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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade46.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Ashleigh--1932, Part One

     The  following  story  is  one  I  found in my grandfather's files

shortly  after my father's death.  Why my father never shared them with

me,  I  don't know, but I expect he also thought that he had managed to

keep  his  interest  in submissive women a secret, which he had in fact

failed  to  do.  I came across several of his adventures as well, which

I  will  share  with  you  someday.  Hope you enjoy this story about my

grandfather and Ashleigh.


     It  wasn't  an  ordinary  Lincoln.   Big  Roy  had spent more than

enough  on  it to have bought a much flashier car, but it was important

to  him  that  it  not attract too much attention.  The casual observer

wouldn't  notice  the burgundy leather upholstery or the walnut and ash

trim  that  graced  the inside of the big sedan, but Big Roy took great

pride  in  the  interior as well as the big engine that he had also had

installed at great expense.

     When  Anthony  opened the back door the first thing I was aware of

was  the  smell  of  all  that leather.  The second thing was her legs.

The  temptation  is  to say that after seeing her legs I don't remember

much  else,  but  thankfully for the preservation of life's significant

moments I remember every detail.

     Her  name  was  Ashleigh.   She  had  been variously employed as a

model  and as a dancer prior to meeting Big Roy, and was now blissfully

unemployed,  but  nonetheless  quite  busy.   Those  outside the family

assumed  Ashleigh  to  be  Big Roy's wife and seldom saw them when they

were  not  in  the  company of each other.  The truth was that they had

never  married  and that Big Roy treated her quite differently than one

might his wife.

     Nothing  could  have  please  Ashleigh  more,  frankly.   It was a

comfortable  life  she led, much more comfortable than the life she had

been  accustomed  to prior to her "selection" by Big Roy.  She lived in

more  splendor  than  she  had even dreamed of and found her every need

supplied.   Supplying those needs was no small job either.  Thats where

I enter the story.

     Ashleigh  was  important  to  Big Roy for a number of reasons.  It

was  important in those days for a man of his stature to be seen in the

company  of  beautiful  women,  and  Ashleigh  certainly was beautiful.

When  I  first  met  her  she was in her mid twenties.  She was a tall,

striking  blonde,  standing  something over 5'10" in her stocking feet.

Her  hair was shoulder length and had a sheen to it that made it appear

lustrous  in  any light.  Her facial features were perfect and her body

matched  her  face, every single body part wonderfully proportioned and

remarkable  in  its symmetry.  She never appeared in public in anything

but  the  finest  that  Chicago had to offer and was guaranteed to turn

heads  wherever  she  went.   Her  experience  as  a  dancer gave her a

fluidity  of  movement  that  accented her beauty to the extent that it

was  difficult  to  take one's eyes off of her whenever she was around.

She  was,  indeed, poetry in motion.  To be seen with Ashleigh on one's

arm was a statement of success which few men could match.

     She  also  served  as  the  perfect  alibi for Big Roy on numerous

occasions,  and  he made sure that if there were murders to be done, as

there  often  were,  that  he  was by her side whenever that time came.

She  was  always  willing  to  do anything that would further Big Roy's

"career",  and  often  the  offer  of  a weekend with Ashleigh was just

enough to turn the tide of a negotiation in his favor.

     But  as I entered the back of the big sedan on that late September

evening  all  I  knew  about Ashleigh was that she possessed, without a

doubt,  the  most beautiful legs I had ever seen.  They extended from a

black  silk  dress  that  was  split  up  the  side nearest me and were

crossed  in that wonderful way that so impresses men who can barely tie

their  own  shoes.   The  slit  revealed  much  of  her luscious thigh,

including  a  portion  above  the  top  of  her stocking and one of the

straps of her garter belt, which also appeared to be black silk.

     Taking  off my hat, I sat next to her and nodded in greeting.  Her

smile  lit  up  the inside of the big Lincoln and she politely extended

her  hand  as  she  introduced  herself to me.  Her skin was as soft as

that  of  a  baby and in spite of the attraction of her exposed thigh I

found  my  eyes  glued  to hers, the deep pools of green  drawing me to

her emotionally in a wildly sensuous way.

     "I  take  it  that  you  know  Big Roy?", she asked, as the driver

drove away from the curb.

     "Everyone  knows  OF Big Roy", I said, smiling.  "We met once at a

party  several  years  ago.   I  was,  you  might say, in charge of the

entertainment for the evening."

     Her  broadening smile told me that she had a very good idea what I

meant  by  that.   I  had,  in  fact,  been  employed  to  provide some

extremely  submissive  women  for  the  enjoyment  of some of Big Roy's

associates.   He had been both pleased and impressed by the quality and

performance  of  the  ladies  I  had  provided.   I  had been extremely

pleased  by  the  income  I  derived  from  that  and  other  evenings,

especially  in  light  of  the  fact that the women I provided were not

"ladies  of the evening", but merely women who wanted what Big Roy paid

for  as  much  or  more  than  he did.  It was only recently that I had

discovered  his knowledge of my lack of need to share the bounty of his

generous payment with the women.

     "I  like  a  man  who  is knows how to take charge", Ashleigh said

warmly,  placing  my  hand  on her thigh precisely where the garter met

the top of her stocking.

     I  glanced  toward  the  driver,  unsure  just how free we were to

continue  our  conversation  in  the  direction it seemed to be taking.

Reaching  to  her  right  and  pushing  a button on the door of the big

sedan,  Ashleigh set in motion a solid divider which rose from the back

of  the  front seat and completely shielded us from that portion of the

car.   Another  push  of  a button and similar dividers rose at each of

the  back  windows  until  we were completely shut off from the rest of

the  world.   When  the thick armor settled into its uppermost notches,

small  lights  became  lit at both doors and along the back of the seat

in front of us.

     Reaching  into  her purse, Ashleigh removed a piece of paper which

she  extended  to  me.   Unfolding  it,  I  held  it  so that the light

illuminated it enough for me to read it.

     "Mr.  Wade",  the note read, "I'm very much aware of your interest

in  women  and  the  types  of  women  with  which  you  seem  to be so

successful.   Ashleigh,  in  addition  to  being an extremely beautiful

woman  also  has needs which I neither have the time nor inclination to

provide  for  her  personally.   I would appreciate it very much if you

would  excercise  your particular talent with her and if you would make

every  effort  to see that she never wants for anything you can provide

her.   You may rest assured that you have my blessing and that you will

be richly rewarded for your cooperation.  Sincerely, Big Roy."

     "It  appears  that  my  services are again being required", I said

with  a warm smile.  "Are you as interested in them as Big Roy seems to


     "Roy  assures  me  that  you both understand my needs and can help

satisfy  me.   I  don't  lack  for men to fuck, I'm sure you know that.

And  anytime  that  I  want a woman, Roy will provide that as well.  My

deepest  needs  are  much  more  specialized  than that, and if you can

provide  what  he  says  you  can,  you'll never find a more interested

woman than I am", she replied seriously.

     "I  can  tell  a great deal about you simply by what I see in your

eyes,  Ashleigh,  and  there is no doubt that I can help you.  There is

also  no  doubt  that  if I do agree to help you that I will be placing

myself  in  a  very  precarious  position.   Big Roy has the ability to

shorten  my  "career"  permanently with the simple nod of his head, and

there  must be no chance whatsoever that you will decide midway through

our  series  of  encounters that you are displeased with me.  What kind

of  assurance  can  you  give  me  that  I  won't be placing my life in


     "Big  Roy would be disappointed that you show such a lack of trust

in  him",  she  replied  with  a  smile.   "But  I  both understand and

anticipated  your concern, and I have something which I think will help

to reassure you."

     Reaching  back into her purse again she handed me a small envelope

from  which  she  took  several  photographs  and  a hand-written note.

"These  are  some  pictures  of  me with Tony The Greek and some of his

friends.   The  note  is  from  Tony, thanking me for the good time and

assuring  me that he would never tell Roy.  If Roy ever knew that I had

fucked  for  his biggest enemy I'm sure you know that he would  have me

killed.   Take  the pictures and the note, and if I ever disappoint you

you may feel free to show them to Roy."

     "You  surprise  me in both your understanding of the situation and

the  extent  to  which you have prepared for our meeting, Ashleigh.  If

you  apply  yourself as diligently to obeying me as your Master we will

get along well."

     Laying  her  purse  on  the  floor, Ashleigh began unbuttoning her

dress.   The  buttons ran to the waist of the beautiful dress, and when

she  had  unbuttoned  them all she spread the material open revealing a

pair  of breasts that could have been sculpted by an artist.  They were

conical  in  shape  and  so firm that they stood perfectly out from her

chest,  no  matter what position she was in.  The aureola were dark and

large,  silver dollar size, and at their center they curved upward into

the  base  of her nipples with such grace that it was hard to say where

they  ended  and the nipples began.  The nipples themselves were almost

half  an  inch  long  and  stood  proudly  from  the tip of her perfect


     When  she  had  given  me  a  moment  to  observe  her naked tits,

Ashleigh  took  the hem of her dress in her hands, and lifting her body

slighly  from  the leather seat, slid it up her long legs, not stopping

until  it  was  gathered  around  her  waist.   The hand nearest me now

guided  her leg toward the back of the seat, knee bent, opening herself

to  me so that her naked cunt was totally exposed.  She pulled the long

black  gloves from her hands slowly as I let my eyes roam over her ripe

young body.

     "Talk to me, Ashleigh, tell me who you are", I said, evenly.

     "I'm  a gangster's whore, Master.  I'm a slut who will fuck anyone

those  in  charge  of  me  tell  me to fuck.  I need for a man to be in

charge  of  me,  to tell me when to fuck and who to fuck.  I need for a

man  to  make  me do things, hot nasty terribly dirty things.  You know

what I need, Master", she said, sexily.

     "Oh  yes,  I  know what you need, Ashleigh.  I know what will make

you  tremble  inside  and what will make you beg for more.  I know what

will  make  your  cunt juice run like a river from your hole and puddle

on  the  seat  beneath  you.   I know how to make you claw at your slut

cunt  with  your fingers, so hot that you would do anything for a cock.

Your  holes were made to be stretched and prodded, to be dumped full of

hot  fuck.   Your nipples were made to be pinched and pulled.  Your ass

was  made  to  spank and fuck and use in anyway your Master so chooses.

You  long  for  the  feel  of  ropes on your wrists and ankles, leather

against  your  smooth  skin,  sperm  in  your mouth, cunt juice on your

face.   If  there is anything you would rather feel than hot to fuck it

is  the feel of cum running from your holes and dripping off your naked

body.   You  are  indeed  a gangster's whore, but as of this moment you

are  more  importantly my sex slave and you will obey my every command.

When  you  fail  to obey and sometimes whether you obey or not you will

be  punished  by  your  master.   Your  body  will perform always at my

command  and  in accordance with my every whim, no matter what I direct

you  to do or where you are at the time.  You will, of course, continue

to  please  Big  Roy,  and my rule over your whore body will aid you in

that,   but   you   will  tremble  at  MY  commands,  whimper  for  the

satisfaction  that  only  MY  mastery  can  provide  you,  beg to do MY

bidding.  Do you understand?"

     Long  before  I had reached the questioning portion of my response

to  her,  Ashleigh  had  begun  rubbing  herself  with both hands.  Her

fingers  pulled at the lips of her now drenched pussy, opening her hole

wide  and  spreading the hot fuck juice with trembling hands.  Her clit

had  become hard and now stood firmly at the top of her mound where her

hands brushed it, rubbed it, teased it, mauled it.

     "Oh,  God!   You  DO know, don't you!?!?  I do understand, Master,

and  I do need you sooooo very much!!  Make me your slave...use me, use

me,  use  me!!",  she  replied  hotly,  her fingers slaving away at the

increasingly wet hole between her legs.

     As  I  watched Ashleigh fingering herself in front of me I thought

of  the many other women I had seen displaying similar traits of hunger

and  submissiveness  to  me in the past.  Many of them became much less

attractive   physically   when  they  became  very  hot,  but  Ashleigh

displayed  no tendency of that sort at all.  In fact, her beauty seemed

to  increase  if  anything.   With her mouth slightly open and her eyes

partially  closed  in  passion, her face assumed an aura of a wonderful

mixture  of  great  beauty and extreme heat.  The movements of her body

as  she  pleasured  herself seemed to almost be choreographed for their

effect  on  anyone  who might watch, they were so perfect and graceful.

I  found  my cock growing rapidly inside my pants and my desire to fill

her with my seed grew in proportion.

     "Look  at you, my little slut, pawing at your fuck hole like that.

You're  such  a sex-hungry tramp, doing that in front of me.  Perhaps I

should  just  have  Anthony  stop the car and let some men crawl in and

fuck  you  til  they  tire  of  you.  Complete strangers who would just

shove  their  meat into you and pump you until they spill their hot cum

into you."

     "Yesssss,  Master!   Anything..I'll  fuck  anyone you say, give me

cocks, Master, Pleeeeeeease give me cocks!"

     "On  the other hand, it pleases me to just watch you.  Perhaps you

don't  need cocks badly enough yet and I should wait until you are more

in the mood."

     "Nooooo,  Master!   I've never needed to be fucked any more than I

do  right now!  Give me your cock!  Pleeeeease fuck me...look...look at

my  cunt  and how empty it is!! Ohhhhhh, Pleeeeeease sweet Master, fuck

me...FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!"

     She  pulled  her  lips apart showing me the glistening interior of

her  cunt  as  she  begged  to  be fucked.  Her heat would allow her to

leave  it  empty  only so much longer, however, and with a deep sigh of

resignation  she released the lips and immediately shoved three fingers

of  her  right  hand  deep  inside  herself and began humping them with

strong  thrusts  of  her  hips.  Her left hand moved to her breasts and

began  pulling  and  pinching  at  the nipple on her right breast.  She

shook  her  head  from  side to side, her blonde hair flying across her

face as she fucked her own fingers in and out of her trembling pussy.

     Leaning  over  her  I  placed  a deep kiss on her opened mouth and

reached  past  her  to  the  buttons  on  the  door.   When the divider

seperating  the driver from us had receded into its housing in the back

of  the  front  seat,  I  instructed  the driver to stop the car at the

corner.   When  the  car  came to a stop I opened the door and got out,

instructing  Anthony  to  drive  Ashleigh  home, and leaving her with a

look  of  despair  on  her face and her fingers still franticly digging

into  the  depths  of  her cunt.  In spite of her obvious hunger and my

increasing  desire  I  believed the long term relationship that we were

building would be enhanced by leaving her in her present state.

     I  was  right.   My  secretary  screened  her  calls over the next

several  days,  informing her that I would get back to her as soon as I

could.   Having  served  as  my  secretary  and as one of my slaves for

several  years,  Jane  was familiar with this procedure, and by the end

of  the  week  was  urging  me  to  see Ashleigh again.  "She sounds so

pitiful!",  she  said.   "I  don't know what you did to her or just who

she is, but if anyone has ever been ready, I promise you that she is!"

     I  smiled  at Jane's evaluation.  I was sure it was correct, and I

looked  forward  to being with Ashleigh once again.  I told her to make

an appointment with her for the following evening around 8:00.


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