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Archive-name: MrWade/mrwade36.txt

Archive-author: Master Wade

Archive-title: MRWADE= Karen, Kidnapped, Part Two

     I  don't  know what I expected would happen the following day, but

if  I  had  been  expecting  to  be  released  I  would have been sadly

disppointed.   The  biker's  had  a  slut  to  use  now and they had no

intentions of letting her go before the weekend was up.

     When  I awoke for the final time I found that Anita or someone had

covered  Karen  with  a blanket and had even provided her with a pillow

for  her head.  I was relieved to see that.  I had slept fitfully, what

with  all  the  coming  and  going during the night, in addition to the

awkwardness  of  being  tied in a sitting position there on the old bus


     Donnie  was  the  first  of  the group to enter the garage after I

awakened.  He was his friendly, cheerful self.

     "Well,  you  fuckin  bastard...did  you  like the way we used your

whore  last night?  I hope so, you turdfaced shit, cause you ain't seen

nothing  yet.   Oh,  and  by the way.  I can't keep Anita away from the

whore,  she  loves  good  pussy  too  much for that.  But you keep your

fuckin  eyes  off  of her, you understand?"  He kicked my left leg with

the  end  of  his pointed cowboy boot as he asked the question, causing

me to grimace with the pain that ran through my body.

     When  he  had finished greeting me, Donnie moved over to Karen and

woke  her  by  stripping  the blanket from her.  Untying her ankle from

the  post,  he  pulled her to a standing position and handed her a tiny

sequined  g string which he told her to put on, and a pair of extremely

high  high heels that also were covered with the shiny dots.  While she

was  putting on the shoes, Anita walked in with a glass and a couple of

pills  which  she  made  Karen  swallow.   I had no idea what they were

giving  her,  but I knew for sure I wouldn't want either of them giving

me pills.

     When  she  was  clad  in the skimpy outfit they had chosen for her

they  pushed  her  to  her knees in the middle of the floor.  No sooner

had  she  knelt  than  the  others walked in, rubbing the sleepers from

their  eyes.  Most of them were still clad in the same clothes they had

worn  the  night  before,  but  a couple of the women were wearing only

panties,  their  naked  breasts  swaying  as they walked down the short

flight  of  steps  into  the  garge  from  what  I  took to be the main

building  through  the  door  to my left.  They sat in the floor around

Karen  or  pulled  up  pop  crates, as if they were ready for a show of

somekind.   That was exactly what they were there for, and exactly what

Donnie had promised them.

     He  walked  to  the center of the room and pulling Karen's head up

by  her  hair,  spoke  to the group.  "Our little whore was a good fuck

last  night,  wasn't she, gang?"  The group cheered their pleasure with

Karen's  performance of the previous evening.  "This morning the little

whore  is  going  to show us how she can dance."  Looking down at Karen

he  spit  out  his intructions to her.  "You will dance for us, you hot

pussied  little pile of shit, and you'll dance as dirty as the cheapest

dancer  in Las understand?"  Karen nodded quietly.  "I want

you  to  wiggle  that sexy little cock-loving ass of yours, and show us

every  little  part  of  your  slut  body.  Crawl on the floor when you

dance,  walk  around  and strut your naked whore body.  Make cocks hard

and  pussies  wet.   If you do, we'll all fuck you.  If you don't we'll

all  fuck  you  too,  but believe me, you want to dance just as good as

you possibly can.  Take my word for it."

     Donnie  moved  over  to  the  newest of the cars in the garage and

turned  on  the radio inside it, turning the volume up so that it could

be  heard  throughout  the  garage.   "Ok,  bitch,  do your thing!", he


     Karen  began  to  move  her  body to the beat.  The pills they had

given  her  were beginning to take effect now, and she was feeling more

in  the mood for showing off than she might have otherwise.  She swayed

sexily  to the music, her small but lovely breasts being waved in front

of  the  staring men and women as she moved hotly.  She spread her legs

open  in the floor and bent backward, hunching her hips up into the air

as  if she were fucking a man's dick.  The sequined g-string was pulled

tight  against  her  crotch,  and  as  she  continued to dance her lips

became  more  and more obvious through the shiny fabric as they swelled

from her growing excitement.

     As  her  back  bent  further  and further backward, Karen began to

move  her legs out from under her ass and soon she was swinging them up

in  the  air,  splayed  wide open, her cunt and ass covered only by the

thin  strips  of fabric between her legs.  She reached forward with her

right  hand  and  patted her cunt gently and lewdly, eliciting cries of

pleasure  from  the  group.   Her  legs bent further backward until her

knees  were nearly beside her head, her ass sticking up lewdly into the

air  as if she were inviting the men to come stick their big dicks into

her open and hungry slit.

     Smoothly  and  gracefully  she  rolled over onto one side and then

onto  her  belly,  raising  her ass in the air as she did so.  Her legs

opened  wider  and her hips began to move in circles, the fabric of the

tiny  g-string  being  pulled  up  into her cunt as she wiggled.  Cocks

were  now  being  pulled out into the air and covered either with hands

or the mouths of the sluts next to them.

     Frankly,  I  was  surprised  at  the  professionalism  of  Karen's

dancing.   I  didn't know she could move as she was moving, but I loved

watching her.  I would see her do that again, I hoped.

     In  the  middle  of  her  performance,  Karen suddenly stopped and

stayed  in  one  position  in the floor, her legs open wide and her ass

sticking  high up into the air.  I wondered what was up, but then I saw

her  reaching  back  between  her  legs and pulling the g-string to the

side.   With it out of the way she began to insert her own fingers into

her   cunt  and  began  fingering  herself  to  the  delight  of  those

watching.   The  more she fingered the more her hips bucked up and down

in  the  age  old  fucking movement and soon she was coming in front of

everyone, shamelessly fucking herself with her own fingers.

     Anita  walked up to her and handed her a dildo, which Karen gladly

took  and  began  working  up  into  her wet fuck hole.  She was either

extremely  hot,  or  the  pills  that  Anita  had given her were really

having  some  effect  on  her.  She fucked herself shamelessly with the

long  thick  fake cock, seeming to love the attention and the dirty and

nasty lewd comments that filled the room.

     One  of  the  women  who  had  come into the garage clad only in a

small  pair  of  panties  was sucking on a bottle of wine, and when she

had  emptied  it  she  moved behind Karen and pulled the dildo from her

cunt.   In  its  place  she put the head of the wine bottle, working it

into  her  cunt  slowly,  inserting more of it as Karen's hips began to

move  indicating  her  acceptance  and  enjoyment  of the bottle in her

cunt.   Pretty  soon she was fucking it in and out of the pretty little

bi  slut with much enthusiasm, but no more than Karen was indicating by

the  movements  of  her  hips  as  she fucked her slut cunt back on the

intruding  bottle.   The woman worked the wine bottle deeper and deeper

into  Karen,  stretching  her fuck hole wider and wider as she fed more

and more of the tapered neck into her.

     She  appeared  to have at least half of the wine bottle inside her

and  suddenly a strong orgasm overtook her and she reached back between

her  beautiful  legs  and  grabbed the wine bottle herself, hunching it

wildly  and  pumping  it  into  herself  amid  loud  moans and gasps of


     When  her  orgasm was over she fell to the floor on her belly, and

Anita  moved  to  her  and helped her to a sitting position once again.

She  had  another  glass  of  water and more pills, and Karen took them

submissively,  somehow  aware  that they were allowing her to do things

she had never done before.

     Encourage  by  Donnie  to continue dancing, or else, Karen resumed

her  dance,  standing  now  and  moving  around  the  circle of people,

wiggling  her  ass  and  cunt  in the faces of those who admired her so

openly.   Occasionally someone would reach out and caress her body, and

Karen  would  always  stop in front of them when they did, throwing her

head back and loving the feeling of their hands on her body.

     Suddenly  the  music  stopped, and Donnie announced, "Feeding time

for  the  little  bi slut!  Spread the table for our little cunt eating

whore,  girls!"  Evidently he had instructed the women in what to do at

his  command, because they all bared their pussies and lay in the floor

with  their  legs  spread open wide, offering their cunt's to Karen for

her  to lick.  Lick them she did, falling to the floor on her knees and

moving  from  one  spread  opened  woman  biker to the next, moving her

tongue  through  their  lips  and  cunt hair until her face was covered

with  pussy juice and the women were hunching their hips hotly into the

air, begging her to make them come with her lips and tongue.

     If  there  was  ever any doubt in my mind that Karen loves to lick

pussies,  it ended that day.  I knew she did, but I had never witnessed

her  lick  as  many hot slut cunts in a row as those she worked on that

day.   And  I've  never seen her swallow their juice as hard or seem to

need  it as badly as she did.  She was still wanting more juice to take

into her mouth when she had made all the naked women cum twice each.

     "Please  give me more cunt juice!', she begged Donnie.  "I love to

eat  fuck.   Please,  make  them  give  me  more, or bring me some more

pussies to eat.  I need it.  Gawd, I need it!", she whimpered.

     The  gang  loved her begging, but the women were frankly worn out.

Sensing  the  opportunity  to  take  advantage  of  her submissiveness,

Donnie  stripped the soaking wet g-string from her trembling bottom and

tied  Karen to an old car seat that he had pulled over from one side of

the  garage.   Her  arms  were tied tightly to the springs on the sides

and her legs were tied open to allow anyone easy access to her holes.

     I  felt  sure that I would witness another gang bang, knowing that

the  men had found her dance exciting and would be eager to pound their

meat  into  her  hungry  slut  cunt.   Karen  continued to moan softly,

begging  continually  for  more  cunt  juice.  Anita walked up to Karen

just  as  Donnie  had completed his task of tying her securely and gave

Karen  a  shot  from a hypodermic needle.  The cunt juice covered whore

was  already  so  hot  she  couldn't  think  straight, but somehow they

weren't  satisfied with her current level of slutishness, and obviously

expected this new shot to make her even more insatiable.

     I  don't  know  what  was  in  the  shot that they gave Karen, but

whatever  it was made her a constantly hungry slut.  Only moments after

they  had  administered the shot she began to beg for something to fill

her,  and  the  men once again began to lay on her and pump their dicks

into  her  pussy,  spilling  their  hot  white  cum  into her hole once

again.   This time, rather than simply taking turns, the men shared her

trembling  body, some of them sitting on her face and letting her stick

her  tongue deep into their assholes and some of them filling her mouth

with thick hunks of male fuck flesh.

     Karen  was  never  a passive participant.  Whenever one of the men

would  withdraw  his  cock  from  her mouth the begging would begin all

over  again  until  another dick had replaced it.  She began begging to

be  untied  so  that  she  could  use her hands to please her lovers as

well,  and smiling at her hot words and desire to please, Donnie untied

her hands and allowed her her wish.

     As  soon  as her hands were free, the cum-filled slut began to use

them  to  caress  the  men  who  plunged  their dicks in and out of her

body.   She  caressed  their  balls, played with their asses, and for a

long  period  of  time  had a cock in each hand, jerking them while she

was taking the dicks from other men in her holes.

     Eventually,  Donnie  decided  her  legs  didn't  need  to  be tied

either,  and  freed them from their bonds.  Once they were free the men

began  to hold her ankles up in the air, spreading her legs open widely

as  they fucked her.  They bent them back toward her head, exposing her

asshole  and  began filling it as well as her cunt as they continued to

fuck her over and over again.

     "Yessss,  my  ASS!!",  Karen  cried  out.  "More cock in my ASS!!"

Oh, fuck me!! Fuck my whore body...More, more, more!!", she yelled.

     Using  her  mouth  and  hands  as regenerating tools the horny men

continued  to  fuck  Karen  until  they  had worn themselves completely

out.   They  had  not even come close to wearing her out, and when they

had  tired  of  their little plaything she was still lying there on the

old  car  seat  rubbing her clit hotly and moaning and begging for more

fuck  meat  in  her  holes.  As I looked at her lying there I could see

cum  still  streaming from her ass and cunt and puddling on the seat to

the  extent that it ran down the sides of it and began to puddle on the

dirty concrete garage floor.

     Anita  then  appeared  and gave Karen yet another shot.  This time

it  was  evidently one to calm her down, because moments after the shot

had  been  administered,  Karen  grew weak and was soon sleeping, still

lying  spreadeagled on the old car seat completely naked, the cum still

leaking from her holes.

     Soon,  the  room  was  empty once again except for Karen and I.  I

wondered  just how long they would continue to use Karen and what would

happen  when  they  finally tired of us.  I was sore from being tied in

the  same  position for so long and needed desperately to be freed from

my  bonds.   The  constant  exposure to Karen's extreme sluttishess had

been  extremely  painful for me.  On several occasions I had ejaculated

with  no  physical  stimulation at all and my pants were soaked from my

own  cum.   I longed to fuck her myself, and not only her but the other

women  who I had been forced to watch strut their naked bodies in front

of me.


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