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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade41.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Julia's Ass, Part Four

     When  Julia  awoke  the following morning she found her wrists and

ankles  tied  to  the corners of the bed.  She was completely nude, her

breasts  and  legs  and  cunt  exposed  and  available.  I was kneeling

between  her  opened  and bound legs running a long white feather along

the insides of her thighs.

     I  had  teased  her  for  quite some time before she had awakened,

letting  the  feather  flick  lightly  against the lips of her cunt and

touching  her clit and asshole lightly from time to time.  I had run it

along  her  breasts and watched as her nipples had grown hard and long.

She  had  begun  to grind her hips in small tight circles, hunching her

cunt  lewdly  into  the  air  above the bed when she finally awoke in a


     When  she  got over the initial shock of finding herself bound she

was  able  to  return  her  attention to the light touch of the teasing

feather  as  I continued to let it graze her now extended clit.  I kept

up  the  teasing  unmercifully  until  she  was just on the verge of an

orgasm  and  then stopped suddenly, leaving her moaning and begging for

me  to continue.  She pulled at the ropes that bound her and begged for

me  to  let her come.  Eventually her passion began to subside and only

then did I begin to resume the teasing once more.

     Over  and  over I brought her nearly to orgasm, stopping only when

it  was  obvious  that  another  second  of teasing would result in her

coming.   She  grew hotter and hotter with each approaching peak of her

passion,  moaning  more loudly and hissing dirtier and dirtier comments

in  an  attempt  to  encourage  me  to  fuck  her.  She was like a wild

animal,  overcome  by  desires  and  unaware of anything other than the

wild passionate hunger that  she felt coursing through her body.

     The  length of time I was able to stimulate her between peaks grew

shorter  and  shorter  and her moans and whimpers became one continuous

flow  of  grunts  and words, her head rolling from side to side and her

hips  making  lewd fucking movements nearly continuously.  Her fingers,

once  clenched  tightly  in  her fists were now being held outstretched

and  wide  apart,  the  muscles  in her arms and legs tight and flexing

from  the  exertions  her  body was making in trying to force an orgasm

even when being denied by her tormentor.

     Finally  I lay aside the feather and buried my face in her crotch,

taking  her  extended  clit  between  my lips and sucking on it wildly.

Her  orgasm hit her immediately and lasted for what seemed to be nearly

a  quarter of an hour, her body trembling and shaking, her cunt pumping

juice  into  my  mouth  almost  more  quickly  than I could swallow it.

Finally  with  one  great  lurch  of  her  hips she passed out from the

passion  that had overcome her and lay quietly, her body now completely

relaxed and limp before me.

     I  checked her breathing to make sure she was alright and then sat

quietly  for  a  few  moments  admiring  her  passion and her now quiet

beauty.   Not  every  woman  could  be used as I had just used her.  My

administrations   had   been   expertly  performed,  but  her  sluttish

submissiveness  had  complimented  my  actions  and had allowed them to

touch her to the depth of her being.

     I  untied  the  bonds  and rolled her over onto her stomach before

retying  them.   She  looked lovely with her legs spread widely and her

precious  tight  ass  displayed to me so completely.  Her cheeks opened

automatically  in  this  position  and  her  asshole and cunt were both

easily  accesible,  her  cunt  still  oozing  juices  from  her violent


     Opening  the  slut  bag which I had set next to the bed I took out

several  of  the items and laid them on the bed between her legs.  Then

I  brought  a pitcher of warm water from the bathroom and began to fill

the  pastry  syringe  with it.  With Julia still resting and unaware of

what  I  was  doing, I began to insert the nozzle of the pastry syringe

into  her  ass  and  then released the warm water slowly inside her.  I

continually  emptied  and  refilled  the  syringe,  filling my precious

little slut's ass with the warm water.

     Slowly,  Julia  awoke  and  aware  of  the  pressure in her bowels

expressed  a  need to go to the bathroom.  I showed her the syringe and

explained  that  I had filled her with water and that she would hold it

inside  her  until  I allowed her to release it.  Then taking the tawse

in  my  hand  I  began  to  swing it against her bare skin, letting the

strips   of  rawhide  flick  against  her  body.   I  swung  the  tawse

regularly,  but  lightly,  letting  her  grow  slowly accustomed to the

flicking  of  the  leather against her skin.  Gradually I increased the

force  of  my  swings,  smiling  as  the leather began to make slapping

sounds against her reddening skin.

     "Noooo,  that  hurts!   Don't  hurt me....please, I'll do anything

you say, just don't hurt me!"

     "It  isn't  hurting,  Julia...not  yet", I countered, and began to

swing  the  tawse  increasingly  harder against her back, her naked ass

cheeks and the backs of her thighs.

     "But  Master!,  you know I'll do anything!  I'll suck anyone, fuck

anyone, just don't hurt me...Pleeeeeease!", she pleaded.

     "It  pleases  me  to  hurt you, my little whore slut!", I replied,

swingling  the teasing tips of leather closer and closer to her exposed

cunt and asshole.

     In  spite of her pleas I could see the juice begin to run from her

naked  cunt,  pouring  out  onto  the  sheets  below her writhing body.

"What are you, Julia?  Tell me what you are!", I commanded.

     "Unnnghhh,  I'm  a  slut, Master.  A hot slut who will do anything

if you will stop whipping me!"

     "Oh,  but you are more than that, Julia", I reasoned, letting just

a  few  of  the  strips  flick against her cunt lips now as I talked to

her.   "You're a slave slut.  A dirty little tramp slave slut who needs

to  please  her  Master  above  all  else.   Your  naked body is for my

pleasure,  your  openings for me to use as a recepticle for cum, either

mine  or  the  cum  of  other men that I might choose to let dump their

fuck  into  you.   You  need to be my slave, to let your entire body be

mine.   You  need  to  let me be the one to decide for you who you will

fuck, who you will suck, to whom you will expose your private parts."

     "Yesssssss,  Master!   I am your slave!  You've pumped my ass full

of  water,  and  now  you're  beating  your  whore  slave.   Use me, my

Master!   Be  my  total  Master  and  make me your trembling submissive

slave  slut  whore.   Train  me!   Whip  me!  Hurt  me!   I neeeeeed it


     The  tawse  was now striking  her cunt regularly as I continued to

swing  it  across  her body, occassionally altering the angle of attack

to  allow  the leather strips to swing up in between her tied open legs

and  strike  her  cunt and asshole directly.  In spite of the pain that

she  was  feeling,  or  more  accurately partially because of it, Julia

began  to  have  a  strong  orgasm,  hunching  her hips up and down and

begging  me  not  to stop hurting her.  Tossing down the tawse I picked

up  the thick leather strap and began to strike her with it, the harder

leather  making  louder  sounds  as  it slapped against her naked skin.

The  contrast  in  the two whips was immediately evident to her and she

began  a  second  orgasm  almost  immediately, begging continuously for

more and more and more.

     "Hurt  me!  Fuck!  Hit  me  harder, Master!!!! Gawwwwwd, I need it

sooooo bad! Hurt your whore Master...use her body as you wish!!"

     I  had become extremely excited watching the submissive slave grow

hotter  and  hotter  as  my  whipping  of her body became more and more

earnest.   My  cock was raging hard, and I moved to the head of the bed

and  knelt  in  front of her, lifting her head and shoving my cock into

her  mouth as I lowered her head into my lap.  I continued to swing the

strap  against  her bare bottom, the end of the strap flicking over her

rounded  and  marked  ass  cheeks  and  slapping  against  her  wet and

trembling  cunt  as I fucked my cock in and out of her hot mouth.  As I

felt  the  hot  spunk  beginning  to  move from my balls into my dick I

swung  the  thick  leather  faster  and  harder,  the  spanking  sounds

competing with the sloshing sound of my fuck meat between her cheeks.

     Grabbing  Julia's hair and pulling her head up with a sharp jerk I

began  spewing my juice into her mouth and throat, feeling the hot fuck

being pumped from my throbbing member as it jerked inside her head.

     The  increased  force of the strap against her body and the sudden

fierceness  of  the explosion in her mouth, brought Julia over the edge

and  her  body  began to shake once again from the force of yet another

orgasm.   When  all  my  fuck had been shot into her mouth and her body

had  gradually returned to normal I untied my now weak slut and allowed

her  to  stand in the bathtub in front of me and release the water that

had  been  confined  inside  her.   I  then  allowed her to shower as I

watched,  loving  the  sight  of  the streams of water running over her

beautiful body and dripping from her still extended nipples.

     "Now,  Julia, I want you to lay on the floor for me and masturbate

while  I  watch.   Show  me  how you fuck yourself when you think about

other  men  fucking you.  Show me how you rub your clit and think about

several  men  fucking  you  at  once.  Show me how a nasty little slave

slut makes herself come."

     Her  body  still dripping from the shower, my submissive slave lay

on  the  carpeted floor in front of the bed and opened her legs widely.

Her  right  hand  moved  to  her pussy and began rubbing the top of her

cunt  in  small  circles.  Her left hand moved to her nipples and began

to  circle  them,  making them even more visible and extended than they

had  been  before.   Before  long she was slipping two fingers from her

left  hand  into her hole as she continued to rub her hard clit.  I sat

on  the edge of the desk and watched her, enjoying the way she was able

to  find  such  enjoyment  in her own body, and wondering what thoughts

were  running  through her mind as she fingered herself lewdly in front

of  me.   As  her  passion  increased she graduated from two fingers to

three  inside  her,  twisting  and  turning them and pressing them hard

alternately between the bottom of her cunt and the top.


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