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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade47.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Ashleigh--1932, Part Two

     The  following  evening the big Lincoln drove up right on time and

when  I  entered the backseat I found Ashleigh with her dress pulled up

to  her waist and three fingers in her cunt.  As soon as I sat down she

fell  to  her knees in front of me and began tearing at my zipper as if

she  was  starving  for dick.  She sucked me like crazy until I shot my

load  into  her  mouth and then sat quietly beside me, her dress pulled

up and her head on my shoulder.

     "I've missed you so much, Master!", she said earnestly.

     "And  I  have  missed you too Ashleigh.  But this time you've been

away  from  me has been important for you to have.  You may always beg,

of  course,  but  you  must trust me to know when you can have what you

crave so deeply."

     "Oh,  Master...I  do  trust  you!  But I hope you won't make me so

hot  and  then  leave  me  alone as you did the last time.  All I could

think about was your cock!"

     "You  won't  have  that problem tonight, Ashleigh.  Tonight I want

to  watch you suck cocks.  You did a wonderful job on mine just now, by

the way.  You love to suck cocks, don't you?"

     Ashleigh's  hand  moved  between  her  legs  and began rubbing her

pussy  as  she  answered me.  "Yes, Master, I do love to suck cocks.  I

love  the  feel  of  a man's meat in my mouth and I adore the smell and

taste of warm cum!"

     "Good  girl.   Your  face  is  so lovely, but it is never lovelier

than  when  it  has a man's dick sticking out of your mouth.  Its going

to  be  a  wonderful  evening.  You just be sure that you do everything

that I ask of you and obey me completely."

     "Oh,  I  will  Master!   I  can  hardly wait!", she moaned, as she

rubbed her dripping wet slit.

     I  gave  Anthony the address of our first stop for the evening and

settled  back  to  nuzzle  Ashleigh's  soft neck and to stroke her soft

thighs while she rubbed her hot pussy.

     Our  first  stop  was  to  a movie theatre in the black section of

Chicago.   It  was  always  unusual  for  whites to attend a movie in a

black  theatre, but even more unusual for a pretty blonde like Ashleigh

to  attend  a  showing  of  stag films, which is exactly what was being

shown  in this theatre.  The man at the ticket counter smiled a knowing

smile  as  I paid for our admission and we took a seat near the back of

the theatre.

     "Oh,  look  at  his dick, Master!", Ashleigh cooed, as she watched

the  black  stud on the screen balling a thin young negro woman.  I was

paying  little  attention to the screen, but instead was looking around

the  theatre, checking out the other patrons.  As might be expected, it

was  a  totally  black audience, and predominantly male.  There was one

black  woman  seated  on  the right near the back with two black men on

either  side  of her.  Her head was thrown back against the back of the

seat,  and  the  two  men  seemed  much more interested in her than the


     "Do you like nigger dicks, Ashleigh?", I asked, teasingly.

     "I  like all dicks, Master!", she replied sexily.  "This is making

me  very  hot!   Please finger me!"  She raised her dress to her waist,

offering her pussy to me.

     "Do  you  see  any  white  men  in here, Ashleigh?", I asked, as I

absentmindedly stroked her wet cunt lips with my right hand.

     "Only  you,  Master.",  she  replied, glancing around the theatre.

"Everyone else seems to be negro."

     "Yes,  I  think you're right.  And thats just the way I want it to

be.   See  the  row  with  six negro men about two rows in front of us,


     "Yes, Master.  I see it."

     "I  want  you  to  suck  the  cocks  of  every  man  on  that row,

Ashleigh.   I want you to start with the man on our right, and when you

have  taken  his sperm into your mouth I want you to move to the man to

his  left,  and continue until you have sucked off all six of them.  Do

you understand?"

     Ashleigh's  hips  bucked  as I spoke the instructions to her.  She

swallowed  hard  and  looked  at  my face to see if she saw any hint of

humor in my eyes.  She did not.

     "You're serious, aren't you?", she asked, quietly.

     "Oh,  yes!   I'm very serious.  You do want to please your Master,

don't you Ashleigh?"

     "Of  course  I  do, Master.  But to be honest, I've never sucked a

black man before.  Do they taste just like white men?"

     I  laughed  quietly  at  her  question.  "I certainly have no idea

about  how they taste, you precious little blonde whore.  But I do know

that  you are about to find out.  You should have a pretty good idea by

the time you get to the end of the row."

     "What  if  they  don't  want me to suck them, Master?", she asked,

trembling slightly.

     "Then  you  must  convince  them  to  let you suck them, Ashleigh.

Pull  up  your  dress and show them your stockinged legs.  Or kiss them

deeply  on  the  mouth.   Beg them to let you take their big dicks into

your  mouth.   Do  whatever  it takes, but suck them all.  If you don't

you most certainly will be punished for your failure to please me."

     "Yes, Master.  You want me to do it now?"

     "Yes, little cocksucking slut, do it now."

     I  watched  with  a  smile as she walked down to the first man and

sat  next  to  him.   He  glanced  at  her  with surprise, but when she

whispered  something  into  his  ear quickly placed his hand behind her

head  and  guided  it  into his lap.  In a very short time his head was

jerking  back  and  forth  and he was shooting his load into Ashleigh's

talented mouth.  She now had tasted her first negro cum.

     The  next man in the row had watched her sucking the other man and

needed  no persuasion.  He had his cock out of his pants in a flash and

Ashleigh  was  on  her knees in a heartbeat, sucking hard on her second

black  dick  of  the night.  She worked her way down the row, the horny

black  men  gladly  offering  their  fuck  meat to the beautiful blonde

whore who had such an insatiable appetite for their dark dicks.

     Ashleigh  had  been on her knees for only a moment in front of the

last  man in the row when suddenly she rose to her feet and pulling her

dress  to  her  waist straddled the man and fell to his lap, taking his

whole cock into her cunt.

     I  rose quickly from  my seat and walked to her, slapping her hard

across  the face and pushing her back to her knees once more.  When she

rose  from the man's lap I could see part of the reason she had changed

her  position  so  quickly.   The man had a huge dick.  It was a good 9

inches  long  and  seemed  to be as big around as a baseball bat at the

head.   As I watched her struggle to put the head back into her mouth I

marveled at his size.

     "Hey,  Mister.   Give  the  little  woman what she wants.  She can

fuck it, if she wants, its ok!", the man said.

     "Sorry,  pal,  but  this little whore is only sucking tonight."  I

handed  him  one  of  my  business  cards.  "Call me tomorrow though, I

might be able to use you sometime with one of my pretty blondes."

     The  man  smiled  broadly and tucked my card into his shirt pocket

before  placing  both  hands  on  Ashleighs blonde head and shoving his

dick harder into her throat.

     When  he  had  spewed a huge load of nigger cum into her, Ashleigh

rose  reluctantly  from  her  knees  and  kissed him hard on the mouth.

Taking  her  hand  I led her away from him and out of the theatre.  The

man  at  the  ticket  counter  smiled  even  more  broadly as he saw us

leaving, obviously aware of what the gorgeous blonde had been doing.

     "Come  back  soon,  Mister!", he said loudly.  "We always got room

for you and your friend!"

     As soon as we got outside the theatre, Ashleigh began whimpering.

     "Ohhhh,  Master!  Please let me go back in and fuck him!  I need a

nice  thick  dick like that inside me so much!  Please, Master!  I want

a huge nigger dick!"

     "Ashleigh,  I  told you this is sucking night.  I'll tell you when

you  can fuck and when you can't", I said, helping her into the back of

the car.

     "Oh,  but  Master!   I had his dick half-way up inside me when you

made  me  stop, and it was stretching me and filling me like I've never

been  filled  before!!!  I need his dick!  I neeeeeed to be filled by a

huge black cock!!!!!"

     "Four  twenty-three  Lakeside  Drive",  I said to Anthony, who was

smiling  at the hot pleas he heard coming from Ashleigh.  I leaned back

and  opened  my  pants  for  my  blonde  whore.   "Here,  suck on this,

Ashleigh.   It's not as big as your black stud's cock was, but at least

it  will  keep  your  mouth  occupied."   She eagerly placed her pretty

blonde  head  in  my lap and sucked on my cock once more.  I paced her,

lifting  her  head  from  my lap occasionally, making the blow job last

until  we were nearly to our destination, and only then spewing my fuck

into her pretty face.

     Four  Twenty-three Lakeside Drive was an old gym that I had bought

with  the  money  that Big Roy had paid me for my earlier work.  I used

it  primarily  for  the training of slaves and had outfitted it to that

end.   I  could  hardly  wait  to  start  acquainting Ashleigh with its

charms.   The  boxing  ring was still just as it had been when I bought

the  place,  and  occasionally when I had a couple of jealous slaves to

deal  with  I  just  let  them  put on the gloves and go at each other.

Most  of  the time I let some other slaves watch.  It usually took care

of any problems with jealousy until another crop of slaves came along.

     I  had  modified  the training tables and most of the other things

in  the  gym  until  the  ring was about the only thing in the gym that

still  served  its  original  purpose.   I could handle as many as four

slaves  at a time in the converted facility, but usually I preferred to

work  with  one  at  a time.  There was a small gallery off to one side

where  I  sometimes  let  some interested observers sit, but tonight it

would be just Ashleigh and I.

     She  glanced  around  the  room with curiosity as I led her toward

one  of the specially outfitted training tables.  Positioning her under

one  of  the  lights  which  hung  down from the ceiling, I told her to

strip  for me and sat in one of the stadium type seats in the front row

of the gallery.

     It  was  the  first time I had ever watched her remove her clothes

and  the  first time that I had seen her totally naked.  The same grace

of  movement  that  made  her leg crossing such a joy to watch made her

stripping  a  thing  of  beauty  as well.  When she had removed all her

clothing  she  turned  slowly for me, showing me back and side views of

her  beautiful  body.  Some women who are as attractive when dressed as

Ashleigh  is are less attractive when naked, but Ashleigh was even more

lovely  completely  nude.  Her swollen and firm tits stood out straight

from  her  chest  and  the  area  below her tits flowed smoothly into a

completely  flat  belly which swelled only slightly just above the line

of  her  cunt hair.  When she stood straight in front of me the outline

of  her  pubic  bones  was evident and served to frame the light blonde

hair  that rose sparsely from her pussy.  As she turned around her back

curved  inward,  arching  from  her  shoulders  to  her hips in perfect

proportion.   Her  ass  was  as firm and youthful in appearance as were

her  tits,  and was perfectly shaped in every way, her cheeks seperated

by  a  straight  and inviting crease that opened near the bottom of her

ass  to  allow  one  to  view  the  pubic hair which hung from her cunt

downward between her slightly opened legs.

     There  was  not  a blemish anywhere on her body with the exception

of  a  small  birthmark about the size of a good diamond just below the

curve  of  her  ass on her left thigh.  Far from being unattractive, it

served  as  a  signature  on a great work of art.  That birthmark would

etch  itself  in  my  memory before my time with Ashleigh was over, and

from  that  date  forward whenever I looked at a thigh I would think of

the way it graced this precious blonde slut's body.

     "Lay  on  the  table on your belly, Ashleigh", I instructed.  "Let

your  arms  and  legs  hang down over the sides of the table.  Position

yourself so that your ass is at the end of the table nearest you."

     Ashleigh  did  as I requested, laying her totally nude body on the

soft  leather  of  the training table, her arms and legs hanging limply

to  either  side.   She  didn't struggle at all as I attached the wrist

cuffs  and  ankle  cuffs  which were connected to the table legs.  When

she  was  bound tightly at both ends I told her to lift her ass as high

as  possible  and slid a small leather covered pillow under her stomach

which  served  to  keep  her ass high in the air and her pussy some two

inches  above  the table top.  Her cheeks stuck out slightly beyond the

end  of  the  training  table  now,  her legs spread open revealing her

asshole and cunt.

     "Are you comfortable, Ashleigh?", I asked.

     "Yes, I'm fine Master.  What are you going to do to me?"

     "I'm  going to teach you to love pain, Ashleigh.  Not so much pain

that  you  will  be  harmed  in  any  way, but you enough that you will

certainly  be  unable  to  administer it to yourself.  You will need me

even  more  after  you've  been fully trained, because only I will know

how to satisfy the great needs you will have when I am done."

     "You  aren't  really going to hurt me, are you Master?", she asked

hesitantly, fear beginning to run  through her body.

     "Your  body  will  be  marked some, Ashleigh.  That is pretty much

unavoidable.   But  the  marks will not last.  In a couple of days they

will  go  away  and  only  the  memory  will  last.  The memory and the

hunger.  The hunger for the feel of leather against your soft skin."

     "You...You're going to whip me, Master??", she asked with alarm.

     "Oh  yes,  Ashleigh.   Whip  you, spank you, paddle you, cane you.

Were you ever spanked when you were a little girl?"

     "Yes,  Master...but...Oh,  Master,  please  don't  spank  me!  Its

embarassing  to  be  tied her naked and to think about you spanking me!

Don't treat me like a naughty little girl!  Please!"

     "But  Ashleigh,  you  have been sucking nigger dicks tonight.  You

let  strange  black  men  shoot  their  fuck into you and you swallowed

their  cum.  And then you begged me to let the man with be biggest dick

fuck you.  You need a spanking, Ashleigh.  You need one very much."

     "But  Master!   You  made me suck them!  You made me do it!  I did

it to please you!"

     "Yes,  I know, but you also loved it, didn't you Ashleigh?  Didn't

you  love  the  taste  of the dark man meat as you took it between your

ruby  red  lips?   Didn't  you  want  the men to shoot their sperm into

you?   Didn't  you  love  the  smell and taste of the nigger fuck juice

that  they  fed  you?"  As I asked the questions I took a short handled

strap  from  the  back  wall  of  the  gym  and  flexed  it in front of

Ashleigh,  allowing  her  to  see  the  instrument  which would soon be

slapping against the skin of her soft ass.

     "I  know  I was naughty, Master, but I thought you wanted me to be

naughty!  Please don't hurt me!"

     "I  did  want you to be naughty, Ashleigh, and I also want to whip

you.   But  no  matter what I want you have been a naughty little black

dick sucking slut and you must be spanked and whipped."

     The  first time the leather strap struck her upraised ass Ashleigh

cried  out  more  from alarm than from pain.  I began slowly and rather

gently,  swinging  the inch wide strap with only moderate intensity and

letting  the  strap  flick  across  her full ass cheeks  where the most

natural  padding  was.   I  waited  approximately  ten  seconds between

spanks  with the strap, letting her catch her breath and anticipate the

next  arrival  of  leather  against  her skin.  Once in a while I would

pause  longer  than  ten  seconds to let her flinch and anticipate with

increasing concern the next spank she would feel.

     The  cheeks  of  her  ripe  young  ass  began  to  redden from the

attention  I was giving it and began to clench tightly when she thought

the  strap was about to deliver another blow.  I knew that the exercise

this  clenching  was  giving to her anal muscles would make her an even

better  fuck  up  the  ass,  but it was one of those minor details that

really  wasn't  important  to mention to her.  I can almost always tell

if  a  slut has been spanked regularly simply by the way they fuck with

my  cock in their ass, a distinction that I'm sure is lost to most ass-

fuckers  who  just  know its mighty good stuff.  I planned for Ashleigh

to  be  one  of the best ass fucks I'd ever trained when I finished her


     Ashleigh's  initial cries of alarm changed to regular whimpers and

moans  as I continued to swing the leather strap against her ass and as

I  lowered the swings to let the leather flick against the backs of her

full  thighs.   When  her  ass  and  thighs had turned a bright crimson

color  I stopped using the strap and reached between her legs and began

fingering  her  pussy.   She  was  dripping  wet,  and my three fingers

easily  entered  her.   I  fucked  her  with my fingers until she came,

smiling  as  her  hips  rose  and  fell and as her whimpers turned into

moans of extreme passion.

     When  her  passion  had subsided somewhat I took a small whip from

the  wall  and  began to use it on her ass and thighs, much in the same

way  I  had  used the leather strap.  The whip made small whelps appear

on  her skin as the force I used increased, and Ashleigh was now crying

tears  onto the black leather covering of the training table.  When her

skin  was  covered with thin red lines from the whip I stopped using it

and  fingered  her once more, fucking the fingers in and out of her now

dripping  hole until she shook and quivered and  came a second time.  I

rubbed  my  juice  covered  hand over her face, lifting her head gently

from  the  table  as I spread the juice over her nose, lips and cheeks.

She  had  long  ago  ceased  begging  me not to hurt her and now simply

whimpered  and  cried  as  her  body jerked from the application of the

disciplinary intruments against her naughty body.

     The  whip  was  followed by a large wooden paddle and then another

fingering.   More juice was spread on her face and then a cane, similar

to  the  ones  used  by  English Schoolmasters, was used on her ass and

thighs.   This cane was very thin on the end and I let it flick lightly

against   her  cunt  lips  and  her  asshole  toward  the  end  of  her

discipline,  an  action  which caused her hips to buck upward and which

brought deep grunts from her juice covered mouth.

     When  I  was  done  with the cane I took my cock from my pants and

standing  at  the end of the leather covered table fucked her, stroking

my  meat  in  and out of her sopping wet cunt until she experienced yet

another  orgasm.   Then  sliding my dick out of her hole I placed it at

the  entrance  to her ass and fucked her deeply there until I spewed my

cum  deep  into  her  bowels.   When  I  had  dumped my load into her I

removed  my  dick from her ass and wiped it across her lips to clean it

before putting it back into my pants.

     Drawing  a  bucket of water from the spigot against the far wall I

walked  over  to  the  table  and dumped the cold water over the pretty

blondes  sweat  covered  body.  I repeated this until the sweat and cum

of  the  evenings  activities had been washed from her and then leaving

the  gym  went  down  the street to a nearby bar to have a drink and to

take a break from the strenous training.

     It  was  only  when  I  had finished half of my first drink that I

realized  I  had  left  all her holes empty, and I asked the barkeep to

watch  my  drink  for  me  while  I  returned  to the gym to correct my

mistake.   Taking two of the rubber plugs from the wall I inserted them

into  her  asshole  and  pussy, pushing them in deeply enough that they

would  be  unlikely to work themselves out prior to my return.  Running

my  fingers  through  her  still wet hair I kissed Ashleigh tenderly on

her  lips  and  went  back  to  the bar to finish my drinks.  There was

still  much  to  be  done,  but  she  was  coming along nicely.  Nicely



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