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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade38.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Julia's Ass

     Once  I  was sure of my suspicions about Julia I knew that I would

have  to  see  her  often.   Before  she left that first evening in the

hotel  she  asked if she could see me the next day, and of course I was

as  eager  for that as she was.  I told her to be at the hotel no later

than  9:00  the  next morning.  I suppose I could have let her stay the

night,  but  I  wanted  her  to  be  fresh and ready for a full day the

following  day, and I knew that neither of us would sleep if she stayed

there in the hotel with me.

     I  hadn't  been  surprised  at  Julia's  submissiveness.  What had

surprised  me  was  her  legs  and her ass.  They didn't look nearly as

nice  in  those  shorts  as they did when she was naked and prone on my

bed.   I was eager to see them again and to play with them and use them

some  more.   She  was  just beginning to come out of the shell she had

allowed  to be built around her through the years.  I knew she would be

some fuck by the time I got through with her.

     She  arrived  at the hotel room right on time, perhaps a minute or

two  early  by  my  watch.  She was wearing a pretty pink summer dress,

and  the  contrast between her appearance this morning and the previous

afternoon was striking.

     As  soon  as she entered the room and I had closed the door behind

her  she  fell  into my arms.  Pushing her body back against the wall I

kissed  her  deeply,  letting my hands roam over her lithe body beneath

the   pretty  pink  dress.   She  grew  hot  immediately,  panting  and

whimpering  as  her  hips  moved against me in our embrace.  I slid her

dress  up to her waist quickly, and clad only in the robe, took my cock

in  my  hand  and slid it into her already wet and hungry cunt, pushing

her wet panties to the side as I filled her.

     One  or  two  thrusts into her cunt and she was pulling herself up

with  her  arms  around  my  shoulders  and  locking her legs around my

waist.   I  fucked her hard and fast against the wall, turned on by her

passion  and the quickness with which things were happening.  She began

to  scream as her orgasm overtook her and I covered her mouth with mine

as  my  own  orgasm  erupted  deep within me.  I shot my fuck into her,

pressing  her  fully  dressed slut body against the wall and driving my

cock  deep  into  her belly as the hot white sperm filled her trembling


     When  we  grew  too weak to maintain our current position she slid

softly  to  the floor, still in my embrace.  Her legs were bare and tan

and  I  loved  the  feel of them as they slid downward against my body.

Moving  away  from  her  slightly I held her dress up and looked at her

lower  body,  loving  the view of her long legs and the twisted panties

that  had  been so roughly shoved aside to allow me access to her cunt.

One  of her cunt lips was still showing to the side of her panties, and

her  soft cunt hair was evident on that side of her panties as well.  I

looked  at her, contiuing to hold her dress up, for nearly two minutes,

simply  enjoying  the view of her body, and then released the dress and

let it cover her once again.

     "Do you know where Victoria's Secret store is?", I asked her.

     "Yes, of course.  I have bought a few things in there", she said.

     "You  have my cum in your belly, and have been fucked once already

today.   You'll  be fucked more, of course, but right now I want you to

take  a  cab  to  Victoria's  Secret  and  buy  a  garter belt and some

stockings  to go with the dress you have on.  When you've bought what I

request  you can come back to the room.  When you get in the cab I want

you  to  think  about  the  cum  that  is  inside you and I want you to

pretend  that instead of my cum it is the cab driver's cum.  Pretend in

your own mind that he just fucked you and is now taking you home."

     "But why..."

     "Never  mind  why,  just  do  as I say, Julia.  When you enter the

store,  I  want  you  to  think  of  yourself as a hooker who is buying

something  to  wear  when  she sells her body.  The other women who are

there  you will see as bi-sluts, every one of them.  You'll think about

them  not  as salesladies, or as wives buying something to please their

husbands,  but  you  will  think of them as women who are hungry to eat

pussy  and  want to please thier female lovers.  You will also see them

as  potential  customers,  women who would pay to have you eat them and

finger their hungry holes."

     "Hey,  why  are  you  being  like  this, this morning?  I like you

alot,  but  no  one  tells  me  what  to  do and especially not what to

think!  I think maybe I'd better just go home", she said defiantly.

     "You're  not  going  anywhere I don't tell you to go, you precious

little  slut you!", I said.  "Am I going to have to spank you the first

thing this morning?", I asked with a leering grin.

     It  was  written  all  over  her  face.  Just the word "spank" had

elicited a hunger inside her that even she wasn't aware was there.

     "No,  you  can't do that.  No one does that to me.  I haven't been

(gulp) spanked since I was a little girl."

     "I  can  and  I  will  do  it,  Julia.   You're being defiant, not

submissive  to  me  as  I require that you be.  You need to be taught a


     "No,  please  don't do that.  It would be so embarassing.  Be nice

to  me,  I'll  do  alot  to make you happy, you don't have to spank me.


     I  began  pulling  her toward the bed as her attitude changed from

one  of defiance to one of pleading.  But her pleas were not the desire

of  her  heart,  that  was for sure.  She wanted it and needed it.  And

she was going to get it.

     She  struggled  half-heartedly  as I sat down on the bed and began

to  pull  her into my lap.  When she was across my knee I slid her pink

dress  up over her ass, exposing her pantied buns to me and watching as

she  struggled  to free herself.  Her ass was lovely and inviting as it

squirmed  in  front of me.  Reaching to her waist with my right hand as

I  held  her  down  with my left arm I pulled the waistband of her tiny

panties  down until they were halfway between her ass and her knees and

laid my hand gently on her naked ass-cheeks.

     "Noooo!   Please don't spank me!  I'll be good, honest!  Just tell

me  what  you  want, I'll do it, anything!  I'll go buy the garter belt

and  stockings  and  I'll  think of everything you told me to think of,

just don't spank my tender little ass, pleeeease!", she begged.

     The  first  three  slaps  of my hand against her soft buns brought

squeals  of  surprise  from her and she struggled to move away from the

hot  hand  which fell against her soft cheeks.  In between each spank I

squeezed  her  butt  and let my fingers slide across her naked and open

cunt  and  graze  the  opening to her ass as it moved back into the air

once more.

     By  the  seventh  or eight spank she was no longer struggling, but

was  accepting  her  fate  and merely crying out with quiet moans as my

hand  struck  her  lewdly  exposed  ass.   I  felt my cock growing hard

against  her  stomach  as she lay across my lap and soon she was moving

her  hips  sensously  between  the spanks, grinding herself against the

hard cock under her body.

     When  I  passed  spank  number 15 I began to strike her harder and

she  began  to cry real tears onto the bed as I continued to spank her.

The  tears  were  not from any pain that she felt.  The pain was really

very  minor.  Minor enough to be insignificant for a woman her age.  It

was  the  embarassment  and  humiliation  that  brought  the  tears and

inspite  of  what  she had always believed about herself she found that

with  each  painful  landing  of  my hand against her naked ass she was

growing hotter and hotter and more and more submissive.

     I  began letting two fingers enter  her hole in between the spanks

that  I  gave  her  and  soon  her  cunt  was running with juice and my

fingers  made sloppy fucking sounds as they moved back and forth inside

her.   I  fingered  her  hole  longer  between  spanks until I was soon

making  seven  or  eight  journey's  in and out of her cunt between the

slapping of her ass cheeks.  Her attitude had changed markedly.

     "Unnnnngh!!  Yes!!  Gawd Yes!!! Please, spank me!! Do whatever you

want  with  my  bottom!  Just keep fucking me!  Please!!!!!  Don't ever

stop!!",  she  moaned  hotly as she lay across my lap, her dress pulled

up and her hole being used.

     I  added  yet  another  finger,  making  it  three  long and thick

fingers  that I plunged in and out of her hot little fuck hole and, not

needing  the left arm to hold her any longer, moved my left hand to her

ass  and  began  pressing my finger-tip insistently against her asshole

as I fucked the three fingers in and out of her.

     "Ohhhh,  Please!!!!  Spank me so I can come!  Spank my slut ass so

I can come for you!  Do it now, pleeeease!", she hissed hotly.

     Taking  the finger away from her anus I began to spank her with my

left  hand  as  I  continued to finger fuck her with the fingers of the

right  hand.   The  room  was filled with the sounds of my hand hitting

her  soft  ass  cheeks  and  of  her  pleading  moans to be spanked and

fucked,  until  suddenly  her pleas stopped and she began to grunt with

passion  as  the  orgasm overtook her.  She made hot animalistic sounds

of  lust as her trembling body shook and writhed in my lap.  I held the

three  fingers  deep in her cunt and let her hips do the fucking as she

jerked  them  up  and down in response to the hard and loud slaps of my

hand against her ass.

     Finally  she  grew  limp in my arms and I stopped spanking her and

fingering  her,  leaving  the  three  sopping fingers in her still warm

pussy and rubbing her ass cheeks gently with my left hand.

     "Stand  for  me now, my quivering little slave slut whore and hold

your  dress  up  as  you  do  so  that I can see your precious cunt and

legs", I directed.

     She  did  as  I had told her to do, standing in front of me meekly

and  holding  her  dress up to her waist with her legs slightly spread,

her panties pulled wide as they were stretched by her open legs.

     "When  I next see these slut legs I want them to have stockings on

them,  you precious whore.  Go do as I asked you to do and come back to

me.   I  have  cum which you need to remove from my body.  Hurry and do

as I request.  Oh...and leave the panties here with me."

     Julia  slowly  and sexily slid the panties down her beautiful long

legs  and  handed  them  to  me obediently.  She then slowly turned and

walked  toward  the  door, releasing her dress to let it fall back down

over  her legs.  She turned her head back toward me as her hand gripped

the  door  handle  and  smiled  and said.  "Thank you, Master.  I'll be

back soon."  Having said that she opened the door and was gone.


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