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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade39.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Julia's Ass, Part Two

     The  doorman  motioned  to  the  cab,  indicating  that  he  had a

passenger  for  him.   As  she  waited, Julia was aware of the cool air

hitting  her  hot pussy.  She had often though of going without panties

in  public,  but had never allowed herself to do so.  Now the heat that

she  still felt from the spanking and the fingering her Master had just

given  her  made  the  cool  air  even more of a contrast than it might

otherwise be.

     The  cab  driver was a white man in his early thirties.  Normally,

Julia  would  have  hardly  noticed him, but she now looked at him with

interest  as the cab pulled to the curb in front of her.  She found him

attractive  in  a  strange  kind of way and as she obeyed her Master by

thinking  about  it  being  her  cum that was now in her body she found

herself  growing excited and hot to fuck all over again.  She purposely

was  careless with her dress as she sat down in the back of the cab and

was  aware  of  the  eyes of the doorman on her as she swung her pretty

legs inside.

     "Where to, Lady?", asked the cabbie.

     "Victoria's  Secret  lingerie  store",  she  said  with  a  smile.

Normally  she  would  merely  give  street  names  to a cab driver, she

thought  to  herself  with  amazement,  as she caught the cabbie's eyes

looking  her  over  in the rear view mirror.  She returned his gaze and

inspite  of herself found her hand moving to her lap where she began to

rub  her  belly  through  the thin material of her dress.  This man has

just  fucked  me,  she  thought.  He's fucked me and now I'm having him

stop  by the lingerie store on the way home so that I can buy some more

fucking  clothes.   I'm a hooker, a whore.  A whore who takes money for

sucking cocks and for eating juicy pussies.  Gawd, I love it!

     All  too  soon they were at Victoria's Secret and Julia handed the

man  his  money  with  slightly  trembling  hands.   She  felt his eyes

roaming  over  her  body  as she walked from the cab to the door of the

store.   A  strong  wind  whipped  at  her  dress and she grabbed at it

nervously,  aware that it might reveal to anyone who wanted to see that

she was naked beneath the thin pink dress.

     Once  inside,  Julia  eyed the other customers with interest.  The

store  was  filled  with  women, most of them her age or younger.  They

walked  fluidly from display to display, fingering the sexy lingerie as

it  hung  on  the  hangers  before  them.   She  watched each woman and

thought  about  how  she  would  look  with  the  lingerie  on that she

examined.   She thought about them all being bi women and imagined them

lying on their backs with their legs spread, wanting her to lick them.

     Finding  the  display  of  garter  belts, Julia began to look them

over,  trying  to  find  one  that  would compliment her dress and that

would  satisfy her Master.  She was self-concious looking at the garter

belts.   She knew that normal women wore them too, but she felt so much

like  a  whore  standing  there going through them.  She had never worn

such  a  thing  before,  believing  that  only  loose  women  wore such

things.   Her  husband  would have thought for sure that she was having

an  affair  with  someone  if  he  had ever seen her in one of them and

would  have  made  her  change  into  something sensible like pantyhose


     A  very  attractive  young woman approached Julia and asked if she

could  help her.  Julia looked the girl over quickly, blushing a bit as

she  did  so.   The  girl  was  lovely, a very shapely blonde with long

curly  hair  who was large in all the right places and small in all the


     "You  like garter belts too, do you?", she asked with a big smile.

"I  hate  pantyhose.  They are too confining for me.  I like to be able

to "feel the breeze", if you know what I mean", she said.

     "Well,  I've  never...",  Julia  caught herself.  She was about to

admit  that  she  had  never  owned  one before when she remembered her

Master's  instructions.   "I've  never  seen one that I didn't like, to

tell  you  the  truth.  They are so much sexier, and offer so much more

freedom", she said.

     "I  agree.   I  don't  know  of  anything sexier than a woman with

great  legs  and  a  garter belt outfit on.  If you want something that

will  go  with that dress, this would be a nice one", she said, handing

Julia  a  pretty pink and white garter belt.  "You can try it on if you

like, I'll show you the dressing room."

     "Thanks",  Julia  said,  letting  her  eyes  roam  over the pretty

blondes body as she led the way toward the back of the store.

     Once  inside  the  dressing cubicle, Julia slid the garter belt up

her  legs,  holding  the  dress  up to her waist as she did so.  It fit

nicely  and  she admired herself in the mirror as she thought about how

nice  it  would look with some pretty stockings attached.  Suddenly she

was  aware  that  the salesgirl was watching her through the opening in

the curtained doorway.

     "I  see  you  don't  like  to wear panties either", the girl said,

sliding inside with Julia.  "We seem to have alot in common."

     "Julia  dropped her dress when she was aware the girl was watching

her,  but felt herself growing wetter when the pretty young girl walked

inside  the  cubicle  with  her.   Before  she  was  aware  of what was

happening,  the girl was pressing her body against hers and kissing her

directly on the mouth.

     Nothing  like  this  had  ever  happened to Julia before.  She had

thought  about  being  with  another  woman, but only in her fantasies.

But  here  she  was  with no panties, being kissed hotly by a woman who

wasn't  even  out  of  her  twenties  yet.  She did nothing to stop the

young  woman's  advances  and  before  she  knew  it  was returning the

woman's  kiss  with  fervor.   She  was  dimly aware of the girl's hand

moving  along  her  thigh under her dress and moving toward her crotch.

The  girl's lips were so soft and tasted so wonderful!  She moaned into

the  pretty  salesgirl's mouth as she felt her tongue doing battle with

her  own  tongue  and gasped as she felt her clit being rubbed expertly

by the long slim fingers that were now under her dress.

     When  she felt the girl begin to kneel in front of her, Julia felt

as  if  she  were  in a dream somehow.  Her dress was being raised once

again  and now the girl was kissing her soft thighs, moving insistently

toward  her  now  dripping  cunt.   When her mouth finally made contact

with  her pussy, Julia moved her hands to the blonde head in her crotch

and  pulled  it  tight  against  herself,  loving  the feel of the soft

tongue  that  was now moving between her trembling cunt lips.  She gave

in  to  the passion that was now filling her body and began to move her

hips  in  circles  as  the  girl  sucked  and nibbled on her pussy.  In

almost  no time she was coming, hunching wildly against the girls face,

covering it with her juices and moaning hotly.

     "Gawd,  you  taste  wonderful!", the girl was now saying.  She sat

down  on  the  small bench in the dressing room and lifted her skirt to

her  waist  exposing  her  naked  and  completely shaved cunt to Julia.

"Now do me...quick...I'm so hot!!!"

     Julia  wasn't  sure  what  was  happening  to  her,  but she found

herself  kneeling  in front of the pretty blonde and pressing her mouth

against  the  bare  pussy  that  was offered to her.  The girl was wet,

very  wet,  and  Julia  found  the  taste  of  her juices pleasant, yet

different  from  her  own.   She loved the smell of sex that filled her

nostrils  and  the  feel  of the girls soft legs against her shoulders.

She  pressed  her  tongue  deeper  into  the soft wet lips of the young

girls  cunt  and was pleased at the response she was eliciting from her

new friend.

     "Ohhhhh, me!  Lick me deeper, just like that, yessss!",

the  girl was whispering hotly, as she ground her pussy against Julia's

mouth  and  pulled  her  head  tighter  to her crotch.  She was leaking

juice  copiously  now  and Julia had to swallow often to keep the girls

fuck  from  leaking  from her mouth and dripping onto the floor beneath

her.   In  a  very  short time the girl was coming, pushing her cunt up

into  Julia's face with rapid short jerks of her hips and continuing to

moan hotly.

     "Oh  Gawd,  I've  got  to  get out of here...if Sharon finds me in

here  she'll  fire  me!", the girl said when she had recovered from her

orgasm.   "Don't  forget  to pay for the garter belt!", she said with a

big smile as she walked quickly from the dressing cubicle.

     Julia  looked at herself in the mirror in amazement.  Her face was

slick  now  with  the  juice of the young salesgirl.  She looked around

for  something  to  clean  her  face  with,  but  could  find  nothing.

Resigning  herself  to  her  fate of having to return to the hotel with

the  girl's  fuck  still  on  her  face,  Julia gathered up her things,

picked  out  a couple of pairs of stockings, paid for her purchases and

left the store.

     Halfway  back  to  the  hotel,  Julia realized that her Master was

expecting  her  to have the stockings on when she returned.  She opened

a  package  of  the  stockings  and  began  to  slide them up her legs,

smoothing  them  out  and attaching the garters after adjusting them to

the proper length.

     "Next  time  you can ride in front with me, Lady", the leering cab

driver  said,  as  he  watched  her in the mirror.  "I'd love to have a

better view of that action!"

     Julia  blushed,  unaware  that  the  driver  had been watching her

through  the mirror.  Surely he couldn't have seen much.  But obviously

he  saw  something.   His  suggestive  comment  had thrown her, and she

wasn't  aware  that she had forgotten to pull her dress back down until

the  cab  had  stopped  and she saw him turned, staring into her lap at

her exposed legs and crotch.

     "Oh,  here!",  she  said  with frustration, pulling her dress down

with one hand and shoving the driver's money to him with the other.

     "Don't  worry  about a tip, Darlin, I've had my tip from you!", he

said  hotly,  as  Julia opened the door and hurried from the cab toward

the door of the hotel.

     As  Julia  walked  down  the  hall  to  the  bank of elevators she

wondered  just what else would happen to her that day.  She had lived a

pretty  normal  life up until she had met Master Wade in the plaza, and

now,  in  the  space  of  a  few  hours,  she found herself having been

spanked,  having  enjoyed her first taste of another woman's pussy, and

having  exposed  herself to a cab driver.  It was with a sigh of relief

that  she  knocked  quietly on the door to her Master's room.  Whatever

happened  next  would  surely be more normal than her morning had been.

Still  it  had  been  a wonderful morning, one filled with more passion

than  she  had known in years prior to this day.  She could hardly wait

to see what happened next.


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