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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade49.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Ashleigh--1932, Part Four

     When  Ashleigh regained conciousness she found herself still bound

by  the handcuffs and the heavy chain, but slowly became aware that her

legs  were now supported by stirrup type supports at the top of two big

posts  which  had  been inserted into the floor.  The stirrups fit just

behind  her  knees  and  under her lower thighs, allowing her calves to

hang  naturally  downward,  but  yet  keeping  her  legs  spread opened

widely.   It  was  a  much  more  comfortable  position  than  she  had

experienced  prior  to  this, but the pain at her wrists was still very

real.   She  felt  a  glob  of  something, either cunt juice or cum she

assumed,  run  down one of her cunt lips and was aware of it falling to

the  floor.   She  wished  she could look beneath her to see if she had

caused  a  puddle  on  the  floor  yet,  but  she couldn't see directly

beneath herself in the position she was in.

     Ashleigh  looked  around  hopefully  for  Razley,  wishing that he

would  continue to fuck her.  She had never been so wonderfully filled,

even  the  black man in the theatre had failed to stretch her cunt open

so  completely.   But she couldn't find him anywhere.  She became aware

that  I  was  talking  to the girls in the gallery, instructing them in

some way.

     What  I was actually doing was giving each girl a position in line

for  their  turn  with  Ashleigh.   I had become very familiar with the

girls  over  the months and years that they had been in my stable and I

was  able  to arrange their turns with Ashleigh in such a way as to let

her  passion  rise  and  fall  in intensity.  I knew she would still be

eager  to  be  filled, and there were certain girls who were especially

adept  at  fisting.   I tried to space these girls out so that Ashleigh

could  be  given  a  fist just at the times that she would need one the

most.   In  between the "fisters" I placed girls who loved to eat pussy

and  who  would  bring out the hunger in Ashleigh that still coursed so

wildly through her used body.

     Once  they  had  arranged  themselves  in  the proper order in the

gallery,  I sat down on the front row prepared to watch the action that

was  about  to  take  place.   One  by one the girls took their places,

kneeling  in the floor between Ashleigh's sweaty but beautiful legs and

licking  her wet and stretched open fuck hole.  It thrilled me to watch

some  of  these  girls  eat  pussy.   There  were  a few who had had to

acquire  a  taste  for  cunt juice, but there were others who craved it

from  the  very  first.   They  had all become cunt sucking experts and

could  make any woman tremble and moan in almost no time as they licked

and sucked at her pussy.

     The  girls  knew  that  I  imposed no time limit on them for their

time  with Ashleigh, and the one's who really craved juice took lots of

time.   The first girl to eat her was one of those and she ate Ashleigh

through  two  more  orgasm's  before resuming her place in the gallery.

The  next  girl was very talented and in a very short time Ashleigh was

trembling in the heat of yet another orgasm.

     The  first  girl  to  fist  Ashleigh was perhaps the most talented

"fister"  in the group.  Her hand wasn't as large as some of the others

who  would  fist her, but she really got off on fisting cunts and loved

to  twist  and  turn  her  hand when it was up inside the woman she was

fucking.   Perhaps  since she was a bit smaller she could reach further

inside  and  often  she  told  me  she  had been able to get her middle

finger  into  the  cervix of some women.  Not all women liked this, but

the  ones  who  did  went absolutely crazy when they felt the long thin

finger  entering  their  womb and after having experienced it the first

time often begged hotly for it on other occasions.

     Melanie's  smile  and  glance over to me told me that Ashleigh was

going  to  be  one  of  these  women.   It  was also obvious by the hot

whimpers  coming from deep within Ashleigh as Melanie worked her finger

in and out of her womb.

     "Oh  God!!  Yes!! Fuck my womb!  That feels so wonderful!  Fuck me

deeper...God!!!   Shove  it  deep!   Give  me your whole hand inside my

womb...PLEASE!!", she cried.

     Melanie  fisted  her  for  a  very long time, bringing Ashleigh to

four  orgasms  before  tiring.   Ashleigh  passed  out once more, but I

didn't  stop the women and continued to let them lick and fist the slut

at  their  leisure.   Several of the girls who ate her also enjoyed her

ass  as  well,  both licking it with their tongues and slipping fingers

inside it as their tongues plumbed the depths of her dripping cunt.

     Ashleigh  came  to  for  varying  periods of time now as the girls

continued  to  take turns with her.  I stopped counting her orgasms and

after  a  bit grew rather weary of the whole thing and went back to the

bar for another drink, leaving the girls to their fun.

     When  I returned I found Melanie using her again, and this time in

addition  to  putting a finger in her womb she had managed to get three

fingers  up  into  Ashleigh's ass.  Ashleigh's orgasm this time was the

most  vocal  of  the  night and she literally screamed her passion into

the room.

     As  time  went  on and the hour grew later the girls began to drop

out  of  the action and leave in pairs until there were only four women

left.   I  knew  these  women  well  enough to know that they would use

Ashleigh  all  night  long if I let them, and I enjoyed their hunger as

much  as  they  did.  Ashleigh perhaps enjoyed it more than anyone else

and  still seemed just as insatiable as she had at the beginning of the

evening.   She had long since ceased being coherent in her comments and

with  glazed eyes merely moaned words like "fuck" and "so hot" over and

over again.

     With  the  help  of  the other girls I took Ashleigh down from her

perch  and  laid  her  on  the  training table once again.  This time I

allowed  the  girls  to  use the straps and whips on her, and this time

our  little  trembling  whore begged to be hurt as they let the leather

strike  her  still  red  skin.   It was no longer necessary to bind her

wrists  and  ankles,  as Ashleigh needed the discipline as badly as she

did  fucking.   I  watched  the  continuous flow of juice from her cunt

puddle  on the black leather and stream off the end of the table as the

women  worked  her  over with the cane and whips and smiled as her body

spasmed  with  even  more  orgasm's  merely  from the way she was being


     When  her  backside  had  been thoroughly whipped the girls turned

Ashleigh  over  and began whelping her front, letting the thick leather

strike  her  upper  thighs,  her  belly  and  her  tits.  She seemed to

especially  like  the  whipping  of  her  tits and I had to control the

girls  to  keep  them from scarring them.  They were too lovely to bear

any  permanent  scars, regardless of Ashleigh's desire.  She also began

begging  to  be  slapped  on  her  cunt  and  the girls made especially

effective  use  of  the cane and the whip in that area, bringing her to

several more orgasms.

     Finally,  in  spite  of Ashleigh's protests, I made the girls stop

whipping  her  and  had them lay her on her back on the concrete floor.

Then  I allowed them each to sit on her face and grind their juicy fuck

holes  into  her  mouth  until  they had each orgasmed.  Ashleigh loved

this  as  well, and eagerly sucked at their cunts, begging for more and

more  juice.   Monique,  after  having  come  against  Ashleigh's  face

several  times,  begged  me  to  let  her  urinate  in her mouth, and I

granted  her wish and the wish of the others girls that followed.  They

sprayed  her body with urine as they squated over her, adding their hot

piss to the mixture of cunt juice and sweat that already covered her.

     When  they  were done I had them carry Ashleigh out to the Lincoln

and  lay  her in the back seat nude.  Then I instructed Anthony to take

her  back  to  Big  Roy and to make sure that he saw her in her present

condition.   I also instructed Ashleigh to tell Big Roy everything that

had  been  done  to  her  and  told  her to beg Big Roy to let her have

another cock before she slept.

     Several  days  later   there was a knock at my door and one of Big

Roy's  "associates"  was  standing  there  with  a  black valise in his

hand.   He  handed  it  to me and said, "Big Roy said to thank you.  He

says  if  this  isn't  enough to let him know and he'll bring the rest.

He  also  says  to  give  him  a  call  if  you  ever need Ashleigh for


     When  I  opened  the  valise  I  discovered it was filled with ten

dollar  bills.   It  amounted to something over $10,000, the most I had

ever  been paid for my services, and enough for me to live on for three

years  even  with a very leisurely life style.  I spent many more hours

with  Ashleigh  over the next several months until she and Big Roy were

killed  in  a  gangland  shootout  on the east side.  I'll never forget

her,  and  if  I  live  to  be  a hundred I doubt that I will ever find

another slave slut as beautiful or as insatiable as Ashleigh, in 1932.


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