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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade40.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Julia's Ass, Part Three

     Look  at  it  like  this.   If nothing else you have  learned that

there  are  at  least  three parts to Julia's ass, right?  Later on you

will  be  taught the parts of a flower, and then the parts of the inner

ear, so stay tuned!  Back to our story.

     When  our  heroine  (slutoine?)  returned  to  the  hotel  she was

bubbling  over with the experiences of her morning shopping trip.  "You

won't  believe  what  happened!",  she  said,  shaking  her  head.  She

recounted  the  events  to  me  with  a  mixture of wonder and somewhat

embarassed  excitement  while  I  sat there smiling at her and thinking

about  how  nice  she must look with a pretty young girl's head between

her  legs.   She  seemed  to have forgotten that I had been waiting and

anticipating  the  opportunity  to  see her legs with the stockings on,

but  as  she  stood  between me and the big window I could make out the

outline  of her legs through the thin pink dress and could even faintly

see the garters as they were attached to the top of her stockings.

     "And  then,  just  as I was thinking about how some of those women

must look naked...."

     I  just let her continue telling me all about it as I felt my cock

growing  inside  my  pants.  She was such a delightful woman, so little

girl-like  in many ways, yet so mature and sensuous.  Right now she was

like  my  little  four  year old, telling me about her trip to the zoo.

Before  long  she would be my whore again, writhing in passion under my

body with my cock stroking in and out of her womanhood.

     "I  don't know what came over me, but when she sat down and spread

her  legs  and told me to "do her", I did!  Just like that!  And it was

wonderful!  I mean...."

     The  tone  of her voice was changing a bit now, and I knew that by

the  time  she  finished telling me about her experience with the young

clerk  that she would be needing me once more.  I liked for her to need

me.   Really need me.  I liked it best when her juice was streaming out

of her hole and running down her thighs.

     "And  I  almost forgot to put the stockings on, and when I did put

them on the cab driver...."

     It  won't be long now, I thought to myself.  I couldn't think of a

thing  to  spank her for at the moment, and it was a shame too.  I know

she  would  have  responded  nicely  to  it  just then.  Oh well, maybe

before lunch something will come up.

     "But  here  I've been talking away and forgetting to show you what

I  bought.   I  can't wait for you to see me in the pretty garter belt. do you like it?"

     She  now  stood  before me with her dress lifted to her waist, the

lower  half  of  her  beautiful body exposed to me.  The colors matched

her  dress  perfectly, and it was just exactly what I would have bought

for  her  under  different circumstances.  She had put tan stockings on

with  the  pink  and  white  garter  belt,  and they fit her perfectly,

stopping  at just the right distance from her cunt, leaving me the most

delectable  portion  of  her  thighs  to  kiss,  but  still  making  it

necessary  for  her  to let her dress or skirt rise dangerously high to

show  off  the  garters  that held them up.  The lips of her cunt still

glistened  with  wetness  from  the excitement she had experienced, and

her  cunt  hair  was  beautiful, backlit by the streaming sunlight that

was filtered through the back of the pink dress.

     "No  wonder  the girl just had to eat you", I said, smiling.  "You

certainly look good enough to eat.  Come here to me."

     Julia  walked  to  me  slowly,  letting her dress fall as she did.

When  she  was  standing directly in front of me I felt her garter belt

and  stockings  through her dress, loving the feel of it under the thin


     "Turn around, Julia", I directed.

     She  turned  around  slowly  until  her  ass  was facing me, and I

caressed  her soft ass through the dress, feeling the top of the garter

belt  along  her  small waist and tracing the straps as they moved down

the backs of her legs.

     "Show me your ass, Julia.  Pull the dress up for me."

     She  reached  behind  her  and  slid the soft material up over her

rounded  bottom  until it was totally available to me.  I ran my finger

lightly  along  her  soft skin and into the crevice, letting it lightly

caress  her  anus.   "Did the girl lick your ass, Julia?  Did she stick

her tongue deep inside your asshole?"

     She  trembled  slightly and I saw her cheeks clench and release as

she answered softly, "No, she didn't do that."

     "But  you  wish  she  had, don't you, Julia?  You'd like to feel a

nice  wet  tongue  inside  your  ass  wouldn't  you, my precious little


     "Mmmmmmmm, yessss, I would like that very much!", she sighed.

     "Then  bend  over  and hold on to the edge of the table, Julia.  I

want to lick your ass for you.  Its such a delicious looking ass."

     "Oh,  yes...please do lick it for me. this how you want

me to bend over for you?  Can you get to me good like this?"

     I  could  get to her wonderfully.  She had spread her legs further

open  and  when she had bent forward to grasp the edge of the table her

ass  had  stuck  out  nicely  toward  my  face.  I didn't have to kneel

behind  her  or  move  in  any  way,  I could simply just press my face

against her soft bottom and lick her as long as I chose to lick her.

     I  tucked  the  hem  of  her  dress into the belt that circled her

waist  in  order  that  I might have both hands free, and began kissing

the  precious  cheeks that she offered me so willingly.  I let my hands

roam  up  and  down  the  stockings  that  so  beautifully  adorned her

marvelous  legs,  and  loved the smell of her sex that rose so strongly

from her now very wet cunt.

     My  hands  now  moved  to  her  ass  cheeks  and spread them open,

exposing  her little puckered anus to my hungry tongue.  I licked at it

gently,  letting just the tip of my tongue graze her tiny opening.  She

began  to moan hotly, encouraging me to kiss her harder and deeper.  In

response,  I  pressed  my  tongue  hard  against her, and soon felt her

opening  to recieve it.  I worked my tongue around the rim of her anus,

teasing  it  and  encouraging  her  to  relax  those muscles even more.

Saliva  flowed  down  my  tongue into the crack of her ass, lubricating

her  bottom  fuck  hole for the stiff intruder that wanted to be inside

it so very much.

     She  grew  more  and  more eager to have my tongue inside her, and

began  to  push  back  toward  my  face with her ass, trying to take my

tongue  deeper  and  deeper  into  her hole.  I felt her open wider and

soon  my tongue was sliding inside, being pressed hard by the clenching

muscles  of  her asshole.  I fucked the thick mouth meat back and forth

as  she  churned  her  hips,  letting  my tongue fuck her where she had

never been fucked before.

     "Ohhhh,  its  inside,  isn't  it!!!  I can feel it in there...your

tongue  in  my  ass!   Oh,  Gawd!!   I've never felt anything like that

before!  Do it...please don't stop!  It feels soooooo goooood!"

     I  let  my  left hand move between her legs, and raising it slowly

began  to  wipe  the  side of my hand against her slit.  When her juice

had  covered  the inside of my left hand I turned it over and wiped the

back  of  it  against  her still wet lips, letting her fuck fluids coat

the  back  of  my hand as well.  I continued turning my hand and wiping

it  against  her  slut  cunt, not particularly trying to further excite

her,  just  wanting my hand to be covered with fuck juice, just for the

hell  of  it.   When  my hand was covered I began to coat my wrist, and

then  more  and more of my arm, sliding it between her legs and feeling

her  slick juice spreading over it as i worked it against her soft, wet

lips.   All  the  while  I  kept  fucking  my  tongue in and out of her

asshole, screwing her, prodding her.

     Julia's  legs  were  trembling  now,  quivering  erraticly  as she

ground  her  hips  in  small  circles.   She  stumbled  slightly as she

changed  her  stance  to  allow  her  to support herself with one hand.

With  her  newly  freed  hand  she  took my hand in hers and pressed it

upward  against  her  clit  and  rubbed  it  against herself.  Her hips

humped  back  and  forth now rapidly, as she used my tongue and my hand

to  bring  herself to orgasm.  She was still moaning quietly, no longer

mouthing  words,  but  short  series  of  tiny  grunts and gasps as her

quivering body came alive with the passion that grew inside her.

     When  she  finally  came  she  came  so strongly that she lost her

balance  and  fell forward onto the table in front of her, requiring me

to  get  off  the bed and follow her in order to keep my tongue deep in

her  ass.   When her orgasm had subsided I let my tongue slide from her

tight  hole  and  sat  back on the bed.  Julia sat weakly in the floor,

her  legs  bent  to the left, the hem of her dress several inches above

the tops of her stockings.  Damn, she was beautiful.

     Just  then  there  was  a  knock  at the door.  "Are you expecting

someone?",  Julia  asked,  her  face still flushed with the passion she

had just experienced.

     "Oh,  yes.   I  asked  a  couple of my business associates to come

by.  That must be them."

     "Oh  no!   Is  it  ok  that I'm here?  What will they think?", she

asked excitedly.

     "Its  quite  alright.   Just  sit  there  in  the  chair  and I'll

introduce  you  to  them.   They  won't  be  here  long,  I'm  sure", I

reassured her.

     I  let  my  friends in, and introduced them to Julia.  Antonio was

the  taller  of  the two men, a dark spaniard with a mischievious smile

and  a  trim muscular body.  At 6'4" he took pride in being somewhat of

a  volleyball  wizard  and  played  at  least  three nights a week, all

during  the year.  He had been on several amateur championship teams in

the last several seasons.

     Mike  was only 5'11", but he too was athletic in build, keeping in

shape  by  jogging in the park most every morning before going to work.

I  saw  the  looks  of  appreciation they gave Julia and felt sure they

were well received.

     We  discussed  business  for  some  time,  covering  a  few of the

details  that  I  had partially come to New York to resolve.  They both

sat  on  the edge of the bed, and I continued to stand as we talked.  I

grew  tired  of the business talk quickly, still thinking about Julia's

wet  cunt  and  the  way  her  juice  had  covered  my hand and arm.  I

motioned  for  her  to  come to me, and was pleased as she stood up and

walked to my side.

     I  kissed  her  gently  on  the  lips as Antonio continued talking

about  the  proposed  merger,  letting  my  lips savor the taste of the

other  woman's  cunt  juice and allowing my tongue to slide softly into

her  mouth.   Julia  stood  with  her arms by her side, her head tilted

slightly back allowing me to kiss her at will.

     Unaware  that  the conversation had ended, I stopped kissing Julia

and  stared  into  her  eyes.   My  hands rose to her chest and I began

pinching  her  nipples  through  the material of the pretty pink dress.

At  the  angle  we wee standing, Antonio and Mike had a good view of my

fingers  pulling  at her nipples through the fabric, and I'm sure Julia

was  aware  of  their  eyes on her as I played wth her body in front of

them.   She  stared  into my eyes for a long time as the passion in her

grew  and  before  long  closed her eyes as her nipples were now firmly

rigid and poking visibly through her dress.

     I  smoothed  the material over her bosom, holding it tight against

her  breasts,  making the hard nipples even more visible to the two men

who  were  watching with interest.  Moving to the side of Julia I began

to  slide  her  dress  up  one  leg, letting it rise higher and higher,

exposing  her  stocking  and naked thigh and garter belt to Antonio and

Mike.   By  the time I had lifted it to her waist there could have been

no doubt in their minds that she was without panties.

     Letting  the dress fall back down I took my precious obedient slut

by  the  waist and turned her body so that her back was to the two men.

I  then  lifted her dress from the bottom once more, exposing her naked

ass  completely  to  them  and  letting  their hot gaze caress the full

length  of  her  legs and the ass I had only moments before fucked with

my tongue.

     After  giving  them adequate time to admire her submissive bottom,

I  turned  her  around once more and placed the hem of her dress in her

hands,  adjusting it so that she was now holding it up enough that just

an inch or two of her naked thighs were exposed to the two men.

     With  Julia  holding  her dress up for us, I knelt behind her once

more  and reached up under her dress, my fingers slowly moving into her

fuck  hole.  Antonio and Mike could only see my arm reaching up between

her  spread  open  legs, but I know, and Julia knew as well, that there

was  little  doubt  in  their  minds  as to what my fingers were doing.

There  was  even less doubt as Julia, in spite of her sense of decorum,

began  moving  her  hips  in  tiny  circles,  grinding  her cunt on the

fingers which impaled her.

     The  two  men hadn't expected to see what they were seeing, and by

this  time  were  so excited that they couldn't help but take advantage

of  the  situation.   They  both had their dicks out of their pants now

and  were  sliding their fists up and down the long hard shafts as they

watched the slut with the beautiful legs and hard nipples being finger-

fucked in front of them.

     Julia's  eyes  were  no  longer  closed, but were fixed on the two

hunks  in  front  of her as they masturbated for her.  Her eyes flicked

back  and  forth  between the two thick cocks, her mind racing, filling

with  dirty  filthy  thoughts  of being fucked by all the strong virile

men in the room at once.

     "Can  I...Oh,  Gawd...Can  I  pull  it up some more, Master?", she

asked  hotly.   "I want them to see it all, Master.  I want them to see

my cunt being fucked.  Please....please let me show them!"

     "You  sound  like  a  whore, Julia.  You want to show the two cock

stroking  men  your  cunt  do  you?   Is that what you want?",  I asked


     "Unggggggh,  yesssss!   I  AM a whore, Master.  A dirty tramp slut

whore who wants them to see it all.  Pleaase Master! Please!"

     Her  hips  were  pumping  wildly  now  as  she hissed the depraved

wishes of her passion filled body.

     "Show  them, Julia.  Show them your finger-fucked cunt.  Make them

shoot their cum into the air!", I commanded.

     She  pulled  her  dress  to her waist so quickly that she actually

ripped  it  in  one place along the right side.  When she had lifted it

she  began  hunching her hips even more wildly, bending at the knees as

she  fucked  herself  on  the  three  fingers I now had deep within her


     I  stood  behind  her  now and began to whisper obscenely into her

ear  as  she  continued  to  stare at the two men who jerked their fuck

meat hotly in front of her.

     "Look  at  their dicks, Julia.  You want those hot peckers in your

holes,  don't  you?   You  need to be fucked soooo bad, don't you baby?

You  need  those thick dicks deep in your pussy and mouth.  You need to

come and you need to have cum pumped into you, don't you?"

     Julia  simply nodded vigorously, continuing to bend and straighten

her legs, rising and lowering herself on the fingers inside her.

     "I  want  to  watch you.  I want to watch you suck one of the huge

dicks  until  he  squirts  his cum into your mouth, and I want to watch

the  other  man pound his fuck meat into your from behind, doggy style.

Fuck them for me Julia.  Fuck them for me now!"

     She  fell forward immediately to her knees and crawled to Antonio,

taking  his dark skinned meat into her hungry mouth.  She loved it with

her  tongue  and lips as if she were starving for cum.  In no time Mike

was  kneeling  behind  her  and  sliding her dress up over her ass.  He

slid  his long tool into her soaking wet pussy, imbedding it completely

in her in one quick thrust of his hips.

     Antonio  was  leaning  back  on the bed now, supporting himself on

his  arms  and  staring  down at the beautiful cock loving slut who was

sucking  on  his dick as if she wanted to suck his balls out the end of

it.   He  watched  her  head  moving forward and back as well as up and

down  as  his friend screwed his rigid dick into her from behind in the

manner of dogs who fuck.

     Julia  was  completely  lost  in a sea of passion, overcome by the

smell  of the dark skinned man in whose lap she had buried her face and

by  the  feel  of  the long thick dick that was ramming her hungry fuck

hole  from  behind.   She  heard  his  balls  slapping at her ass as he

fucked  in  and  out of her, and felt the pubic hair of the man she was

sucking  grazing her chin.  She wanted their cum.  She wanted all their

cum,  every drop.  She wanted to feel and taste the hot stream of white

sperm  pour into her mouth and wanted to feel an equally hot and strong

pouring  out  of fuck into her belly from behind.  She worked both ends

hotly,  trying  to  milk the hot juice from the two men who screwed her

with wild passion.

     She   was   soon  rewarded  as  both  men  began  to  come  almost

simultaneously.   Antonio's hips lifted Julia's face up into the air as

he  shoved  them upward, as if trying to force the hot cum in his balls

up  through  the  rigid shaft covered by the precious slut's lips.  Big

wads  of hot cum poured from his dick, spilling out onto her tongue and

running back down into her throat.

     At  the  same  time,  Mike  was shooting long streams of jism into

Julia's  trembling  cunt  from  behind,  splashing it against the walls

that gripped and pulled at the hot fuck meat they surrounded.

     Julia  desperately  needed  to  come  herself and was right on the

verge  of  making it when the two men pushed her to the side and stood,

putting  their  satisfied cocks back into their pants.  She slid to the

floor,  cum  dripping  from  her  lips  and  running  from her cunt and

watched  as  the  two  men took money from their wallets and laid it on

the table, thanking me for a good time before they left.

     Astonished  at  the realization that her body had been sold, Julia

stared  at  me with open eyes, unable to speak.  Taking my cock from my

pants  and  moving  closer  to  her  I began to rub the head of my dick

along  her forehead.  She was motionless for quite some time, as if she

were  debating  what  to  do  now.  Then with a sign of resignation she

raised  her  head and took the head of my dick into her mouth and began

sucking  on it, her hand moving to her needy pussy and beginning to rub

hotly at her clit.

     When  she  had  sucked my cock to a full erection I pulled it from

her  mouth  and  lifted  her  to her feet.  I stood in front of her and

stripped.   When  I  was naked I then stripped her of everything except

the  stockings,  garter  belt  and heels and lay on my back on the bed,

motioning for her to join me.

     She  crawled,  legs spread wide, along the bottom of the bed until

she  was  straddling  my  body, and taking my dick in her hand, held it

steady  as  she lowered her itchy pussy down onto me.  It was a perfect

fit,  my cock stroking every inch of her fuck hole as she continued her

downward  movement,  taking  more and more of me into her until she had

the entire length of my hot shaft buried in her cum filled hole.

     Julia  danced  above  me, swirling her hips in circles as she slid

up  and  down  the  pole  on  which she sat.  I reached forward with my

right  hand,  pulling  at  her  nipples as my left hand played with her

ass,  encouraging  her  fucking  movements.   She bent forward from the

waist,  pressing  her  hot  mouth  tightly  against mine and kissing me

hotly  as  she  fucked me with unbounded passion, pausing only to grind

her  hips  in  a teasing circle both at the top of her travels along my

shaft as well as at the bottom.

     Our  mouths  were  wide  open,  our  tongues licking hotly at each

other,  saliva  running  freely, pouring from her mouth into mine as we

fucked and fucked and fucked.

     When  our  mutual  orgasms  overtook  us I shoved my middle finger

deeply  into  her  still pumping ass as her body trembled and shook and

jerked above me.

     We  fucked  the rest of that day, never bothering to turn down the

covers  of  the  bed,  but  merely  fucking  and  resting,  fucking and

sleeping,  fucking and fucking again.  I didn't make Julia go home that

night,  but  kept  her  there  with me, spending time with her asshole,

helping  it to become accustomed to having my finger deep inside it.  I

still  had  not  spanked  her but once, and as I stared at her precious

ass  cheeks,  working my middle finger in and out of her asshole, I was

thankful that we had yet another day to spend together.


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