otherwise the reader might

get  the  impression  that  I am allowed to do whatever I like sexually

without first clearing it with my Master, which is FAR from the truth.

     I  purposely  was  friendly to the two young guys at the party for

two  reasons.  The first, and most important one to me at the time, was

that  they  were  making  my pussy drip.  The second reason was that it

had  been nearly four weeks since my Master had disciplined me.  I knew

that  he  would  feel  the need to "show me the error of my ways" after

coming  on  to the two guys at the party, and I needed it so much.  The

fact  that my Master let me get gang-banged too was just an added treat

that  I  really didn't expect, my main hope was that he would punish me

for being such a brazen slut.

     It  was a wonderful night.  I loved the teasing and the performing

that  my  Master  let me do with Jeff and Randy, and when things really

got  going I tasted more cum than I have ever tasted in one night in my


     The  very  best part about the whole affair was the following day,

however.   I  knew  that  my  Master  would not be nearly as calm about

everything  as  he  had  seemed to be the night before.  I always pay a

price for doing sexually related things that I'm not instructed to do.

     Awaking  before  he  did, I decided to try to get on his good side

before  he  began  thinking  about  my  sluttish  behavior of the night

before.   He  was  laying  on his side nude in the bed beside me, still

asleep.   I turned around with my head toward the bottom of the bed and

gently  pulled  his  asscheeks  apart  with my hands.  This exposed his

little  brown  pucker  to  me  and  I  began  to gently lick it with my

tongue.   I  do  have to admit that this was not only an attempt to get

on  his  good side, I also love licking and sucking his ass, as well as

the  asses  of  other  men  and  women.   It  makes  me feel especially

submissive, and I love that feeling.

     I  had mixed emotions about whether I wanted him to awaken soon or

not.   On  the one hand I wanted him to wake up and find me licking his

ass,  but on the other hand I was enjoying myself so much that I didn't

want  to  be  interrupted.   The more I licked the wetter my still sore

cunt  got,  until  finally  the juice was streaming from me and wetting

the  sheets  as it ran over my thigh.  I could smell it above the smell

of  my  Master's  ass, my senses filling with the strong and musky odor

that  all  slut's  learn to love.  (Well, my Master says they all learn

to love it...I only know that he was right about me...grin)

     Luckily  he  continued to sleep soundly while I licked at his ass,

in  spite  of  the  fact  that his cock grew hard and long.  I sure was

tempted  to  reach  around  and stroke it, or to move to the other side

and  take  its soft skin between my lips, but I'd have had to have left

his   asshole  to  have  done  that,  so  I  successfully  fought  that


     Finally  I  got  so  hot  and  was  feeling  so submissive from my

enjoyment  of  my  Master  that  I just had to spend some time touching

myself.   Afraid I might get carried away and wake him if I masturbated

in  the bed, I moved to the big burgundy leather chair next to the door

to  his  room  and draped my legs over the arms of the chair.  My juicy

little  fuck  hole  was dying to be probed, but I wanted to deny myself

just  a  bit  longer,  so  I  started playing with my nipples at first.

Master  is  so  good  at  denying me when he knows I need it.  I wish I

could  do  as good for myself, but I just can't.  I get so hungry to be

filled  sometimes  that  I  think  I'm  going to go out of my mind if I

don't get fucked.

     I  pinched  my  nipples  and pulled them out away from my tits.  I

love  it  when my nipples are pinched really hard, and I made sure that

I  dug  my  fingernails into them as I pulled and pinched them with all

my  might.   It made me sooooo hot!!  I remember once when Master and I

were  just  seeing  each  other  occasionally  when  I got carried away

hurting  my  nipples.  It was a day or two after I had been with Master

and  he had used some clothespins on my nipples.  I had come that night

like  I had never come before, and the clothespins had been responsible

for  alot  of  the  passion  I  had felt that night.  I didn't have any

clothespins  at  my house and the only thing I could find was a pair of

pointed-end  pliers  that  my ex husband had left in one of the kitchen

drawers.   I  trapped my left nipple between the jaws of the pliers and

fingered  my  hot little dick hugger with the other hand and just plain

got  lost  in  the  feelings.   The next day my poor nipple was so sore

that  I  couldn't  go to work, and I had to bandage it for several days

to  let  it  heal.   I've  been more careful since then, but I'll never

forget  how  good  it  felt.  Every time I see a pair of those pliers I

get wet just thinking about it.

     I  thought  about that while I played with my nipples there in the

chair  and soon couldn't keep my hand away from my cunt.  It felt soooo

good  to  finally  get something in my hole and I soon worked my way up

to  four  fingers.   I  probably would have tried the thumb too, but my

asshole  started feeling so empty that I shifted my concentration to it

for  a while.  Leaving my now hard and long nipples I ran my right hand

under  my  leg  and  ass  and began working my middle finger against my

anus.   I  could still smell my master's ass on my lips and tongue, and

it  made  me  hungry  for  the taste of my own, so as I fucked the four

fingers  of  my  left  hand  in and out of my cunt, I from time to time

moved  my  left  hand  to  my  face,  smelling  my ass on my finger and

licking  it off in between trips into that deep dark hole my Master had

taught me to appreciate so much.

     I  felt  so  sluttish  sitting  there  in  the  chair with my legs

splayed  open, fingering both of my holes!  I laid my head back against

the  soft  leather  of  the  chair  and fingered like crazy, working my

middle  finger  deeper  and  deeper  into  my  ass  as  the passion and

submissiveness  grew  within  me.  The deeper I worked that finger into

my  ass  the  deeper  I sucked it into my mouth to clean it, and it was

totally  inside  my mouth when I became aware that Master was no longer

asleep  but  was  lying  there  on  the  bed  watching me as the gently

stroked  his  huge  dick.   Terribly  embarrassed,  I quickly pulled my

finger  from  my  mouth.   I didn't know how long he had been watching,

but  I could only assume that he had seen it in my asshole before I had

so eagerly sucked it.  I felt like such a dirty slut!

     "Morning,  little  whore",  he  said  softly, continuing to stroke

himself.   "Don't  mind  me,  go ahead and put your finger back up your

ass  if  you  want.   Unless of course you were thinking about it being

one  of those dicks you had last night.  In that case you might want to

keep it in your mouth."

     I  was  too  hot  to  stop  by then, and his greeting only made me

hotter.   I  slid  my  wet  finger  back  into my asshole and continued

bucking  my  hips  up  and  down  as  he  stared  between my legs.  His

watching  me  was  just exactly what I needed to push me over the edge,

and  in  almost no time I was coming like crazy.  He talked to me while

I  was  coming, calling me a whore, and a slut and every dirty thing he

could think of.  It was wonderful!

     When  my  orgasm  had finally subsided I noticed that he was still

hard,  and  falling to my knees on the carpeted floor I crawled over to

the  bed  and  took  the head of his beautiful dick into my mouth.  His

hand  moved  to  my tits and began pulling at my nipples as he began to

fuck  my mouth.  I love the way he does it.  He never just slides it in

and  out  gingerly, as if he is afraid he might hurt me, but instead he

treats  my  mouth like just another fuck hole and fucks my face just as

he  does my cunt.  Usually he explodes in my throat, but this time just

as  he was about to shoot his load into me he pulled his cock out of my

mouth  and  made  me  hold  my tongue out for him to jerk off onto.  He

says  he  likes  to  see me trying to catch it all on my tongue, and he

must  like  it, because he often makes me do the same thing when I suck

off  other men for him.  He videotaped me doing it once with that black

guy...Jerry  was  his  name,  I think...and I must admit that it looked

very  sexy.   I  don't think we have that tape anymore; I think its the

one he sold to one of the guys in the fire department.

     After  I had eagerly swallowed all of his fuck and cleaned him up,

I  took  a  quick shower and began getting ready to go to work.  Master

stopped me.

     "Julia,  you'll  have  to  call Frank and tell him you won't be in

today.  He'll understand why, as usual."

     Frank  was  understanding,  thank goodness.  He was a friend of my

Master's  and  knew  all  about  our  sexual  relationship.  Anytime my

Master  disciplined  me  I'd  either  have  to  call  Frank  before the

discipline  or after it, to tell him I'd have to miss work again.  This

made  23  days  for  this year already, and it was only August.  So far

Frank  had  kept our little secret from the other workers, but I wasn't

sure how long we'd be able to hide it from them.

     I  had  a lump in my throat all through the telephone conversation

with  Frank.  Even though I'd been disciplined alot by my Master, I had

an  idea  that this time was going to be different.  I had wanted to be

disciplined,  but  still  I  had done alot more the night before than I

had  ever  done  in the past.  I wasn't sure just what I had let myself

in  for.   When  I  hung the phone up I just sat there quietly, waiting

for  Master  to  give  me  further instructions.  I didn't have to wait


     "You  know  why  I'm  keeping  you  out  of  work today, don't you

Julia?", he asked.

     "Yes,  Master.   Except,  you told me to fuck them.  I just wanted

to please you."

     "Yes,  I  did tell you to fuck them, Julia.  But I didn't tell you

to  snuggle up on the couch with them and expose yourself to them.  Nor

did  I  tell you to strike up a conversation with them about studs.  By

the  time  I  got  there  they  practically  had  their  hands  in your

panties.   For me to have stopped it then would have made you look even

worse than you did already.  I just let nature run its course."

     "But  make  me  fuck  so many men...didn't you enjoy

watching me do it last night?", I asked, beginning to get teary eyed.

     "Of  course I did, Julia.  You were wonderful!  And frankly, if we

could  do  the  whole  evening over again, I'd want it to work out just

like  it did.  But I'd also either make sure that I set the whole thing

up  for  you  or  else  I'd expect there to be discipline following the

evening,  just as there will be today.  Anyway, enough discussion about

it.   Do you want the discipline you deserve, or do you want me to stop

being your Master?"

     "Please  discipline  me, Master!  I know I need it, and I want it.

I really do want it!"

     I  did  want  it, and frankly all the pleading had been more half-

hearted  than  it  sounds  as I tell you about it now.  As I begged for

his  discipline,  I  realized once more that it had been these feelings

that  were  now  beginning  to wash over me that I had wanted even more

than the continuous fuckings that I had gotten the previous night.

     I'm  not  ashamed  to  admit  that.  Its just the way I am.  Oh, I

love  fucking  and  sucking,  I  can't deny that.  But any woman who is

even  fairly  attractive can get that, just about anytime she wants it.

I  needed  exactly what my Master could and would give me, and I needed

it  just exactly the way only he can give it to me.  I didn't need just

sex, and I didn't need just a master.  I needed Him.

     "When did you last trim your cunt hair, Julia?", my Master asked.

     "Its  been  a  while,  Master...I  think about three or four weeks


     "Get  the  white  bikini out and lets see how it looks on you", he


     I  knew  before  I  even  tried  it  on that it would never do.  I

almost  have  to  trim  my  pubic hair every day if I want to wear that

bathing  suit.   When  I  put the bottoms on there were strands of cunt

hair  sticking  out of both sides and some even stuck out over the top.

In  addition,  the hair behind the thin fabric was also fairly visible,

and  my  bush  made  the bathing suit bottom stick out in front.  But I

never  minded  trimming it for my Master, and I smiled and told him I'd

be  happy  to  solve  our  problem if he wanted me to wear the suit for

some reason.

     "Yes,  I  do  want  you to wear it.  But it won't be necessary for

you  to  trim  your  hair this time.  I like it just the way it is", he

said with a smile.

     "Yes,  Master",  I  said,  smiling  back.   He  knew I'd feel very

sluttish  with my cunt hair sticking out the sides and top.  He can see

me any way he wants anytime he wants.

     "Get  that  little  white tank top that you often wear with shorts

and  put it on.  The one that its so easy to see your nipples through",

he instructed.

     I  rummaged through the drawer until I found it and put it on.  He

was  right,  of  course,  my nipples were very evident through the thin

material.  I'd never wear it without a bra, unless he asked me to.

     "Nice,  Julia.  Now get the white high heels and put them on too",

he said.

     After  putting  on the white high heels I turned around slowly and

looked  at  myself  in  the  full length mirror.  I had to admit that I

looked  very  sexy  as  he  had dressed me.  It always thrilled me when

Master told me to model clothes for him.

     "Face  me  and  stand  with  your  legs  open  a foot or so apart,


     I  did  as he requested and looked into the mirror again.  With my

legs opened my need for a trim was very obvious, even in the mirror.

     "Now,  Julia,  I  want  you  to  do  a little shopping for me this

morning.   We'll  need  a  couple  of  x-rated  movies  and  some adult

magazines  that  you  can pick up at that shop on Elm street, and three

very  large  cucumbers  and  a jar of vaseline from the grocery on East

Hanover.   Stop  by  the  liquor store and get us a couple of fifths of

Vodka  and  go  by Karen's house and ask her if we can borrow that huge

dildo  that  I  gave  her last Christmas.  She's off on Mondays I think

and should be there."

     I  stammered  a  reply  somewhat  horsely.  "M-M-Master...I'd feel

better  about  you  doing  some  of  that  shopping.   Why  don't we go

together and I'll get the liquor for you."

     "No,  Julia.   I  want you to do the shopping alone.  It shouldn't

take you too long, unless Karen invites you in or something."

     He  smiled broadly at that suggestion, and I must admit that I did

too.   Karen  is  another  of  my Master's slaves and the one with whom

I've  had  the  majority of my bi experiences.  I love the taste of her


     "If  you insist, Master.  But it will be very embarassing to go in

the  adult movie store, as well as to buy the cucumbers and vaseline at

the  grocery.   That  new  man, the young guy, is always the cashier on

Monday mornings, you know.  What will he think?"

     "Exactly  what  I  want him to think, Julia.  But even better than

that is what will be going through YOUR mind."

     I  knew  there  was no point in arguing any further, and I reached

into  the  closet  to get the dark blue cover-up that I often wore over

my bathing suits.

     "You  won't  need  that, Julia.  Go just as you are", he said with

no trace of emotion.

     "But  Master!  You want me to go into an adult movie store with my

cunt  hair  sticking  out  of  this  tiny  little  bikini bottom and my

nipples  showing  through  the  top?  And you want me to buy cumcumbers

and  vaseline from a male clerk at the supermarket in this outfit?  And

you  want  me  to  ask  to borrow a huge dildo from a bi woman who will

most certainly wet her pants as soon as she sees me?"

     "Hurry  back,  Julia",  he  said  as  he  sat  down and opened the

morning paper.  "We have alot to do when you get back."


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