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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade44.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Ashley Presents Herself, Part Three

    I had instructed Ashley to bring one rather conservative dress

along with her, and I chose it for her to wear to dinner, laying it

alongside the garter belt and stockings on the bed.  The stockings were

seamed black ones, very sheer, and the garter belt was also black with

small, pink bows in strategic places.  The dress was knee length, with

spaghetti straps, and was a flowered print.  It was very feminine, and

I knew she would look beautiful in it.  The material was heavy enough

that her garters and naked nipples would not show through it, under

normal circumstances, at least.

    I explained to Ashley that she was to obey the relaxed positioning

rules during dinner, and also that she would be seated across from me

and would under no circumstances object to or attempt to stop any

advances which were made to her in the course of the evening, no matter

who they were from or the nature of them.  I further instructed her

that she was to pull the dress up in back whenever she sat down so that

her naked bottom would be on the chair seat at all times.

    The dining room in the main house was a lovely, large room, with a

very old but beautiful table which sat 18 people.  The meals were

exquisitely prepared by a chef with a great deal of talent and

experience, and it was always a treat to have dinner there.  Jack and

his wife Barbara sat at each end of the long table and served the major

courses themselves.

    After making the normal introductions and some friendly

conversation, we all took our seats.  Ashley was seated between another

couple that I had gotten to know well, Kim and Bob from Oklahoma, but

she was unaware that I had ever met them before.  Bob and I actually

had a great deal in common, not the least of which was our appreciation

for women like Kim and Ashley, who were also very much alike, as Ashley

would later find out.  Something else that Ashley was unaware of was

that Kim and Bob were very much aware of what the remainder of the

evening would be like for Ashley, since we had discussed and planned it

long before this evening.

    Bob and Kim kept Ashley involved in conversation during dinner, and

near the end of the meal I smiled as I saw Kim's hand moved under the

table.  I knew that Ashley was sitting with her legs apart, as a part

of her training, and further knew that Kim was now caressing the inside

of Ashley's stockinged leg just above her knee.  Ashley looked at me

when she felt Kim's touch, but I merely returned her glance as if I was

unaware that anything was happening under the table.

    Not long after Kim had begun moving her hand up Ashley's leg, Bob's

hand also moved under the table, and Ashley looked at me once again,

feeling his hand touching her on her other leg.  After a long and deep

gaze into my eyes, I saw her close her eyes briefly and take a deep

breath before opening them once more.  Bob and Kim acted as if nothing

at all was happening, and continued talking to Ashley and to each other

as they played with her legs and slid their hands further upward.

    Before long, both Kim and Bob were above Ashley's stocking tops,

and the contrast between Kim's small and soft hand and Bob's bigger and

stronger one was deliciously evident to her.  I could see she was

having difficulty concentrating on the conversation.  And from my

vantage point across from her, I could see her nipples hardening under

the material of her dress.  I knew that when they reached the very top

of her legs that they would find her bare and opened sex wet to their

touch, and so did Ashley.  As I looked around the table at the other

guests, I wondered if any of them were aware of Ashley's current state

of arousal, but they seemed to be oblivious to what was happening so

close to them.

    Ashley suddenly coughed and covered her mouth with her hand.  I

knew that at least one of her companions had now reached her juicy slit

and was sliding a finger into her.  One glance at Kim told me that it

was her, as I could see her eyes glazing over with passion of her own.

I knew that it was all Ashley could do to sit still as Kim fingered

her, and knew also that Ashley was very much aware that Bob's fingers

were headed on the exact same course as Kim's and would soon be

entering her as well.  Bob was evidently giving Kim time to prepare

Ashley for his insertion, for it was quite some time before Ashley

reacted the second time, indicating that both of our friends were now

fingering her at the same time.

    All three of them found conversation difficult now, and were

attempting valiantly to pick at the food before them while the action

continued under the table.  Ashley's chest was rising and falling, and

I could see from the expression on her face that she was very close to

a climax.  Unsure just how possible it would be for Ashley to climax

unnoticed by the others, I spoke the phrase which had been planned to

end this portion of our evening, by asking Kim and Bob if they would

stop by our cabin after dinner.  They, of course, indicated their

pleasure with that suggestion and removed their fingers from Ashley's

still trembling slit, wiping them on the napkins in their laps before

rising to leave with us.

    Ashley walked closely to me from the main house to the cabin, not

saying anything, but simply holding onto my arm and laying her head

against my shoulder.  Bob and Kim walked some distance behind us, no

doubt enjoying what had already transpired as well as the anticipation

of what was to come.

    Once we were all inside, I closed the door, locked it, and drew the

curtains on the windows before speaking.

    "Ashley, you are, as you may have already suspected, our

entertainment for the evening.  Your body, and all your openings will

be used by the three of us in whatever ways we choose for as long as we

choose.  Do you understand and accept that?" I asked.

    "Yes, Master.  I both understand and accept your plans for me," she

replied softly, her head bowed.

    "Good, Ashley.  Kim is also a slave-slut, just like you, Ashley,

but this evening she will be enjoying your sluttishness and your spread

opened body just as if she were your Mistress.  Bob is Kim's Master,

and he will use you just as he would use Kim or any other slave-slut

whore.  Remove your dress and stand before us at the foot of the bed

now in the standing position."

    Ashley slipped the straps of the dress from her shoulders and let

it fall in a heap at her feet.  She stepped from it and moved to the

bed, spreading her feet apart and placing her hands behind her head as

she had been trained.  Her breasts were a delight in this position, and

her thighs were still wet from the finger fucking she had received in

the dining room.

    I opened the slut bag and began removing the cuffs and rope which

we would use, handing items to Bob in order that he might help me

secure Ashley in the manner we had previously discussed.  While we

worked, Kim removed her own dress and stood before Ashley, looking her

body over and toying with her already hard nipples, pinching them and

pulling at them.

    Bob and I affixed the wrist and ankle cuffs and tied the lengths of

rope to each D-ring.  I had requested that Jack install some eyebolts

in the big ceiling beams above the foot of the bed, and I ran the rope

from the wrist cuffs through the eyes and pulled Ashley's hands and

arms upward to the desired position before tying them securely there.

Meanwhile, Bob tied the ropes attached to the ankle cuffs to the big

posts at the bottom of the bed, assuring that Ashley would not nor

could not close her legs.

    Kim was enjoying herself with Ashley, now sucking and biting her

nipples while idly playing with her own wet cunt.  Ashley was moaning

hotly, her eyes opened widely with a mixture of pleasure and fear of

what might happen to her.  Bob took a large dildo from the bag, and

stepping up behind Kim, began working it into her pussy from behind.

Kim groaned, but moved her hips backward, accepting the thick, fake

cock and hunching it into herself hotly.  Bob fucked Kim with it for

some time, and when he had wettened it sufficiently with Kim's cunt

juice, removed it from her and handed it to her, instructing her to

move to the bed to insert it in Ashley's ass.  Kim smiled broadly and

lay on her belly on the bed, her legs opened wide and pressed the thick

dildo against Ashley's tight anus, slowly working it into her.  Once

Ashley had relaxed enough to accept the full length of the thick rubber

cock, Kim began fucking it in and out of her, reaching underneath

herself to rub her own hard clit as she did so.

    Bob busied himself looking through the slut bag contents for a

moment or two, then moved in front of Ashley, thumping her nipples with

his middle finger once or twice each before attaching the nipple clips

he had selected from the bag.  Ashley moaned loudly as the clips were

attached, throwing her head back as Kim continued the assault on her

asshole.  Kim's hips were rising and falling now on the bed as she

watched the beautiful, naked slave in front of her taking all that was

being done to her.

    I had removed my clothing now and tossed Bob the multi-thonged

tawse as I moved toward the bed.

    "Warm her up a bit, Bob," I said.  "I've watched Kim's ass rise and

fall about as long as I can without fucking it.  That is if you have no


    "No, not at all.  Fuck the slut," Bob said, taking the tawse and

stepping back a bit, measuring the distance between him and the bound

Ashley.  Kim moaned softly now in anticipation, and Ashley pulled at

the ropes binding her to the beam, the delicious mixture of fear and

deep hunger rising inside her.

    I moved onto the bed between Kim's outstretched legs, and holding

her cheeks open with one hand, ran my other hand to her sex, coating my

fingers with her copious juices and spreading them on her anus.  Bob

began lightly flicking the leather thongs against Ashley's upper

thighs, stomach and breasts, gaining speed and momentum as he chose to

do so.  As I worked two fingers into Kim's anus, I could see Ashley's

ass cheeks clenching as the leather struck her naked body.  Kim

continued plunging the dildo in and out of Ashley's tight asshole with

slow, regular strokes, her free hand now on one of her own tits,

pinching her nipple.

    Bob was increasing the force of his swings rapidly now, and the

sound of the leather striking Ashley's body filled the room.  Her moans

were growing louder as well, and her body jerked with each landing of

the leather thongs on her skin.

    Placing the head of my cock against Kim's asshole, I grabbed her

hips and plunged my cock in to the hilt, not waiting for her to grow

used to the thick meat, but fucking her fast and hard.  I pulled her

ass upward off the bed as I knelt behind her, ramming my dick into her

with deep, strong thrusts of my hips.  She gasped and grunted loudly

and then began fucking Ashley even harder with the dildo, as if to get

even for the hard ass-ramming she was being given.

    Bob was now concentrating on Ashley's pubic area with the tawse,

swinging upward at it with underhanded swings, each one bringing forth

a hungry moan-scream from Ashley and causing her to jerk her head back

wildly.  I knew she was very close to an orgasm, and my suspicions were

confirmed when she began twisting from side to side and screaming,

"Unggggggghhhhhh...Oh God!  Yesssssss!!!  Yesssssss!!!"

    The sound of the hungry slave-slut coming brought my own orgasm to

the fore, and I felt my heavy balls begin releasing their load up into

the shaft of my ass-fucking cock.  Pulling Kim tighter to me, I held my

cock deep inside her as it jerked and spurted its fuck into her tight

but regularly used asshole.

    When Ashley had begun to come back down from her orgasm, Bob ceased

using the tawse and began fingering her and kissing her on the mouth.

Reaching around behind her, he took the dildo away from Kim and removed

it from Ashley's ass, tossing it on the bed.  I rolled Kim over onto

her back and slid her forward, pressing her head back and down so that

it slid between Ashley's opened legs.  Kim pressed her mouth to

Ashley's wet and throbbing bottom, licking Bob's fingers as they moved

in and out of her, and hungrily sucking at the juices that still flowed

hotly from her excited opening.  I took the dildo that had been removed

from Ashley's ass and inserted it into Kim's as I began playing with

her cunt, rubbing the back of my hand along her wet slit, inserting

combinations of fingers inside her just for the pleasure of wetting

them with her juices, thumping her clit from time to time and hearing

her moan and watching her hips jerk upward.  With my other hand, I

began pinching her nipples, watching them grow ever harder and longer

as I pulled and twisted at them.

    Bob slipped out of his clothes and moved back to Ashley, pressing

his firm cock against her slit and feeling Kim's tongue lick at it,

wetting it in preparation for its entrance into her cunt.  Kim worked

her way back further under Ashley until she was able to lick at Bob's

balls and asshole while he began inserting his cock into her.  Ashley

was on her way back up again now, climbing higher in anticipation of

having this stranger's dick inside her, and begging now to be fucked.

    "Yesssss, fuck me...fucccck meeeeeee!!" she moaned trying to reach

his mouth with her's, wanting his tongue in her mouth, wanting and

needing everything she could have, never wanting it to end.

    Kim was grasping Ashley's waist in order to support herself as she

licked at Bob's hunching bottom, but somehow managed to slide one hand

around to Ashley's ass and slowly work two fingers into it as Bob began

fucking Ashley deeply.

    Rising from the bed, I took the large cock-shaped vibrator from the

slut bag and slid it into Kim's wet pussy, pushing it in as far as it

would go and turning it up to its maximum setting.  I could hear her

moaning into Bob's ass and smiled as her hips began pumping into the

air.  I slid the black, leather belt from my pants and began using it

on Ashley's ass, first one cheek, then the other, careful not to hit

Kim's hand in the process.  The landing of the heavy leather on her ass

caused Ashley to jerk her hips forward hotly, embedding herself even

further on Bob's huge dick as she did.  I started growing adventurous

with the belt now and alternated between Ashley's ass and Kim's tits,

thighs and belly, entranced by the jerking, totally sexual reactions of

the two multi-orgasmic sluts before me.

    Ashley was coming again now, her screams muffled by Bob's mouth

being pressed against her's tightly as he rammed his tongue hotly into

her.  Kim suddenly pulled her fingers from Ashley's ass and grabbed at

the vibrator in her cunt, fucking it in and out of herself wildly as

her own orgasm coursed through her body.  Bob was grunting, pumping his

hips upward at the bound Ashley, obviously close to an orgasm of his

own.  Suddenly he pulled himself away from Ashley, grabbed Kim by the

hair, took his cock in his other hand and jerked it, spewing his hot

sperm all over his wife/slut/whore/slave's face.

    When Bob had milked all the cum from his cock and wiped it in Kim's

hair, he released her and stepped back smiling.  Ashley was still

trembling and breathing rapidly as Kim pressed her mouth back to

Ashley's pussy and began kissing it once more.

    I slid the dildo and vibrator from Kim's holes and pulled her out

from under the dripping and bound Ashley, turning her around and laying

her cum-and-cunt-juice-covered head on one of the pillows on the bed.

Bob and I then loosened the rope that bound Ashley, and lay her on the

bed beside Kim, smiling to each other as they pulled themselves

together and began kissing warmly, as if they had always been lovers.

    Bob and I slid our pants back on, and turning the lights down, left

the two bisexual slave-sluts to each other, closing the door softly

behind us.  We sat together on the porch, listening to the crickets

chirping, and discussing our satisfaction with the two beautiful slaves

who were still hungrily kissing and probing each other inside.  We both

hated for our weekend to have to end, but knew there would be other

times when we would witness again the remarkable hunger and beauty of

Ashley and Kim.


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