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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade48.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Ashleigh--1932, Part Three

     When  I  got  back  to  the  gym  I  found  Ashleigh asleep on the

training  table.   She  looked so angelic, laying there so quietly, but

yet  there  was  a  whorish  quality to her as well, her ass and thighs

covered  with  red  whelps  from the whippings and her asshole and cunt

dripping with the juice of her fuckings.

     I  was  able to unclasp her wrists and attach the handcuffs before

she  awoke  enough  to realize what was happening.  I lowered the heavy

chain  from  the  ceiling  and  connected  it  to  the handcuffs before

disconnecting  the  ankle  cuffs  which  still  held her to the leather

covered  table.  I began cranking the winch, smiling as the heavy chain

pulled  the beautiful slut from the table to the floor in the center of

the  room.  I continued to crank until she was standing on her tip-toes

under  the  long  chain.   Taking  two  of  the  metal posts from their

positions  on  the wall, I inserted them into the holes in the floor on

either  side  of the blonde whore's body.  Attached to each of the post

was  another  ankle  cuff to which I bound the pretty ankles of my slut

in  training.    The  posts spread her beautiful legs apart so that her

cunt  and  asshole  were  easily  available to any man, woman or animal

that might encounter her.

     I  took  two  rather heavy lead weights from the wall and attached

them  via  the  clips they bore to her wonderful nipples.  She gasp and

then  moaned  loudly  as the heavy weights pulled her nipples downward.

Taking  a  similar pair of weights from the wall I attached them to her

cunt  lips  and  smiled  as  she moaned even more loudly as the weights

pulled her lips toward the floor as well.

     I  had  told  the other girls to come by sometime around 10:00 and

immediately  after  attaching the weights to the blonde sluts cunt lips

I  heard  a  knock  at the door.  When I opened it I was pleased to see

three  of  my  other slaves enter.  Monique, Angela and Cheryl had been

my  slaves  for several years and had come to enjoy the training of new

sluts.   I  could  always  count  on them being on time.  They were all

three  especially  bi  as  well, and they knew there would be plenty of

cunt juice available to them when I was training someone.

     "Oh,  Master!   She  is  undoubtedly the prettiest woman I've ever

seen!   How  did  you  manage  to  get  hooked  up  with  a  slut  this

beautiful?", Monique asked.

     "Look  at  the  juice  running down the whore's legs!!", exclaimed

Cheryl.  "Can I lick her legs, Master?", she asked.

     "Calm  down  girls,  you'll get your chance at her, you know that.

Just  sit  down  there  and try to control yourselves til I'm ready for

you to have your fun", I instructed.

     Another  knock  at  the  door  resulted in the entrance of another

four  slaves  with  similar  expressions  of surprise and delight.  The

gallery  was  beginning  to  fill  up,  and  I  smiled  at  the look on

Ashleigh's  face  as  she  saw  the  room  filling  up  with  women who

obviously couldn't wait to use her body.

     Angela  and  Monique had found it difficult to control their urges

and  were  in  the  floor now eating at each other with delight.  Other

girls  were kissing each other and exploring each other's cunts as they

waited  for  the  show  to  begin.   I  was  proud  of my sluts and the

appetite  they  had  for  sex of all kinds, and I simply let them enjoy

each other as we awaited the arrival of the other women.

     Ashleigh  grew  hotter  and  hotter as she watched all the bi-slut

action  going  on  in front of her and more and more juice ran down her

smooth  thighs and dripped onto the floor beneath her.  Her mind was no

longer  on her sore ass and thighs, or on the heavy weights that pulled

at  her  nipples  and  lips,  but  was  on  cunt juice and the taste of

another  woman's  mouth  and  tongue.  She was beginning to yearn for a

woman's  touch,  and I knew she was letting her eyes roam over the ripe

young bodies of the women who continued to stream into the gallery.

     After  about  fifteen  minutes  there  were  15  young bi-slut sex

slaves  in  attendance, all of them super-excited about the prospect of

another  hungry  slut  for  them  to  enjoy.  They had all been in this

position  themselves  and  remembered  it  as  one  of  their  favorite

moments.   The  looked  forward to making it one of Ashleigh's favorite

moments as well.

     If  I had the time I could tell the reader wonderful stories about

each  of these sluts.  They each had a particular moment that was magic

both  for  them  and for me, and they each had distinguished themselves

in  some  particular  way,  being  particularly  good  at  some special

something  or exhibiting a special hunger for something.  The one thing

that  they  all  had in common was their love for needing to be used by

someone,  somewhere,  sometime.  When they were being used they were at

their very best and they had come to live for those moments.

     The  only  person  who  had  entered the converted gym who was not

female  was  my  assistant, Razley.  Razley was a mixture of races.  He

was  predominantly  negro,  but  also had American Indian, Spanish, and

Italian  blood  in  his genes.  I had run across him in a bar one night

when  recruiting sluts and had found him to be especially useful in the

training  of  my slut-slaves.  Razley was a huge man.  He was something

over  6'5"  tall  and  was  more muscular than anyone I knew.  He was a

trained  body  guard  and  I  often  used  him when it was necessary to

parade  a  young  slut  naked  through  a  public area as a part of her

training.   I  also  counted on him for those times when a jealous boy-

friend or husband would make an appearance.

     Razley  also  possesed a huge cock, not the longest I'd ever seen,

but  certainly  the  thickest.  In length it was just a bit less than 9

1/2  inches, but when it was hard and ready even Razley had a hard time

getting  his  huge  hand  around it.  No woman I'd ever seen could even

come close to putting her hand around it.

     Every  one  of  the sluts in the gym had experienced Razley's cock

at  least  once  and  for  some  it  had not been an initially pleasing

experience.   Razley knows nothing of the gentle approach to loving and

when  he  fucks he simply fucks, ramming his thick member into whatever

hole  is  available  to  him.   The girls with relatively small mouths,

cunts  and  assholes  had  found his assault rather difficult at first,

but  by  the  time he spilled his cum into them were very much into the

fucking themselves.

     His  presence was another reason that the sluts in attendance were

so  excited  about  being there.  He was something to watch when he was

fucking,  a  real  animal,  and  there  were  several  of the girls who

regularly  begged  me  to  let him fuck them.  I generally let the ones

who  really seemed to crave his huge dick have their wish once or twice

a  month,  and  one  girl  in  particular had been Razley's slave for a

continuous  period  of  somewhere around three months before she begged

me  to  free  her from him.  He did get a bit carried away with her and

was  fucking  her  at  least  six  times  a  day  toward the end of her

enslavement.  Still, she often begs to be his again from time to time.

     When  Razley  is  sober he performs well for me with my sluts, but

there  have been times when he had a bit too much to drink and at those

times  he  is  hard  for  any  of us to handle.  Once after a period of

heavy  drinking  he  had  found it difficult to get a total hardon, and

when  he had been unable to penetrate the girl he wanted to fuck he had

continued  fucking  at  her  with  his  flacid  penis  until he managed

somehow  to  insert  his folded over cock into the poor girls cunt.  He

was  at least four inches across in that condition, and the slut had to

be  sewn  back up after we finally got him off of her.  Ever since that

night  I've  kept  a big baseball bat close by just in case I need some

way to "control" him.

     I  could  tell  he was going to be just fine tonight, however.  He

obviously  found  Ashleigh  as  attractive  as  the other sluts did.  I

thought  perhaps  he  might,  since  he  has always seemed to enjoy the

blondes I've let him help me train from time to time.

     I  dimmed  the  lights  around  the room, leaving the light in the

center  over Ashleigh burning brightly.  This was a signal to Razley to

begin  his  portion  of the training, and he moved in front of Ashleigh

and  began  stripping  to  the  delight  of  the  room  full  of women.

Ashleigh  licked  her  lips  in anticipation, remembering the black men

she  had  sucked  and especially the one with the big dick that she had

wanted to fuck so badly.

     I  chuckled  softly  as Razley lowered his pants and as Ashleigh's

face  showed  her  surprise and delight.  Razley was almost as big when

he  was  soft  as he was when he was hard, and Ashleigh rolled her eyes

and moaned softly when she saw his huge member come into view.

     Lu  Sing,  an  oriental  girl who was a professional dominatrix in

Chinatown  and who often helped me just for the fun of it, moved to the

center  of the room to help Razley and began unhooking the ankle clasps

holding  the sluts legs to the floor.  Ashleigh made no effort to close

her  legs  after  they  were  unhooked,  but did flex them, raising and

lowering  herself  on her tiptoes as she continued to stare at Razley's

fuck meat.

     Lu  Sing was a very small girl with quite a pretty face.  She wore

only  a  black  leather g-string and a pair of very high heels, and her

long  black  hair  was braided and ran down her back all the way to her

ass.   Her  nipples  had  long ago been fitted with gold rings, and she

added  a  touch  of  depravity  to the sight before us all as she moved

around Ashleigh running her small hands over the pretty blonde's body.

     While  Razley stood before Ashleigh stroking his huge dick slowly,

Lu  Sing  began  removing  the  weighted  clamps from her tits and cunt

lips.   She  rubbed  the area around the clamps gently with her fingers

and  then  suddenly  and  with  no  warning  pulled  the  heavy weights

forcefully from the trembling slut causing  her to gasp and whimper.

     When  all the clamps were laying in the floor next to her, Lu Sing

knelt  behind  Ashleigh  and began licking at her ass.  Ashleigh's hips

began  to  move slowly back and forth as the young oriental woman began

pressing  her  tongue  more  and  more forcefully into the bound girl's

crack.   Razley  was  now  moving  closer  to Ashleigh, rubbing the big

black head of his cock against her smooth belly in small circles.

     Razley  lowered  his  dick, letting the head slide down Ashleigh's

white  stomach  and  on down to her cunt.  After letting the slick head

slide  over her hard clit, he slid the shaft between her legs, pressing

the  shaft  against  the  pinched  and  pulled  down slut cunt lips and

feeding  it forward between her legs until the head emerged directly in

front  of  Lu  Sing's mouth.  She took the head of it into her mouth as

Razley  began  fucking movements with his strong hips.  As he did so he

pressed  his  wide  lips  to  Ashleigh's  mouth  and  began kissing her

deeply.   He  was  so much taller than Ashleigh that as he continued to

fuck  his  cock  in  and  out  of  Lu Sing's mouth Ashleigh began being

lifted  from  the floor her body supported only by the thick black dick

that  was  now  being  pressed  up against her slit.  She could feel it

rubbing  deep  into her cunt, spreading her sore cunt lips wide open as

he  continued  his fucking movements, and could feel his belly slapping

her  on  his  forward  thrusts  as well as Lu Sing's face being pressed

against her ass by each hunch of his hips.

     After  a  bit  two of the other sluts joined them in the center of

the  room  and  taking  Ashleigh by the ankles, lifted her legs up into

the  air.   They  held  her  legs opened very widely, supporting only a

portion  of  her  weight,  the  rest  being  supported  solely  by  the

handcuff's  on  the  hungry  whore's wrists and the huge dick under her


     This  was  a cue to Razley to take his cock out of Lu Sing's mouth

and  to  insert  it  in  Ashleigh's  cunt,  and  for  Lu  Sing to begin

inserting  her  tongue in the pretty slut's asshole.  Breaking his kiss

with  Ashleigh,  Razley  took  his  monstrous  dick  in  both hands and

positioned  it  in  front  of the splayed open cunt before him.  With a

sudden  and  violent  lunge  forward  he shoved his cock into Ashleigh,

causing  her  to  scream out and forcing her body backward so violently

that  it caught Lu Sing by surprise and knocked her over on her back in

the  floor.   Razley,  totally  unconcerned  about  Lu  Sing's  plight,

grabbed  Ashleigh  by the hips and began ramming his thick fuck meat in

and  out  of  her  cunt with rapid and deep fucking movements.  Lu Sing

recovered  quickly  and  was  soon  on  her  knees  once again, eagerly

struggling to insert her long thin tongue into Ashleigh's asshole.

     By  now  the  room  was taking on both the smell and the "feel" of

sex  as  the  other sluts watched intently, remembering their own fucks

with  Razley  and  fingering  either there own cunts or the cunt of the

girl  to  one  side of them.  I always enjoyed the strong scent of cunt

juice  that  filled the room at these times, and tonight it seemed even

stronger than usual.

     Ashleigh,  at  first too shocked by the onslaught of the huge cock

to  do  anything  but  moan  loudly  was  now beginning to vocalize her

passion hotly.

     "Yesss!!  Give me your huge dick!! Fuck me!!  Drive me back on her

tongue..God yes!!! Screw me harder..Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!!"

     In  almost  no  time  Ashleigh  was coming, continuing to moan out

sluttish  comments  to  the  two  dark  skinned  sex fiends filling her

holes.   Razley  looked  over  at me questioningly, and I held up three

fingers,  indicating  to  him that he could fuck her until she had come

three  times.   He smiled and continued fucking.  Usually he would only

be  allowed to fuck the sluts until they had come twice and sometimes I

required  him to stop after one orgasm.  But Ashleigh was accepting the

huge  intruder  very nicely and I had no fear of her being torn open by

the mass of dick between her lips.

     The  two  sluts  who were holding Ashleigh's legs open widely grew

increasingly  excited,  and  the  big  brunette  holding  her right leg

positioned  herself  so that she could hunch herself against Ashleigh's

foot.   In a very short time she had managed to insert the toes of that

foot  into  her  hole  and  was  fucking herself lewdly with Ashleigh's

digits.   The  smaller  girl holding the other foot held it against her

body  with  just one hand, and bending at the knees reached between her

legs  and  fingered  her  hole  wildly,  bringing  herself  to numerous

orgasms as she watched the fucking before her.

     As  Ashleigh  moved from one orgasm to another they each increased

in  intensity, and when she had completed her third one she blacked out

temporarily,  falling limp in arms of the sluts on either side.  Razley

knew  he  was  not  allowed  to fuck her after she had blacked out, and

full  of  cum  that  needed  dumping, he pulled Lu Sing around the limp

slut  and  layed  her  on  the  floor,  kneeling  over  her  head.  She

obediently  opened  her mouth as Razley began shoving his dick into her

mouth  and  hunching  her  face  wildly.   He  fell forward, supporting

himself  by  his  hands  and  knees  and  fucked  into  the head of the

oriental  girl,  using  her  mouth like the many cunts he had fucked so

many  times  before.   He  continued to ram his huge dick into her face

until  his body suddenly stiffened and he began spewing huge quantities

of  fuck  into  her  mouth  and throat.  After seven or eight obviously

strong  spurts  of  cum  he  pulled  his  fuck  meat from her mouth and

continued  to  squirt  onto  her  face,  covering it with great gobs of

white  sperm.   When  he  was  done  he  rose quietly and gathering his

clothes left the gym.

Continued in Part Four......


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