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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade37.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Karen, Kidnapped, Part Three

     Karen  awoke  sooner than they had expected her to.  When she did I

suddenly  realized  that  she  could now untie me and we had a chance to

escape.   Unfortunately,  the  drugs they had given her had not worn off

yet,  and  she was still unable to think about anything except cocks and


     "Karen!  Untie me, quick!", I instructed.

     Karen  looked at me through glazed eyes as she sat up and spreading

her  legs open in front of me began to rub her clit once again.  "I need

cock, Master!  Gawd, I need cock so bad!"

     "Karen,  come  here  and  untie me!  We can get away now, if you'll

just untie me...come on!", I implored.

     When  she  began  crawling  to  me  I thought perhaps I had finally

gotten  through  to  her, but rather than untying me she began unzipping

my  pants  and  taking my cock from them.  Her mouth immediately covered

my  dick  and she began sucking on me earnestly, completely oblivious to

anything  except  the feel of the fuck meat in her mouth.  She craved it

more  than any addict craves his fix and there was nothing I could do to

make her stop and untie me.

     The  feel  of her velvet mouth on my organ was making me forget our

opportunity  to  escape  too,  and  I resigned myself to the fact of her

drug  induced  hunger  and  simply let my body take over.  Karen's right

hand  was  between her legs, rubbing her stiffening and sore clit as her

head  bobbed  up  and  down  in  my lap.  She ate my dick as if she were

starving  for  it,  and it was a marvelous feeling.  I grew hard quickly

and  felt that I might spill my fuck into her at any moment as her mouth

continued to work up and down my shaft.

     Karen's  itchy pussy was not to be denied, however, and she stopped

sucking  on  my cock and standing and turning around lowered her hot ass

down  into  my  lap,  impaling herself on my rigid member.  She began to

grind  her hips hotly against me, taking every inch of my throbbing cock

deep  in her fuck hole.  I could feel the walls of her cunt squeezing my

dick,  milking  it, pulling it, making it feel everything it was capable

of  feeling.   She  was  a  fuck.   Probably the best fuck I'd ever had.

Some  of  it  was due to my inability to move, I'm sure.  And some of it

was  due  to  the constant teasing over the last 30 some hours.  But she

was  fucking  me  as  she had never fucked me before now and there was a

hunger  to  her  pumping  and grinding hips that I had never experienced


     I  came violently inside her.  She seemed completely unaware that I

was  coming and continued working her ass as if she might go on this way

forever.   My  hips  strained upward against the ropes that held me down

as  the  hot cum poured from my balls and out the end of my shaft.  When

I  finally  began  to come down from my orgasm and felt my cock begin to

soften  somewhat  I  expected her to stop, but she continued fucking me,

as if she would not allow my member to wither and die within her.

     Amazingly,  she was successful.  Before I could soften so much that

she  could  no longer fuck me her spasming cunt walls had milked me back

to  hardness  again  and  I  felt  myself  growing rigid inside her once

more.   She  was  swinging her head back and forth now, her hands on her

knees,  writhing  in  passion  as  she ground her cunt up and down on my

cock.   Her  grunts  and  moans were those of a woman lost in an orgasm,

and  I  wondered  if she were climaxing continuously in her drug induced


     The  door  opened to the garage and Anita walked in, clad only in a

pair  of  tiny  black bikini panties.  She seemed surprised to see Karen

free  of her bonds and a bit amused to see her fucking away at me.  When

she  walked  closely  enough  to  Karen  for her to accomplish it, Karen

reached  out for her body and pulled it to her as she continued grinding

her  hips into my lap.  Her mouth covered Anita's left tit as she sucked

the  pretty  young  girls  nipple into her mouth and played with it with

her  tongue.   Her  right hand flew to her crotch and shoved her panties

up  inside  roughly  as  she quickly inserted two fingers into her hole.

Anita  quickly  responded to the hot slut's attentions and held her head

in  her  hands,  pulling  her  mouth tighter to her chest as she let her

hips  move  in  circles  in  response  to  Karen's  fingers  which  were

stretching and twisting inside her fuck hole.

     Occasionally  Karen  would remove her mouth from Anita's breast and

slide  her  wet  fingers  from  her  hole  and  place them in her mouth,

hungrily  sucking  on  the  juice  that  covered them.  When she had fed

herself  with  all  the  fuck  that was there she would plunge them back

into Anita's cunt and begin sucking on the other breast.

     "You've  had  enough  of  that  dick, you dirty little whore you!",

hissed  Anita,  and she pulled Karen off of me roughly and pushed her to

the  floor  in  front  of me.  Taking an oil filler spout from the shelf

behind  me,  Anita  tossed  it  to  Karen.  "Fuck yourself with that you

bitch,  if  you  still  need  fucking.   I  want  some dick for myself!"

Having  said  that she stripped the tiny panties from her bottom and sat

in  my lap, working my cock up into herself as she lowered her body onto


     Karen  did  still  need  fucking, and she took the oil filler spout

and  began  inserting it into her cunt, lying in front of Anita with her

legs  open wide.  She enjoyed masturbating while others watched, and she

was  still  so hot that she would fuck anything or anyone, especially as

long as Anita was staring at her so lewdly.

     It  made  Anita  especially  hot  to watch the pretty bi-slut-whore

fucking  herself  in  front  of  her and she fucked herself wildly on my

dick  as  she  watched  her.   Her hands were at her breasts playing and

pulling  at  her  nipples  as her cunt grew wetter and wetter and fuller

and fuller of dick.

     Some  of  the  others  came wandering in as Anita continued to fuck

me,  and  began  to  stand around Karen, laughing and cheering her on as

she  worked  the  metal oil spout in and out of her cunt, her eyes glued

on  the  now  trembling woman who fucked up and down in my lap.  The oil

spout  grew  thicker  and  wider  as  you looked at it from the end, and

Karen  now  had  the  total length of the spout inserted in her hole and

was  lewdly grinding her whore hips up against it as she held it tightly

in both hands.

     "She's  fucking  a Goddamn oil spout!", one of the women laughingly


     "Look  at  the  hot  little  slut  go!", another yelled.  They were

beginning  to  rub  their own pussies and the men were beginning to take

their  cocks  out  of  their  pants  as they watched the pretty brunette

working on her cunt with the fake cock.

     "Hell,  she'll  fuck anything!  Give her a hammer!", yelled out one

of the men.

     Another  man  took  a  hammer  from  the  workbench  behind him and

tearing  the  oil  spout from Karen's tight grip replace it with the big

hammer.   She  quickly  shoved the handle of the big ball peen hammer up

into  her  cunt  and  continued  fucking  herself wildly in front of the

cheering  crowd.  Before long she had most of the hammer handle inserted

in  her  hole and was grinding her hips crazily as she performed for her


     One  of  the  men  knelt by Karen's head and began jerking off, his

cock  just  inches  from her mouth.  Karen' tried valiantly to raise her

head  and  take the head of his member into her mouth, but he teased her

pulling  it  away as his hand continued stroking it wildly.  Suddenly he

tensed  and  began  shooting  huge  white  gobs of cum into her face and


     Another  man knelt on the other side of her and began imitating the

first,  pumping  away  at his fuck meat and soon spraying her whore face

with his own load of hot white cum.

     When  they  were  done every man in the room had shot a load of hot

fuck   into   Karen's  face  and  they  had  replaced  the  hammer  with

practically  every  tool  in  the garage as they watched her plunge them

all  hotly  into  her  holes,  fucking  herself with anything they would

allow her to use.

     When  Karen  finally grew too weak to continue fucking herself, the

women  began  to  fuck  her  cunt for her, in response to her continuous

begging  and pleading for something in her holes.  She eventually passed

out  and  yet  they  continued  plunging  things  into her fuck hole and

rubbed  their  wet and juicy pussies onto her face, masturbating against

it until they had come and then making room for the next woman.

     When  I  shot  my  second load of cum into Anita's cunt I fell back

weakly  against  the old bus seat.  Anita was still hot and took several

of  the  men  who  had shot their fuck into Karen's face to the side and

let them all fuck her before she grew tired.

     Finally  we  were  left alone once more as the group tired of their

captive  slut  and  wandered  off  to who knows where.  Before she left,

Anita  gave  Karen  yet  another shot and gave me one as well.  The shot

left  me  nearly senseless and the only thing I remember happening prior

to  my  passing  out  is  watching  an extremely large black man with an

equally  large  tool  screw Karen in all her holes before pissing on her

face and leaving her lying in the concrete floor.

     This  time  when I awoke I found myself in the front seat of my car

with  Karen  beside me.  We were both naked and the car was parked along

a  dirt  road with which I was not familiar.  I looked around quickly to

see  if we were alone and when I realized we were now free I started the

car and drove us home quickly.

     Monica  was  worried  sick  about  us  both  and had had the police

searching  for  us.  I made up some lame story about Karen's plane being

late  and a party to which we had been invited on the spur of the moment

for  the  police  and  then Karen and I told Monica the whole incredible

story.   I  had  to  fill  in  most of the details, as Karen had been so

drugged  as  to not remember most of what happened to her.  It made both

of  my  precious little bi-slut-whore's extremely hot to hear the events

recounted  to  them,  and  the  rest of the weekend was filled with more

wonderful  sex  from  my  two  insatiable  beauties.   Monica proved her

ability  to  be wonderfully bi and Karen once again proved herself to be

the  most  submissive  woman I've ever known.  It was without a doubt an

experience to remember.


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