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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade43.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Ashley Presents Herself, Part Two

I was on the phone going over some of the arrangements I had made

with John, the owner of the Bed and Breakfast, when I heard her

car drive up outside. I stood and looked out the window, watching

as the door opened and she swung her long legs out of the car.

The short skirt slid deliciously upward and she had to tug it

back down as she stood. It fit tightly, and as she turned and

walked to the back of the car to get her luggage out, her ass

moved sensously, straining the fabric. Even if she hadn't been

submissive she would have been one great fuck, there was no doubt

about that.

I hung up the phone and moved to the door, opening it for her

before she could knock. She smiled broadly and entered, setting

the bag down and looking around the room with surprised delight.

"I didn't expect it to be this nice, but it's really lov..."

I interrupted her remarks by pressing my mouth hard against hers

and pushing her back against the closed door, taking her hands in

mine and pinning them above her head as I kissed her. I could

feel her yielding in every part of her body as she responded to

my kiss hotly, her tongue dancing against mine, soft moans

gurgling deep in her throat. When I released her hands and moved

my own lower to caress her, she kept them there, holding them

limply above her head, pressed against the door as if I were

still imprisoning them. I slid the short skirt up to her waist

and reached between her legs, grasping her with one hand pressed

against her naked crotch. My middle finger slid in easily and in

no time I had inserted two more alongside it. She squirmed

against my hand, kissing me more passionately now.

Lifting with the hand I was using to probe her wet opening, and

supporting her with my other arm around her waist, I pulled

upward until her feet left the floor and she was suspended on the

fingers inside her cunt. She grunted, and her mouth opened wider

as she gasped, but it was obvious that being held in this way was

exciting her as well as surprising her. I felt her press her

knees toward each other and then open again as she attempted ways

of hunching while suspended in this fashion. She continued doing

that, moving them inward and then outward again, and I could feel

her muscles tighten and relax against my fingers as I continued

holding her.

Slowly I lowered her to the floor again, smiling as she

immediately began moving her hips back and forth hotly against my

hand, bending at the knees as she hunched at the fingers in her

wet and hungry cunt. Her mind was no longer on our kiss, and her

mouth was open wide as her breathing grew more and more labored.

I moved my left arm from around her waist and slid my hand inside

her top, cupping her left breast and squeezing it as I broke our

kiss and looked deeply into her eyes. With her arms still

upraised, Ashley turned her head to one side and closed her eyes

tightly as her orgasm began. "Ungh...ungh...ungh...", she moaned,

her hips bucking faster now against the three fingers which were

fucking her roughly and insistently. She slid down the door

slightly as her knees buckled and her hips jerked outward. Her

eyes opened widely and her grunts ceased as her face seemed to

freeze for a moment as the sudden rush of her orgasm coursed

through her. Her head fell forward and there was a great gush of

air from her mouth as the passion began locating itself in her

clitoris. Her head flew backward once again as her arms flung

themselves around me, pulling me to her hard, the hungry passion

still exploding within her.

As the passion slowly subsided, I could feel her full chest

rising and falling against me, and she began softly caressing the

back of my head and neck with her hands and kissing me softly on

the cheek and neck. I held my fingers still inside her, feeling

her juices between them and on them, and beginning to run down my

palm. Sliding the fingers from her slowly, I moved away from her

slightly and held them in front of my face, smiling at the way

they coated my fingers. Ashley took my hand in hers and pulled it

to her mouth, licking her fluids from my fingers and sucking each

finger clean while she stared deeply into my eyes.

When she had cleaned them, I stepped back away from her and

looked up and down her body, pleased at the sight of her with her

skirt up around her waist and her naked and now wet thighs so

delightfully exposed to me. She tugged at the hem of her top,

pulling it from her skirt and lifting it over her head. She

tossed it to the side of her on the floor and unbuttoned the

skirt, letting it slide from her hips, kicking it to the side as

well. Kneeling in front of me with her legs slightly parted, and

then sitting between her feet, she placed her arms behind her

back and grasped the elbow of each arm with her hands, her

breasts pushing themselves out toward me in the process. Her eyes

lowered, she spoke softly to me once again.

"I am YOURS, MASTER...YOURS to do with as you will. Use me for

YOUR pleasure in all YOUR ways. Spare me nothing, have no

reservations, YOU know me, no man ever has. I am YOUR

slave, YOUR slut, YOUR whore, and I exist for YOUR pleasure,


Still having not spoken a word to her, I unzipped my pants and

took my hard cock out as I stepped closer to her. With my left

hand I lifted her chin, allowing her to see my thick meat

presented to her. She rose to her knees and moved her head toward

my crotch, her mouth opening to accept my dick. I fed the head of

my cock into her slowly, feeling her tongue caress it as it slid

further and further into her face. Her lips closed around the

shaft as I took her head in my hands and began stroking in and

out of her with long even movements. Her arms were still locked

behind her back, and her hard nipples were now grazing my thighs

as I fucked her faster. I would not postpone the inevitable, nor

would I screw her mouth tenderly. Her comfort and pleasure was of

no consequence for the moment, the only concern was my orgasm,

the dumping of my cum into her mouth and throat. I could feel it

building within me, and I fucked her roughly, pulling and pushing

her head back and forth as I shoved my thick cock back and forth

between her lips.

The moment the cum began erupting from my cock, I shoved the full

length of it deeply into her, my balls slapping against her chin,

my hands pulling her tightly to my crotch. My cock jerked inside

her, spurting its loads of hot white fuck down her throat. I

threw my head back, my mouth open, grunting as I fed her. When I

was done, I released her head and withdrew my still hard member,

wiping the tip of it on her cheek before tucking it back into my

pants. She lowered her eyes once more and sat back between her


"Thank YOU, MASTER, for using YOUR slave's mouth. YOUR slave

delights in the taste of YOUR cum, and in being fucked however

YOU choose."

I smiled warmly at her and sat on the edge of the bed, taking in

her submissive beauty. A drop of cum was making its way down her

chin. I watched it until it fell from there to her thigh.

"You have serviced your MASTER well, Ashley, MY slave. Now rise

and clean yourself as it will soon be time to join the others for

dinner. I will choose appropriate clothing for you while you


As I removed her clothing from her suitcase and selected her

outfit for the evening we chatted about her trip and my earlier

experiences on the lake. While I knew she was curious about my

plans for the remainder of our time there, I also knew well that

she would not ask or question me about them, but would simply

accept whatever I had planned for her. Our conversations during

and since our first dinner together had allowed me to learn much

about her and the things which she fantasized about and hungered

for. We still had much to do together.

Continued in part three....


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